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Business Plan Proposal

Executive Summary

This is a business plan proposal for a venture named EnviSafe. The following report highlighted the overall business idea. In addition to this, the vision, mission, values, and overview of the proposed business venture was given.In addition to this, the report also highlighted the legal framework and management structure of the venture. Furthermore, the target audience was outlined and the marketing strategies for communicating the services with the targeted audience were elaborated. In addition to this, the financial analysis of the business idea was also done in order to check the profitability of the venture. The report concluded after enlisting some key risks and challenges associated with the newly proposed venture.


This report is more a business plan that will be required while proposing the business idea before the venture capitalist. The report will talk about the business venture idea of EnviSafe. It will talk about the venture in brief and will discuss the management style and structure of the organisation. In addition to this, the marketing strategy will be talked about in detail. Furthermore, financial analysis of the same venture will also be done in here. Before concluding the report, some key risks and challenges associated with newly proposed venture will also be identified and enlisted in here.

Description of Venture

Envisafe will be an environment consultant venture that aims at becoming the leader in multidiscipline environmental consultancy. The major focus areas of this venture will be engineering, consulting, voiding, designing, monitoring, testing, and other regulatory regulation services.

Venture’s Approach

The overall purpose of creating this venture is to reduce the pollution. Therefore, the overall focus of this venture will be put on the identification of the source of pollution to reduce the generation instead of end-of-pipe treatment by employing 4R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recover, and Recycle) (Kopicki,, 2013). This venture would be helpful in converting waste into a value-generating asset.


  • To develop a strong and effective technical unit to control environmental pollution with a strong commitment to integrity and ethics.
  • To achieve sustainability by promoting environmental ethics among the business organisation and communities.


  • The venture will deliver optimal, innovative, and prompt solutions to the environment-related problem of different clients and provide them utmost satisfaction by outlining and stressing on their needs.
  • The venture will give proactive services that would be one of their kind for the complete enviro-legal compliance.


  • Establishing a valuable strategic alliance with various stakeholders
  • Promoting strategic teamwork and leadership
  • Continuous improvement and innovation through community participation.

Brief of Services offered by EnviSafe

  • Providing reusable/recyclable packaging material to the businesses and food vendors.
  • Reduce the consumption of plastic and its impacts globally.
  • Reduce the impacts of waste on the environment through environment-friendly approach (, 2012).


Legal structure:

The EnviSafe is a Business Venture which is in support of using less plastic and introducing the concept of reusable and recyclable packaging for the products to be sold by food chains and restaurants. Business Ventures are considered as the small businesses which are made out of the investment made by one or more individuals or the groups. These ventures are started by these people for the purpose of the financial gain for all the backers. These ventures are generally created out of the lack of supply in the market as well as the increasing demand of the market. Before starting a venture, the requirements of any particular product in the market is identified. After that, the idea is developed by the investors and the entrepreneurs. These types of businesses provide satisfaction to the customers as well as provide benefits to the entrepreneurs. The EnviSafe business plan has been developed after assessing the demand for reusable packaging due to the increasing use of plastic which is adversely affecting the environment (Tang, 2014).

Strategic planning approach:

The strategic planning in any company is used to set the priorities, use the resources effectively, all the employees working towards the common goals mutually as well as for the purpose of strengthening the operations of the venture. Here the strategic planning approach identified is the team approach which can be used by the EnviSafe business venture. In the small businesses, these strategic planning approaches are used by the chief executive to develop the formal plans for the business. In this approach used by the ventures meetings and interactions are made on the regular basis within the group of executives to deal with the issues faced by the organization. This approach of strategic planning is to be used in the EnviSafe business venture. The teams will work in coordination with each other and resolve all the issues at the workplace (Snedeker, 2014).


The idea of recycling services is not new but our approach is unique. At both the ends of the supply chain, there are customers that will be benefitted from the recycling services. The first beneficiary is the municipalities and development authority as EnviSafe provide them with a safe and alternative way of disposing of waste. Other beneficiaries include turf farms, nurseries, golf courses, homeowners, fertiliser manufacturers, and the federal government for using the waste product in their road construction (Kight,, 2015). Therefore, EnviSafe has two market segments; 1) Waste producing units that will get rid of their wastes due to its services, 2) The aforementioned beneficiaries.

There are a number of techniques that EnviSafe can use to promote and communicate the recycling business (Baker, 2014):-

Mailshots: This method involves sending posts or emails. EnviSafe can arrange the mailing lists of potential businesses and government bodies in order to make them aware of the service offered by the organisation.

Advertising: The Company can advertise its services and promotional offers through TV, radio, billboards, and print media.The company can also hold some demonstration sessions in potential waste generating organisations.

