Student Reflection on Openness, Classmates, and Academic Growth

Insights into personal growth, collaborative learning, and the impact of diverse perspectives on academic and personal development.

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Introduction Of The Reflective Assessment

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Task 1: Openness to Others

Description in details

It is my past experience with my classmates and teachers. We were a group of four students and each of us was frequent with different techniques such as I was good at internet surfing and my friends were good at sharing innovative ideas and one was an expert in expressing his views. There were two weeks of special training classes in our college and teaching professionals arrived from abroad (USA) to provide knowledge about social media and its effect. The two weeks of training started in the mid of semester and everybody was excited about the training. The training began and the trainers started training by providing advanced knowledge which was not been handled by me and my classmates. They gave both good as well as bad images of social media.

Individual views regarding the issue

Every individual has their own perspective as many of the students had some knowledge about social media and they were practicing those and had them at their fingertips. I have also experienced the internet and it was also an easy task for me to understand the advanced terms used by professionals. The main problem that occurred was with my friend who was not friendly with the internet and if openness would not be there they would face a lot of issues (Teeny and Petty, 2022). They did not have a basic idea of the internet and social media being a part of it so it was a difficult task for them and they also had a critical period to be paid off. There were two types of perspectives one was excellent training and others concluded it to be a critical period. While for some classmates it was fun at starting but as the topic took its pace the condition became tedious for those classmates.

Different beliefs and assumptions of another person

Some of my classmates gave good feedback because they were familiar with social media. They gained effective knowledge and took effective measures for the bad effect of social media as explained by professionals. Some classmate gave a negative impact on the training as they did not gain any knowledge regarding social media. According to my belief, I consider the training the effective one as it gave advanced knowledge about social media which would be a paid course. The open behavior of my friends provided collective knowledge to every friend (Spezio, Peterson and Roberts, 2019). Different scholars shared their views on the learning’s and this fulfilled the knowledge gap.

Benefits from each perspective how it will improve relationships and reduce conflict

Different perspective concludes that training professionals must give a basic start to the topic and then give a task to the learners for further gaining basic knowledge. The open nature shared the problems and we tried to solve the issues faced by every student. This openness to others gave every student a wide range of knowledge regarding social media. It provided equality among our friends and we accrued sufficient knowledge in this field.

Task 2: Self-Awareness

Situation and respond to the situation

I was pursuing my bachelor and it was a self-awareness class. Every student was attentive and waiting for the professor to arrive at the class. Then within seconds few of my class members started bullying my friend as he was asking pen from a female classmate. This was an embarrassing moment for both of my classmates. I then controlled the situation by distracting my classmates.

Justify self-perspective better than another perspective

According to my perspective, no one should bully in public though the bullied person doesn't feel bad. This may hurt the sentiments of the bullied person which may cause mental stress to the bullied person (Carden, Jones and Passmore, 2022). Another perspective was that it's just for fun and no one should take it seriously. Which totally depends on the mental state that may change according to situations?

Underlying value that supports self-perspective

I respect every people and their sentiments and take care of every word that I speak. I first implement the sentence to myself that is to be said to another person and then deliver it to another person. This gives a clear idea of feelings which will cast a reflection on the self so that no mistake is done.

Effect on the community around us and upbringings

I have been brought up in a middle-class family with five members in a family. My elder sister taught me how to talk or communicate with females so that they don't get hurt. My younger brother gives me an idea of how to get respect from juniors and provide care and affection to them (Forooghifar, Aminifar and Atienza, 2019). The community around me was also very supportive and helpful which taught me to help people who are facing problems and how to react to exceptions that exist in society.

Task 3: My influence on other people

Activity details

A session was organized in my college which was a questionable session. It was regarding the common resolution techniques used in our daily life. It was a session conducted by a physics teacher so the question was regarding physics practical activities. As the question hour started few of the class members started giving different answers. This provoked the remaining classmates to answer. This shows the transfer of problem-solving behavior within the session. Professor created several issues related to humans and asked for solutions. As the answers were going incorrect from the professors' protective it invoked the rest of the students to think and solve problems given by the professor. The behavior transfer or reacts by observing the people's behavior.

Influence of Different Behavior

I am weak in physics and the session was conducted on physics questions. It was a difficult task for me and my classmates who don't like physics. I thought that it would be a tedious session and that it only kills time rather it was a pleasant session which made my day. The challenging conditions gave me a trigger to think about the solution and answer those. Many of my introverted friends started replying to questions so this triggered my confidence and I also took part in the session. The problem-solving behavior influenced me a lot and the two hours of the session were memorable hour.

My behavior impact others

I am not interested in physics answered in a different way which was related in a theoretical manner but was relevant to situations provided by professors. In physics, the answers are numerically based and are real-life reasonable answers. On seeing my perspective classmate who was weak in physics started giving answers in regard to resolving the issue provided by the professor (Bhati et al. 2021). They also tried different methods to solve the issue. This shows that my way of giving answers influenced the remaining classmate. So we can say that there is an influence of behavior among one another.

