Why Coronavirus pandemic may be a major blow to globalisation to the aviation sector - Case Study

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< b>Why Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be a major blow to globalisation and, in particular, to the aviation sector?

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Aviation industry is one of the finest sectors which have had a good economic factor for the long run. Covid-19, a virus full form is Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2, first appeared in 2019 and is still active and creating trouble. This is a global issue that needed to be addressed in order to provide a better, healthier environment for humans to live in. Countries' economies have deteriorated, resulting in significant losses in terms of development and productivity, both of which must be improved. During this period, the aviation industry saw a lot of downturn, and businesses made a lot of steps to restore market stability. This essay will look at the challenges, opportunities, issues and solutions for the aviation industry to be able to operate again in the market after gaining so much of experience in the last several years of Covid-19.

< b>TASK

< b>Impact of Covid-19 on aviation sector

Scientists and the government lacked enough knowledge of the sickness, resulting in an extremely unfavourable environment for the people to live in, and they were unable to maintain a sustainable lifestyle due to a lack of appropriate economic factors. Covid-19 is a disease that took scientists and the government a long time to figure out the cause of and spread of, which is why the pandemic spread so swiftly. Countries' economies have suffered as a result of a lack of resources, and people have become fearful. To protect them, social distancing, sanitizing, etc activities have been taken, resulting in better working conditions, which is beneficial to the entire working environment (Shrestha and et.al., 2020).

This epidemic impacted a wide range of enterprises, but this essay concentrates on the aviation industry, which was particularly hard hit. Many airlines have gone out of business because they were unable to maintain proper operations and improve their performance. In the aviation industry, investments are high, and businesses in this industry have found the right investors. In order to discover the ideal operating and positioning conditions after covid-19 situation, the aviation industry must be cautious in its actions and developments (Arellana, Márquez and Cantillo, 2020). Transportation is a difficult business to regulate, and there is a lot of safeguarding that must be implemented in order to keep Covid-19 outbreaks under control. Covid-19 just not impacted one country but globally there were a lot of changes and impact which were present. A lot of countries took the right actions at the right time which made them are able to overcome the issues and make sure that they are taking the right working as well.

< b>Issues

The aviation sector has had to deal with a number of challenges that have arisen in the market as a result of its overall operation. The government had to put a halt to this industry as well due to the automated lockdown, in order to be able to have better economic factor for the long run and better operations as well. The importance of maintaining one's health cannot be overstated in order to have the appropriate travel limits. This industry could be responsible to spread this pandemic situation which needs to be controlled therefore there were so many checking and compulsory testing for Covid-19 which was being done (Nhamo, Dube and Chikodzi, 2020). Employees needed to be paid at least half of their normal income in order to have a better working environment. The industry was unable to provide a suitable base for them because to the lockdown, the company was not being able to have better stability in economic factor which forced them to lose their experienced and committed staff, which the industry did not appreciate. This industry must recover in order to ensure that long-term economic factor and profitability is maintained which make the investors be satisfied as well. Willingness of this industry is present in the working and make sure that the crises are going to be right as well in order to have the right working and positioning for themselves (Gössling, 2020). Suffering is high of industries and to be able to find the right position they have to make sure that they are advertising all the actions and plans which they are taking for the clients.

< b>Challenges and methods to overcome the worldwide pandemic situation

The administration has made numerous policy changes that must be adhered to in order for improved results to be achieved. Challenge for aviation industry is that getting in changes are not quick and fast as there has to be training and giving training to the employees was also a task for this sector. This industry takes on a lot of loans and guarantees, all of which must be met in order for there to be no developing concerns for the current competitiveness. Despite all of the rivalry and problems that exist, this industry has been able to maintain a good working environment (Serrano and Kazda, 2020). Passengers have been reduced as a result of their own safety, and to be able to have a better image in market the business will have to make better planning which are critical in nature. Because of the awful economy, this industry had to let go of a large number of personnel who were well-trained and qualified for the job. Client leisure vacations have ceased, which must be known by the public so that there is better utility which is present. Western Atlantic UK airlines are always following the policies in order to have better working and operations which they can have for the long run. The market has a lot of restrictions that need to be checked so that they can ensure that they are operating and presenting themselves correctly according to the laws. The company will not be able to escape this position, therefore they will have to face the consequences and improve their performance, which will be beneficial to them. There are various routes that the United Kingdom has locked down, and they must be carefully balanced.

