Alexa- Enable Toys For Solo Play Using Voice In The Home Assignment Sample

Home Entertainment Revolution: Alexa-Enabled Toys for Independent Play Assignment Sample by new assignment help

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Introduction Of The Enable Toys For Solo Play Using Voice In The Home Assignment Sample

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IVAs are also known as “Intelligent voice assistants ” in other words, smart speakers are “Alexa, Amazon Echo, or Google Home” which has the potential for a new way for both children and adults to do some tasks in their homes. IVAs have the ability of the user to interact by giving commands and speaking queries, as a result of providing suitable answers or completing any task provided by the user in their absence, in the last few years IVA has overgrown and taken its place in daily life bases and interacting how people are interacting with the device for different uses like “studying for an exam and giving instruction to do some task for the users ” the IVA has grown more for the disabilities people as they command to do some task only by speaking to the Alexa or Smart Speaker, according to the studies IVS has helped to achieve advance knowledge of uses on modern home. That allows the user to understand and improve the design on a daily bases, The studies help and also awareness in the design of IVA in future uses. Alexa allows the user to understand the work in a simple way and helps the user interact with the modern technology in their home.

Project Description

In the Project Description, there are different types of hardware and software ware used to run a proper Alexa in building toys and home appliances for the users to interact with the hardware and the other electrical parts of the house which helps the user to complete the task faster. In hardware pare the user has to connect the Alexa or the echo dot device and then the device sends the signal to the server of the Alexa voice assistance, from the server the AI searches the voice commands the user provided in the Echo dots, in the Alexa server generate the instruction or the commands which user provided then its sends to the Alexa skills to perform the task, then the justified command enters the cloud server device which is connected in the smart home appliances of that particular user to do a certain task for the user like “Alexa please turn On the TV” (Manca et al. 2020). As artificial technology is very popular in every sector, it can also be used in the area of making toys so that the toy can easily entertain kids and also can behave like a companion for playing with a kid.

Sometimes such toys can reduce a parent's efforts, on the other hand, they also can help a parent to monitor the child and track their activity which helps the parents to be alerted if there children are in a dangerous situation (Trajkova, and Martin-Hammond, 2020). The scope of AI is one of the best scopes in the modern technology and push it's to its limits, In this project, the work of Alexa and AI is very sophisticated as the user interacts with the electrical equipments to a smart home which helps the users to complete any task as first as possible.

Preliminary Literature Review

According to Hall et al. 2019, in the modern world of technology, smart toys and connections increase rapidly day by day as they were claimed and also attract to the way of interacting and playing which also benefits in the education process of the children, but sometimes its lacks in evidence to supports in the moral studies with the interactive toys for the children to play or to learn. In the depth process of an interview with some technological corporates people, academia, and stakeholder organizations, as they conduct semi-structured protocols were hailed, as they analyzed the main structure of the smart toys is to learn, play, and education for the disabilities children to interact with other peoples to helps them to understand each other as per the text visualization which reviles that the smart toys have the potential effectiveness in the educating the children, smart toys also benefit in the parenting situation as many of parents are busy on there work for that they have a little time to interact with there children for this reasons the interactive toys are the best way to keeps the childer to entertainment zone and also look out there children in privacy and security that pleased on the smart toys this is the benefits features of the sm, gets toys in the modern age of technology. As per the research that smart toys gain more popular among children to spend time playing and learning new things as their parents are busy on their work and also provide privacy and security and safety for their children. Smart toys are highly selective than traditional toys which keep the children busy in their own imaginary world. The smart toys perform different tasks for the children when the children question the smart toys, which also provide a suitable answer for the children.

