BMIH4005 Marketing Essentials Assignment Sample

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Marketing Essentials BMIH4005 Assignment 

Introduction– 100 words

The embodiment of a contemporary country edifice hotel with a whiff of bling. With its personal hot tub and sauna, Michelin-starred bistro, and comprehensive faculty, the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House is an excellent location to relinquish. It has got a beautiful location as well. On the eastern horizon of the well-known national park, on the route to Windermere, it has got not just the typical Lake District hills and lake sceneries but is handily convenient to both the M6 and Oxenholm depots which will hardly take 15 to 0 minutes (Prina, 2021).

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The objective of this marketing plan is to assure that marketing actions are pertinent and instantaneous to accomplish organizational objectives. This is a plan to interpret a sustainable active standpoint and interpret the resources required to attain it. After the pandemic, the hotel business has faced severe losses. So, to recoup the previous position in the market and also to attract new customers this market plan has been made (Karnes, 2021).

1. Marketing Mix – 200 words

Product – Gilpin Hotel & Lake House is a luxurious hotel under the Relais and Chateaux group of hotels located in Windermere, UK. They are luxurious stay for vacation with hot tubs, sauna, and steam rooms. It is presented in the wonderful surroundings Lake District (Hose, 2021).

Price - As of now, Gilpin Hotel & Lake House is charging around $200. They give special discounts if the customer books it from a prior stage with the deposit money. Customers can take it from many websites and also from the official website of the hotel (Bishop, 2021).

Place – Customers can directly contact through the hotel website which will be easier for them to book their vacation here.

Promotion – The advertisement of Gilpin Hotel & lake house can be found easily on social marketing websites. Also, many influencers do their promotional service in this hotel so this hotel always stays in demand among the visitors. Furthermore, the digital marketing and social websites for this hotel are very active. Customers get daily updates about any changes regarding this hotel (Darby, 2020).

2. The Marketing Environment (Micro-SWOT)

Gilpin Hotel and Lake House which is a hotel of Relais and Chateaux chain, hailed by visitors as the best hotel convoy on the planet, is a one of a type assortment that exemplifies a gorgeous edition of indulgence and luxury. Since it is a prominent hotel business, a SWOT examination is a must to comprehend and improve how they should conduct in the market.

Strength - The strength of the Gilpin hotel and lake house is that it is situated in an exotic location and it provides a huge luxury. It provides outstanding services to make its customers happy. Also, an additional feature is that they allow pets in their hotels. They give free services to their customers which can bring new clients to them (Manetsch, 2021).

Weakness - The budget of these hotel rooms might seem higher to the clients so as for this situation they can bring down their rates so that it can attract customers.

Opportunities - Gilpin Hotel and Lake House should develop more travel categories to flee from city life. It should provide opportunities for events like weddings, awarding conferences. Also, they can give special discounts which also attract customers.

Threats - Right after this pandemic situation it has become difficult for them to attract customers. Also competing with international names with a long record and a foothold in the luxury sector is another threat to them (Finch and Woudstra, 2020).

3. The Marketing environment (Macro) PESTEL

Political Factors - The administration has a strong regiment in the hospitality industry in the UK so that can be a matter of concern. For instance, if the ruling party started a voyage ban, it could instantly hurt the tourism and hospitality businesses as well as the Gilpin Hotel. With barely one judgment, Gilpin Hotel and Lake House can forfeit the vast preponderance of its economy and customer market.

Economic Factors - Hotel chains improve earnings and revenue by developing global hotels and resorts, such as how Relais and Chateaux chains are amassed Worldwide. Gilpin Hotels should also the assistance it delivers to guests established on the locale of the hotel. Visitors will cherish those offers tailored to them that will motivate them to arrive back in the prospect (Gilpin, 2020).

Sociocultural factors - During the peak time the hotel tend to hike up their prices which brings adverse effect on their market and customers.

Technological factors - Earlier people use to book this hotel from many other websites which used to add additional charges but now they have come up with their website and people can now book their rooms directly from that website so it has added convenience to them.

Legal factors - Gilpin Hotel and Lake House must introduce innkeeper laws which are like the compensation hotel will pay if customers' things get stolen. They must also implement truth-in the menu laws which is like giving an appropriate list of ingredients they are making food with.

Environmental Factors - Hotel must be sanitized properly and also they should start a sanitization system for their guests as this will create a good impression in the hearts of customers (Smout, 2019).

4. Creating Customer Value & Engagement

Ascertaining customer value understanding like how the customer interacts and employs the brand can fiddle a large function in a successful and successful marketing strategy. If done right, Gilpin Hotel and Lake House will be able to utilize customer concentration to distinguish themselves from the competition and create lasting, enthusiastic connections. The objective of this customer engagement is to enhance the connection between the hotel and probable guests and visitors, swiveling business transactions into long-term connections. They should use influencer marketing to promote their hotel. The hotel executives must take reviews from their customers so that they can bring improvement if required. They should also start considering last-minute brokers. This will create a huge name in the market (Thomas, 2019).

5.  Effective Use of Digital Marketing

Hotel digital marketing implies constructing and retaining the hotel's online existence. Using this for Gilpin Hotel and Lake House will encompass social media plates advertisements like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as through Google and different search engines. Therefore, the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House should ratify the knowledge that hotel digital marketing can give rise to further bookings, nicer perception, and of course, a comfortable, stable, and permanent market name (Brown, 2019). Seeming on social media outlets like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook is nothing fresh these days. Nonetheless, putting up with the advantage of this and understanding its full capability is what we require in this hotel's digital marketing technique. Second, taking off live on these outlets is a beneficial path to boost follower concentration and engagement. In this way, people will get to know more about the offers and the extraordinary facilities provided by the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House (Cowell, 2019).


Making a marketing plan for any hotel is a significant business process that propels development and ascertains a business purpose for any hotel chain organization. With numerous senior marketers nonetheless missing out on board-level chairs, if the hotel industry doesn't give rise to the significance of marketing evident, it stakes being seen as an expense center and will miss out on prospective assistance (Achinas et al., 2019). Knowing customer behavior is an extremely much difficult job and customer behavior keeps on changing. So, keeping pace with it is a little bit difficult.

For that, we can continuously keep serving customers reviews and keep on improving the facilities provided by the hotel so that customers get attracted to it and they always come back for future businesses (Phibbs, 2017).


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