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Introduction of UCB Online Library Assignemnt 

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The online library can be termed as an internet library as well as a digital rest repository that collects the online database for providing information to the people. The report mainly covers the determination of student awareness regarding the advantages of the online library as part of their study. This will help in understanding the importance of the digital library to them so that they can make use of this tool in an appropriate manner. Further, it also covers the discussion about the different factors which can affect the decision of students ao that they want to take guidance from the online library or not. It will create a dilemma for them to make a selection regarding the use of an online library.

In addition to this, the study also helps to analyze and summarise the experiences of the students regarding the use of the online library. It provides detailed information about the use of the online library and its importance to the student’s life. In the present Era, online activities are increasing day by day which can influence the students for using the online library sessions which is beneficial for them (Mayer, 2019). At last, it covers some recommendations for the improvement of online libraries and encourages students to make greater use of their studies. It helps to analyze the different factors of online libraries and consider the changes appropriately faced by the students. Thus, it helps to understand to make better use of online libraries in the life of students in their studies.

Determine student awareness of the benefits of the Online Library

The online library provides various benefits regarding the subject as it not only gives text data but also provides sound motion videos as well as graphics in the terms of digital data. It is important to determine the awareness of students regarding the benefits of the online library are given below:

  • Huge content availability- students are aware of the online library and they get ideas about the wide variety of content that is available on the internet covering magazines, videos, blogs, podcasts as well as audiobooks.
  • Easy search-The online libraries came up with in-built search options as they use many popular search options such as Google, yahoo to maximize the search of content. Thus, the students can quickly get information just by entering some words or phrases and they can also use features of the search for sorting the digital sources (Makransky, Borre?Gude, and Mayer, 2019).
  • Real-time connections- The student needs to be aware of the real-time interaction online libraries provide clear communication between the student and the administrators. To build online communities, the software of the online library e motivates interaction between students and administrators. So that the reader can easily collect some specific information regarding the subject.
  • Huge Access to many resources- In the online library, that can be multiple users for the exercise regarding the same book audiobook as well as new videos. However, different Institutions are establishing online libraries which mainly allows a large number of a student to read the same book with multiple users.
  • On-demand reaches- There is an increasing number of students reading online library books. The students are aware of the preference for online books and they can read them anytime and anywhere. However, the online libraries allow the students to have an access to the various digital resources with the help of the internet and other devices such as laptops as well as smartphones.
  • Minimize resource exhaustion- The online library make proper use of resources as it helps reduce the investment. It can be available for many people and can be used by anyone in terms of study. However, it can be stated that online library reduces the cost of making premises for physical stores.
  • Highly Updates- The student needs to understand that online libraries are always updated based on the present editions as well as magazines as the content is based on per day. Thus, the access given to the students will make changes in the value of reading online books and consider it a huge interest of students towards the encouragement of online libraries (Romero, and Ventura, 2020).
  • Availability- The online library is available 24/7 without any limited access to the users. However, this is the major reason for the students to have an access to online libraries and consider it a major part of their study.

Identify the factors affecting student decisions about whether to seek and use the Online Library

Certain factors affect the decisions of students regarding the use of online libraries or not as it can affect their studies in a positive as well as negative manner.

The identification of factors mainly includes the aspect of communication which can affect the students learning process and there is no communication in the online library studies. This is one of the major factors which affects the use of the online library by the students as it can be problematic to consider changes in their performance.

Co-operation is another factor that is associated with the development of online libraries as it is important to consider as a major factor due to the differentiation in the services of a digital library. The cooperation from the different sides of the online library plays an important role to conduct online classes so that it can be beneficial for the students.

Human resources are considered another factor that can influence the students in terms of taking Online library sessions due to limited resources for serving the students. However, the student needs to consider different human resources before taking part in the online library as it can affect their career opportunities (Bao, 2020). Further, it can affect the process of improvement in the studies and the need to deal with the changes in digital library techniques. Many changes in the online library can affect the studies so it is important to cope with the new techniques and learn new ideas about running the activities of education.

Technological development is another factor that can influence the mind of students there are many innovations in the online library sessions. Students need to learn about the new techniques so that they can get proper knowledge about the new techniques for handling the online library sessions. The students need to learn technological aspects for conducting online sessions for the studies.

The physical learning activities from the books are a major factor that can affect the students from using the online library classes. The traditional method of learning is not going to change in any situation for the aspect of the digital library. So these are the issues that need to be kept in mind before conducting the online library sessions. It is important to consider different factors for collecting the information and gather it in a single place for the students. Thus it is significant to consider the different points and factors affecting the student’s mindset for using the online library sessions for the future development of the study.

