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Introduction of Tourism Business On A Global Platform Assignment

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The goal of tourist marketing is to raise awareness of the company's products and services, differentiate it from the competition, and bring in new consumers. The primary purpose of nation marketing is to create the area seem more desirable than other locations, therefore expanding the number of tourists and boosting the local tourism industry's profits. Improving the region's reputation and attracting more tourists are the ultimate goals. Modern tourist marketing methods often utilize the internet, including websites, internet advertising, email, and social media platforms (Sadq, Othman, and Khorsheed, 2019). There are several advantages to using current technology in terms of making tourism a huge success.

 Tourism is being promoted in this article using a service marketing strategy, which the authors hope will be a huge success. Tourism has a number of benefits for the host countries. Many employments are created by tourists, infrastructure is improved, and a spirit of cultural interaction is planted between locals and foreigners (Nurmahdi, 2018). There are many aspects of a specific location that influence the expectations that tourists have while planning a trip there, including local culture, architectural landmarks and gastronomic offerings as well as the local infrastructure, scenery and other activities. Attractions like this draw tourists to a location and enhance their vacations. Branding and communication strategies for Paris' tourism destination are discussed in the following paper.


Because Paris has been both one of Europe's top tourist destinations and among the most romantic cities in Europe, it is chosen as a location for brand promotion. In addition to being a magnificent and cultural city, Paris is relatively walkable, has a wealth of amazing attractions, and has served as an inspiration for many authors, painters, and filmmakers. Over 30 million international tourist arrivals visit Paris each year, making this one of the world's most popular tourist attractions (Schmude, Karl, and Weber, 2020). Paris has been one of the world's most gorgeous cities for its status as a style icon. Architecture, art, and cuisine all come together in perfect harmony in this aptly-named "City of Light". In the fall, the city is alive with activity as new stores, clubs, and restaurants open, a new cultural season starts, and everyone wants to grab up from the summer vacation period. A vacation rental in Paris is a great choice since the city is compact, making it easy to see the city's best sights on foot (Antoniadis, Spinthiropoulos, and Kontsas, 2020). The open-air markets, corner bistros, and winding small streets that made this urban paradise so renowned are seen through the eyes of a local Parisian.

An important part of the city's economy is tourism. The COVID-19 virus caused a 73% decline in tourists to Paris in 2020, when compared to the previous year's 12.6 million hotel stays. The number of individuals from outside the country who visited has dropped by 80.7% (Raja and Raghu, 2021). In the year 2021, the museums reopened with strict restrictions on the amount of people who might enter at a moment and the requirement that everyone enter wearing a mask. Furthermore, it is clear that there have been a number of different methods to market Paris to someone who is about to fall in love with the city.

The most apparent approach would be to highlight the city's rich cultural life, its distinct lifestyle, and the beauty of its own streets. For so long, Paris has been a sought-after vacation spot that it's easy to overlook the city's many practical advantages, such as a strong work and economic climate, world-class research and development facilities, and first-rate infrastructure, which all attract a large number of entrepreneurs each year. Even though Paris has a population of 12.1 million, there is indeed a large territory beyond the capital that has 9.1 million visitors to the principal conference and exposition facilities, and 44.9 million tourists (Pavlakovi? et al., 2018). Young and cosmopolitan residents and commuters populate the city of Paris. 13.4% of it originates from outside the country (Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas). To live, study, trade, or visit, people from all around the globe travel to the United States The staff is quite well-educated. A quarter of all French occupations and a third of all French CEOs are located in the Paris area. 39% of the workforce is between the ages of 25 and 39; 49% are female; and 39.5 percent have earned a bachelor's or higher degree with an eye on international business.

A significant business center, the Paris region is home to 500 of the world's largest corporations, making it Europe's largest populous region. In addition to the high concentration of jobs and company starts (8 to 10.000), there are several successful SMEs/SMIs in the region. Paris accounts for 30.3 percent of France's GDP, which is equal to the Netherlands' GDP (Knafou, 2018). As Europe's most successful country, it has quick access to 500 million potential customers. Among the most often mentioned cities in terms of prospective investment is Paris. From insurance to automobiles, logistics, retailing, aeronautics, services, and the food and beverage industries, Paris has a robust economy that exports 18.6 percent of France's total exports to the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Because Paris contributes for 30.3 percent of France's gross domestic product (GDP), it makes sense that the city was chosen as the final destination. There are more than 500 million European customers within its reach. For investors, Paris is often touted as a place where there are many possibilities, many people have power, and a lot of money is interested in investing (Raja and Raghu, 2021). The vibrant arts and cultural sector in Paris, which includes several museums, is yet another source of pride for the city and a draw for tourists. In addition, the Museum, a former royal palace transformed into a museum displaying art from prehistory to the present, is the most popular tourist attraction. Up to ten million visitors a year make it one of the most frequented art museums in the country, if not the whole globe. Opulence is present in many cultural characteristics of the culture. Although it has had an enormous impact on the world's history, the United States has also become a huge supporter of democracy in the past. Besides being a tourist destination, Paris is also a significant business travel center. 17 million overnight visits in the Greater Paris area were for business purposes in 2019(Ba?arangil, 2018). About 60% of them were connected to individual business visits, 9% to congresses, and roughly 14% to trade fairs.

