Individual Business Dissertation Proposal Assignment Sample

Influencers' Role in Building Brand Dominance Through Engaging Content

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Introduction Of Individual Business Dissertation Proposal

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Correlation between Brand dominance and Influencer

Influencers are key elements in creating brand dominance, they facilitate the positioning of a brand in eyes of the consumers through marketing. Influencers create engaging content and help in boosting sales through the tools and techniques adopted by the marketing team of every organization. Brand dominance refers to creating a powerful emotional connection with the consumers. The proposal is made to discuss the key elements of the study in order to achieve the main objectives in order to answer the research questions. The research proposal highlights the relation between brand dominance and influencer marketing under the marketing strategy. Gucci used influencer marketing to build a strong brand image in the high-end luxury market. This proposal used secondary sources of data to find the impact of social media influencers in creating awareness about Gucci. It includes creating brand awareness among the users, it can be done by a brand recall to the consumers. Brand dominance refers to the creative connection between product category and brand, it includes recognition of a brand under a product category by the consumers (Wallina and Spry, 2016).

Main aspects of literature review

The main goal of the literature review is to provide contextual information about correlation between Brand and influencer a case study of Gucci in UK. The aspect of the literature review is covered through the methodology and data analyses with the help of existing research and conceptual theories. The proposal reflects the literature review allowing the concepts of journals and articles to understand the correlation between the Brand and influencer case study of Gucci in the UK. The proposal collects the articles and theories based on the knowledge from quantitative data.

Critical evaluation and theories

The bond between customers and influencers is perceived by trust and closeness. There are two things which affect consumers' attitude, relationship between brand & influencer while making correlation between the Brand and influencer case study of Gucci in the UK. Influencer marketing has a major impact on customers' purchase decisions. covid -19 pandemic increased online time spent by consumers which expanded exposure to influencer marketing through online mode which is impacting in unhealthy ways through more screen time then earlier. Social learning theory is one of important theories involved in psychology development. Social learning is not only learned by children but also influences the behavior of adults. This theory gives details about people imitated socially appropriate behaviors shown online, this leads to increase in the exposure of influencer marketing


To develop an understanding about the correlation between brand dominance and influencer with the help of case study of the brand Gucci in UK.

Research questions

Primary Question

What is brand dominance and influencer?

Secondary question

What is the correlation between brand dominance and influencer?

What are the concepts adopted by the brand Gucci for brand dominance and influencer marketing?

Area of research

The key feature of this proposal is discussed to understand the correlation between brand dominance and influencer with the help of Gucci's case study.

Ethical consideration

In this section of the report ethical consideration related to the report and brand dominance by influencing marketing is discussed. Brands should conduct proper research before choosing influencers and make sure the selected content creator stands by ethical values. Ethical considerations in influencer marketing also include transparency of sponsorship.

Outline of issues to be considered and research activities to be undertaken

The companies in UK need to follow transparency guidelines by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Advertising Standard Authority and in the US guidelines by the (FTC) Federal trade commission (Wellman 2020). For example, when people talk about high end luxury fashion, the first brand that comes into consumers' minds is Gucci. Gucci has brand dominance for its different product lines such as handbags, footwear, accessories, and ready-to-wear. Brand dominance can be created with the help of advertisements, ambassadors, influencers, and other tools. The research outlines the key areas, objectives, ethical consideration with research questions. The second part of the research outlines the methods used in the research with the potential findings and data analyses to answer the questions for the better understanding.

Research Methodology

This chapter includes the methods used under the research methodology which tells about the impact of self-management on the organization as well as the relationship between brand dominance and influencer marketing. In this research secondary source of data collection is used, which means previously published data is used.

The research proposal is based on the qualitative aspects of marketing which includes influences of the brand over the consumers. The data and information collected in this report are from different types of journals, newspapers, articles, and other secondary sources of data (Grant?Muller 2015). The method used will give deep knowledge about Gucci's brand dominance in the fashion market and how it is related to influencer marketing. Information in this report is based on phenomenological research, action research, and grounded theory.

Suggested primary and secondary research

Primary research refers to the research where data is collected for the first time, it includes data collection form personal interviews, surveys, observation, and questionnaires. On the other hand, in secondary research already published data is used. The modes of secondary data are journals, newspapers, publications, and articles. These sources are reliable for Gucci’s and report made with secondary sources of data collection

Outline of potential findings

From the above analysis, it can be discussed that brand dominance and influencer marketing play an important role in the marketing strategy of a company. Gucci created its brand dominance over all sections of the population with the help of influencer marketing.

Potential Outcome (data analyses)

Gucci is an Italian high-end luxury fashion brand, founded by Guccio Gucci (Kasztalska, 2018). Gucci has brand dominance for different category products including bags and belts. The brand uses fashion shows and celebrity endorsement in its marketing strategy to reach the high-end market with target base audience. The brand also used social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for brand awareness (McMullan 2022). Gucci has a sizable following on social media including 15 million FaceBook following and 33 million Instagram followers. The brand has collaborated with many social media influencers, which leads to an increase in Gucci's consumer engagement. Social networking is a key part of Gucci's branding campaigns, it is used to advertise the company's product to engage more consumers. Gucci's marketing plan is more focused on building brand image rather than promoting a product, this is a different approach from its competitors (Deges, 2018).

Research plan of activities and timings

This part of report includes execution of study on correlation between brand dominance and influencer marketing. The research plan for this report is completing one chapter in half week so that study can be done with persistency. The research is done by giving appropriate time to each and every topic included in the report.


The famous luxury brand Gucci created its brand dominance with the help of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a mixture of both traditional and modern marketing, The company uses different influencers such as celebrities, social media content creators, and bloggers to promote the brand's product and services (Jahnke, 2018). This technique of marketing has several benefits including building trust, boosting brand awareness, communicating with the target audience, and increasing sales. Luxury brands like Gucci collaborate with influencers with millions of viewers which help to approach potential consumers. By using influencer marketing brands can also boost Search engine optimization (SEO), as the influence has a wide range of following which indirectly helps in improving SEO ranking by driving more traffic and creating brand awareness of Gucci. Brand dominance and influence marketing help in creating long-term partnerships with the best influencers


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