Bm632 Managing Developing Innovation And Creativity Case Study

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Introduction Of Bm632 Managing Developing Innovation And Creativity Case Study

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“Microsoft Corporation” is one of the well-known companies on the global platform. As the company believes to introduce transformation on the digital platform with the assistance of “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.” The company has an objective to empower or provide its assistance to almost every individual or the diverse number of firms available in the market (Sehgal et al, 2020). As being a “multinational technology corporation” they generally provide services related to software used in computers, electronics of the customers, and personal desktops or laptops. Although like many other companies “Microsoft” also do face some challenges in their management system in the further report the issues will be discussed and there will be research methodologies and then a solution will be selected and there will be a plan constructed for implementation and will be concluding with innovation audit methodology.

Overview of the firm

“Microsoft” is regarded as a well-established company in the field of introducing new software on a global platform. The headquarter of the company is situated in Redmond, Washington, U.S., and also has its sub-branches across the world on a larger scale there are at least 177 office locations across 96 countries (Blit, 2018). The company “was founded in the year 1975” by two famous personalities “Bill Gates and Paul Allen.” The company is well known for its classified software products which do include “Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Internet Explorer web browser.” The company has also paved its path in introducing hardware products which do include products such as “Microsoft Surface touch screen personal computer and the Xbox series of video game consoles.” In comparison to the well-established competitors like “Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple” as per the reports the company has to build an alliance with “Goldman Sachs and Accenture” to modify the process of developing such products which will produce fewer carbon emissions to lessen the harm occurring on the climate that usually leads to global warming.

 The company has emerged with a dominancy in the field of the desktop operating system on a global platform by the year 2021, with a great percentage of shares of 73%. Due to variations in versions since its release in the year 1985 the company has undergone multiple changes or can say mutations. This does include “Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Windows 10 is the newest addition to the family, being able to run on PCs, tablets, and embedded devices.” Microsoft does use QoS policies which are usually applied by the computer login session as being the part of “Group Policy Object (GPO)” which has come with the facilities aligned with “Active Directory container”, which does include the various domains, cites or the units of organizations (Breaban, 2018). This type of management is usually used or applied on such products which do not require any kind of modification which provides an advantage to the system and its policies. Many the Microsoft programs are supported by this policy such as “Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista” (Rosa, Jha, and Birman, 2021). Microsoft usually uses this system to overcome the problems that arise due to the emergence of high traffic in the network which leads to a balance in the performance of the network. This assists a user to accomplish their tasks on time and have a smooth workload.

Problem identification

One of the major issues that have been pointed out in the management system of Microsoft is its human resource management. As per the reports it has been stated that a woman working in the company for a long duration even without any kind of promotions due to gender biases and after the emergence of this complaint many fellow female working members of the company have come up with the similar kind of issues faced under the organization. There are view reports which say that they were even verbally abused as well as sexually harassed by their seniors and the company has not taken any strict actions for such incidents (Thomas, 2019). This is quite unexpected and shameful for such a well-known company. Although the CEO of the company has promised that further steps would be taken by the management to better the facilities provided to the employees. But, as of now, no such transparent report has been provided by the company on this particular topic. It has been noticed that the human resource department of Microsoft has received many complaints on the topic of harassment and issues related to job handling at least 150,000 employees across the globe. Even the lawsuit which is usually assigned in the companies as pr that there were at least 238 complaints received by the female workers in the year 2015 to 2016 and in which 118 complains were related to the emergence of discrimination based on gender. And, in the year 2018, the company has declared to take quick actions regarding these kinds of sensitive issues and as per a report they have also fired at least 20 employees who were proved as culprits, but by the end of the year 2020, the company has again faced a case of harassment and bullying (Drobac and Russell, 2020). Along, with these employees of Microsoft have also clashed with an issue that during the emergence of the COVID-19 employees working from home have started receiving numerous work calls even on the odd timings from their bosses. Without keeping into consideration, the rule of scheduled work hours, this has emerged as quite problematic for the employees to manage their work-life and personal life side by side. This is the point where the company must ensure they must look forward to the performance of an employee due to a bulk workload. So, the company can offer their employee a healthy environment to work freely without imposing unnecessary pressure as well as working in such an atmosphere that would lack bias nature.

Research methodologies

Formally, Microsoft has a long battle of accusations with its HR unit that does an insufficient job handling harassment and discrimination cases for its 150,000 workers globally.

The most innovative methodology that can be utilized for the issues of HRM in Microsoft for insufficient job handling and harassment and discrimination. The innovative way would be tackled through the approach-based-innovative method.

The outcomes are as follows.

  • When it comes to dealing with institutional harassment, these studies share some common elements.
  • Provides a unique perspective by presenting actions from diverse sections of the organization (Brue, 2021).
  • Recognizing that harassment must be addressed from the top down.
  • Improving risk response methods and removing barriers to disclosure by developing clear, well-signposted reporting mechanisms and swift punishing actions.
  • Establishing defined norms and codes of conduct as part of a proactive strategy, as well as adopting training initiatives.

Profoundly, the most innovative method that can be used to overcome the challenges would be the “creative thinking a Stanford-developed methodology” that emphasizes user research and continuous integration of findings into solution design. It's based on real-world observation, research, and the use of statistics.