Description of the destination

The most famous destination on an international platform is "Paris" which is well known as the capital of "France" which is well known for being the capital of fashion and known as the "city of love." The city is situated nearby the river Seine in the north part of France. This city is most commonly known for its beautiful culture and romanticism on a global platform. The place has its own beautiful culture and history showcased through the beautiful architecture, its unique arty treasures, the mouth-watering food and its latest and unique trends in fashion. The most enchanting place in entire Europe, the city, represents its beauty through various kinds of monuments which witness the history of the area and the most famous place in the Paris is "Eiffel Tower" which is genuinely regarded as the masterpiece in the platform of architectural achievement as the height of the tower is almost 324 meters, which is quite huge (Stempniak, 2020). The monument is structured by at least "18,000 iron parts held together by 2.5 million rivets.

 Despite the massive weight, the Eiffel Tower has an airy lattice construction with the seeming lightness of a ballerina on point. The graceful tower is also known as the Iron Lady." Although it was a concept that the tower would hardly last for two decades, the assumptions have proven wrong in the present scenario. The belief has stood as a false assumption as it has emerged as one of the eye-catching places for the tourist coming across the globe, due it's a fantastic well-distributed framework, it does include facilities like a staircase for the people who prefer using that and advance services like ticket reservation office, elevators with enough space for a great mass. The "Eiffel Tower" is not only famous for its structure but the services that are provided within the "Eiffel Tower" like there is an appealing restaurant inside it catering their best quality services which are mostly luxurious and quite affordable for people belonging to the upper-middle class or the people belonging to the higher class (Gravari-Barbas, 2019). The night view of "Eiffel Tower" is something eye-soothing as the golden lighting that glows from the lamps placed inside the tower's framework seems magical. The Beacon light rotates 360 degrees and has a feature of sparkling glitter lights, consisting of 20,000 light bulbs.

One of the metropolis's points of interest, the "Palace of Versailles is the previous house of three kings named Louis. It's surrounded by 815ha of gardens and parks. Its indoors hides many halls well worth admiring." Purchase a price tag to assure tourists either one or days of exploring with the assistance of an audio manual (Lachance, 2019). A tourist can additionally get to understand lifestyles on the palace a bit in another way via taking a guided excursion thru the parks by motorbike and revel in a picnic inside the "village of Marie Antoinette, hidden on royal grounds. All that is followed by a way of a visit to the palace, of direction. Another building with a royal history is the Palace of Fontainebleau, that had been constantly inhabited for greater than 800 years and served as home to Napoleon as well. The countryside museum is now housed in its 130 chambers." Tourists can also go to the "Châteaux de Vaux-le-Vicomte" to explore the palace and its gardens. "The Sacré-Coeur Basilica is placed at the very best factor within the "Montmartre district". Enter the interior with a skilled manual and appreciate the arena's famous mosaic (Harmon, 2021). Why no longer also discover the district that has usually been the home of artists, revolutionaries and outsiders." "Vicinity du Tertre" is one of the most stunning squares. An even higher way to explore the district is with the aid of taking a two-hour guided excursion so one can introduce the tourists to the essential factors of the Parisian way of life, from cafés to clubs (Steiner, 2020).

"Paris" is usually a fantastic concept, also superb for purchasing. Grateful towards the fashion designers like "Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, or Yves Saint Laurent," "Paris" is nowadays the capital of high fashion and style. There may be great buying within the metropolis, specifically inside the famous "Golden Triangle of Paris (Champs Elysées – road Georges V – road Montaigne). The most prestigious worldwide labels show their excellent creations. extra modest budgets will select the Grands Boulevards with its massive artwork-Déco purchasing department stores or the streets of Le Marais, with their modern-day stores and antique stores."

Aim and objectives for brand strategy 

A brand extension is whilst an organization makes use of one in every of its set up logo names on a brand new product or new product category. It is every now and then referred to as logo stretching. The approach at the back of a logo extension is to apply the business enterprises already set up emblem fairness to assist it to release its most current product. The business enterprise is predicated on the logo loyalty of its contemporary clients, which it hopes will lead them to be more receptive to new services from the equal brand (Partanen, 2021). If successful, a brand extension can help an employer attain new demographics, make its client base, increase sales, and improve normal earnings margins. The strategy does include some advantages, like the companies applying these strategies will be utilizing their capital on factors that enhance the promotion of the brand, which helps in its extension. It allows the companies not to work that hard, which includes growing from a mere scratch and less utilization of capital (Vallaster and Von Wallpach, 2018). Customers get much more attracted to the brand by tending to receive more services. This strategy helps to revive the brand's value in the market and comes up with clarity for what the brand stands for. Even the feedback received from the tourist or clients help enhance productivity.

