Business Intelligence and Information Management at Amazon UK

Exploring the Role of MIS, Analytics, and Cloud Systems in Enhancing Decision Making at UK

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Introduction Of The An Investigation Into The Impact Of Business Intelligence And Information Systems On The Management Of Information And Decision Making

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The management information system is a study that focuses on the people, technology and the organisation and most importantly the core relation between them. In any organisation, it plays a key role in gathering the required information and helps in problem identification through communication that eventually helps in the decision-making process. It positively affects the management and operation process of the workplace. For a company like and in the location of UK this management information system or MIS plays the role of a game changer in the growth of the business. The growing influence of in the market of UK is clearly visible as it is changing the basic behaviour of consumers based on the shopping process. In the recent year, the number of expected consumers became more compared to the previous few years. In this journey to track the growth in the business, the MIS is the only key that helps to track. is one of the most successful organisations in the field of E-commerce, which has become a global market by using the advantages of the growing and changing market. By sales volume, in the UK is considered third of the largest marketplaces of their whole business. In this journey, MIS, big data management, and cloud systems are the most useful tool for the organisation, which helps them to process the information related to the customers and the trends of purchasing. It helps the authority to take management decisions and select the perfect strategy according to the need of the organisation.

Contemporary issues and challenges in the management of information systems

In the business world, especially in the E-commerce industry the process and market are continuously changing with time. The change is a result of globalisation and the increasing number in the business market (KARADbusiness-analytics-case-study-EM?R et al. 2019). Because of that now it is becoming more important to pay more attention to customer-centric business. This process involves many tools such as MIS, data management, analytics or cloud systems.

The issue and challenges in MIS and Data management

The basic need of the MIS is to build the business with more customer oriented, and in that case, there are some fundamental issues and challenges that need to be solved. Data management is fully managed by the multi-master database in Amazon. The main concern in the case of maintaining customer relationships, the process needs to be more helpful, so the customers can use the reviews and the ranking system more easily (Xie et al. 2018). Other than that, there is a basic issue with integrating the information based on the advertisement, sales and post-sales services. The process of social networking is the other challenge that needs to be resolved, therefore the information about the reviews and responses can be more transparent, which will eventually help the business to grow.

The issues with analytics

The analytic engine used by is considered one of the most powerful ones that help in identifying the basic behaviour of the customers. Data analytics takes some of the major aspects into consideration that helps in making the customer base. The most crucial characteristic of this analytics needs to include mainly three types of data: demographic data, geographic data and Psycho-graphic data (, 2022). Any kind of lack in the system of analytics can lead to the end of the relationship between the customer and the company. Issues in the system can affect the sales process of the whole business.

Issues and challenges with cloud systems

The cloud system is one of the most used technologies that help in computing all the services including storage, database and networking and most importantly intelligence. There are some issues that arise during the time of handling the information. In the cloud computing system used is considered the most comprehensive one that includes both infrastructure and service. In amazon, interoperability is a major issue, which means the incorporation of services from another platform. This feature can be helpful to make the service more customer-oriented.

Critical analysis of uses and impact of business intelligence in the organisation is one of the leading companies that control the business field by managing a lot of data, so they can improve their business in the E-commerce industry. All the data needs to be collected based on the customer's interaction and by analysing them the company can filter its products, purchases and delivery (, 2022). At, business intelligence helps the company to empower the recommendation system, therefore it can display the most effective and relevant group of products to the customers.

The use of business intelligence in Amazon

The business intelligence in allows the authority to be more connected with its consumers and it also helps them to understand the current trends running in the business world. It has many useful benefits that work by the representation of the data.

Figure 1: Overview of business intelligence

(Source: Talha et al. 2020)

  • The first thing that is most important is the customization of the organisation. Business intelligence helps customers to make the dashboard according to their preferences (Talha et al. 2020). It eventually helps to meet the expectation of the users.
  • The simple, sorted filter and interactive process help in making the preferences accordingly. It is also used in maintaining data transparency in the whole business, therefore it can help to fulfil the customer's expectations.
  • With the use of advanced tools and many new features, the system helps up analyse and review the different types of reports and in the end, it helps to streamline the reports in the dashboards.
  • The technology of business intelligence helps the dashboard to embed in many applications. It is used to provide customer service with help of many applications so it can be viewed from many devices, including mobile.

The impact of business intelligence on Amazon

The successful digital transformation of the company required technologically improved business intelligence. The major impact of this reflects on the business because it is one of the most effective customer-based services. The BI or business intelligence is required to answer all the queries and provide analysis that will help in decision-making and planning (, 2022). The serverless BI system helps to scale based on the users and also helps in deploying the needed because it does not require any kind of infrastructure. The most impactful result of the BI is if any new customer needs to have access to the dashboard in any other country, it does not need any kind of manual launch of the server in the specific country.

Role of information and analytics in the development of organisational strategies

The present research is based on the case study of Amazon.Com and it is related to the management information system of this organisation. It presents that information as well as analytics has an effective role in supporting the development of different strategies within the organisation (Erkayman, 2019). The present case study evaluates the fact of how service-based organisations like Amazon needed information systems. This system is called a vibrant tool that helps in attaining a competitive advantage through information acquisition as well as efficient management. It is related to the importance of MIS or Management Information System practice for the activities of the value chain.

Figure 2: Management Information System service

(Source: Conboy et al. 2020)

Role of information: The development of strategies within the organisation is the most effective concept and information plays an essential role there. Analysis of information has the main function of optimizing the ratio of knowledge to generating information (Conboy et al. 2020). There are some key activities involved in the analysis and they are evaluation, synthesis, interpretation, as well aa s repackaging of the information. Business strategies can be developed through the generation of proper information. Amazon can improve their business strategies with the application of a proper information system (Bordeleau et al. 2020). It will help them in shaping their business as well as establishing future success and financial stability.