Establish and summarize students’ experience of the online library

The field of the online library is quite new for the students and the experience is great for the students as it is helpful for them to access anytime. However, the environment is highly moving for the initial aspect online library is considered to be enhanced with an experience with the development in technology. The students need to learn about the User experience as well as the capabilities of Technologies which are involved in the online library systems. The experience of students regarding online libraries is positive and considered along with a system of learning that is a positive point for the studies. The online library also provides an experience to students that is highly convenient for the students along with managing their comfort.

Further, it can be summarised that it allows students to access different materials based on their demands which is the main priority for any student to deal with the online library. Also, they can access their online library anytime anywhere along with their smartphones which is one of the most important reasons behind using the online library for the students (Gacs, Goertler, and Spasova, 2020). Nowadays every person is busy on the phone so that is students need to consider it a daily part of their life. The experience of students shows that they are quite interested in the new opportunity of the online library which helps them to get access to material anytime. The Expectations of students need to be managed so that they can expect more from the online library as a part of their study and it can enhance the experience of learning. The students need to be precise about the online material which is used for their studies.

The requirements of students are increasing day by day so it is important to make changes to the online library platform so that they can use it as their daily work. Further, the students feel that it is important for them to take guidance after reading online course material which can be done physically only (Rusyn, Vysotska, and Pohreliuk, 2018). They need to consider changes according to the level of understanding about the management of different resources in the online library course. Further, the system of the online library needs to make changes in the updated policies as they need to get update their material in a faster way to deal with the changing environment.

It can be summarized that the students experience a high level of comfort zone for the study and prefer certain personal aspects of using the online resources. It is one of the major positive aspects of considering the online library practices and sometimes students need encouragement and motivation to use the online learning process. It is quite difficult for an individual to accept new things in terms of learning and the digital library is another big aspect for students to consider the changes in learning procedures (Li, and Liu, 2019). Thus, there is a great experience for students regarding the online library and they are considering it a benefit for their studies. The report helps to understand the various perspective and opinions of the students about the online library and its use for a longer period. It will beneficial for the development and growth in the process of the study to convince the students for the education.

Provide suggestions to make improvements in the online library for better use

As per the above discussion, online libraries have a huge potential to be a great aspect for assisting the students in finding out that educational text. However it is important to manage the online library along with the challenges, so there are certain tips for making improvements in the library for better use to the students:

  • It is important to make sure that the resources can be easily available to the students with an aspect of learning issues that helps to maximize the impact of the online library effectively. The use of various functions like a speech to text along with the searching software can be utilized by the students for facing issues and it helps to get a better chance to interact with the people.
  • The other improvement can be made for attracting the students to online library sessions as students can get access anytime they want. Further staff members in online Harry and not available at a certain period. So that the student can record the queries and make appropriate use of this technique. The student must make changes according to the availability of staff members so that they can get proper solutions to the issues (Sturgeon, 2021).
  • This is one of the most important improvements in online libraries as they need to make appealing content along with the relevant material which helps the student to make most of it. The coverage of material is need to be proper so that the student gets attracted to the learning process (Cao, Liang, and Li, 2018). It is important to develop a range of books as well as different digital resources which helps to satisfy the needs of students. It can be easier for the student to manage the various platform at one time and save their performance on the online library.
  • Online library can be improved by making it a multi-format platform for studies that is beneficial for the students. However, sometimes it is challenging for the student to read some large paragraphs as well as Long articles it is important to make a comprehensive selection for the students that helps in engaging them and is considered a best practice for the online library

The improvement in online libraries plays a significant role to develop new ideas of implementation in the studies for the students. Although, it can affect the views and opinions of students in a positive way dealing with the online library study. Further, it is important to consider the activities of digital libraries in an aspect of pandemics which is a major reason behind the initiative of the platform (Kautonen, and Nieminen, 2018). However, the performance of students is also get affected by the fast changes in the online library activities and they need to cop up with the changes and learn new tactics to handle the techniques. Thus, the online library helps students become good readers and progress in critical thinking areas for their skills. In terms of the technical proficiencies, the online libraries mainly help to increase the motivation of the students. 


From the above study, it can be concluded that online libraries open the mindset and opportunities for the students to represent their information in terms of multimedia as well as create some other ideas for the development of the study. The student must emphasize the online library which helps them to access reading materials at any time. The study helps to understand the different aspects of online libraries to the students and it also creates awareness about using digital platforms for the studies. It is important to stay aware of the new techniques that help to boost the confidence as well as skills of students. Moreover, the study also helps to identify the various factors which can affect the decision of students regarding the consideration of online libraries.

The students must make appropriate use of the online library which helps them to develop knowledge and skills with less effort. However, this study also establishes some recommendations for the students and their experiences with the use of the online library. Thus, it can be stated that certain suggestions for making improvements in the online library encourage the students to make appropriate use of digital sources of reading. Online libraries cannot replace the existence of books but online libraries are playing an important role to fill the demand of the current situation. The online library encourages the students to prefer more study about the different perspectives of the topics and areas. Further, the changes in the studies regarding the online library sessions for the development in the study with new technologies.


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