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Business Report For Annual Meeting Assignment Sample

Introduction of Business Report For Annual Meeting Assignment

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The annual which has changed a lot substantially in the design and content and also appeared more introduction for the stakeholders used for all over the year. There are the main changes in the report of annual analysis time which is over cyclical in the several years, years like 3-5 which is rather than each year. Partner or associate who seems to be targeting all of them in future years. Reporting cooperation which is tremendously undergoing by changing respect with the content of report and in the formation of arrangement presentation. Changes of this are relatively done which is relatively compulsory by the process of regulations and moderately done willingly. Corporate offense and shortcoming distinguish the reporting of corporations at the period of financial crises all around the globe and also play a major role in the process of this elaboration. However, the responsibility of social corporation, reports of sustainability which were increased in years of subsequent, as they never remove the annual report as the quondam onces which provide intent to the multiple types of introduction.


Making the decision based on evidence is a system for formulating the better decisions which is attainable by using the available evidence. All this was ignored by the process of making decisions which mainly depended on feeling of guts, instinct, or divination and data relies insteadly and also laws. Suppose any person requires to make a final decision in any kind of setting but mainly for the purpose of business it is important or compulsory to do this which is dependent on laws. Decision making evidence which is dependent in a classical way that can be used to be sure about the facts which are considered to be the facts relevant (Inn et al. 2022). When EBDM was used then data which were taken from the sources of four kinds which have been clarified by the evidence of the center which depended on decision making:

  • Studies of empirical from journals of academic
  • Data of internal company
  • Practitioners professional expertise
  • Stakeholders concerns and values
  • Evidence Of management based

During the period of decision based evidence mainly there are three kind or stages of work:

  • Evidence of gathering
  • Evidence of interpreting
  • Learn what has been applied.

Carol Gill studied at the School of Melbourne School of Business which found that practitioners of HR fail to follow the model of EBDM even by that which leads to consequences for employees, practitioners of HRM and organizations. When managers of HR make options, they directly workers.


There are many type of evaluation for evidence based practice as the following :

  1. Evidence based decision making process works: Practice of evidence based all this is about the better making decisions, action information which has the impact of desired. An approach of evidence at making a decision depends on a critical combination which is using and thinking and are also the better evidence which is available. It makes less decision makers which rely on narrative, wisdom received and also having personal experience. There are no sources of trustworthy information which are not there. It is very compulsory that professionals adobe all this attitude because there is a vast concussion management conclusion which has worked on the lives and also behaving better for the public in all little worldwide organizations. The outline factsheet has mainly four sources of every proof which consider some key to affected proof which mainly depended on practice, as highlighting before the major of joining these to ensure actions which mainly have the best chance of win. It contradicts and outlines a numerical of misapprehensions about the proof which is mainly based on practice, now looking before at literature that indicates the evidence of effectiveness based practice (Lepage et al. 2021). At the last, the explanations of the factsheet of the implications of practical evidence appling depend and practice to the original life of scenarios of organization.
  2. Empirical studies: This research is defined as any process of research where judgment of the study which is exactly worn from the particular evidence of empirical, and that's why it is known as verifiable evidence. There is a gathering of empirical evidence which is used as a research of quantitative market and also method of researching of qualitative market. There are few examples. There is research which is conducted to search out if a happy music was listening at the time of working in that it can give ideas for creativity. This creativity or experience is conducted through using a website of music survey. There is a collection of audiences that are included in this happy music. There is also another collection of people who are not interested in listening to music at all. Like these subjects which are observed. There are mainly two types of empirical research and methodologies are there in the following:
  • Quantitative research - This process or methods were used to collect information by numerical data. It is mainly used to quantify opinions, habits or behaviors or may be any other explained variables.
  • Qualitative research - This process mainly used to collect data of non numerical. Through this process there can be research about meaning, any output, or audio-taped. The size sample for this research is mainly small and it is a type of conversational of process which give more information about in-depth or insightful about the issues few of the very famous forms of process and are groups of focus, experiments and interviews etc.
  1. Internal company data - This data is recovered from the inside of the company for making planning or decisions for winning the research. This introduction is very important to adjudge whether the system of the company is recently using are win or if transfer made importance. There are mainly four multiples areas of a company which can collect internally from : finance, advertising, human resources etc. (Charoenkwan et al. 2019). Each single area gives a unique angle, thus far connecting data to the departments. There are little sources of data are given below:
  • Sales: The internal data was collected from the department of sales which is the review of determine, profit and also the line of the bottom. Now understanding numbers of these gives a chance to the business to maximize them. It also gives explanation to give more aim on an area of a specific or may cut out them altogether.
  • Finance: The department of finance which should be supplying data on the internet in the form of flow of cash results, result of productions, and an analysis of variance budget. A result of cash flow shows the generated amount of cash and also used within a right time. A result of production shows the incurred cost through the company to produce a service or good. The inclusion of cost shows labor and raw materials.
  1. Stakeholders : A stakeholder is a one person, organization or group who is involved in or getting affected through the increment and achievement of a project. They have shown an interest in its output because it will suit them in a definite way that may be financially or may through an advancement career and also can affect its realization in various ways.

