Brand Reputation Management Hyatt Case Study

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Introduction of Brand Reputation Management Hyatt Case Study

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Hyatt is one of the leading hotel chains working in the hospitality industry. Hotel Hyatt corporation was founded in 1957 on 27th of September. The founder of the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts was Hyatt Robert von Dehn & Jack Dyer Crouch. The headquarters of the company is in United States. The hotel works in number of locations including 1000 hotels (Hotel, 2018). The organization are working worldwide and providing the luxury hospitality in the industry to increase the market standards. The report will explain the impact of stakeholders on the business. The underperformed reputations of the drivers and the alternative perspective leading to advancement in current brand practices. Further the report will explain about brand management and also provide recommendation to the practice’s organization should take. The report will discuss on the use of social media to make an impact on the reputation of the brand in the market.

1. Impact of Stakeholders and Reputation Drivers which are Drifted

Reputation of the Brand works according to the services and quality the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts offer to its customer. Underachieve reputation can be changed through the service the Hotel are offering to its customer (Veloutsou and Guzman, 2017). This also includes the ways in which they treat and work with their customer in hospitality. Once of the major factor working in the hospitality sector include the quality of customer satisfaction focused by Hyatt Hotels for their clients. It is one of the major goals of the firms to work and make plans according. Hyatt works on a lot of strategies to make sure that they are facing good in the market. They also include different methods to achieve the reputation in market for their brand. This is crucial as they need more of the achievable goals to increase process of growth. For growth and development company is utilizing technologies upgradation to develop business.

1.1 Relationship between Citizenship and Corporate Governance

Citizen working in the corporate are responsible for the growth of the organization as they work on different models to increase the working and factor to grow the business. Corporate governance plays crucial role in the growth and reputation of the Hyatt in market. It is essential for the Hyatt Hotels to get support from governance protocols to increase the business. They need to work on the development of social agenda by the laws. The stakeholder’s perception of maintaining the environmentally friendly which shows the organizations support for good cause. It is essential for the Hyatt Hotels to maintain the corporate governance and works with all the legal legislation to increase the services they are offering to their customer. They need to make sure that there is equality in the organisation and they are letting the customer and works move freely and work in legal standards. Corporate governance and Citizenship are linked with each other as every individual and community of citizen need to work with all the ethical consideration while working in business. They also need to work professionally to achieve the result and also give customer satisfaction. The policies made by the governance should cover all the legal forms including the behaviour of the employee towards the customer as a major concern in business. It is important for the management of Hyatt Hotels to maintain all the corporate governance policies in the working so that they can deliver better services in the workplace to customer.

1.2. Impact of Social media on Brand Reputation

Social media is one of the biggest platforms in today’s market to increase the market reputation of the brand. This is one of the factors which can increase the overall process of working of business by their reach on digital market. Social media plays crucial role in today’s market as every person is using Digital platform to increase their business or are using to communicate and get better information about the services in market for Hyatt Hotels. This is a major factor which can help in increase of reputation in market if digital media marketing is used properly by the brand. Brand management works in increasing the brand value of the Hyatt. It is important for them to utilise different sources and strategies to develop a better process in growth or reputation of Brand management.

Social media can help in reaching a wider audience and also to telecast the brand on a wider platform so that they can increase the customer attraction for business and develop a better performance in market. Hyatt Hotel board of directors already increased working on digital marketing as well to increase the promotion of media marketing to reach new goals and objective. Social Media is huge platform which is helping them in creating new business opportunities, Hyatt Hotel are also producing new products including the brand own products which they are now promoting on social media through advertisement.

1.3. Impact of Services as a Driver for Reputation

Hyatt focus in providing the best of quality and luxury services to its customer. It is major factor for the business policies they are having. They work in providing quality services and also provide security and safety to their employee and customers. It is very crucial for the business to deliver services to increase high standard in market (Paul, 2019). Services impact the reputation in market, this is because Hyatt knows that customers look for the satisfaction through services and is important for the organization to deliver them to customer. Hyatt Hotels and resorts provide high luxury services through there amenities including security, safety, luxury accommodation of living and stay etc. These factors impacted market and made the company known for its luxury and standard services in hospitality industry. Company also includes new technologies to increase the services for their customer which are used in recent covid-19 situation where they need to follow the guidelines of government to work in pandemic. The sanitization machinery and the temperature machines to give immense safety to customers. These services from the organization helps people getting trust on the brand and increase their reputation in market.