An organization needs to recollect branding every product as strategic funding. The top three desires of the logo method ought to be: growing consumer loyalty, differentiating the product from the opposition, and organizing marketplace management.

Branding architectures attempt to optimize the consumer's view of the product on the subject of the company itself and the other merchandise in the employer's portfolio (Sophocleous, Masouras, and Papademetriou, 2019). The product may be branded as a stand-by myself product, related to different merchandise, or related to the business enterprise as an entire.

 Branding in carrier markets is made tough due to the intangible nature of services. A key differentiation can be to emphasize the human beings of the corporation that distinguishes the provider from the opposition. Generation companies regularly have brief product lifestyles cycles and complicated merchandise.

 Branding individual products that can have short beneficial lives are highly-priced. Right here, the business enterprise emblem will have an immediate impact on the client. Commercial enterprise customers have complex buying processes. An organization with a strong brand has a better risk of making the fast-listing of providers whilst an organization considers the first-rate purchase. What they presently see happening within the marketplace, supported with the aid of instructional studies, is circulate far from branding new merchandise as stand-alone manufacturers. Instead, the idea of a general employer emblem or an umbrella logo over the product line or business devices is favored.

Communicating the brand 

Customer support is every other crucial component of the tour enterprise that has been modified with social applications. Now brands and corporations can attain their clients without delay via social media. While humans are unhappy with a tourism service, they could call the organizations to account for that (Katsikari et al, 2020). Therefore, fixing the issues of the clients in the kindest approaches will result in a higher popularity for an organization. Social sharing is probably the tremendous element that affects the tourism industry. Social media permits mainly young individuals to share the maximum considerable reminiscences from their travels with a massive target audience (Park, Kim, and Choi, 2019). "Tourism corporations need to understand that this is a more powerful manner of attracting new travelers than easy classified ads and inspire tourists to share their actual experiences online."

The tourism enterprise is distinctly competitive. As soon as tourism agencies are aware of the feasible advantages of social media regarding their enterprise, they use approaches through which they can grow their logo recognition. Developing attractive content material is the most critical step to move if the corporation intends to draw a significant number of clients. Because the tourism enterprise is considerably linked with visual enjoyment, visual material is the top, enticing way to capture interest. They ought to use catchy images and mind-blowing films which can be easy and amusing (Bolzán and Mendes, 2020). Person-generated content material is one of the excellent methods to get individuals to interact with the commercial enterprise. Influencer advertising will assist plenty in making the commercial enterprise visible to most of the others. After specifying the target region and target audience, they could get in contact with tourism influencers and professionals. It may be challenging to agree with how rapid the logo is accomplishing followers, way to influencers. As in every other enterprise, huge three of the social media -" Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram" were the chief within the tourism enterprise as properly. Even though those channels have their very own target audience, travel is some of the most shared subjects of them all.

"Facebook" is an extraordinary platform to capture customers among diverse social corporations. "Facebook's" guidelines characteristic permits individuals to share their reviews. It may be used efficiently for touring functions, to attain statistics regarding what customers are telling about their tour commercial enterprise. Because of its emphasis on visual material, "Instagram" is one of the most superficial social media channels. It is a unique platform for tourism companies to have interaction with their contemporary and destiny clients. The usage of "Instagram" will assist to draw individuals, specifically the millennials, as they shape a group which is enormously energetic on "Instagram"(Phan and Wiesinger, 2022). Businesses ought to comply with the tour hash-tags and create their own to maximize their posts' recognition.

Even as "Instagram" takes over their visual material, "Twitter" is their voice. This platform permits them to speak regarding the quick tour recommendations and promos. Despite the fact that "Twitter" may be used for snapshots and motion pictures in their emblem, its real strength is being specifically beneficial for presenting customer support. If they need to sign up for conversations, they need to have a lively "Twitter" account. As an instance, "LinkedIn" is tremendous for "B2B", commercial enterprise visitors share statistics on "LinkedIn" organizations about many subjects, which include commercial enterprise journeys. In the event that they need to attain commercial enterprise visitors, companies can use "LinkedIn" to attain them by relying on the places wherein they provide service.


It is to be concluded from the above study that Paris is regarded as one of the famous tourist places as well as also known as the fashion hub. It has many attractive elements for the tourist like starting from the most beautiful monument that is also known as "Iron Lady", along with the mouth-watering food. To enhance the tourism business in Paris, the company must use a brand strategy that has some advantages and aims to achieve. Lastly, the essay concludes with how the emergence of social media is helping to boost the travel industry in a numerous ways.


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