Business Game at BSG Company Assignment Sample

Strategies to Elevate BSG's Market Position & Footwear Production

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Introduction to BSG: Leading the Global Athlete Footwear Industry

The company BSG is the world’s leading footwear-making company that produces athlete footwear across the globe. It effectively involves in vast shipping of footwear across the globe. It indulges in accessing relevant shipping around the world. It manages the decision entities to engage in the production line of new distribution across many countries. It usually focuses on emerging trends that help to maintain the following chain management and enhance the material supply. The current mission of BSG Company is to focus on designing a new stylish athlete footwear facility for customers. The company's main vision is to emerge as the strong component and strive to create new ways to increase the number of product lines. The emerging company is now efficiently focusing on the distribution channels to upgrade the manufacturing process. The stronger value of image creation is important to enhance the brand image and increase the customers' reputation. Currently, it is required to develop long-term goals to increase the business strategies. The mission is to focus on integrating the online sales market to target the audience. Consistent effort is being managed to improve the merchandise and product promotion. This emphasizes the production that ensures to increase in the production of high-technology products to improve the production level.

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The core ethical consideration of BSG is to ensure the productivity level just to maintain the customer value and the production of standard high-quality materials and improve the financial condition also. The implementation of best practices by production training workers in the manufacturing process is being ensured to improve productivity rates.

The main expectation of the investors is to ensure the expected market rates in the upcoming year would be increasing by 2 beyond the base. The company's main objective is to ensure standard quality usage of the materials that would help to build revenue margins in the company. 

Discussion of Experiences at BSG 

Reflective Account of the experience on BSG

The experience that I have acquired during the workforce in the BSG has shaped my business sales experience. The most important is the knowledge of effective business has been accounted for by me to examine the turnover sales and the market mix. The most important is the formation of various organizations' current decision-making is most probably being taken by me and the inheritance of the plan structure has helped me to put the business theories into action. It is very vital for me to the right decision in implementing investment strategies correctly to emphasize better production of the business (Bala and Verma, 2018). Identifying the different aspects of the business uncertainties must be approached to ensure better production of the material. The adoption of different strategies by me helps to improve the market dimension that has been reviewed by me. Incorporation of different methods such as the lower cost strategies should be capable to produce good revenue and with these, I should have the capability to increase the competitive advantages by guiding the production of attractive products manufacturing process. This has helped me to take the right decision that would help to increase the production rate.

The experience that I  have also gathered from this BSG Company is how to manifest proper marketing segmentation and the importance of cultural leadership attributes that might help to improve the business propaganda.

The knowledge about the base payment of the workers is also being enforced by me which would help me to supervise the action and make certain decisions regarding the payment of the workers. The pricing strategies are important to bring out the actual value of the products that are most vital to maintain the competitive edge of the business. Business pricing strategies have helped me in investment and also help in making the pricing changes just to ensure the growth of the products. The important factor I very exciting to me is that the work of changing adverts or promotional activities takes time as well but it has helped in making the online promotion of the products quite high and reliable (JAWOREK and KARASZEWSKI, 2020). However, the pricing is quite customizable and can be altered depending on the circumstances. As a result, it is a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy. I have also adopted the importance of the right decision of pricing which is very essential for the business. The most important factor is the notion of competitors' approaches that should be kept in concern to ensure high productivity in the company. The importance of marketing mix is important to ensure the production of the materials that would encourage high sales volume in the company (Babenko and Nehrey, 2021). I have eventually experienced how to solve the complicated issues that are lying with the suppliers concerning the distribution of materials prices. The formation of effective marketing strategies is important to maintain the business's goals and relate to the development of various solutions to improve the business. The reflective portion on the value of corporate objectives is highly adopted by me to ensure the better production of attractive innovative footwear on a large scale.

Key Decision and Rationale Decision and key lesson

The most intrinsic decision that is being undertaken by me is to maintain the corporate responsibility of the company. It is the prime decision to involve the strategies of the business to execute the plan to improve the distribution channels. The most important factor is the production of effective promotional strength to improve the advertisement strategies to enhance the footwear advertising pricing factors that would help the customers to get related in buying the products. I must initiate the strategy to improve the relationship with the stakeholders and with the supplies and distributors. Encouragement and guidance of best practices within the team should be encouraged by me so that it would effectively improve the material supply chain (Gokalgandhi et al. 2020). This would not only solve the issues in the company but also helps to improve the integrity of the business. The most important factor is the improvement of the production system by ensuring the effective utilization of advanced technology.

Key Decision and Rationale Decision in BSG Company

 Figure 1: Key Decision and Rationale Decision in BSG Company

(Source: Self-created in Smart Art)

I have decided to implement the risk practices of procurement level that would help to increase the productivity of the footwear. The most important factor is the inheritance of rational decision-making capability to encourage the production line and increase the speed of the manufacturing process.

