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Introduction Of The Business Group Presentation Assignment

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  • The type of organizational structure is plays a crucial role in firm’s management. The right organizational structure helps the company to run their business operations smoothly.
  • The company can adopt matrix, flat, functional, and divisional organizations. There are four types of poultry farm companies i.e. layers, hatcheries, broilers, and breeders.
  • Poultry farm are characteristically recipient of old chicks which they hoist for the reason of produce market-ready chicken eggs (Pereira, et. al. 2020).

Note: The report is made to discuss the functions and structure of the case company with the help of the marketing strategies.

Company Background

  • The case concept is based on two fundamental concerns.
  • "What`s to be for breakfast?"
  • What's for dinner?
  • The poultry farm is 100% bio which raises chickens for eggs, meat feathers, eggs, and feathers.
  • The farm strives to provide customers with the best quality products available such as healthy meat, eggs and eggs at a price everyone can manage to.
  • The company Golden eggs is a private limited company incorporated.
  • It employs over 199 West Aussies all across the nation.
  • The eggs of the company strictly meet the standards of poultry farming, which is the biggest competitor for the company. Their high technology business allows a company to get their product to customers as quickly as possible.
  • Automatic work helps employees by reducing the amount of stimulating work have to do during the day.

Note: The solar panel's built-in workplace buildings will produce eggs using green renewable energy and maintain sustainability in their business operations. Their high technology business allows a company to get their product to customers as quickly as possible (Pereira, et. al. 2020). Automatic work helps employees by reducing the amount of stimulating work have to do during the day.

Note: The goal of a company is to create value by offering goods and services for customers who pay for it by the cash equivalent or. The primary rationale of our farm for poultry is the production of eggs, meat, feathers, and egg shells.

Note: The production techniques fully are handled by the procurement department who works under the guidance of top management. The golden eggs functional structure is made for the proper care and attention of the hens. The case company select the best bread to earn maximum amount of profits through the efficient working of the organization structure.

Purpose of the business

Purpose of the business

The primary functional areas

Compelling organizational path

  • Inspiring guidance
  • Remove meaningless bureaucracy
  • Professional training
  • Good financial planning
  • Social modernization (Tipu, 2018).
  • Intelligibility and information sharing environment
  • A modern reward system

Note: When staff believes in what the association stands for and the technique it is headed for, their appointment and commitment grow. Every firm has needless rules and removing pointless organization layers create more liberty for employees, makes more freedom for innovation and creativity, and increase appointment and commitment (Tipu, 2018). High-performing workers are positive to take up administration position. The company involves employees in social improvement which create massive interior interest and helps an organization gain a competitive advantage.

Key people involves in the organization each functional area

  • Farmers and their workers have a crucial role to play in taking care of the birds, and in maximizing efficiency.
  • The people who are responsible for the care and treatment of birds should be educated competent, skilled, and dedicated.
  • Good stock care attendants reduce the risk to their animal's health and welfare. This way they let production maximize its potential while providing the animals with respect.
  • The Golden eggs appointed four main people in their farm. The area sales manager works upon the place where the eggs are more likely to sell. The location manager looks on the market area where the future opportunity can be found (Sharopatova, et. al. 2020). The farm machinery specialist looks after the machinery for the quality eggs.
  • The company has a highly motivated staff, which offers the best services to clients.

Note: Their highly efficient and talented tech farms allow them to get their products to customers as quickly as possible. The company has introduced various machinery which will assists the employees by dipping the amount of stimulation they have to do during the day (Sharopatova, et. al. 2020). The company maintains sustainability in its business operations by using solar panels and a built-in farm building.

Capital or financial requirements

  • The company turns in profits from the first six week of operations.
  • £3.5 M capital is required
  • The structure of the Joint Partnership will be observed
  • 1 million dollars will be made from investors
  • 5 millions of associates equal involvement
  • The company should maintain 50% gross margin ratio.
  • Debt collection and credit payment ratio should be equal in realization of income.

Note: The estimation of risk is done by subjective marketing and incorporation is done by putting reserves into plan activity for the acknowledgement of financial requirements of the business. The company should make sure that they should have enough qualitative financial sources on time and prepare them for unplanned spending.

Identify the target market for the business

  • The young generation has been the most important demographic group for the poultry industry and egg firms to target as consumers.
  • While this generation still makes up a big group, this group is also known as Millennial who take a good care of their health and wellness.
  • Most millennial are not familiar with how to cook, and they prefer convenient meals.

Note: From the time of pandemic people are more concerned about their eating habits and choosing healthy options Because of this reason the company pays more attention to nutrition and healthy food. That provides an opportunity for the company to improve the nutritional value of its products.

