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Introduction of Business Environment Assignment

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There might be little uncertainty that those exercises which add to the effective presentation and double-dealing of new superior cycles, as well as items, are very significant for the cutthroat presentation. A few organizations have recognized that there is augmented organizational standing to be acquired utilizing perceiving that private enterprise will be best when it focuses on its clients, its manufacturers, the ecology, and the networks where it works. In that case, innovation plays a very important role in developing the business furthermore. Business innovation can be defined as the technique of creating anything fresh or enhanced that superior dished up a business. This might comprises fresh items or amenities.

So, it can be clear from the above discussion that one of the main notions behind conducting this study is to show how innovation and business norms are work as a prime source of cutthroat benefit as well as a main notion in business exercises. The company which has been selected to further do the research is Burberry Group Plc. There will be two important segments of the study which are assessing the effect of innovation on the selected company in addition to assessing the impact of business norms and CSR on Burberry.

Brief about the company

Burberry is identified to be as a British extravagance style firm whose main office is located in London. The company at present creates as well as allocates designs and ready to drape cloths which include trench jackets, leather amenities, shoes, style accessories, sunglasses, perfumes, and well make-up items. The company was founded in the year 1856 by Thomas Burberry, whose main focus was on the expansion of outdoor dresses. The initial London store was started in the Haymarket in the year 1891. In the year 201 Burberry was stopped at number 73 in Interbrain’s Best Global Brands report, together with Louis Vuitton and Prada. The main purpose of the purpose is innovation and open spaces. The focal point of the company is to reveal the strength of innovation to take the risk and create fresh opportunities for their clients and societies as well. Over the most recent three years, Burberry has changed their business and created a fresh Burberry, moored solidly in extravagance. They have rejuvenated their image picture, restored their item deal, and raised their client experience while gaining further headway on our aggressive social and ecological plan. Notwithstanding COVID-19, Burberry finished their targets for the period and conveyed a solid arrangement of results in FY 2020/21 (, 2022).

The impact of innovation on modern Burberry Group PLC

As discussed earlier in the above section that innovation plays a major role in the expansion and success of Burberry. This is the main conviction that has shown the path to Burberry since the time it was established. From furnishing polar travelers to upgrading the shopping experience employing Augmented Reality (AR), Burberry's motivation supports the decisions they create at Burberry and illuminates our drawn-out objectives. Now keeping the mind the innovation which Burberry has created using the digital and technology Augmented Reality can be defined as a developed form of the actual physical globe which is attained employing the deployment of technology like visual sounds, sensory stimuli which are supplied by using IT. It is one of the fast-developing trends amongst the firms entailed in cellular phone computing as well as business intervention in precise (Almenara, 2016).

Burberry introduced an Augmented Reality marketing device employing Google Search innovation. The AR device permits purchasers to encounter Burberry items installed in the climate around them, upgrading their examination and marketing experience on the web (Burberry, 2022).

Organizations can make AR preparing once and give it to the whole labor force. The concept of Augmented Reality might furnish workers with client care difficulties and potentially open doors continuously, diminishing shocks, and adding more opportunity for client assistance subtleties that improve the business as compared to the rivals. Augmented reality assists organizations with expanding brand mindfulness, constructing a reliable client base, and associating with their crowd by shutting the limitations among innovation as well as an actuality (DIT, 2022).

The introduction of Augmented Reality has helped Burberry a lot in different ways. The major impacts that the introduction of Augmented Reality has given over Burberry are discussed in the table below.

Helps in creating utmost client experience

Helps in eliminating cognitive pressure

Increase user engagement

Rivalry differentiation

The greatest effect of Augmented Reality within Burberry is that it makes of kind computerized encounters that mix the best of the advanced and physical planet. Additionally, it needn't bother with any unique equipment or programming to enjoy the experience.