It encourages creativity by permitting a more detailed discussion of a problem’s solution. “According to the Stanford D-School, a use study may be completed in five steps”: define, conceptualize, synthesize, construct, and test. The design company may be broken down into three parts: attractiveness, practicality, and sustainability. As a result, design thinking allows for the integration of quantitative and instinctive thinking (Zhou, Rasool and Ma, 2020). Collaborative Design allows initiatives to become more embedded in the daily lives of consumers. Microsoft HRM can conventionally utilize this design thinking method as a prototype for overcoming the issues of harassment.

Moreover, other innovative methodologies that can use to over the issue of Microsoft would

  • Providing security to the Microsoft workers
  • Hiring the right candidate
  • Self-managing and effective teams
  • Training with relevant skills


Solution for Microsoft worker’s Harassment

The innovative HRM can be utilized as the bases of the innovative method where HRM would emphasize the renewal of the Microsoft process over changing the HRM policies and practices for Microsoft. The second focus would be on the construction of the new product and service.

Further, the step solution for ending workplace harassment can be overcome by having several reporting channels to facilitate the complaints. To monitor the firm using workforce as well as the technology. To protect the Microsoft member by utilizing the services of the Right HR services. HRM should bring the ethics and culture under the HR responsibilities for Microsoft with much stronger and more effective means (Davis, 2021). Further, the solution can also be achieved by improving transparency and accountability. In these, the response would be to find as Microsoft lacks the centralized database of incidence reports, and some are the initiating to advance to record the instances of the employee- employee sexual misconduct and to store them central law in one place.

Implementation Plan






Creating an Anti-Harassment Policy


Microsoft in these care policies states that our commitment and approach would tend to strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work condition that enables the workers to create the invention and facilities.

Microsoft has in place over their employee to protect them from the abuse and unwanted sexual advances

1. Backing the policy with workplace culture and acceptance

2. The confirmative policy is mainly circulated and understood

3. Follow up

4. Elucidation of the prohibited behavior methodically (Tippett, 2018).

5. Taking online or remote harassment into consideration

6. Investigate and document all Microsoft harassment claims.

3- 4 months

Innovation audit methodology

Anti-harassment behavior ensures that there is no pressure, aggression, or other types of harassment in the workplace. Employers should provide an original, ongoing, and updated anti-harassment plan to their staff. Organizations must regularly refresh training and encourage employees to speak out if they think the policy has been violated.

An innovation audit methodology is a way of understanding how effective the organization can be in managing innovation. Further, an Audit methodology used a bicentric level approach one is the rapid assessment based on innovation scorecards and another is a depth audit. This scorecard would deliver an overview of Microsoft’s strengths and weaknesses concerning HRM technical innovation management for highlighting those areas which are needed in the in-depth investigation. The potential issue would be the improper anti-harassment policy made by the HRM without following the legislation and rules of the standard Microsoft (Baum, 2019). In context to the issue over the improper structure of anti-harassment policy for Microsoft where the innovative audit methodology based on the rapid assessment of innovation scorecard would mainly encounter different aspects of anti-harassment policy first, the collecting too much information, not taking intended action after than anti-harassment policy has been implemented in the workplace. Not choosing the investigator. The compliance can also be without informing both parties. Not conducting an interview with the victim in Microsoft and not ensuring workplace conflict are some of the major innovative score audit needed to be followed by the HRM of Microsoft (Suriani, 2018). Further, managing harassment in Microsoft can be done by involving management, ensuring that employees should know about the have access to the confident reporting channel, and having the unit harassment policy to ensure all the workers sign up to it. A further in-depth audit of the improper structure of the harassment policy would examine the few transactional in detail from starting point to the end of the analysis.


  • The improper structure of the anti-harassment policy for Microsoft can be overcome by the utilization of proper law-abiding rules and regulations from the government and the legal consideration of the nations. The anti-harassment policy should be made based on the council's authority and government regulation as per the federal law structure.
  • Improper anti-harassment policy for Microsoft can be overcome by protecting the member by utilizing the service of the right HR.
  • It is recommended by establishing a clear cut, zero tolerance, and proper anti-harassment policy structure that are followed very when in the other organization.
  • It can be overcomed by the institute training and awareness program for Microsoft employees (Ferris, Deakin and Mathieson, 2021).
  • Creating specialized training for the higher authority and leaders.

Mostly, the Anti-harassment policy can only be seen over the ground when it can be built with a strong workforce culture where the harassment is unlikely to take place.


In nutshell, it can be concluded that open innovation was not a novel concept. Innovation has always actually occurred freely across organizations and borders. To summarize, Microsoft and its other business-oriented services are effective instruments for promoting and supporting organizational organization, cooperation, and cohesiveness in businesses of all kinds. Further, it can also be summed up as moving beyond legal compliance, working to improve openness and transparency, diffusing power among both the organizational staff and trainees, and revising international body systems and structures to know the various, participation, and respect are all necessary for changing the whole climate and culture in Microsoft. Further, the different innovative methodology that is widely be used by the approach-based-innovative method. Moreover, it also sums up the solution for Microsoft HRM issues where solutions for Microsoft workers’ harassment have been considered. Next, the solution can also be engaged with the process of an implementation plan for which the anti-harassment policy has been considered over its action, description, priority, justification, and timeframe that is needed to be implemented in Microsoft. Lastly, the innovation audit method for rapid assessment of innovation scorecard and in-depth audit has also been proposed to utilize the improper structure of Anti- the harassment policy framework over the Microsoft.


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