If this process is not used then business starts decreasing because doing any business all this is required to do.

Strength and weakness of PESTLE

The PESTLE sometimes defines PEST analysis. It is a process in the principles of marketing. This idea is used as a process of tooling through organizations to retain a track of the outer factors impacting the business which is kept track of the factors of outer impacting the business. PESTLE is an evocative which in its development denotes P whose full form is Political, E its full form is Economic, S its full form is Social, T full form is Technology, L full form is Legal, and E full form is Environmental. On the source of the business, it can be decreased to PEST or area of additional which can be added. PESTLE which is analysis in the forms of a many more comprehensive analysis of SWOT. This analysis form is compared then with the internal company’s weaknesses and strengths via an analysis of SWOT. This PESTLE analysis was used in entrepreneurs and businessmen which turn often towards analysis of business tools for doing additional in the suitable decisions making for their firm. Before any venture of business, the owners of the business remain often doubtful as regarding its coming out and also how it would be received (Lepage, 2018). The factors which are mentioned in the paragraph have an effect on a business. There are Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal to Environmental, are different factors which are based on the various kinds of factories. Following given some analyses of the factories based different:

  • Factors of political analysis in PESTEL analysis: Factors of politics which were included are policy of tax, regulation of environment, restrictions of trade and reform, tariffs, and also stability of politics. All these categories determine the spread on which a government may influence a company or an industry. As for an example, may the government bring reforms of new tax which might remove the all system of generating revenue of a business or an organization. Few trade tariff barriers can prove to be a balk in the path which the owners their operations of business by including policy of customers and subsidies export. A trade barriers of non-tariff include in meanwhile which minimum determining prices import as well as bans and also barriers of on exports.
  • Factors of economics in PESTLE analysis: These factors include growth of economic or decline, exchange, rates of inflation and wage, wage of minimum, hours of working, unemployment of national and local, availability of credit and living cost. All these factors are antecedent to an performance of economy which impacts directly a business and also have long term resonating effects. For example rate inflation rises in Decision making evidence which is dependent in a classical way that can be used to be sure about the facts which are considered to be the facts relevant (Dixon et al. 2019). For example an increase in the rate of inflation of any economy which would affect the path of business prices in their services and goods. It may also affect the power of purchasing of a consumer and also may report on removing supply or demand models for that particular economy.
  • PESTLE analysis of social factors; These factors included in norms cultural and more expectations, consciousness of health, rates of growth of population, distribution of age, attitudes of career, safety and also health. All these factors are very helpful for businesses to best plan their analytics marketing and systems. As for example the market of India is mainly witness of a sugar in vehicles of demands at the period of the months of last of the year. It is due to the seasons of festivals and marriage. This is a cause which is mainly significant for all marketers as they are in certain customers. In addition they highlighted also the workforce of local and also its operation to zeal under a few environments.
  • Analysis of technological factors in PESTLE: This factors which means the new discovery and incensement in technologies. All these programmes are business research. There are various new increments like Intelligence of Artificial, Learning of machine, IoT, etc all are stars made in the field of technology and also if the business or company fails to make similarity then there is a trend which loses its area in the market. A factor of few technologies that are added in the analysis of PESTLE and also added the rate of change of technology, the infrastructure of evolution, and also any institutional or government research. 
  • Analysis of the legal factors of PESTLE: the factors of legal added employment of changing to legislation impacting, materials to access, resources, quotas, etc. ALL these programmes have both internal and external sides.. From all these rules , all companies should maintain their set of laws and regulations through which a worker is expected. In short the analysis of legal who takes an account of angles and forms process keeping in their mind both.
  • Analysis of environmental factors in PESTLE: Factors of these are mostly related with the surrounding effects of the environment and there is also the influence of aspects of ecological. All these also included the law of waste disposal, laws of environmental protection, regular consumption of energy. This features of the PESTLE which is critical for few factories or industries separately for example farming, agriculture and many more. Whatsoever, the development of required and Global Warming is too sustainable to switch resources, sources of ethics locally and nationally both which are added in the intelligence of supply chain which are having each and every organization compelled which is mainly considered to the factors of environment (Adams et al. 2022). Corporate Social Responsibility which is mainly done mandatory for business or organization. 