According to Beirl et al. 2019, IVAs “Intelligence Voice Assistants” has the potential and supports peoples in independent living, day by day voice assistance are increasing in the modern home and people's life for entertainment, education, and interacting advance home appliances like listening to music, asking for jokes, playing games together and finding the information, however in the research that shows the how a smart voice technology provide influence in the family and to interact with the household product in this modern age of technology. The case study shows that in some families over three weeks the number of each technology is setup in each house for their families members to use as they use different the technology at a time as the family member of different ages are lived in the same house they use the Alexa in there different purpose to do their jobs this is shown the capabilities of the Alexa to answer each question differently as there are children to adults are on the family, Alexa determine different potential and patterns in the assistance of the questions which provided by the users of the family members, in the daily life Alexa look specific spots in the user's mind by providing a vit\rtual hands to the users and help them in daily bases to do their jobs easily and smoothly, in the modern house there are more technology and instrument are used in every corner of the house from smart lighting to smart home appliances as the user has to say a command to activate the 9instruction the equipments that are pleased in the houses. The voice assistance “Alexa or Google Home ” are pleased in the living room or the kitchen and can be commanded or interact with the house appliances as per the user's requirement.

According to McReynolds et al. 2019, Amazon Echo and Cogni Toys Dino are part of the modern toys and gadgets that connects children and adults to their homes, these things always blend in the background of their daily living and come into the front until its needed. In a research interview with some parents as they said that the smarts toys has provides light to their children

Intelligence helps children to grow farther in their life as the parents control their privacy parent control of the smarts toys children are unaware of the toys they record what the children had said to the toys, there are some parents who mark some toys and tools as that is not related to the children toy like “Siri, Alexa” in which children are already interacting with them. As technology advances day by day, there are some people who have knowledge and experience with this kind of technology which provides support and instruction and improves the design and response of the toys and gadgets' voice commands which recommended the policy of the parents to design and mark the unethical toys. Alexa voice assistance, from the server the AI, searches the voice commands the user provided in the Echo dots, in the Alexa server generates the instruction or the commands, AI in smart toys provides many benefits in children's lives and also the families as children learn and entertainment themself through the interactive of the Smart toys as also the toys provide and interact with the children without describing and untopical questions that help the parents not to react on the smart toys and also motivate the children to play more as there intelligent power increase rapidly in their growth and keep their mentality straight, this is the process of the showing more interest in the modern technology.

According to Zeng et al. 2019, IOT “Internet Of Things” nowadays this technology is increasing and spreading all over our home environment, all the users are converting their homes into a smart and modern home with different hardware and software like sensors, lights, appliances, locks, and internet connection which are control through users Biometrica, voice commands, a and other use of technology in user define automation. There is some security who discover the process of connecting to an IoT device that is connected to the smart home, which is vulnerable to the unrelated devices that provided the security risk of the user's home, recently this kind of unethical support by a high profile organization or attackers for example “Mirai DDoS” attacks. However, studies show that privacy and security are connected with the end user who sets up the whole connection of the smart home nowadays. The study Research with some people whose house has smart home features in the research showed there is a gap that rise thread on their connection as the lack of experience to understand the security of the smart home the users awaer of the issue in the security but the concerns are limited in their mind, which brings the mismatch and strategies in between both on the connection and the power of the smart home administrator and other family members of that home (Strengers et al. 2019). In this lack of security people still recommended the smart home for design and technology use which helps the users of the family members to convert their normal home to a smart home, in this vast technological advance world IoT in a smart home is recommended as they provide security and also consume less electricity thich benefits the user for comfortable living and provide supports to all the other technology to their smart home.

Research Questions

How AI-based technology can be used on daily bases by users while using voice recognition?

Feasibility of using Alexa- enable Smart toys for Children playing?

Wright the advantages and disadvantages of Voice recognition technology while using it for a child?

What would be the adaptability for children with this Voice recognition technology?

Are there such AI toys able to save a child completely from exposure to online safety risks?


In the design part of the AI base IVAs “Intelligent voice assistants," Alexa or the Echo Dot device sends a signal to the server of the Alexa voice assistance. From the server, the AI searches for the voice commands the user provided in the Echo Dots. The Alexa server generates the instructions or commands the user provided, then sends them to the Alexa skills to perform the task. The justified command then enters the cloud server device, which is connected to the smart home appliances of that particular user, like "Alexa please turn on/off the fan” (Beirl et al. 2019). The design of the voice assistance helps both the children and the adults interact with the home appliances and provide security and privacy for the family members.