Public Relations: This is done via press releases. Along with the advertising, this approach can help in increasing the awareness among the target audience. However, this can bring too much of enquiries to answer.

Vehicle Branding: This is the cheaper way of promoting the services in the localities and communities. It would help in delivering the information of the services directly to the customers in a very short span of time.

Online Marketing: This can be done via social websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., or some websites. It is a very cost-effective method and can promote the services of EnviSafe at a very low cost.

Apart from the above-given methods, the organisation can also go for telesales method or face-to-face sales. These methods are also very effective and widely used in promoting the services of the organisation. The former method is efficient when the sales team is very experienced. On the other hand, the latter approach should be used when the sales team lacks the required experience (Grönroos, 2013).

Competitor Analysis

In the Australian market, there are several organizations dealing or proposing to deal with the reusable and recyclable packaging. There is an increasing requirement in Australia of such recyclable, compostable and reusable packaging and this program is led by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization. Australia has set a goal to use 100% reusable and recyclable packaging by the year bending 2025. Because of this, all the other organizations have focused on this plan and the competition in the market have also increased. Nestle has also aimed at 100% reusable and compostable packaging by the end of 2015.

There are several competitors in the Australian market for EnviSafe venture capital. This venture is focused on the better recycling food through the packaging and save the environment by using recyclable and reusable products. The other competitors in the market are more focused towards the profit-making by using such concept but the EnviSafe is completely focused on the welfare of the environment. EnviSafe is going to use more competitive pricing strategies as compared to other organizations in Australia. Nestle is also aimed to provide 100% reusable packaging but it is a very big company. EnviSafe is a small business venture which can operate with low funds and can achieve its targets of profit easily (Im, et. al., 2016). The EnviSafe will be able to maintain the market share and will be able to reduce the use of plastic which negatively affects the environment. Its main target markets are restaurants, cafes, grocery stores as well as the food suppliers which have a larger segment of the Australian market. It will provide better products and services than its competitors in the market.

Financial Analysis

This financial plan is developed based on the capital investment and loans received in order to purchase the types of machinery and production equipment, initial operating cost, brand building, and establishing a customer base. It is expected after the financial analysis that EnviSafe will achieve profitability in the very first year of its commencement due to a high growth rate. In addition to this, the management expects strong profits from sales by the end of the third year.  

  • Talking about the funding mix, owners' equity investment is in the form of the loan provided by the Regional Governments and other private parties.

Mix of Funds

Assets to Fund


Expenses to Fund


Total Funding Required



Cash requirements


Non-cash assets


Total Assets


Owner’s Fund


  • The major portion of the funding will be used in purchasing the capital assets.

Use of Funds

Processing Plants (2 in number)


In-house processing plants (2 in number)


Trucks(2 in number)


Sheds (4 in number) (48’x72’)










General Assumptions


Year I

Year II

Year III

Short-term Interest rate




Long-term Interest








Break-Even Analysis

Break-Even Analysis

Revenue Break-Even (monthly)


Units Break-even (monthly)



Avg. Per unit revenue


Avg. Per Unit Variable Cost


Estimated Fixed Cost (monthly)


Projected Monthly Profit

Yearly Profit

Key Risks and Challenges

There are several challenges which EnviSafe business venture is facing. These challenges are raising the funds for the venture, be the best among the competitors, managing the business operations effectively, managing the budget of the venture and at the end the disputes raised among the investors of business. These challenges are continuously faced by the EnviSafe as it is a new concept there are several issues related to collect funding. This problem can be addressed by identifying new sources of funds and collecting funds from the family as well as the friends. The next issue is related to the competitors as there are several competitors for EnviSafe in the market and it is necessary for it to be stable in the market in this cut-throat competition. It can use better pricing strategies as well as the marketing strategies to be stable in the Australian market. The other challenge faced by the EnviSafe is disputes raised among the investors of the organization. There are more than one investors and they have their own interests. This venture isalso a result of efforts and contribution from several investors and they have issues relating to the operations and strategies of the venture (Wolf & Floyd, 2017). These issues can be addressed by the company from time to time meetings regarding the plans and strategies. The best strategies should be adopted by a company which is acceptable to all the investors.


The report will talk about the business venture idea of EnviSafe. It will talk about the venture in brief, wherein the vision, mission, and values were discussed. In addition to this, the management style and structure of the organisation were elaborated. Furthermore, the target audience was outlined and the marketing strategies for communicating the services with the targeted audience were elaborated. Before concluding the report, some key risks and challenges associated with newly proposed venture were identified and enlisted in here.


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