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Introduction of Business Report

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1.1 Overview of business

The company name is Computer Excellence. It is a computer business that helps to perform a different task in the company to create ads that help to run the website with the help of social media platforms (Almudaires, and Almaiah 2021). It also uses software that helps to run by buying marketing services from other businesses.

1.2 Target market

The target market for Computer excellence is the product and the service seeker that is the most important marketing need to provide the support, service, and training. Technology is the most important aspect in the computer company that helps to serve the needs of the people working in the organization that helps in the evaluation to make the changes and to meet with new technology.

Business plan

According to Mariani and Wamba (2020) it was stated that the business plan should have proper documentation that deals with the technology and the financial objectives and set the goal of the organization and also provide with the solution to overcome any kind of difficult situation that affects the business plan. The computer starting company is the greatest opportunity for the business people and the entrepreneur to look for the skilled worker who is expert in it. The company required web development services and the sales of the computer that includes many different kinds of business opportunities (Wang et al. 2018). The business in the computer organization helps to summaries the company's mission vision, financial budgeting, and the marketing plan are used in the organization.

Profit and loss statement



Total revenue


Direct cost

Wholesale product cost





Gross profit


Gross margin




Advertising and marketing






Table 1: profit and loss statement

(Source: Self developed)

The profit and the loss statement help to predict the helps to generate more revenue with the implication of the gross profit of 25300 and by the implication of expenses of 2500 thst helsp in maintain the profit margin of the business.

Profit statement



Less expenses




Table 2: profit statement

(Source: Self developed)

In this table it is observed that the income that is being generated is 10000 and the company has made the expenses of 7500, this in turn increase the profit of the organization with 2500 

Loss statement



Less expenses




Table 3: Loss statement

(Source: Self developed)

The company has generated more profit then the previous year that means the plan for the business will help to increase the profit with the value of 10000.

In this table it is predicted that the company can generate more profit by increasing the sale service and also by increasing the sale of the product that helps to increase the sale and the interest earned during the sale. 

Predicted budget



Less: Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Less: Expenses


Net profit


Table 4: Predicted budget

(Source: Self developed)

In order to increase the sales volume the company can make more profit in the 12 months by increasing the sale volume and also by generating more expenses. It is observed that the income of the company is 10000 and the company has generated the expenses of 7500 that helps to increase the profit margin of the company. The company can generate more profit by implementing 20000 and expenses will be made 8500 that helps to generate more profit of 11500. The profit can be increased by the implication of more revenue and by increasing the sales and the production of the company. Then a computer-based company should perform the duty based on the implication of the new technology that helps in the development and the growth of the business plan that helps to solve the problems that are being faced by the computer company (Ruiz 2019). The company tries to overcome the situation and experience different kinds of industrial relationship that helps in painting the risk level in computer excellence companies. On the other hand (Levy et al. 2022) stated that the business plan will only state the business plan state how the work is going in the organization and it also helps to access the documentation that is required to share with the help of the information and the member who are present in the team. The company business plan that is made with the profit of 2500 has to maintain the dynamic documentation in the computer. The business plan in the organization helps to start with the execution of launching the new things that are implemented by the manager and the staff who are working in the organization (Geels et al. 2020). The reinforce strategy and the management plan area including in the organization that helps in regulating the cash flow. It is also an important aspect in the business to choose a proper plan that helps to gain more audience and attain the goal of the organization.

Key performance indicator

The key performance indicator that is being used by the company helps to measure the employee performance that is required for the satisfaction of the data in the current business activity (Wynn and Jones 2019). The company status is maintained by the status indicator and the business goal to lead the company towards attaining success. The company's current performance is being made by providing rapid and automated current evaluation that helps in the growth of the business to run the organization.

The key performance indicator works in the organization with the help of multiple data such as spreadsheets and the data entry is required for the collection of the KPI information. In the implementation of the KPI in the organization, the company has to meet and attain the achievement, specific, measurable, and result oriented that helps in the development of the organization with the help of performance indicators that are required to run the company. The manager who is working in the organization has to attain the goal and set the meeting that is required for the implication and the performance to attain the organizational goal. The management action is best understood by the key performance indicator of the employee who is working in the organization (Franceschini et al. 2018). The manager has to look after the continuity and the measurement that is required for the growth in the computer organization. The benefit that is being provided by the company that helps in the application of the dashboard is to customize the calculation performance and set the latest alerts that are based on the bad performance. The main attendance is made on the sales force that helps to dig the products and set the alert to make the work fast.

 currency value

(Source: Kristiansen and Ritala 2018)

According to Kristiansen and Ritala (2018) it was stated that the sale, gross margin and the net profit will be increasing in the consecutive year by investing more amount of money. The actual business outcome relative to the business plan and the performance helps to measure the key performance indicator of the business that helps in the growth of the business. The company has focused on maintaining the 10000 and the monthly profit to 3000 within the period of 12 months. In order to maintain the business, the company has to make the business meeting that is required for maintaining the profit and it results in making the decision about the organization (B?rbu??-Mi?u and Madalen 2020). The key performance indicator is the important aspect that is required for maintaining the activities that are required in the business. The figure also indicates the current value that is being made in the business to attain the goal and maintain the efficiency in the business that helps in the business and the employee performance. The business goal in the organization helps to maintain the status scorecard and indicator status.