Augmented reality presents data in flawlessly summed up computerized pieces. It saves the client from being required to process a lot of data to come to an end result. Be it to recognize a part by size or to see the fame of a café with a star rating, AR can assist clients with taking fast choices without mental over-burden.

In 2021 and then some, assuming there is one need that positions top on the plan of most business pioneers, it is further developing client commitment in Burberry. Client commitment resembles the doorway to a few different advantages for Burberry. From more spending to mark devotion, it can yield incalculable increases for a developing as well as a laid-out business.

Within a business sector where all contenders are producing homogenous items at a similar cost band, it is essential for brands to like Burberry to separate them. For such a long time, Burberry has utilized customary promoting channels and the imaginative potential outcomes inside them to separate themselves. The introduction with Augmented Reality will assist Burberry with going out further with imaginative missions that will situate them distinctively in a crowded business sector.

With just a click on the Google, lens client can get what fashions accessories they need which is hustle free.

With the help of AR clients of Burberry can do shopping with any sorts of pressure.

Readable item names, intelligent advertisements, inventories, store signage - there are incalculable ways the way in which AR has impacted Burberry in increasing client commitment.

Augmented reality also provides impact over counting the exact number of rivalry using the same process and also helps Burberry in creating their client base.

So, it can be discussed from the above discussion that the introduction of innovation has impacted the Burberry in a lot starting from increasing the client based to set apart from its competitor. Also they identified that to persist in the core cutthroat segment of high end fashion; other competitors characteristically compete by on-going reinventing their trends as well as discounts. Overall it can be said that with the introduction of innovation Burberry has achieved a point where it can not only provide the best fashion to its clients but also created a marked position in the entire world.

Impact of Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Burberry Group Plc

Business ethics is highly essential for any business to offer acceptable behaviours by every staff and to promote integrity for unitedly working in the organisation. Business ethics also offers a high brand image and recognition among the customers resulting in the businesses' increased sales and success (Byars and Stanberry, 2018). For this reason, Burberry has developed an Ethical Code of Conduct for the efficient working and success of the brand. This code of conduct promotes the responsible and fair practice of employment with united performance towards the organisational objectives. It also promotes a healthy and safe working area to its workers offering their job satisfaction and scopes of achievements (Burberry, 2022). However, Burberry performs audits to measure the company’s performance on the business ethics and this offers them the opportunity to enhance their management and marketing for success. Burberry also does several activities as a part of their business ethics, taken as their responsibility for the welfare of the different factors of its surroundings.

The actions carried out by a company as their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) indicates the policies of the organisations that offer an ethical work environment to the business by their employee-friendly, society-friendly and environment-friendly approaches or practices. The performance of the companies’ Corporate Social Responsibilities plays the role of word of mouth making a positive impression of the companies that results in raised brand image and brand recognition in the marketplace. As a whole, the activities of Corporate Social Responsibilities improves the sustainability rate of the businesses by ensuring their increased success rates (Manuel and Herron, 2020). Burberry Group Plc is a well-known fast-fashion luxurious brand that carries out numerous CSR activities that eventually improves the company’s rate of sustainability in the market of the UK. To clearly understand the impact of an organisation’s CSR activity on its business, their activities need to be studied in detail. According to Thacker (2019), Archie Caroll introduced a 4-level pyramid of CSR actions for the companies. That is why the CSR activities of Burberry Group Plc are stated in detail below in relation to the four elements of Caroll's Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR activities for Environment:

Burberry Group Plc is the first luxury brand to adopt the concept of environmental sustainability in its organisational approaches and practices. According to Burberry (2021), the company has taken the pledge to increase its status as ‘Climate Positive’ by the end of the year 2040. Moreover, it has targeted to achieve Net-Zero by 2040 to make a positive impact on the climate change of the Earth. These strategies of climate-positive and net-zero can be achieved by the company by reducing their emission of carbon footprints. So, Burberry has targeted to reduce its emission of carbon footprints up to 46% from its management of supply-chains before 2030, by efficiently developing different projects on this. All these activities are the organisation's approach to offer a better environment with a balanced ecosystem to future generations. The reduction in the emission of carbon will appropriately ensure the company’s positive step towards restoring natural resources and the environment. Additionally, the company obtains 93% of its electricity from renewable sources and has targeted to obtain 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2022. These actions towards the environment can be said to be the ethical responsibilities of Burberry which they perform with high morale and enthusiasm.

