The Role Of Manager Assignment Sample

Understanding the Manager's Role: Assignment Analysis

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Introduction OfThe Role Of Manager

The review of article helps to identify the key criteria and factors included in a research topic. The report has been formed to determine the possible managerial issues that have been observed in this company. Established thing viable solution can potentially affect problem resolution and raise the case study with a different approach that can be taken by the company. This report will cover what are the issues and viable solutions to these issues has been established with the final appropriation. Understanding the lack of managerial skills could help this business to accomplish tasks.

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Identification of problems and causes

The following case study of “The Brass Rail" has different "managerial problems" and "issues" that have been faced by the company (Oleribeet al.2019, p.395). This restaurant business, a significant problem has been faced by this business. Requirements for improvement of this business can help this business to deal with the clients. The identification of problems:

Labor turnover

Employee turnover in this following situation has increased, in this following case study, the number of workers has been leaving the restaurant. The reason for the labor shortfall is due to the reason of the managerial problem faced by the company. Labor turnover is a critical problem faced by the company that signifies the leading decline in work. The staff of this company has been leaving. Alice has seen that spouse and the cause of the hardness. The difficulty phase of the workers with rigorous persons. Labor turnover has been incurred where Brian has taken a step to make and the managerial incumbent can still be attributed to the strictness. Brian and Alice have chosen the “Theory X" of the "McGregor" style in management (Mishra,2019,p.7421). They assure a provisional introduction that potentially avoids the need for control over this family matters. Incompetence and reel; action on family matters other cases of employee turnover. It is one of the biggest issues that have potently increased the number of employees leaving the company. in terms of this following issues have to proceed with the concerning issues that moreover the causes of the managerial issues.

Inappropriate "disciplinary handling"

This concern problem of this company is that Brian has restricted the operation of the restaurant business. This inpatriates handling of disciplinary issues has been ensuring different restrictions on the rules that make the employees have contributed and correctness in the work. Setting rules currently measures some procurement of the disciplinary activities that depend on the case of disciplinary action. In this current situation that has been denoted by Tracey has identified the waiter is not appropriately helping the customer that had identified two mistakes. the overall, issues that provisionally found negotiable issues that have been designed. Tracey a waitress has been handling poor handling of disciplinary action consisting of a manager to the story. Tracey's demonization of causing style of management.

Lack of cooperation among the workers

Waiters and the managerial support that managerial skill enables various options that moreover craters within vital issues that mainly lack incorporation that potentially related with the witness that staff that focused on increasing the sales increase the credibility of the worker. The discussion of such a case problem has been vital interaction of different operational interaction that mainly depends on the control and monitoring of the sales proceed of the company mainly deal with various problem pages that mainly operated in integrating the innovation which is creating a completion to recover this phase.

Lack of appropriate training on the job

Staffs of the company mainly deal with versus optional intention that mopidamol deals with various planning that have been taken by Brian to instigate the overall incapability manager of the different branches. Under this condition, the overall member mainly deals with increasing their portal sale to proceed with the commonly. In this restaurant business, managerial intuition is the greatest task for improving this critical situation that moreover consists of varieties innovative ideas to mitigate this following critical section (Tabrizchi, and Kuchaki Rafsanjani, 2020,p.94). The prominent issue that has been identified by Alice and Brian is dealing with a different variant that mainly deals with appropriate observation that integrates with training operation that mainly depends on the adequate laying on the table. As per this managerial instigation of various operations that mainly depends on the innovative idea that moreover rates either they training problem of the employee. The lack of this training has restricted operations that mainly depend on the attending that includes the training manual tother staff after deeming the effect of business operations.

The dynamic problem in changes in the workplace

The style of management that has been carried out with time for generating the theories that have been used to detect the managerial operation that moreover structuring the managerial skill depends on organization management that offers an edifying to managerial skill. In this following the challenge of the role of manager mainly deals with managerial a problem on the dynamic changes of the company. In the following discussion, the staff needs and desires of complement remain on the managerial operation that indemnifies the various operations that have been taken by the restaurant managers. To find a resolution for organization employees to prominently deny the critical problem that has been faced by the managers. This following operation mainly depends on the technical component with experience of the job.

The problem of the location of branch management

The critical problem that has been identified by "Brian”, that inefficient managerial employees cannot consecutively be operating. This inclusion mainly deals with an operational definition that deals with the shortage of employees in the branch (Almaiahet al.2020, p.5261). The management of the branch has carried out a problematic phase which deals with a potentially unattended different operation that prominently deals with clogging of customer deals. Inefficient employees in the branch have mainly elongated with a shortfall of employees in the restraints.

