Business Management And Decision-Making Assignment Sample

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Business Management And Decision-Making Assignment Sample


Google is one of the most innovative company in the world. As this makes the world on an internet. In 1998, Google was founded by its founder: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At the initial time, it started its business by taking license from its search engine to the third party sites. Its management policy is to hire right people for the right job. This also enables efficient team dynamics and communication. Its main aim is to stimulate creativity and to make decisions which are simply relied upon the data.


Internet becomes the most powerful tool through which diverse people thinks that diverse thinkers believe that this had place the world a smaller place. Although, this can be said that business few exceptions, cross border organisation ever seems to challenging even the contenders. Google’s move into China due its huge market, but along with this, this also raised various ethical issues. Chinese authorities are notorious for their hard-line censorship rules related to the Internet (Schmoldt and et. al., 2013). They took an organisation stance against risk content and also have objected to the sims computer game, fearing this would corrupt their country’s people specially youth. Any kind of content which was judged as probably threatening was completely banned. Its main motto of the firm is that “Don’t be evil”.

1). Google business strategies and its successful business:

Few of the global business thinks, that company needs to make certain thinker which would ultimately makes the business sustainable and achievable. Google’s senior managers’ steps were accessible to huge market, but this would likewise raise few ethical issues. Chinese authorities are crucial to a huge market share, but this also makes most of the ethical issues. Although, this can be said that the Chinese government notorious for their hard-line censorship rules which applied on the international business.

Stakeholder: An individual or company whose interests might be influenced as the emergence of what other individual does.

Stakeholder analysis: This is the tool which company could implement to determine and evaluate the crucial things of main people, group of people, or organisations which might crucial affect the growth of company’s business.

Google Inc. becomes the crucial organisation throughout the planet. Google becomes one of the main shapers of the digital information age. This has incorporated diverse innovations via its dynamic Internet-connected and technology concerned services and goods which was completely varied the way people implements web by urging convenient dispersion of information and the forming of content.

Product strategy of google via product and service diversification: Online research becomes the crucial service and product of Google Incorporation. Quoted organisation initially capitalised on its search tools which it started emerging since its emergence. But afterwards, it diversified to the various Internet-connected goods and services.

These covers productivity tools like Gmail and Google Drive, company’s products like Google search appliances, inline advertising and publishing services like AdWords and AdSense, and online services like Google News, Google Translate and Google Maps and others.

Various Internet linked goods and services which enable Google to corner various Internet users and form them reliable to the specific extent. Although, this can be said that these kinds of products or services are complimentary, henceforth, various users due to the convincing of implementing from familiarity and hassle free transition implementing a single entire the access account.

Diversification is also an efficient business strategy of the Google as this enabled the organisation to form new markets and retain current consumers (Wu and Pagell, 2011.). Henceforth, forming a common consumer foundation for Google-rely Internet users, henceforth, Diversification enables the internet companies to position itself as the one stop venue for the Internet consumers and users. In addition to this, this can be said that diversification enabled internet companies to position itself as a stop destination for entire Internet-related requirement.

Due to these scenario, Google can lead to have sustainable which would ultimately make the business objectives. Although, this can be said that the Google Incorporation via innovation and advancement in the technologies and branding, company makes the efforts attainable and achievable.

2. Challenges that the Google Management were facing in China operations:

This was started from 2006, when the Google announced incorporating of its Chinese language websites during the huge fanfare. On the other hand, Google enable to the Chinese market via during the time, new site, renders the organisation great power, direct vehicle to further penetrate around 94 million households along with Internet access in China. Larry page and Sergey Brin rightly said during time, “Inappropriately, access for the Chinese users to the Google service outside China which was sluggish and unpractical, and few contents were stopped by complex filtering during each Chinese ISP. Practically, Google would not able to get public and government priorities provided to the issue (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012). However, this can be said that the company were modifying their search outcomes in any manner, company finally determined that staying out of China normally means diminishing service and affects there. Forming a genuine operation in China must enhance company power on the market practices and mostly would improve our service to the Chinese people.

Google Inc. believe to be known in their strong ethos. But unfortunately, the problem is that the Chinese government did not allow the Google Inc. to post on risky content. While on the other hand, this creates the company suspicious and attainable for the company (Vercellis, 2011). That is why, Google announced that this was no longer would to censor search outcomes on its Chinese services. Google Inc. rightly stated that the decision is taken by its senior official due to the cyber-attack on its Beijing office. And these kinds of cyber-attacks were targeted due to collecting information on the Chinese human right activities.

3. Impact for the company by Google’s managers' possible decision making to shut down its operations:

Google senior manager would think shutting down their operations from Beijing. Although, this is rightly stated it this was emerged due to cyber-attack and these are done by the Chinese authorities. Chinese Government thinks that Google collects information on Chinese human right activities. Although, Google explained that the Chinese Government also makes restrictions on the internet during 2009. At the time of set up of operations in China, the senior officials thoughts that the Chinese market is one of the emerging and most lucrative market in the world and also renders great business for the firm which would further helps Google to attain its pre-set targets (Ru and et. al., 2013). This decision makes the speculation throughout the world whether Google would setting down their business in China. Many of the financial pundits thoughts that setting down of business from China would lead to bear financial costs. As, Chinese market, the world's largest and fastest growing consumer markets. During the announcement, this is rightly observed that Founder of the company scrutinize their stance and enthusiasm for it. There are so many well established structure, Google identify a sophisticated attack and targeted attack from China, which emerge a Highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure emerging form China, which results theft of IPRs. There are so many organised companies, which face cyber attacks of varying attacks of varying degrees on the consistent basis. Firm identified highly sophisticated and targeted attack on the corporate (Mullins, Walker and Boyd, 2012). This is not the single attack which have been made on the Google. Earlier, this was happened on the various large overseas companies which are from various sectors such as Internet, Finance, technology, media and chemical sectors which have been same targeted.

At last, this is rightly observed that the Google Inc. took decisions for making the business objectives in an effective manner. Although, Google shutting down their business in china and incorporate their business in Hong Kong for betterment of the future. Although, this is the most effective tool for attracting targeted customers.


From the above mentioned report, this can be said that the google have solid strategy. Due to which, it achieve its business objectives in an effective manner. Google senior manager incorporates their business in China for attracting the market. Eventually, due to the cyber-attack, their senior managers decides to dismantle their operation from China and set up in Hong-Kong. Assignment help provided by New Assignment Help


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