Tourism Environment & Industry in UK Assignment Sample

Discover how these trends influence the UK's tourism sector, economy, society, and environment, along with recommendations for leveraging these changes effectively.

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Introduction of Tourism Environment & Industry Assignment

The business of tourism is in the mode of further advancement and is associated with the issues such as terrorism across borders, the development of urban areas along with improvements in technologies and communications. The industry drives the workforces and the markets globally and thereby in the present era, this industry is associated with the conservation of energy the management of waste and many more. Due to the gaining in popularity, the new age travellers are highly attached to this society. Thus, the tourism industry contributes to the GDP of about USD 1 trillion and reaches approximated USD 6 trillion.

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Emerging global trends in the travel and tourism industry in the 21st century

  • Tourism in the 21st century mainly consists of various forms along with important characteristics (, 2022).
  • Tourism shows the various demands of the tourist during travel.
  • The mechanism of tourism has shown sharp changes during this specific period of time (, 2022).

Travel is one of the most sophisticated and well structured that offers easy accessibility. The changes that are brought in tourism and the industry create an unbelievable atmosphere for tourist. The changes that take place are swift and thus are inevitable because of the increase in the level of income. The level of income is indisposable along with the improvement in technology. This industry offers great travel formalities and increases accessibility globally. Due to the rapid growth of the industry in the present era, there is the attachment of the countries from the international level both directly and indirectly.


  • In the 21st century, there is the domination of the tourism industries is by the countries that are in the developing mode.
  • The industry of tourism is the sector that is responsible for employment opportunities globally (Baum, 2019).
  • Tourism is a main global concept and approach along with some important contributions in different countries (, 2022).

The concept of this type of industry is wide and thus provides some important help in the economy of the countries. There are important contributions such as intermediaries, providing attractions along with various facilities for transportation with 1.5% growth of demand growth. The industry also contributes to developing the infrastructure of a country and generates revenue for the government along with trade and commerce. Various developed countries who are dominating this industry of tourism and the countries are like the UK, France, China and many more.


  • In the recent era, there is the requirement a lot of potential for tourism for exploitation because of its rigid nature.
  • There is a requirement for efficiency and professionalism along with employment opportunities and focusing data and providing safety (, 2022).
  • The professionalism of tourism is all about the management of the growth of the arrival of tourism (Ianioglo and Rissanen, 2020).

The tourism sector is one of the rising industries in the recent period of time that helps many countries as an important source of revenue. The reason for globalization along with digitalization the industry offers large accessibility. The huge section of the population has resulted in equality in the opportunities for the destinations are in a rising trend. The tourism business helps in the development of countries. In the recent era, the problem that the tourism industry faces is the part of an attraction along with the increasing part of the growth of tourism.

Importance of the trends for tourism industry development

  • The trend is mainly changing that is generalized according to the changes in the situation.
  • Various developments are involved in tourism that leads to the alteration of the behavioral part of the consumer and processes of business (, 2022).
  • The trends in the tourism industry are mainly responsible for the evolution of tourism globally (Galvani et al. 2020).

Development is the basic change in this industry and it mainly changes according to the utilization of the technology in this sector. The technology that is mentioned such as artificial intelligence along with machine learning. Along with the use of robotics and technologies that is mainly AI-powered in the hotels. The trend thus helps the industry with the changes in the behaviour of the consumer along with then controlling the voice and the voice search. The COVID-19 pandemic, it had played a crucial role in international services and thus payment becomes fully contactless.


  • The trend increases the emphasis on leisure and has forced countries to have restrictions on travel.
  • Business due to the pandemic encourages the members of the industry to work from home basis along with the utilisation of video calling.
  • With the rising trend of popularity, assistant of mobile such as google assistant and Siri are widely used by customers (, 2022).

The information of the tourist is vital for the experience of the customer along with various companies and Ai can get invaluable. The rooms of the hotel provide smart speakers along with various devices that offer control of voice and various alterations of settings inside the room. The various trends in this industry depend on the primary changes like the requirement of healthy and organic food items along with the sustainability and services that are personalized. Due to contactless payment, industries are able to minimize the friction and the development of speed of the checkouts and check-ins.


  • The current trend helps the tourism industry to meet operational demand and allows the business to stay updated.
  • The trend plays an important role in the generation of revenue in the sector of the UK and creates various job opportunities (org, 2022).
  • The industry is hereby able to create cultural values both internationally and region wise (Krizanova et al. 2019).

The trend creates a positive impact on the tourism industries thus helping the economy to grow including the robustness of the exchange value. There is a rise in income in the industry thus allowing the growth of the GDP of the economy. The industry offers various employment opportunities globally and thus helps in the production of local products. The industry is highly suited to other kinds of economic activities. Due to the trend, there is gaining huge popularity among a large part of the population, there is an increase in the demand for products related to travel. Therefore staying in the higher part of the trend is essential for the business as it creates opportunities along with the approach of doing business in a new way.

