Business Cultural And Change In Context Assignment Sample

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Business Culture And Change In Context

Introduction of Business Culture And Change In Context Assignment Sample

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  • Task One Slide Deck for Team Day
  • This study is focused on evaluating social, environmental and technological factors related to Thirdway Group which impact the business activities.
  • Thirdway Group is an interior designing organization and it includes creative strategies to design interiors with updated technologies.

This study reflects the goals of Thirdway Group and its importance in the current market scenario with a clear discussion about its product and targeted consumer. Discussing the availability of technology to improve the working practice of Thirdway Group will be discussed in this task.

1.1 Social Environmental and Technological analysis




· The unemployment rate of the UK is expected to be the unemployment rate of the UK is expected to be 3.8% in 2022 (, 2022).

· UK have 99% literacy rate in the year 2021

· Thirdway Group is a creative design company and it makes unique interior having a strong sense and image of social responsibility.

Due to high unemployment rate the officials of Thirdway Group can attract the skilled and talented employees. High literacy rate is helpful for the marketing department of thus company to educate customers with uniqueness of their services. Purchasing power of consumers is so high in the UK that they always focus on designing their interiors with different creativity. This factor has created a lot of opportunities for the company to establish their business in the current market scenario. Preference of customers to get services of this company enhanced for its societal concerns (Burk, 2019).


· More than 19500 new technology businesses are opening every hour in UK that has made effective technologically advanced environment (, 2022).

· Advanced technologies such as VR and 3D printing are used in Thirdway Group (Li et al. 2021).

The production process of the company has been developed in new software in order to shape their business. Thirdway Group has different types of new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), 3D printing, Point clouds, and Augmented Reality (AR (, 2022). Use of these technologies are effective to gain a competitive position in the UK market.


· Environment of UK is clean because business organizations are conscious about environmental impact such as most of the organizations are using virgin plastic in order to save environment (Wren, 2022).

· Different business organizations prefer to redesign their infrastructure after pandemic situations to deal with safety measures which have created a lot of opportunities for the development of this business.

Being environmentally concerned is an advantage for this organization to attract the potential investors. The company uses the tagline "the office is not a date it's just different" to promote its brand. As per Mansaray (2019), embodied energy and recycling potential are the two important factors that improves brand image of most of the interior companies.

Table 1: Social, technological, and environmental factor analysis

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

1.2 Organisations business goal and its importance to archive

  • First Goal of Thirdway Group is to generate more than 50 million GBP of gross profit in the year 2022-2023 (, 2022).
  • Second goal of Thirdway Group is to create a disciplined strategy to deliver end to end solutions to the individuals and corporate bodies in designing their infrastructure globally.

Planning to achieve high amount of revenue is required for further investment and become a listed company in FTSE. Strategic plan will attract a lot of potential investors and contribute business expansion for sustainable growth. Planning of the second goal is important to develop effective global supply chain and infrastructure to meet international clients. The second goal will efficiently manage diverse workplace by strategic end to end solutions.

  • Thirdway Group has taken technologically advanced devices to design interiors planning and provide a preview to the potential consumer before starting work.
  • Efficient workplace management practices and plannings are seen in Thirdway Group and it always focuses on recruiting young and creative people which has increased accessibility in this interior designing industry.

Thirdway Group is a UK based design office and includes a business plan about interior transformation and making the best solution for the customer orienting business area (, 2022). Working place maintenance of some consultancy require effective planning in Thirdway Group (Hanelt et al. 2021).

1.3 Evaluation of Product, Service and Main consumers

Market segmentation

  • Target consumer of the company is currently based in London, United Kingdom and its vision is to expand its interior designing business globally.
  • Targeted age group is between 25 to 50 years old who are established and like to invest in interior design infrastructure.

Basic income level of the segmented consumer is approximately 20000 pounds to 100000 pounds (, 2022). Business entities are also the targeted consumer for this company because they are also highly influenced to redesign their interior to create a healthy environment. People of the new generation are highly influenced to include futuristic technology in their homes. Targeted consumers of the company are who use artificial intelligence systems in daily life.

Product and service

  • Thirdway Group is a small enterprise that launches its designing career-related responsibilities towards the customer-focused business approach (, 2022).
  • High quality interior designing is the main product of Thirdway Group that looks for the latest experience and innovative designing toolkit to enhance their marketing approach in the global scenario.

Thirdway Group specifically includes the online platform-based video conferencing and cloud storage related working collaboration toolkit for business. As demonstrated by Liao and Teo (2018), the working collaboration is now specifically maintained by the online platform and they include some social platforms for maintaining some creative advertisements for engaging customers. As stated by Pianesi (2019), they also need an improvised and continuously improved business structure with feedback policy maintenance.