The main motto of this information strategy is to highlight the extent of an organisation. It describes the matter that a modern, as well as complex organisation, is dependent upon the information (Aghimien et al. 2022). This information strategy can help in enhancing efficiency as well as in decision-making. It gives the organisation a competitive edge for further development.

Figure 3: Business Analytics

(Source: Stair et al. 2020)

Role of analytics: Business analytics has benefits as it helps in improving operational efficiency through their daily activities. It helps the business in understanding its customers more precisely (Stair et al. 2020). The business organisations can data visualise the process to offering projections for future outcomes. Therefore, it is called that this insight within business analytics assists in making decisions as well as future planning. These analytics can help in using data as well as achieve insights for making better decisions related to finance, marketing, sales, as well as product development of an organisation. Therefore, it can be said that Amazon can improve their business strategies through business analysis (Santoro, 2018). This analytics also leads to finding new opportunities for business and growth and profit of the organisation.

A critical evaluation of the practical techniques applied for design and management

MIS system helps the organisation as well as its system in bringing the synergy between the information system as well as interactions of the people. This system gives facility to the management in making decisions and as well as strategic development (Rouhani et al. 2021). The present case study proves the alignment of information systems is successful in meeting the organisational success as well as goals. The practical techniques are applied for designing as well as managing the effective information flow within the organisation (, 2022). The practical techniques are called the most practical aspect for design as well as management of effective information.

Importance of Flow Model: It is observed that the business process models have the intention of capturing the task details as well as the interactions with a process. On the other hand, the flow model is most effective for making arguments within the business process model with the “corresponding information flow” (Rikhardsson and Yigitbasioglu, 2018). It expresses the matter that both controls, as well as information, are propagated and shared through the application of business. The main purpose of this model is to distinguish the discrete processing stages within the process. It presents how information flows through this system and it makes difference between control dependencies as well as data dependencies. It leads to the factors of flow optimisation, bottleneck identification, location finding, data validation, as well as inserting data (Rana et al. 2022). Therefore, it leads to various opportunities for the increase of business analysis points. This flow includes some stages and they are:

  • Supply: It represents the external data suppliers
  • Acquisition: It presents the point where existing data are required.
  • Transformation: It provides the data instance and it s modified for confirming another processing stage (Erkayman, 2019).
  • Creation: It is referred to as the point where new data are created.
  • Process: In this stage system stage is modified and it happens as a result of the input data.
  • Store: Here data instances are sorted within a persistent system.
  • Packaging: Here data is collated, aggregated, as well as summarised.
  • Switch or route: Here a set of rules are applied for determining where as well as how to route the data instances (Conboy et al. 2020).
  • Decision point: In this point, the data consumer is solicited for any kind of decision.
  • Delivery: This point is referred to as the point of consumption.
  • Consume: It is called the point where the presentation of the information happens.

Recommendations for development

Recommendation 1: It is recommended that Amazon can establish interventions in managing customer relationships across the business operations.

Amazon can enhance their logistic operations as well as customer relationship for improvement in the ISM. The present company need to analyse the “next potential market” for the improvement of information system management (Bordeleau et al. 2020). The population has increased nowadays and it is a scope for customising the customer need. The use applies mobile applications and it is a great chance for Amazon to increase their business as well as customer relations for the management of information.

Recommendation 2: It is recommended that the present company can make their customer service better for the improvement of business intelligence as well as business analytics.

Better customer service is an important aspect that helps in the development of business intelligence and analysis. The providence of better service to the customers creates an impression on them. This matter also determines the fact that the customers again visit the organisation for the purpose of purchasing. The use of business intelligence software is able to find customer data and therefore, it can improve their interactions.

Recommendation 3: It is recommended that the present company can identify their goals for managing the decision-making process.

Identification of goals can be the most effective strategy for making decisions. It is preferred that the identification of the purpose of the decision can be made by asking what the problem is. Therefore, its solution is needed and this matter can lead an organisation to make a good decision. The present company, Amazon can focus on their goals and through this, it will be able to make proper decisions for its business.

Recommendation 4: A recommendation can be made that the present company can create a culture of open communication as well as transparency for improving the information flow.

It is observed that employees get more engaged within an organisation when they are well informed. Therefore, it is called that two-way communication between the leaders as well as the employees can create an open door for policy-making as well as transparency (Aghimien et al. 2022). The present company can develop their information flow and manage it with the implication of this strategy. Amazon can improve its strategy for the flow of information through this process and it will be a great process for them. It is referred that open communication culture is an essential concept for the development of information flow within an organisation.


The report focuses on a critical analysis of contemporary challenges and issues. The issues have been raised on the management information system or MIS. It includes various matters such as big data management, cloud system, as well as analytics. Business intelligence and its impact within the present company Amazon has been described here. Analysis has been made on information strategy and analytics for the development of strategies within the organisation. It witnesses the matters of evaluation of practical techniques for MIS and information flow. Various recommendations have been made based on the report and it talks about information system management. Decision-making has been given importance and it also discussed the information flow within the organisation.

Business Analytics or BA is referred to as a set of disciplines as well as technologies that helps in solving business problems. It applies data analysis, statistical models, as well as other quantitative methods. There are various factors related to it and they are methodical exploration and iterative data of an organisation. It gives emphasis on statistical analysis for driving the matter of decision-making. Therefore, it is an important aspect and a business asset with a competitive advantage. Business analytics success is depended on the quality of data and skilled analysis.

BA gives insight into understanding the technology as well as business and the commitment to using it for giving importance to business decisions. It discussed different processes such as determining the goal of the business and the selection of a methodology. There are various data that supports the analysis and it is related to different source and system.



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