Changes in global trends and their effect on tourism

  • The pandemic of Covid -19 brings a huge change in the trends in the tourism and hospitality industries throughout the world (Ianioglo, and Rissanen, 2020).
  • The tourism industry becomes so concerned about safety as well as cleanness after the covid-19 pandemic (com, 2022).

The whole world has seen a deadly pandemic situation due to covid-19 and there have come structural as well as economical changes in various types of industries. The tourism and hospitality industry of the UK has faced several types of problems at the time of this pandemic and even after the pandemic. After this type of situation, they have decided to bring various types of changes in their industry. Safety, as well as cleanness, is the main factor that needs to increase to remain a healthy atmosphere in the surrounding area of hotels. For this reason, they become so concerned about this factor to increase the business of the tourism industry.


  • The tourism and hospitality industry starts to increase its business with the help of various types of social media (, 2022).
  • The tourism and hospitality industry started to focus on the customers and travellers in the local region of the country than international travellers (Kyrylov et al. 2020).

Social media now becomes one of the main parts of advertising in the tourism industry. Social media helps immensely to grow and develop the business of the tourism industry in the UK. Various types of interesting videos and pictures of travelling places around the country are posted on social media that directly reach travellers around the country as well as the world. The pandemic of Covid-19 restricted the appearance of abroad travellers in other countries. International travellers cannot able to go for travelling to other countries and for this reason, the tourism industry started to focus on the travellers of the local region rather than abroad travellers to regulate the economical structure.


  • Contactless payments are increased mainly after the pandemic situation around the country UK as well as the world (Wen et al. 2020).
  • There needs to bring innovation in technology to increase the business in the tourism industry (, 2022).

The pandemic situation increases the difference between people and for this reason, there brings the process of contactless payments is reached almost 50% through various types of apps. This regulates the distance between the people. Innovation in technology now becomes one of the most important matters in today's life. There also needs an innovation in the tourism industry that helps to attract travellers and increases the business.

Costs and benefits of these factors on the economy, society and environment

  • The abuse of drugs, as well as prostitution, are increased in the travelling region through the tourism industry (, 2022).
  • Cultural exchange is one of the most important social benefits that come from the tourism industry (Bunghez, 2021).

Various types of travellers around the whole world came for travelling to several types of tourist spots every year in the UK. The social structure of the local region of the tourist spot is broken due to the abuse of drugs and the increase in the prostitution business. Many travellers came every year around the whole world and this helps to exchange the culture of the areas. The culture of every country or region is different and with the help of the tourism industry, they come to the UK.


  • The cost of the government of the UK increases to regulate various tourist spots around the country.
  • The economical structure of the local region of the UK increase immensely due to the improvement in the tourism industry (Geng, 2020).

The cost of the UK Government is increasing day by day due to the development of the tourism industry. The business of the tourism industry can be increased when more travelers will come from various parts of the world. In order to increase business the government needs to maintain tourism spots properly and the cost is increased. The economical structure of a country becomes too strong through the improvement in the business of the tourism industry. Many travelers come every year to the UK to travelling and for this reason, the business of the various industries is increased immensely that help to improve the economical structure of the UK Government.


  • Many types of natural resources as well as various historical places are faced with a huge problem in maintaining.
  • The process of revitalization, as well as beautification, of the local areas, is increased to improve the tourism industry (Deng et al. 2021).

Various types of natural resources like beaches, forests and many more and several historical places are the main regions for travelling. Many travellers come every day to visit these places and for this reason, real beauty and atmosphere are destroyed day by day. The beauty of any region attracts any traveler to visit that place and for this reason, the tourism industry of that place increased. The government of the UK now focuses on the beautification and revitalization of tourist spots to improve the business of the tourism industry.


  • The tourism industry is one of the main resources for the economy of any country.
  • The business of tourism became sloth after the covid-19 pandemic.

The Government of the UK is also concerned about that and for this reason; the government starts to improve the tourism industry of their country. There need for some innovations and trends to improve the business in the tourism industry after the covid-19 pandemic. Social media helps to make an emotional bonding between travelers and places that immensely helps to form the economical structure of the UK Government.


  • It is recommended that various types of innovation in technology are needed to grow the business of the tourism industry of the UK.
  • It is suggested to grow the beautification of the tourist regions to grow the number of travelers to that area.

The increasing number of travelers also helps to increase the business of the tourism industry. It is recommended that the process of contactless payments are needed to increase to remain free from any type of infectious diseases. It is also suggested to make an official website by the UK Government to increase the advertisement of their tourist spots.

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