An analysis of the PESTLE tool is a very powerful tool for understanding the change of context, and after that look at the space or area to successfully change. During these issues this analysis of PESTLE works good or best with the analysis of SWOT. All this supports a business to choose the opportunity of potential and also threats all around changes of labor.

Strength of PESTLE analysis 

  • PESTLE analysis is a common framework and is also very easy to conduct and understand.
  • It mainly gives more benefits for better and vast understanding of the environment of the company.
  • It also gives ability to the organization and develops thinking of strategies and external.
  • The very main strength is it authorizes a company to future anticipate business threats and also allows it to nullify the effects or minimize.
  • It also gives an opportunity to the business to give a spot of a chance and also to capitalize on them.

Weakness of PESTLE analysis

  • Few analyses of PESTLE users were over commonly the data of the amount were used for making a decisions which is mainly not very easy to use data which are insufficient.
  • In analysis of PESTLE it is mainly very easy to get lost in the enormous data of the amount. So in short there is always a risk of holding very much or too much data and also undertaking very much data which are analytics and that may also lead to immobility by analysis.
  • The changes of pace which makes it too hard to anticipate the increments and may also affect the business in future.
  • PESTLE analysis which works in assumptions that show risk in the position of their which may also be wrong.

Pros and cons of company metrics

Company metrics play a crucial role in any success of business. Company mainly derives a vast amount of positive or good reports, it definitely shows the improvement role of company metrics (Lepageet al. 2022). Now on the other hand if a company is unable to derive a positive report then it will manifest the bad programmes of company metrics.


Through workers' company metrics scale, single or can quickly increase vast benefits. All are mentioned below:

  • Data measurement of a vast amount of company
  • Company’s calculation of positive and negative areas.
  • Management of transparency in the chain of supply.
  • Volume of sales develop.
  • Assured generation of revenue
  • Development of business identity
  • Satisfaction of customer and employee
  • Scalability

If anyone wants the full benefit of company metrics, then that person has to know the full programme of company matrics very soon.

Best performers can feel that the addition of a measurement of performance standard is mainly unfair to them. There is a need for unskilled employers to reach metrics which are not attained at their recent training level. As when there are mostly fixed aims available, then it becomes more quick or easier for each individual and groups which are towards them strive. All this is because there are some particular standards and also some guidelines that are mainly used to win or measure success.


  1. Cons can also lead to reduced levels of output: Best performers can feel that the addition of a measurement of performance standard is mainly unfair to them. There is a need for unskilled employers to reach metrics which are not attained at their recent training level. As when there are mostly fixed aims available, then it becomes more quick or easier for each individual and groups which are towards them strive (Pizzi et al.2021). All this is because there are some particular standards and also some guidelines that are mainly used to win or measure success.
  2. It also affects the difficulty of communication: Metric which should explain by some terms of key and systems. A reaction of nature in which people have experience of few things which mostly they do not know about which added ignorance. In short the meaning of this is that people who will close down this if they are unable to understand what things were asked to them, that can affect the breakdown of communication.
  3. It may lead to a vast amount of commitment: In sharp function measurement to service, each one in the group must be in the system to work.

Main principles

Critical concept

There is a rate in remembering or thinking that is crucial in all aspects of life. At any place of work there are many crucial thoughts which can be distinguished as a head and a rate minded for the ideas or creation of the bonus. Critical thinking is nothing but having the capability to think deeply. That detaching themself from bias of personal, responses of emotional and subjective opinions. It is also added by using the data at hand which makes the choice of reasons which are without falling prey to the temptation of doing temptations. The place of work where there are options about the process of completing the works, information of communication, strategy of development which are generally common. There are initial steps which are really useful for thinking and also having to greet each and every situation with a fresh mind. An owner who has to receive all available information. The last and least perhaps obvious, information and crucial thinking which is idea or creativity. Frequently means of getting ideas are boundaries pushing and convention of reshaping (Sireci et al. 2022). In short all this means taking a burden. Through using a crucial approach when really getting an idea that only can get the owner to mitigate the burden. This may be quicker or easier to said i stead of done.