The risk assessment is also adopted to ensure a better market mix and this would help in the expansion of the business. Improvement in the procurement process would ensure the expansion into other countries (Santoso et al. 2020). It is the primary requirement for me to ensure the utilization of the models in the business that can help in managing the task and increase the product manufacturing processing of standard materials. I can increase the competitor's sales margin using this model. The use of various materials that help build your brand's equity and give you an online advantage in the market is the most important aspect. In terms of product enhancement, we will focus on developing efficient materials through online shopping, assuming that product prices will entice customers. Most importantly, it is an efficient advertising strategy to increase the brand reputation that recognizes the value of creation and production and promotes the essence and image of the brand S/Q Ratings. The series of financial decisions that assist in managing the company's revenue system are the most significant. Since we want to expand the production line, this is the most important aspect of promoting the new management culture and the company's effective cultural values, which will assist in guiding the business. It is to secure the top quality standard of quality footwear that can help in making the production level high. I must also ensure the usage of reliable and effective equipment to produce the material as I want to improve the production quality of the materials.

The required outcome of the business is it has now relatively benefitted in expanding in other regions to maintain the sustainability of the products (Rahman, 2018). At each facility, the best training programs have resulted in the effective production of footwear by BSG Company. The most important factor is the implementation of new decision-making ability in the respect of the business has increased the annual income by 1 percent more and regarding the productivity of the worker at the North American facility. It has also increased the production of materials cost savings which are considered to be 5 to 10 percent annually.

Company Performance Highlights and Operation

The following table represents the following data sets that represents the competitive record of the “G The Cobbler Company”. The determination of the various factors regarding the company financial performance as per the internet segment and the wholesale segment is discussed with the help of illustrating graphs that represent the retailing price of the business. The concept of various factors regarding the delivery and managing the brand reputation is being accounted with the following year.

 Competitive efforts of Internet Segment

Table 1: Competitive efforts of Internet Segment


The following table represents the company competitive efforts to mention the internet segmentation as per the retailing price and the advertising of the brand. The cost of free shipping has also been described regarding the advertisement strategies (Dolgenko et al. 2021). The S/Q rating is also being determined which shows the competitive efforts on promoting online shopping. The celebrity appeal is the most important factors that helps in promoting the brand image of the products. The market share of the company average share is 8.3 percentage. The industry average value of the brand advertising is estimated to be 23,000. It is being marked that the brand reputation is 74 which is less by -6.8 percentage.

 Competitive efforts of Internet Segment

The company current wholesale segments have been discussed which states that the wholesale price of per pair in $ is about 55.59. The company is expected to deliver the goods within the given set of 2.4 weeks in the year 2016. It helps to define the pair sold which is estimated to be 2,730. The private level segmentation has also been valued which shows the valuation of the demands of then footwear to be approximately 4,392. Then the offered of the products is being determined to be around 5,864. The total sell of the products is determined as per the record of the company to be 4,374. 

The graph helps to plot the following internet segmentation and the wholesale of the market. The first graph helps to show the high end and the low end rating as per the price and S/Q rating against the product line breadth (Bradley, 2020). It shows the plotting of the various factors.

The next graph helps to represent the wholesale segment of North America.

The above table shows the regional average competitive efforts of the company in North America according to the various processing of the year. In the year 2015 the retail price is 83.53. Then the online ordering process of company’s performance in the year 2015 was 669 and then that of the order is increased in the year 2016 by 756. According to the wholesale segmentation support from the retailers have been described which gives the information about the retailing success that is calculated in the year 2016 to be 3.833 comparing to that of the previous year is low. This means that the company must indulge in supporting key bonding with the retailer. The S/Q Rating is less by 5.7 in the year 2016 which is less than year 2015.

The above graph shows the structure of the graphical representation of the internet price of industry average prices and the S/Q Ratings of the company. The graph represents the company’s current position according to the price estimation and the following year validation. The price was $ 80.20 in the year 2010-2016 rating S/Q of 7.5.

The main structure of this graph represents the company’s G’s Market share price according to the year plotting. It shows the various sales and segmentation of the company (Colvin et al. 2020). The main motive of this graph is to define the internet sales which is 10 percent in the year 2016 and the wholesale sales of the products is 10 percent in the year 2016 but in the year 2014 it was low by 5 percentage. The private label sales has minimized in the year 2013 from 5 percent to 0 percent which shows low sales.

Theoretical Framework of BSG organization

The best practice of the theoretical framework helps to derive the adopted concepts about effective marketing values. The most important is the adoption of featured modeling structures helps to align the business with effective values; and approach a new set of paradigms to assure profitable changes in the business (Slaton and Pookulangara, 2022). The broadening of the production line would help to maintain the production line. The implementation of the various framework should be highly incorporated to initialize the awareness of market growth and to elevate the revenue system of the BSG Company. The following porter’s five forces according to the marketing structure are being outlined to establish effective marketing goals and promote the evaluation of the investment strategies.