Evidence of decision 

The monthly meeting in the organization helps to develop the meeting that is required for the company to take different kinds of steps that are required for the implication and improvement in the performance. The performance of the organization depends on the different kinds of steps that are required for the evaluation of the organization that helps to develop and maintain the key performance indicator in the organization. The decision taken on behalf of the organization helps to gain more profit and detect the mistakes that are being made by the company and they will be overcoming the situation (Merendino et al. 2018). The company running the business for 12 months should be based on the meeting which is held every month with the help of the higher authority that is present in the organization to maintain the goal and attain the objective of the organization.

The proper decision-making in the organization happens with the help of the employee and the higher authority who knows whether the company is going to face the profit or it is going through a loss.

The minutes of a meeting are the official record that helps in the proceeding and maintaining the record of the organization. The minutes help to understand the design that is taken in minutes and help in the deliberation. In a meeting, there are four types of manager who are involved in the meeting for making the business plan that are sales manager, marketing, finance, and the human resource manager. The court of law is the evidence that helps in accordance with the provision of the company (Kinkel et al. 2022). The minutes maintain the purpose of the company in the registered office that is approved by the Board of a director.The sales manger looks after the development of the company sales and maintaining the target in the particular time period. This law helps to prohibit the pasting of minutes and it cannot be typewritten in a bound minute’s book or in the loose leaves.

The marketing manger looks after the social media nd the online advertisement that is to be looked after that helps in maintaining the view that helps and the minutes of values. It is observed that if the minute's book is maintained then the loose-leaf form will be bound periodically depending on the size and the volume within one or more financial years of the company.

The finance manger looks after the financial aspect of the company whether it is going to face the profit or loose in the organization. The formation of the minutes meeting should state the serial number and the types of meeting with the company name, date, day, venue, and the time that will be taken to commence the meeting (Yurdakul and Kazan 2020). The meeting stated to have the details about the participants that are attending the meeting that helps to provide with the attendance and the participant required by maintaining the attendance.

The meeting that is made with the Human resource manager must have the record of participants that helps to maintain that is required to maintain the record and the statement that affects the record in minutes and it also help to implement the strategy that is required for making the training and involvement of the management activities. In the meeting, the details of the quorum are presented in the meeting that is taken up thereafter to leave and close the quorum that is taken up for the business.

Sim venture

It is the essential element that is required for the establishment of different kinds of meetings that are required to stimulate the reality and allow the start-up of the business. It is also observed that experienced entrepreneurs are used by thousands of people who are working in this company. The sim venture in the organization helps to evaluate the online business that helps in learning different experience that is required for the development in the organization to perform the implication and the decision making in the organization. The virtual business can be implemented by implementing the decision in the vital area of the organization; most of the organizations get the experience through the real-world business by providing a safe learning environment (Yasin and Hafeez 2018). It is seen that Sim venture validation is the online ideation and the business model for the canvas platform. This helped to provide different kinds of ideas that are used for the improvement of the business ideas by the implementation of the team. It is a platform that is used for the navigation and finding different kinds of ideas that helps them to develop a clear presentation and portfolio analysis with the implication of the business ideas. In order to grow the organization, the manager has to stimulate the window-based business that allows the people to start and grow the microcomputer company. This technique helps to gain more experience and develop the business with the help of employability skills and business development. The sim venture in the organization helps to achieve the entrepreneur knowledge about the business and enhance the personal competencies and also helps in the development of the skills that are required in the workplace for the performance (Aldrich and Ruef 2018). It is also observed that in the computer company the sim venture is the key aspect to build the team that helps in innovative thinking and development of the new idea to stimulate the business.


The whole discussion is made on the computer business that has to be implemented with the help of the different kinds of strategies that are required for the growth and the development of the business. The company has used different kinds of management meetings and the outcome of the business plan that helps in the key performance indicator to run the firm. It is also observed that the money that is being inverted in the business had to expect the growth and the profitability in the business within 12 months. The business can grow by the implication of different kinds of strategies such as the sin venture, a key performance indicator that helps to tell how much the company works efficiently to achieve its objective. It is also observed that the company can achieve the key performance in the business by the evaluation of success to meet the target. The company has to follow the different departments in the business such as marketing, sales, HR, and finance which helps in the growth of the organization. A high-level performance in the organization can be achieved with the help of the individual department.

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