Study Skills And Teamwork Assignment Sample

Effective Strategies for Academic Success and Collaborative Work Environments

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Introduction of Study Skills And Teamwork Assignment

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  • The study is about various skills and theories to work effectively in an institution.
  • This study also describes different strategies and methods to make effective teamwork.
  • A proper business environment is required to do a job effectively.

The management course teaches various things to do a task effectively. It describes multiple skills that are necessary to do any job and along with that, it practices different management theories to complete any job smoothly. It is helpful for working in a business environment with different people as a perfect business environment brings a working atmosphere that is necessary to bring positive results for any job.

Study objectives

  • To gain the skill of making a job effectively.
  • To know various management theories and implement those in the workplace
  • To learn to work with diverse people in a team.

This aims to bring various knowledge and skills which are necessary to work in any organization. Different kinds of skills help to do a task properly, and along with that, the main objective of implementation of various management theories is helpful to work with different kinds of people. It also helps the leader to deal with diverse people and maintain a proper working atmosphere in the organization.

Reflection on the current skills developed

  • The skill of researching was practiced to get detailed knowledge about any specific thing.
  • The skill of writing was taught to keep notes of all the things learned during the course (Suryaningsih and Alfitman, 2022).

The skill of researching and writing are two important things as it helps to gain information about specific things. Research skill is about enquiring about any specific thing from various resources like journals, books, or from other resources, on the other hand, writing skills is about noting down the researched contents. This helped me to get detailed knowledge regarding the text and taught me to note down the relevant information for further use.

Presentation skills developed

  • It provided the skill of presenting the complete study of business management before everyone.
  • It also teaches how to describe the complete presentation before the crowd.
  • The presentation skills also include describing the context with the help of proper examples and adding proper images (Casaer, 2022).

The presentation skills include planning for presentations, using proper gestures while presenting, and being confident while presenting. It is relevant to make the presentation confidently and make eye contact with the audience. The use of proper gestures while presenting a topic is necessary to help the audience understand the topic properly and keep them attentive toward the presentation. The use of proper pictures as well as examples is necessary to make an effective presentation as this helps to understand the topic in a better way. Thus, presentation skills are relevant to make the audience understand as well as learn the concepts in a better way.

Effective teamwork

  • All the team members would have knowledge about the job and they are equally responsible to complete the task.
  • It is necessary to give all the team members equal importance.
  • The commitment, as well as cooperation of all the members of the team, is necessary to do effective teamwork (Akpoviroro, and Owotutu, 2018).

A team consists of many people belonging to various castes, genders, religions as well as regions. All the members of the team are equally important thus, there should not be any bias or unfair behaviour among them. Every member of the team needs to cooperate with each other and along with that, they should fulfil their commitments to work properly in a team. Every member of the team is dependent upon each other and the response and behaviour of any single member can affect the complete team as well as the job. Hence to make an effective team and complete a job properly it is the responsibility of every team member to work hard, cooperate with each other and maintain a positive environment in the workplace.

Theories of management

  • The teamwork theory was practiced to complete the task along with the team leader and the team members (Martono et al. 2020).
  • The human relations theory was also learned to work effectively with many people (Nicotera, 2019).

Management theories are very necessary to work effectively in an organization with many people. A team consists of many people belonging to various social groups, communities, and religions. Thus, to deal with those people it is necessary for the people to learn the theory of human relations as well as the teamwork theory. The human relations theory will help to deal with people of different ethical behaviour, castes as well as genders. The teamwork theory helps to work with the team, as a team consists of people who have different thoughts and mindsets. Thus, working with diverse people it is necessary to implement these theories in the workplace. These theories help people to manage to work effectively in an organization.

Impact on the business environment

  • The skill of teamwork affects the business environment in a positive way.
  • Better presentation skills attract audiences and other business organizations.
  • Research skill also affects the business environment as it helps to add detail as per business requirements (Bourgault and Goforth, 2021).

The business environment is formed based on various internal as well as external factors. A job with perfect teamwork helps to make it attractive as well as innovative, on the other hand, the presentation of that job in a proper way with required examples, as well as relevant points will help to bring an effective presentation. This would positively affect the business organization and attract many other organizations to work with them.

Useful skills

  • The skill of researching as well as writing regarding any specific topic is helpful.
  • The proper skill of making a presentation and presenting it before the audience is necessary (Ruder et al. 2018).

There are various skills that are required to do any task. The presentation skill describes presenting the job before the crowd, but before that, it is necessary to prepare the presentation. I have learned to research the concepts and reach their depth to learn detail about them. This skill helped me know detail about the concept and this detailed knowledge helped me to present it before the audience effectively along with that it helped in presenting the concept boldly with proper examples, gestures as well as photographs.

Ways to improve

  • The improvement is required in the gesture during the presentation.
  • It is needed to be confident while making the presentation.
  • Unity among the team members is required to make the job more attractive.

I need to be more cooperative with my team members along with that I should try to improve My manner of behaving with my co-workers. I would be more polite and keep patience while dealing with other members of the team. I need to be more confident while presenting the job thus, I need to gather more relevant information about the task. The use of proper gestures attracts the attention of the audience thus; I should improve the way of presenting. The use of proper gestures and presentation in a proper way will help me attract the audience and the audience will be more attentive to the presentation. Hence, I need to improve these qualities for presenting in an effective way.


  • This study described the effective ways of making a perfect presentation.
  • It also told about various effective skills, and theories necessary for teamwork.

The preparation of the task included various things like skills as well as various theories. It also described how to improve the quality of the presentation to attract the attention of the audience. It says that the ways to make the presentation in a way to attract various business organizations.



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