  • Competitive rivalry with the competitors: the emergence of a new marketing competitive edge in the market has resulted in tough competition. The conflicts that have been emerging have potentially brought havoc to the company. Operations that have been carried out in the regional market about new facilities can be challenging for the business. For this requires effective designing of price and market share strategies to increase the value of sales growth (Lechner et al. 2020). The most effective styling and the effective consumer-based products are being generalized by the competitive company that should be taken into consideration. The presence of increased styling and the sources of distribution channels should be adopted in the business to sell attractive footwear.
  • The bargaining power of the suppliers: The most important bargaining power of the suppliers is determined to be crucial. The adoption of suitable cost of the products is important to maintain the volume of the products (Lindecrantz et al. 2020). The suppliers pose great powers that can ensure high pricing strategies for raw material that is being produced by the suppliers.
  • The bargaining power of the buyer: The ability of customers to negotiate lower prices is one of the five forces that is being determined in this BSG Company. It depends on how many clients a business has, how important each one is, and how much it costs to find new clients. If a supplier has fewer customers than suppliers, it has "purchasing power." Saving money is important for buyers, it can be easily switched to competitors with lower prices. In online retail, purchasing power is important. Analyzing the customers is important along with the competitive supermarket. The buyers are considered to be very powerful and need to be checked.
  • The threat of substitution: Then the next threat is generally from the substitute products that can emerge as the great alternative option (Cassidy, 2018). The ease with which customers can switch between products and services is the subject of this power analysis. It is necessary to cut costs and compare the number of competitors, their prices, and quality to the company under consideration, and their profits (Keshkar et al. 2019). Customer willingness to switch and switching costs have an impact on replacement risk. Other options constitute the final force. In order to secure favorable terms, businesses without equivalent alternatives can raise prices.
  • The Threat of new entrants: The threat of new entrants can result in the effective low down of the value of the products (Kumar, 2019). The capability to ensure an increase in the overall production level of the company helps to maintain the use of new refurbished materials that would help in increasing the product's level. The competitive brand image depends on the financial factors of the brand.

Evaluation of the impact of emerging technology on the future of business

The implementation of a new set of technologies in the business would improve the statistics level of the market. It would help in resulting in an operative excellent performance with the help of machine learning system software (Satornino et al. 2019). BSG Company would include the concept of effective software tools to manage the financial revenue of the company (Dash et al. 2019). This would help in the scaling of the demand of the sales as per the demands or requirements of the customers.

The transformation of the digital Excellency level in the company can highly evolve with new by implementing a new set of goals to boost production. It helps to maintain the resilience in the business that would help to shape the business growth and the vast opportunities of computing would help in maintaining the remote workers (Helmerich et al. 2021). The use of the technology paradigm would ensure new scope to increase the manual process of the supply chain. As a result, it would thus result in correct data processing and exchange rate adjustments. The implementation of the technology would issues or faults in the business of BSG.

Recommendations for future senior manager

The recommendations for future development of the products streamlined would help in the effective enforcement of the brand. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Making effective strategic decisions: The performance of effective marketing strategies helps to improve the business strategies. It is important to manage the marketing facilities. It helps to improve online retailing opportunities (Nguyen, 2021). The adoption of different strategies such as implementing new attractive styles and the implementation of effective incentives payment to the workers would help to increase the effective productivity level.
  • Purchasing of renewed inventories or equipment: The Company BSG must ensure the production of new quality material that would help to impoverish the quality of the products (Obolenska et al. 2019). The development of exciting advanced equipment should be incorporated to increase the production level.

There are three useful operating features on the new equipment that is not available on playback equipment.

1) New equipment increases the S/Q rating of pairs created by 0.5 stars and improves quality control. 2) The faster speed of the new equipment boosts worker productivity by 500 feet per year. 3) The 20% rejection rate of produced pairs is reduced by the new equipment's added quality control features.

  • Increase in brand reputation: The brand reputation must be increased which has lowered down as the celebrity promotion strategy has being influencing on the concerned brand. The company must ensure the strategic formulation of the marketing influence by making brand recognition through celebrity promotion programs. This would help in maintain the reputation of the company. The company must indulge in promoting events of the brand which would certainly boost the brand image that might be useful to enhance the sales growth (Gustafsson et al. 2019). This would help in increasing the sales volume. It is important to enhance the production to initiate the financial growth. That could be approch by engage in valuing the customer’s needs and substantial product’s value.


Digitalization is important to improve the procurement process in the company. It emphasizes the organization's powerful business strategies to improve the procurement process of the business. The construction of new facilities in the business should be welcomed by installing effective footwear to improve the facility and increase the market production rate. The most important is the improvement in the equipment process of BSG companies. The new marketing retailing online should be encouraged to improve the number of sales. The free shipping concept must be ensured by BSG Company to improve the shipping of the company.  The last year's competitive advantage is being noticed that should be altered with effective marketing price. Brand advertising is the key factor that helps in the improvement of the online marketing mix and entails the appealing production of the products. Increasing branded footwear sales help in boosting sales values and improve the market share.

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