In the mythology section there a mixed approach has been used mythology the primary research is the data analysis and the secondary research is the data collection, in data analysis, of the case study, and a survey is done on software used in the survey of the project of the of, the voice assistant is pepper used in daily life bases in home and outside, and in data collection where the data of the user are collected from the outside of the project like “web site and generals ” which helps the users to understand the process and interacting the technology which helps the user to understand the voice assistance of daily life, in the case study of the project shown the real work that is done behind the all the transaction of the procedure which a voice assistance work in any condition of the house and the normal assistance (Abdi et al. 2021). To understand the analysis of the case study is very important for the user to understand the voice assistance as they are designed to answer any questions is asked from a child's perspective to adults points of view and provide a specific answer to each of them for the goods results as the technology grow the demand of the voice assistance is increase to the modern world that and also overcome any problem to any situation is needed as proper data is needed in the research of the project that the user us used for creating the voice assistance to consume less time and money for the users home and its life.

Resources and Constraints

The resources of the project are including of hardware and software included in the making of the voice assistance for the users to interact with the device as the hardware is Amazone Alexa or Google Home, AI base technology is used to generate the voice assistance, AI is one of the most Advance software ever build till now where lines of code and technology are used to create an AI bade voice assistance which helps the uses Ai base voice assistance to understand each other and provide a specific answer (Zwakman et al. 2021). The Design of the AI is to track the voice and identify the users in there speaking tone which helps the user to identify the problems and give the right answer AI has its own servers where every user has their own data is stored in a specific location in the servers clouds of Alexa or google homes.

AI base technology is surrendering the earth from mobile to cars AI technology helps in the process of daily life (Jones, 2019). The design of the voice assistance is very much included in the home. The Alexa server generates the instruction or the commands which the user provided then it sends it to the Alexa skills to perform the task, then the justified command enters the cloud server device which is connected to the smart home appliances of that particular user to do a certain task for the user like “Alexa please turn On/off the light or Alexa please switch on/off the fan”.

Social, Ethical, Professional and Legal Considerations

Social: On a daily basis of voice assistance in the growth of AI and digital media affects children to grow their intelligence and provides instruction to interact with non-humans like robots and voice assistance, in the study shows that the children are showing interest in this kind of technology, but the problems is the many parents are limited and creating a distance between AI technology and human in the farther study shown the interaction with the voice assistant is increasing day by day, as the small children use the voice assistant to solve any problems like treasure hunts, etc. the voice assistance provide knowledge or the experience in the games.

Ethical: In the ethical part some designs in the voice assistance are “Privacy and data collection, Children use, Cultural biases and Suggestive Language” the privacy of data is mandatory as the user's data can be liked on the internet and data could be sell to other persons, in terms of children use of voice assistance that helps the children to learn and entertain there brain to which gives more intelligence and helps the parents to do their jobs easily. In terms of suggesting a language where different regions have a different language and voice assistance can translate any language on the basis of the users.

Professional: In the professional part is to hire the best voice actors for the voice assistant to a suitable and which is pleasing to the eyes children also love to hear the voice of voice actors in the voice assistance which attracts more users to use the voice assistant this technology makes way into peoples life with impressive design and capability of AI in the human's life that helps the user to interact the technology to make the user life better in every possible way AI base design takes the children mind to its fullest and helps the people in daily bases.

Legal: In the legal consideration, the voice control devices like Alexa which is controlled by a digital assistant has some barriers which need to be maintained and followed. Privacy and the collection of data is a very sensitive part of innovative technologies which has a concern about the fact to data leakage. Adding a digital assistant like voice control in any space presents constitutional issues, fundamental privacy and constitutional issues. AI technologies like Alexa and any other voice-control devices have some privacy concern about the customer's privacy and security.



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