  • < b>Indulgence vs. Restraint

Human desires must be fulfilled and the likelihood of the community is also high which need to be matched as well. Client requirements must be met by the aviation sector in food serving or any other service so that they can have better working. Travelling used to be enjoyable, but now there are numerous limitations in place for tourists, preventing them from having a positive experience (Mhalla, 2020). Controlling individuals is not sustainable in the long run, and it is critical to ensure that they do not establish any societal norms. Western Atlantic UK airlines is making sure that they are having restraints and indulgence which is present for better working and processing. People want to work in a joyful and pleasurable environment, which will exist in order for them to be able to have the proper regulations, which will be a significant aspect (Dube, Nhamo and Chikodzi, 2021). Free gratification must be available in order to ensure that better wishes will be gratified and that they will work better. In order to ensure that they have the proper brand worth in the market, impulses must be needed and upgraded according to the clients. Regulations must be comprehended in order to achieve the best possible working and functioning. To ensure that the aviation sector can expand again, they must be able to control their urges and desires.

  • < b>Uncertainty avoidance

There is a code of conduct that must be observed for laws, guidelines, behaviour, and so on for individuals, but Covid-19 changed everything, leaving the people terrified. When people have additional restrictions, they must ensure that people do not have a lot of problems with it, which must be monitored and managed for the people (Nizeti?, 2020). The general public has to know all of the details concerning Covid-19, as well as the steps that the industry is taking to improve people's lives and ensure that they have the correct value. Clients want the best of environment which fulfil their needs and expectations and the airlines must have the right value in market for the long run. British airways helped the government to make sure that the necessary actions and routes are present for better working. The government imposed a slew of limitations, many of which are still in place in cities today, resulting in the population's failure to successfully implement policies. It is critical for the population to ensure that they are abiding by all regulations. Exchange of ideas of the employees can also help and make sure that they are making better plans and right value has to be gained so that they can have better working. There is a great deal of unpredictability in people's lives, making it difficult for them to function and process things correctly (Iacus and et.al., 2020). Positioning and working has to be better than before and implemented new plans as well so that they would be able to have correct working for better profitability.

Aviation sector must improve the facilities which they are providing the clients in order to be able to find the right positioning and value for themselves in the market. Performance of this industry has to be made better by following the laws and regulations which the government is putting out so that the lockdown situation can be improved and the companies in this sector can have better sustainability in the market. Demand has reduced for this industry but there are visible improvement as well which the company has to make so that they would be able to have the right working (Miani and et.al., 2021). The aviation sector must ensure that better working circumstances exist, as well as the employment of suitable measures such as lockdown and social separation. Finally, implementations for hygiene planning and better environment for the clients has to be there to make the economic factor high and promote to have a better loyalty in market.

< b>Possible Opportunities

There is a lot of investment which aviation industry requires and this factor was disturbed overall which needs to be improved upon so that there is going to be a better value which can be gained by this sector post Covid-19. This way the authorities of aviation industry made sure that they are more focused on the hygiene and protection of the clients to have better factor for growth. Industries must ensure that they have a long-term market presence in order to be able to function and position themselves effectively (Ozili and Arun, 2020). This industry is steadily recovering, but there are numerous constraints on routes and overall operations, which must be managed and monitored.

When the Covid-19 crisis arose, the market became enraged, and this aspect had to be controlled or the corporation would lose its market position (Dube, Nhamo and Chikodzi, 2021). The environment has also improved and healed itself in numerous ways, which will be a significant component in ensuring proper working and improve global warming as well (Choi, 2021). The aviation sector must consider the demands of the country's citizens in order to make the best judgments and ensure that improvements are made.


From the essay, it can be stated that the aviation sector can adopt a variety of activities in order to re-establish proper working conditions in the market and thus re-establish proper economic factors. Covid-19 got in better environment for the clients and made the global warming be maintained as well which is good for the airlines as well for the long run as well. The aviation business will have to take activities for the safety of its clients, not just for them, but also for the safety of its employees. Businesses must ensure that they understand the burden and pressure of change on their employees in order to make deployments more efficient and effective. Informing the clients about the actions which are being taken by the organizations of airlines has to be present so that they would be able to get the customer base back.

< b>References

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