1.4. The contribution of Stakeholders on Hyatt Hotels

Working in the hospitality industry and service sector industry, it is important for the shareholders of Hyatt to work together in delivering best of quality services to their customer. Working as a leading and top luxury hotel chain, it is crucial for them to provide the services to increase the workplace reputation. The impact on the Hyatt Hotels and resorts by its shareholder are that they need to take decision which are in favour of the organization. Government also plays important role in this as their policies and changing legal issues can impact the working of hotel chain in market. The shareholders and the investors in the business plays vital role which include the expansion of business and launching of new brand under the name. there are 20 premium brands working under the name of Hyatt Corporation. The aim of the company is to provide the best of living services to there customer so that they can be at their best. Development of CSR projects and increase in the technologies by shareholder decision in providing safety and security as major concern for the business to customer or client.

2. Alternatives Perspectives and current brand practice 

The strategies which are used by the Hyatt Hotels for the development of their business reputation over the year are changed according to the market trends. This is crucial for the hotel industry to make the changes according to the need and trend of market to attract new customer in the business.

2.1 Use of Social Media

Hyatt hotels and resorts have developed working in the use of social media to develop a better place in market (Beverland, 2021). They are utilising social media and digital platform to develop services for the customer so that they can get the information and knowledge about company services or product through social media. They are also providing different social platform to connect to the spectators so that they can provide better information on an easier platform for the audience. This aided them in making more brand awareness which further develop in increase of customer. They are providing offers and every detail about services they are offering in market on social media to connect. This is helping in customer gathering and making them know about the services the company is offering on which cost.

Hyatt is working under more than 50 country worldwide which is helping them in making a market awareness for its customer. Hyatt hotels and resorts are using the social media platform to provide the important information and offer through there social handles on Instagram, websites, Facebook through images and information on them. It is helping them in attraction more tourist and visitors to get to know about the brand and can access the services from organization. They are also promoting their safety standard in the covid pandemic to attract the customer and making them aware about there services which they are offering with proper guidelines and procedure of government for hospitality industry. Social media provide the new target market through its range which Hyatt is using by increasing the social media marketing in business.

2.2 Brand Management

Brand management as the company is growing over the years and it is crucial for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts to accept the change in management so that they can develop a better impact on the business (So and, 2018). They are working on the brand management to create impact on the profitability and productivity in services. Hyatt hotels are working in development of brand awareness and also in increasing of brand value for the business so that they can develop a better market and make a good reputation. Brand management is crucial as this help in increase of business and better results in market. There are a numerous number of competitions in market. When the business works on there brand management and make strategies to develop business it helps them in better results as well as in competitive advantage in market.

Working in such competitive market it is essential for the brand Hyatt to change there working by implementing new services for example providing better safety and security to customers, helping them with tour guides from hotel side etc. Hyatt hotels works in development of management of brand so that they can impact more into the audience through there awareness of product and services which can further help them in increase of profitability and productivity in business which they aim for.

2.3 Communication and Brand awareness

Communication includes the ways in which Hyatt Hotels makes awareness in market through including advertisement and promotion in business strategies (Lee, Hur and Watkins, 2018). It is crucial for the Hyatt Hotels to make sure that they are offering the best quality services in hospitality industry. They need to make people aware or need to communicate to audience that they get to know about the product and services of Hyatt which they are offering. Communication is one of the major factors and Hyatt Hotels continuously work on strategies to communicate with people or audience through there advertisement, pamphlets and ads or Banners. Brand awareness is crucial and Hyatt understand that as the market is very competitive and it is important for them to develop awareness to people so that they can attract them before their competitors. Communicating about their payment’s methods and security technologies which they are providing in the services to reduce customer time, helping them in generating more customer attraction

Working in more than 50 countries and having 20 brands under there name, it is crucial for them to make people aware so that they get to know about organization services which they are offering, this need to be done through marketing and promotion on global level to increase the awareness about the brand in market.