Outcome that helps in my community

To take part in every activity in our community a behavioral transfer is a must as it provides the same way to communicate with others. This experience gave me an idea of better communication with others and how to get influenced by others' behavior and how can I influence others from my behavior. In every activity of the community, problem-solving behaviour, reflexive behaviour, instinctual, driven, emotional and exploratory behaviour are needed. These behaviour are also transferable and has an effect on individuals for someone else performance. The session gave me the experience that a good environment should be cast by individuals as it influences every person. Negative behaviour should be removed from the community so that it doesn't influence any person in the community.

Task 4: Reflection on engagement

Engagement with the students' community has provided me with an enormous scope of learning about several things. Student community engagement is a condition that provided experimental education about the activities of the students are engaged that addresses the need of the community (Chung and Coates, 2018). I think this form of experimental learning highlights collaboration between faculty, students and the partner community. As per my idea, engaging with the student's community is beneficial to gather a wide knowledge about the activities that are engaged with along with the events they participate in either overseas or in Australia, whether it is compulsory or voluntary.

The community aimed at hosting a community radio station that is education based on a weekly basis that involves gathering community news, reporting along with interviewing students who are undergraduates.

The aim of the community program can be related to SDG 4, Quality Education. SDG 4 ensures equitable and inclusive education and promotes lifetime learning education for everyone (, 2022). Being a part of this educational student’s community I have been with them a part of every activity in the entire programme.

I have been playing a major role in data collecting including three-stage cluster sampling of five renowned Australian universities. I have also given my view rating scale range for the questionnaire session which has helped the group to obtain the outcomes in a more effective way. As per my observation maximum number of student who gets engaged in the community, the program is voluntary, whereas, a less number of students engages in the community program as a compulsory part of their education (Symaco and Tee, 2019). The survey was based on mostly undergraduate students who are pursuing their graduate degrees. Among those students, most of the students attended and gained knowledge from the events for more on weekly basis as voluntary. However, the rest of the students were engaged in the event due to educational compulsory purposes.

The educational community radio station was a successful event and had a positive impact on the students, as per the survey report the students felt the program provided great advantages regarding their study purpose (Ribeiro et al. 2019). As the radio station event was on weekly basis few of the students also felt that the event should be extended to weekly at least three to four days which will result in much more effective for them. The event should be continued further which will add benefits to the educational sides of the students of the underlying community. The community radio station program must be expanded to two to three weekly days. Further, I would like to be engaged with the programme on a regular weekly basis and would like to be a part of the activities of the event.

Task 5: Review & Action Plan

Looking back

The four modules have resulted in beneficial modules the most effective and useful was, hosting a community radio station that is education based on a weekly basis. The community program has provided enormous advantages to the students who have attended the event on weekly basis. The pupil felt the activities of the session were beneficial in their academic studies. However, in my opinion, the less useful training session was based on providing knowledge about social media and its effect. The session targeted to provide advanced knowledge to the community students but due to a lack of understanding among the student, the training session failed to provide knowledge on the topic. A very less number of students were able to understand the ongoing classes and the student material. The class lack easy techniques, tools and learning material for pupils easy learning.

In my own preference as a learner, the social media training session was required to be easy to understand for the student's better understanding. The session required the provision of study material based on the session classes (McConne, 2018). The next module was on the self-awareness of the students, the class had a great impact on the student but the session classes are required to increase for the betterment of the outcomes. The session has a positive impact on the behavioural activities of the participants, as per the outcomes of the scholar's self-monitoring activities along with problem-solving skills and activity scheduling enhancement. The next module topic was mind influence on other people was a great event that had a positive impact on the pupils. The last session was a community radio session that had a great impact on undergraduate students. The students felt beneficial about the session and its learning that resulted in effective in their academic studies.

The strength of the overall sessions was they had a great impact on the participants and were beneficial for them in gaining knowledge and enhancing their learning. The sessions had a large number of participants that were actively engaged on a weekly basis. However, there were also a few weaknesses of the sessions that include the timing of the session, several participants felt that the sessions should be weekly for two to three days. The extension of the class was required for enhancing the effectiveness of the session.

Looking forward

Further, to work on the strengths of the courses the participants of the session are required to increase along with providing a variety of study materials to the pupils for enhancement of the effectiveness of the classes. However, working on the weaknesses, it is required to increase the session classes to weekly three days along with the session timing. In order to improve my learning, I can be more actively get engaged in the session activities along with coming up with innovative ideas that will be potential for the sessions.

These modules have been effective in gaining knowledge about various subjects that were related to my academic studies, moreover, I have also learned a lot about external topics that will be beneficial for my further academic career. I can apply the gained knowledge in the academic studies further that I am going to pursue.



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