The needs of the target market

Porter Five forces:

Five Forces Description The implication to the case company
Power of buyer On time delivery, high quality eggs and chicks help to aid the choosen company in gaining the trust of its customers. High
Power of supplier The customer service provided by the vendor is very satisfactory. They do not import chickens outside of the country. Therefore, they are able to benefit from receiving discounts due to being domestic suppliers (Oliveira, 2015). High
Threat of new entrants The growing scope in poultry industry will also further influence other sellers which becomes threat to new organizations. low
Threat of substitute products It's not required that the consumer choose chickens for their meals There are many alternatives to the products of the company. Medium
Competitive Rivalry All competitors have adopted an approximately identical pricing and product quality, so the challenge of competing with them in the present time is becoming more challenging. low
  • Target marketing will allow those golden eggs be much more exact with marketing strategies, the method of taking initiative, as well as the image of the brand.
  • The company that is focused on the market it is targeting can concentrate on the goals of marketing and aids the staff in their competition by having the same vision and goals.
  • The benefit of staying attentive to the market you want to target is that it creates a smaller segment of people who can communicate with businesses.
  • A market-focused approach allows the business to make use of its resources, budgets, and time to build greater commerce connections with prospective customers.

Pestle analysis of golden eggs

Pestle analysis
Political factors
  • Institutional support and acknowledgment
  • Government has strong policy of development of organic food production
Economic factors
  • Growing manufacturer interest in supportive farming
  • Supplementary profits opportunity for rural community
  • Direct to consumer farming is communicable
  • compressing margins from conservative farming supply chain middlemen is prompt direct sales efforts
Social factors
  • Growing consumer awareness to chemical residue poison in foodcustomer choice banner more towards food composition
  • global pandemic has improved the demand for organic food
  • Animal wellbeing concern is adding application to organic farming methods
Technological factors
  • Internet practice among rural communitiesOrganic food requirement has augmented in direct correlation to smart-phone usagee-commerce gives organic producer beyond consumer reach and sales development potential
  • e-Commerce has been a leveler enable smaller start-ups to increase considerable market share rapidly
Legal factors Nil
Environmental factors
  • climate favors agriculture, plus the state has a ordinary farming reputation
  • order for local chicken within the local marketplace can have seasonal patterns
  • Common food condition for indigenous chicken only

Note: The target market enables the business operator to admittance a small group of people and provides them the quality products and services that meet their demands and needs. Golden Eggs can reach out to different audiences every day to target potential customers and inform them about the benefits of buying their products and services.

How organization should address target market needs

Note: The Company should use language that target customers can easily understand. The company can create a more valuable substance that matches the potential customers. Target marketing help Golden Eggs recognize the appropriate keywords for ranking on search engines. The company should focus on identifying its target market and the products and services they want to purchase (Singh, 2018). Using a paid search operation is one way to attract more customers for the company’s products and services. The organization by using the information regarding its target audience can identify opportunities that can help them to stand out from competitors.

A brief marketing strategy to reach targeted audience/market

Note: The first step to engaging a target customer is to establish the range of the company’s existing consumer base. After analyzing the opportunity in a particular market segment, the company can begin to map the best way to reach that customer. Establishing an effective marketing strategy includes mass marketing, segmented marketing, concentrated, and micro marketing. Customer profiles are shaped with complete distinctiveness of potential customers. Data analysis will also give the company an idea of implementing change in a marketing plan to better reach the market.

Target marketing strategy

SWOT analyses of Golden eggs

Strength Weaknesses
  • The reputation and image that is associated with poultry farm among the clients is very good.
  • They had different prices for different products to ensure that every type of customer is a part of the company.
  • They've employed a range of technologies.
  • The water resources and disposal method for dead birds to keep them out of the dies.
  • Communication system is so robust
  • The impact of the imported product on this business.
  • They had to face a throat-cutting contest due to the market environment; even a small error could cause a major issue.
  • The whole operation is dependent on the products of chickens.
  • Distribution channels are also inadequate.
Opportunity Threat
  • The farm produces healthy diet for the consumers.
  • The case company develops high standard of living through producing quality eggs.
  • The development and usage of new technology brings efficient food into the market (Dahlan, 2020).
  • Because of the increase in competition the cost is reduced with the high quality supply.
  • Case company creating high valuable and skillful environment through guiding the employees to work in productive area.
  • There are two types of risks for the farm that raises poultry the risk of production is the same as price risk.
  • The bird flu has been spreading through the birds, and in this type of environment it becomes more difficult to produce the best product.
  • There are a lot of competitions from both foreign and domestic and they face opposition from other countries as well.
  • There are a lot of alternatives. Because of the substitutes, the competition has grown.

Golden Eggs follows Segmentation marketing for the targeting wide range of customers and also helps in categorizing people through the following structure:

  • Basic demographics Based on the age of the person, their education and marital status.
  • Geographical locations: based on the geographical location and area of customers.
  • Purchase behavior: Based on the buying habits of the customers.
  • Values and beliefs built on the basis of beliefs and cultures.

Note: The Company mainly focuses on wholesale chicken market where the firm gets maximum of the profits. The company also contributes its products in supermarket, grocery stores and other market to gain competitive advantage within the poultry business.


  • The report has highlighted the business plan of Golden Eggs which helps the organization to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • It has also concluded the organization structure and functional areas of a company.
  • Poultry farming is a simple to establish and most profitable business in the world.
  • When we think of the protein source that is vital to humans.

Note: A successful marketing plan can aid the business reach its market, thereby creating opportunities for success in the future.


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