CSR activities for employees and workplace:

The company, Burberry Group Plc, has incorporated several legal policies in its workplace for providing a positive cultural and healthier workplace environment to its employees. As the organisation obeys the business ethics and operates its business accordingly. The company does allow corruption and bribery among its staff and suppliers. As per Burberry (2022), preventive measures are implemented in the business to overcome any connection of corruption or bribery with the company’s employees. Besides these, Burberry believes in inclusive workplace culture as it brings out the creativity of every employee efficiently. That is why the organisation is trying to mitigate the gender pay gap in its organisations as much as it is possible and also published a report on that to provide clarity in this approach of the company (Burberry, 2022).

Another important policy of Burberry adopted for the welfare of its employees is the worker’s rights. The company positively promotes this right in its work to uphold the employees' job satisfaction by offering them equal opportunities in the process of recruitment and getting remunerations (Burberry, 2022). It also prevents its employees from getting exploited in their workplaces. These activities can be termed as the legal responsibilities that are carried out by the brand effectively to offer a lawful workplace to its employees that enhance their mental satisfaction and performance.

Gender Pay report of Burberry

(Source: Burberry, 2020)

CSR activities for society:

From the very beginning days, the company, Burberry has indulged in several CSR activities for the welfare of the community as its founder Thomas Burberry believed in serving people. Since 2010, the company has donated 1% of its annual profit to charitable organisations every year. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the distress of people led the company to donate 1.13% of its profit for charitable causes in the year 2020-2021. In the same years, Burberry Plc had donated nearly 14,000 clothes from its business to charitable organisations. These actions of donating before and during this pandemic period have positively impacted approximately 1 million people till 2022 (Burberry, 2022).

Apart from these, Burberry has introduced an emergency relief campaign, named the Burberry Foundation, in 2020’s April, as a helping hand to the Covid-19 front liners. By this approach, the company offered immense support to the various global communities that were in need of support. The brand has also launched facial masks and donated thousands to their Covid community camps. These are the philanthropic responsibilities of Burberry as they forward their helping hand for the community and hence the quality of life of people of the society enhances. 

Thus, this discussion on the high moral of business ethics in the company, Burberry Group Plc, and the lots of CSR activities indicates how much the company makes a positive impact on the community, environment and also upon its employees. All the CSR actions of this company get added its economic responsibilities as the result of all these performances adds increased value, recognition and above-all sales of the company, leading to the increased economic status of Burberry Plc.


Burberry is a well-structured company offering various luxurious fashion products in the UK as well as in the global marketplace. Being a modern brand of trendy fashion clothing and other goods, Burberry has now adopted the technology of augmented reality to create a positive brand image in the industry. This technology act as a competitive advantage for the business along with increasing its brand awareness and sales among the potential new customers and existing customers.

Alongside this innovative approach of modern business, business ethics and the activities related to corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are also of much importance. The acceptance of the Code of Conduct in the workplace of Burberry Plc offers a positive culture and healthier workplace environment to all staff. Business ethics make the organisations act more responsibly towards their employees, community and environment. Burberry has perfectly adopted business ethics and CSR which allows the company to enjoy increased production and sales of the brand. Moreover, the different CSR activities carried out by the company provides it with the scope to increase its brand image and brand awareness to a great extent even at this global Covid-19 pandemic period. Thus, the business innovations and the presence of ethics in the business are highly relevant for Burberry Plc for increasing its success rate.


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