2.4 Repositioning the Brand

Repositioning the brand refer to the process of finding new audience in market to be target. This is important for the business when they include new segments in their product and services for which they need to develop new target customers (Tabataba'i-Nasab Nasab and, 2018). Hyatt have launched their new segment of luxury stays for premium customers, for that they are targeting new customer in market who will ready for their premium services. Hyatt is repositioning the brand by its new payment and security standards of the company. This is making an impact on the customer as premium customer look for safety and security and Hyatt Hotels are offering them with all the necessary services. Repositioning also involve people to get aware about the changes in services and product Hyatt is made to increase customer satisfaction for its target segment. The services of getting free taxis and country sites with tour guides from the hotel chain to increase satisfaction of customers. This is also helping in the development of company brand reputation in market as Hyatt is promoting there new services in market through social media platforms and websites or digital platform in educating people about there services.

3 Recommendations for the Practices

3.1 Ethical behaviour in business

To recommend it is important for the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts to provide the best of services to their target market. They are working in the hospitality services which works on the aim to provide the customer satisfaction. Working in hospitality sector need to be humble and educated, this includes proper professional working at workplace and also making all the employee working under the organization gets proper training and development. Hyatt Corporation works in development of culture and behaviour at the workplace to increase the quality services for there customer. The gesture and the way of tones need to be developed because they are charging on huge amount to customers and it is important for them to develop the services and be humble for their mistakes.

3.2 Increase in Safety and Security

This is one of the crucial factors when the company is claiming for there safety and security. Hyatt need to provide the best of the services in the workplace through there security and safety for there customer. Working on the development of there CSR projects and also including new technologies is must. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts need to work on continuously to develop their security and making it easier for their audience by their services. They also need to promote their services which they are claiming in market so that they get better audience from market and reach there objective and goals.

3.3 Brand management internal and external

To recommend it is crucial for the Hyatt to develop strategical changes in their management to increase the working of their business. They need to change strategies as well as the working of management to attract more of the customer, and provide the information to the customer through different platform for example promotion, social media marketing etc. It is crucial for them as they are creating repositioning to increase working. They need to develop brand awareness and creating a better value of brand in market which can help them in getting better result in business and also provide them with better growth in business.

 The internal and external brand management refer to the growth and change in process of working of company towards the audience point of view. Brand management help them in increase of audience and customer which further help them in developed work and better result to get growing in business. Working on the growth it is essential for the Hyatt as they are developing into the luxury and other services of hospitality industry; they need to work on the communicating about the services and utilising of technologies to develop business more far in the market.

3.4. Increase in communication

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is working continuously in increasing the communication with audience through different sources including the social media and other platform. This is helping them in developed result as their audience are getting the information about what the company is offering in market for their audience. Hyatt is offering luxury product and services which are different from mass market and they are communicating this fact that they want to develop a promotions and marketing where their segmented market gets all the information and increase communication to develop process of brand knowledge. It is essential for the business to increase the communication so that they can make them aware about what they are selling. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is working on communicating to people with different change method through using technologies and platform to make the audience aware about their product and services (Mohammad Shafiee, Rahmatabadi and Soleymanzadeh, 2019).


From the above report it can be concluded that working on the brand management it is essential for the Hyatt Hotels and Resort to work on awareness and also to develop communication to increase market awareness. The reputation of the brand works on how they are treating the customers and how much they are focused in developing more of the audience in market to be covered. They should always focus in developing strategies to work for the business and maintain the awareness of the organization in getting a better knowledge of product and services Hyatt are offering. Further the report concluded that there are different ways in which the reputation of the brand can be changed through the strategies used by organization in increase of brand value. They need to develop and advertise the changes they implementing in business and the services they have bring to offer some different from market to their audience.


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