1.4 Available technologies to Improve working practices

  • Innovative and upgraded technologies are implemented to improvise building quality and office faces is the main aim of Thirdway Group (, 2022).
  • Through this customer-focused area, the 3D printing and architecture related some important technologies help to include a great capability for enhancing their business area.

As cited by Bista et al. (2018), “Computer-aided design (CAD) programs” help to build up a great design and digital output on the building and spaces that helps to glorify the architecture factor in a skill proven way.

  • Customer-oriented business services and a positive attitude toward the employee's behaviour are interconnected through advanced technologies that are most important requirement for small business areas.
  • As cited by Galli (2018), Thirdway Group takes an important look at the target customers' requirements on interior design and architect based needs for responses to their needs.

These technologies make an approachable value-added business policy with technological improvement on their business goal.


  • After analyzing this task it has found different factors that affect Thirdway Group as well as a comparative analysis of the targeted consumer and available products and services.
  • Requirement for advanced technology and its implementation to enhance business performance has been identified in this study.

It can be said Thirdway Group has a lot of opportunities in the upcoming period in order to increase demand for interior designing companies in order to create a healthy and futuristic indoor environment.

  • Task Two Guidance Leaflet

1. Evaluation of organisational culture and behaviour of employees

2.1 Workplace culture and importance of fostering an effective workplace culture

2.1.1 Meaning of workplace culture

Workplace culture is a systematic way to execute allocated job of an organization and maintain a healthy relationship with employees to achieve a predetermined goal. Working culture maintenance and effective strategic business interaction always helps to engage the employees in a motivating way (Men et al. 2020). Subsequently, it also makes an important impact and business productivity related driven forces for the ward force engagement in a high-level scenario. Thirdway Group is specifically involved inappropriate business transparency to build a strong connection between the employees and customers for maintaining a meaningful and scheduled business relationship (, 2022). Professional working maintenance and fostering development in the business area always help to improvise the positive approaches in the organization setting and improve the workplace culture.

2.1.2 Importance of fostering an effective workplace culture

Business-related change models always help to re-identify the potential area of the business design and help to implement some change processes to enhance the communication strategy. As per Vos and Rupert (2018), the development of skills and encouraging business opportunities with meaningful and positive facts always helps to include the competitive age of the operation and business area. As recommended by Andriukaitiene et al. (2018), Thirdway Group day by day includes technology based on some essential business planning tool that is an important part of change management factor and also enhances the effectiveness and advantages of leadership quality. Customer satisfaction based working approaches always help to make an important step in the business scenario and help to engage a lot of creative approaches in business situations.

2.2 Organisational system, Culture and structure and its inter-relation

2.2.1 Interrelation of structure, systems and culture of an organisation

The whole system of the organization is directly interrelated with the company's system, structure and operation culture. The company uses a hybrid structure of work and considers a digital technology system in order to execute daily activities. As opined by et al. (2018), employees of the company are managed according to their moral values and cultural ethics. Structure and operating system of a company are directly related to the culture of an organization because it is included in the daily practice of the employees. Creating an efficient cultural environment through recognised structure helps to manage the workplace efficiently. People coming from different regions in the workplace that collaborate with their moral values is difficult, however, a systematic practice and structure help to maintain their cultural values as well as guide team members in overcoming unnecessary obstacles. In this way, it can be said that developing the cultural environment through change management is required in order to increase the efficiency of the employees.

2.2.2 Impact of good people practice and bad people on organisation

Good people practice

It is assumed that an employer has some concerns with his employee’s performance however the employee includes more than 2 years of experience and never faced any concerns in his service. In this context, good people practice helps to implement a systematic appraisal to review the behaviour of the employee irregularly to ensure employees' concerns. In this way, human resource management takes initiative through good people practice to ensure success of the business.

Bad people practice

Employees do not get any access to personal data as well a lack of clarity in the job has been seen in bad people practice. Bad people's practice impacts the performance lobby by rusting talent and returning inefficient performers to a company. Bad people's practices impact the company's reputation and reduce sustainability. Internal and external stakeholders of an organization face poor practice simulation that affects overall performance.

2.3 Strategies to develop the skill and capability of employees to reduce skill gap

Collection of feedback from lower-level employee and efficiency analysis of their response is going to identify skill gaps of employees. This approach will provide a clear understanding about psychological perspective of organisations’ employees and providing required training to the employees of the organization. As cited by Freeman et al. (2021), consideration of Resource based theory helps to develop understanding about effective utilisation of human resources in operational activities. Resource based theory is most effective to lean about employees behaviour and develop strategies to achieve predetermined goal. As cited by Cameron and Green (2019), training programs motivate employees in their work and collaborate with drivers' work culture efficiently. Developing leadership quality helps to resolve uncertainty. An effective leader always finds the capabilities and strengths of an employee and interprets different strategies to ensure organizational success. As cited by Ali et al. (2022), AMO theory is used to identify ability of employees and motivate them to organise their skills and capabilities in situational context. In the initial stage AMO theory evaluate ability of employees and collection of feedback and efficiency analysis will guide to identify ability in an efficient way. Through asking employees for self-assessment, providing feedback to teams, putting employees in real situations, and asking employees to show client feedback the skills and knowledge of employees developed in Thirdway Group. Applying AMO theory and Resource based theory is going to help the managerial staff of Thirdway group to lean about skill gaps and capabilities of employees. 

