Business Plan Of Dream Caffeine And Analysis Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Business Plan Of Dream Caffeine And Analysis Assignment

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1. Company overview and business idea:

The new business plan is going to be surrounded by Bradford cities near the national science and media museum in UK. Recently Dream caffeine will be launched in the will be a food truck that is very popular in the country. dream caffeine will serve the people coffee of various types like latte, notably espresso, cappuccino and also serve cold drinks such as iced tea, iced coffee, and other non-caffeinated beverages and as well asset will serve the various food products vet and non-veg both including pastries, bakery items, candy, sandwiches, burger, desserts, and also Chinese items. These cafes will provide a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to the customer and customer can receive quality food and services at a reasonable price customer of dream caffeine will be also entertained. Dream caffeine has planned open a small book store to enjoy the customer of this caffeine that will be set up in the corner of a cafe (Levytska et al .2018). There will be set up the background design and various art or graphic design. These food trucks provide the customer with unique and special food at a reasonable price that would not sell as easily. This cafe will be open from 12.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M.

2. Market analysis and competitor details

The market analysis and competitor details of dream cafe are explained in brief. Coffee is one of the largest product markets and expansion is expected to be regular at a strong step for a predictable future. The specialty cafe business is expanding at an equally strong step, with sales growing in coffee projected to growing rates of 50% per year. This growth offers an excellent opportunity for Dream caffeine to expand its business in this market. The Dream caffeine should be accomplished in Bradford cities near the national science and media museum market area. The customers enjoy these products and purchase coffee, veg, and non-veg items at the cafe. It might feature an individual stand. The market is already a decent size, and Dream caffeine contusions are to grow.

 Market analysis

(Source: Guidon et al. 2019)

The Dream caffeine initially plans to target this drive-thru espresso. The most important segment needs the services to dream caffeine is planning to offer. It includes all the essential needs: competitive price with a quality product, good class services, and powerful sales support. It is most important for micro businesses like Dream caffeine. It should be neglected by the business owner. It is also micro businesses that could most largely benefit from marketing services, full services products, and sales support. Dream caffeine should provide good quality services within the first three months of opening. The Coffee and beverage business has been the largest growing business in the last couple of years (Guidon et al. 2019). It has an impressive rate of growth in the United States.

 The food truck business makes an average of $265000-$500000 annually. It is a mobile restaurant, trailer, or truck, equipped to cook, prepare, serve and sell food on the road. It provides great food at a cheaper price, and convenience and provides employment to the local chefs, this business brings people together. There are over 35000 active food trucks in us. More than 41000 people are working in the food trucks business (Köseoglu et al. 2020). The food trucks market size in 2022 overpasses 1.2 billion dollars.

The two types of competition are there for Dream caffeine direct and indirect competition. The direct competition is the various coffee shops based on geographic reason, and the indirect competition are from sandwich stalls, bakeries, and donuts shops composite of the same common food and beverage items. The coffee shop as compared to the competitor of Dream caffeine the taste and quality should be better than their competitors (Niu et al. 2019). Several competitors are there in these businesses like a food truck, Costa coffee, pert manager, and Gail’s bakery.

3. Business strategy

 The following strategies for Dream caffeine will help to protect the revenue of the shop.

Sources the best supplier at the most competitive cost

Dream caffeine should be advisable to review the supplies deal at various times of the year to decide to negotiate a better deal. Staying with the same supplies may reduce the profit of a business. The supplies report should come up with whether the same goods can source for a better deal. It needs to be attentive toward the supplier who provides a low introductory discount and increases the cost after the offer ends. It’s important to take a long period of aspects of the shop while deciding whether to change to the new suppliers.

Focus on the investors

It can be a big factor in the bottom line of the business. It's important to find the area where the foods and coffee wasted are high and need to take immediate steps to cure this situation. It’s important to know if some particular product is not selling as the other product, Dream caffeine can replace it on promotion. If the same product again fails, it is required to order a different type of product as a replacement and find out whether it will perform better. The Dream caffeine point-of-scale system will give the analytics to be aware of the bestselling product. Dream caffeine can automate the order process by applying vendor-managed inventories; updating arrangements containing the supplies take complete responsibility to manage the shop's inventories. It will be beneficial for the Dream caffeine. The stock will be automatically ordered and delivered to the shop. Dream caffeine should manage the level of the stocks that need to be deducted before it gets refilled (Dalpiaz, 2019). The benefits of vendor-managed inventories are it saves a lot of storage space on the stock of goods that are not in use.

Marketing mix 4p’s

The four Ps are the important considerations that must be comprehensively considered and discreetly implemented to victorious market products or services. It encompasses a scope of factors that are contemplated while marketing the product, including consumer demand.


 Dream caffeine contains various kinds of products such as coffee for $2.80, latte, notably espresso, cappuccino for $3.94, prices of ice tea for $2.79, sandwich for $7.60, dessert for $21.75, and Chinese items for $16. The prices are less than other competitors in the market. The price is the amount the customers will pay for the goods and services. The price of products is real and perceived value, along with seasonal discounts and retail markup. 


The Dream caffeine has a target of approx. 70% of adults connect with them daily. It will help to capture the market very fast and in generating high revenue. 


The Dream caffeine chose the place near Bradford cities near the national science and media museum. This is the best place for the dream caffeine. It is a tourist place; it will help the business to grow very fast and Dream caffeine will be generating a large amount of revenue by selling its product.


Dream caffeine's goal is to connect with the customers that the product is available according to customers' demand and is priced appropriately. Promotion encompasses public relations, advertisement, and overall social media strategy for launching a product. Dream caffeine tends to collaborate and place elements and pamphlets tougher to reach the mind of a customer (Taherdoost, 2019). Advertising helps to increase sales and generate a large amount of profit.