The overall phases have been identified with a different problem that has been dealing with the compliance with appropriate problem detection that mainly causes a phase of problem that identifies the root cause of all these problems that potential affectless the company to apparat operates this business. The most important phase is defining the problem that has been faced by the company. In this flowing operation that phase of identifying the problematic distortion and finding the apparated solution to suggest to improve the symptoms of their palm. Finding the reason which has led to this problem is stagers that prominently depend on various solution by adopting different theories that deal to mitigate the problem.

Range of possible solutions

Identify the objective to resolve the identified problem

Analysis of Brass Rail Organization Management Case, the management style that has prominently identified various style that has been used detect the managerial style that has been used by the company. The current approach to different problems has made a perspective to identify the apparatus solutions to resolve the labor evacuation from this company (Zhaoet al.2019, p.99). The shortfall of labor in the company has restricted the operation of the branches of the restraints. In the following business, taw surveillance has ruthlessly identified different managerial skill that has been adopted by this company that has experienced Brian in the seven years. The senior manager has aligned that employees have contemporarily identified by the team manager that inappropriate managerial skills have been determined to mitigate the level of competitiveness in this restaurant.

Using "McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y" widens the possible solution to the above problems

The idea of a manager's attuited has potentially impacted employees to modify the process of invention that has been detected to mitigate the problem that has been faced by the manager

The above theory represents the different managerial skills that mainly rectify the need and requirements of this company as well as the staff of the company. the problem of employed short can be resolved by implementing the nostalgic response to the X theory of the company (Chenet al.2021, p.58). The potential effect of McGregor's theory encloses the implementing effect of this business. The direction ability of employees has poetically affected the varus workload that can affect identifying the role of the business management.

Skill Motivation

This type of skill helps the employed to keep up with their work, in this following case study reducing the shortage of employees has a potential skill of motivation skill mention that helps the employed to work lagging in skill can be rectified by lack of motivation cannot achieve easily. It is a clear perspective of the employee to detect the employed motivational skill that helps this business to operate responsibly that prominently detects the skill of the employed. Motivation skills are categorized into two types money appreciation and nonmoney appreciation. In this following case, money motivation has been implemented to identify the potential need and requirement for this business (Ravenelle,2019, p.5). Contributing employed responses has potentially decided different options, in this case, the salary increment has motivated the work. This potential increment in salary has affected this business reflecting the emotional expectancy of understanding this business management skills.

Theory X

According to McGregor, the managerial theory has been edifying the to resolve the problem that assumes ion the following:

  • The working process has inherited the appropriate statement that has been detected to attempt to avoid the possibility of working.
  • This theory mostly obtains imperial changes that can desire varus responsibility to direct the manager to take this type of pathway for understanding the following stages of their business.
  • Using the motivation skill relates to the physiological level of security that has been identified by the company. Inheriting the possible challenges can be needed by the employed by occurring level of control on the employee.

The approach to McGregor's theory has potential ideas varies in different observations, it mainly depends on permissible and seeks identification that helps this business in the optimal approach of this theory. The conceptual approach has determined masonry rewards a nonmonetary award. As per this approach, the company has been found to need a requirement of a relevant workplace that apparatus with the basic application of Theory X in human resource management. However, the need and requirement of different variable approaches mainly depend on staffing the level of approach that deals with monetary reward. On this level of satisfaction, the level of this approach has taken under consideration that mainly on money focus. In the following case study, Brian has taken the business of selling and counter-sell bread and olives. The competitiveness has been created on "side order competition". This competition has been created three weeks competitive ness highest sales of side orders the winners get "£50" voucher.

Identification of appropriate solutions

In this flowing report, the most apparat solution for this case study is changing the appearance of management. The changes in the style of business mange t could help this business to identify the problem and resolve the problem (Bartz, and Kritsonis, 2019, p.22). Using a "Dynamic managerial style" can help "Brian" to identify the relevant solution and establish an apparent managerial skill to resolve the problem with the experience from senior managers.

The contemporary theory has been identifying various operations that need control over employed detection. overviewing the following operation mainly deals with a higher rate of business detection that helps the improve by implementing the theory of "Motivation". In this crisis period, the ultimate section of various observations has prominently defined as the basic need and responsibility of the employers.


The report has discussed the relevant solution and theories that we used in this project. on McGregor's management theory. This treaty has specified the different possibilities of ton establish different achievements in, managerial skill by adopting the throws. Understanding this appraisal skill can provide a potential increase in the resolution of different problems that can viable in resolving the following issues relating to these issues. This report has analyzed the possible changes to relative the lack of labor shortage and other issues detected by the managers to solve the problem.


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