2. Impact of change and how organisational change can be effectively managed

3.1 Reason behind the importance of planning and managing change in workplace

Important incorporation in what places help to ensure the change Management related some responsibility enhancement that specifically makes up an effective and valuable process on the business growth. As stated by Pianesi (2019), the workplace change management factor also makes adoption of the current trending factor about the operation and market area and it also makes a commitment towards the employees to specifically, enhance the effective working scenario in the business area. Thirdway Group specifically includes the communication and business scope related to some important resource-based change models that make an important and effective pathway in the business area to maximize the business scope. According to Harden et al. (2020), however, to move forward on the international business scope and include some learning outcomes to make an open and effective change model.

Likewise, it helps to make a beneficial and effective sustainable business area for enhancing the organization and changes and make a significant strategic approach for typically enhancing the business area in an approachable way. As demonstrated by Liao and Ai Lin Teo (2018), however, encouraging innovative factors about the business promotion and skill management to make a specific opportunity in organization and scenario is greatly interconnected and included in this case. Reduced cost in the business area always improves profitability and decreases risk with effective change models that need a smart move about the operation of the market area. As per Mansaray (2019), capability and ever-changing internal management with external environmental effect are always making guidelines and structures capability to process the business structure with effective change model and help to implement some appropriate conditions on the business area.

3.2 importance and role that people professionals play within change

Record Keeper

Role of a record keeper is to manage all records related to operational activities in an orderly manner. This management practise helps to provide a critical understanding of the business performance and make workplace management decisions accordingly.


Role of the gatekeeper is to monitor the entry and exit of employees in the workplace and prevent unwanted traffic within the company. In this way, gatekeeper helps to remove unnecessary bothersome visitors that will help in achieving and this practice is an effective change to maintain the workplace effectively.

Thirdway Group specifically includes the specific business agenda like record keeper and Gatekeeper professional change agenda related facilities. Moral factors about the change model not only improve the personnel characteristics of the worker it also includes the communications and effective employee relations with the customers to greatly establish a connection between them to provide a world-class facility for their target customer. As viewed by Burk (2019), an appropriate plan to create an employee transition team with a recruitment process helps to design an effective change business model. In this way, minimizing the rich factor on the new business entrance and maximising creative development of the operational market scenario. Designing the sustainable business area and Technology's importance is always to make appropriate project plans that integrate some big picture in the small business scenario to effectively take a step in the international business area. As recommended by Andriukaitiene et al. (2018), change management is important for business growth and it evaluates the person to parcel unique approaches and also adopt some new circumstances on the business adventures and promotional activity.

3.3 Impact of change in different ways

Change role or status of employees in the workplace can impact different ways to human resources and they are going to face complexity to adopt new working environment. Change in financial situation of employees such as decreasing salary according to new structure and increase salary one group of workers to prioritize their activities may create conflicts in workplace. Chang in working environment can lead job loss of old employees because they are not capable to adopt technologically advanced infrastructure. Up-gradation and re-gradation of different employee’s department is a normal thing of change management approach however it may increase employee’s engagement on upgraded section and reduce employee retention rate in regarded section. A lot of change in workplace may cause face loos of organisational employees and affect their self-esteem. Changes in welfare with employees have a direct impact on their motivation and working efficiency. Lack of motivation in the workplace of Thirdway Group can increase employee turnover rate. Change in external perception about the company can also impact the intention of people to retain in a firm for long-term growth. On the other hand, there is a lot of complexity in understanding the sustainable strategy of the company and dealing with the changing environment that increases fear among employees. As cited by Cameron and Green (2019), important decision making about the economic background of any business area is one of the most important and critical scenarios that need an effective solution to address the change process. Change management requires a large amount of investment that may create complexity in maintaining the financial health of the organization that generally increase concerns of employees. Managing financial resources is becoming difficult in the current situation because of increasing uncertainty and currency crises in the global marketplace. Financial status may affect performance of the people in their salary infrastructure as well as daily activity management procedure which can increase anger of employees. As stated by Pianesi (2019), consequently, employment and a wider discussion about communication skills also need to be maintained in this business scenario to ensure the organization's development with a re-approachable business design. Thirdway Group is a creative and innovative business area that specifically includes some technology-related and virtual platform-based business areas (, 2022). Alongside, day by day it includes some innovative and creative management to enhance the change process with the financial resource development that increase resentment among people. Working collaboration not only makes effective management in the business area but also helps to maintain the supply chain activity in a strategic way.



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