 Promotion strategy

(Source: Taherdoost, 2019)

4. Operating plan

The operating planning for Dream caffeine should be the sales and marketing strategy which is effective for the victory. It provides the vision, target, direction, and goal of a business. It will be a good step for Dream caffeine to successfully create creative products and provide the good services it will help to capture the marketplace.

Suppliers' details

The suppliers are the persons that provide all the raw materials for the business. Dream caffeine is associated with john's brothers for all the requirements of raw materials in the shop.

Business operation details

Dream caffeine is located in Bradford cities near the national science and media museum. It is a micro business. It launched with coffee, sandwiches, cold drinks, Chinese items, and desserts. The Dream caffeine is running with two employees. Recently Dream caffeine is running in a single stall. The Dream caffeine is associated with the John brothers as a raw material supplier (Alikhani et al. 2019). The Dream caffeine started a business with an amount of 10000.

5. Financial analysis:

The sales valuation of the company is segregated into months and it is expected that the company will increase the monthly sales proportion. In this situation, it is being mentioned that there are targeted sales valuations of 1000 pounds in January. Based on this, it has been mentioned that the monthly sales proportion will increase by 400-500 pounds as expected. This situation has been mentioned that the company will be boosting its business valuation along with customer growth.

Dream caffeine will take out a loan by two times in January and September. The loan amount of this business organization in January month will be 8000 pounds and the total loan amount in September month will be 2000 pounds. Total income of these cafes in January month is 9000, 1200 is February months, total income in march month is 1400, 1450 in May 1600 pounds is in June monthly, total income in august, September, October, and November months is 2000,2200,4300,2700 pounds and at the end of the month total income will be 3000 pounds. For each month of this organization's total rent will be 500. Salary of the employees of dream caffeine will be 4500 pounds, as there will be two staff in this organization. Vehicle charges of these cafes will be 150 each month. In October total expenditure on advertising is higher than the other month and the amount is 50 pounds. Total expenditure in January and February is 5290, 5292 pounds. On the other hand, the promotional value was 5290 pounds for March. Based on this financial discussion, it is mentioned that the company is going to use various funding options to maintain the overall cost proportion.

1. Analysis of potential investors:

  • Angel investors

    can help the dream caffeine by investing money. These investors are those types of investors; angel investors have money, and resources that make any company more successful (Grant et al. 2019).
  • It provides the capital for business in exchange for ownership equity and debt.
  • This type of investor focused on the small type of business venture. But it always expects high returns on its high investment.

S1: Venture capitalists are one of the potential investors that help these cafes by funding the capital. Venture capital is the form of private equity and debt. Venture capitalists help to start up the dream caffeine. It also buys a stake of an owner of a business organization.

  • As venture capitalists help to start up the company, a new cafe that will be recently launched lends the money or capital from the venture capitalists (Röhmet al.2018)
  • Family and friends also help these food trucks financially to grow in the future.
  • It will be beneficial for the financial growth of the business.

2. Sources of funding

Bank loans are commonly used for small or micro businesses. All the banks offer different types of advantages by providing various loans to the small type of organizations. Food trucks can be funded for their business from personal savings. Funding from personal savings is the most common type for small business organizations.

  • Business loans are one of the sources of funding (Sinaga et al. 2022).
  • Business loans are based on the different types of assets such as equipment of the lenders or land, gold, etc.
  • This is one type of personal loan and other sources of funding for small business organizations are equity providers or debt providers etc.

3. Critical analysis of the business plan

Dream caffeine will be launched in Bradford cities near the national science and media museum in the U.K. These food trucks not only provide various types of coffee but also provide veg and non-veg foods and also provide cold drinks.

  • These food trucks are unique from any other food trucks; they also provide the customer book stores with quality foods and coffee at a reasonable price (Atabani et al. 2019).
  • To, this idea the total expenditure will be 5290 in January and February month, thus at the end of the month total expenditure of these cafes will be 5290.
  • In January total sales of these food trucks will be 1100and at the end of the month total sales will be 3000.

The specialty of the cafe business is expanding at an equally vital step with growing the sales of coffee and foods related projected growth rate is 50% per year. It includes all the essential needs at a reasonable price, goods services, and powerful sales support. The Coffee and beverage business has been the largest growing business in the last five years. It has an impressive rate of growth in the United States.

  • There are two types of competition for dream caffeine; direct competition and other is indirect competition.
  • In the direct competition market, various coffee shops are based on geographic reasons and indirect stalls are sandwich stalls, bakeries stalls, and donut shops for the same common foods and beverages items (Gopi and Samat, 2020.).
  • Various business strategies will protect these food trucks.

There will be sources of the best suppliers at a competitive cost. The supplies report should come up with the same goods and sources for a better deal. Dream caffeine contains various kinds of products such as coffee for $2.80, latte, notably espresso, cappuccino for $3.94, prices of ice tea for $2.79, sandwich for $7.60, dessert for $21.75, and Chinese items for $16.


Dream caffeine should follow two strategies one promotional strategy and another risk management strategy. Promotional strategies visualize the company, and how the company uses the marketing strategies and communication. These food trucks can develop their business growth using these strategies. Risk management strategy also addresses the risk of the business organizations. By using risk management strategies these food grains business organizations reduce the risk of the business. It can impact a business's ability to achieve its business objective and strategy. Risk management also reduces business liability, and gets credit to corporations. If the risk is identified then the food grains find out the final objective way to deal with and control those risks. It is also a process of minimizing the risk. It is being mention that the new business idea is required strong risk management strategy and need to implement potential business development growth method. Based on this situation, it is being mention that this recommended business development strategy is going to help the business to growth in future respect by following these strategies.


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