Key principles 

Making rational arguments

Thinking critically is very clear, thinking is reflective, reasonable which focuses on deciding what to trust or may do. There is a fundamental process of crucial thinking of information and questioning. The owner may also question the information which they mainly read in a textbook. There are several arguments for this crucial thinking:

  • Arguments of deductive - This argument is mainly based on a premise of strong as for the conclusion. It is a top-down approach in which an owner can reach an annual point which is mainly dependent on a premise which is mainly thought to be real.
  • Arguments of inductive - This argument is opposite to the arguments of deductive. It is mainly a bottom-up which allows the owner to reach conclusions based on conclusions on the owner’s observations.

Checking validity of sources

It is very mandatory for all companies which are able to assess reliability of assess and sources of validity which is in step or order to be credible. In the world of business there are many materials of research which should have some support who can give reliability and validity. Following are given some sources:

  • Validity- The initial process is the information of the validity. This process is the main truthfulness source for respect to the presented information.
  • Reliability - The second analyzing piece is a source which mainly looks at the source of reliability (Dougherty et al. 2020). The presented information which must be are able to again created which in order to reliability of reinforce of the searching.

Aware of bias

Bias which is a wrong which happens in a judgment as when allowed by a person on their unconscious or conscious which are prejudices and to cause effects to their to another person's evaluation. Biases which may lead to the rating of employees as deflation or inflation, these implications can have any serious implications which is a situation of high-stakes which is directly affected through the assessments performance- like compensation, promotion, etc.

Few programmes of bias are as the following:

  • Bias of recency - It is the tendency to focus on the main current time period instead of period of total time. Example suppose an employee in the starting of the year did a vast deal for the company and also got a ton of results as a recognition.. There is a need for unskilled employers to reach metrics which are not attained at their recent training level. As when there are mostly fixed aims available, then it becomes more quick or easier for each individual and groups which are towards them strive (Hotel et al. 2022). All this is because there are some particular standards and also some guidelines that are mainly used to win or measure success.
  • Primacy bias- It is the main tendency to analyze the information which earlier learned on information over which later encountered
  • Horns effect bias - This bias mostly affects its tendency which allows one single bad or good trait for others to overshadow.

Examples of achieving objectives

There are many examples which can be used in critical thinking. As we have heard about some similar scenarios where this thinking of critical thinking may help and also can make changes.

Decisions of business investment - There are many people who started investing in ventures of digital and websites through common bandwagon following, as there were some which made decisions of sound for benefit to reap the unprecedented.

Decision - making workplace - Workplace of modernity which may be politics ridden and a culture where anybody or anyone accountable for a single spelling tweets out the words which are accidentally wrong.

Example of ideas with critical thinking

  1. Analytical thinking- This alludes to a collection of interpreting and introducing it, not only that there are evaluations of skeptical data.
  2. Better communication - However, this is used for storing or collecting convincing information other than the owner's right conclusions. Better communication is very critical in the crucial thinking system.
  3. Creative thinking - This is a pattern of certain information which makes connections between abstract data of unrelated seeming.

Ethical theories

Utilitarian ethics- The initial system which is an ethic of normative, as a utilitarianism, which is equated often with the main basis of the better product for the biggest number.

Deontological ethics - The prominent concept of second is ethics of deontological which is combined with the high deontology of father (Pendleton et al. 2022).

Decision making

Utilitarian ethics allowed the owner to multiple segue ethics which are approaches and give the building of ethical blocks. This approach assesses a work in terms of its outcomes. It mainly blocks all interest entities that should be equally considered.

Deontological ethics: This ethics is a way which people judge the other based on morality on a certain maintenance of laws.


Principles of fairness

The place of work is where people tend to feel most injustices and acutely. That is only because this is a place where people spend all of their working time (Ito, 2020). Fairness which is concerned with works, consequences which are right morally honorable.


An equity of commitment which may be the force of driving in all making of decisions. A failure deprives of equity.


Transparency is a truth or honest, open and communication accessible. It has mainly three principles which are to increase participation, give information to the public, and hold accountable organizations. That is why there is a trust in transparency effects.


All ethics need some consistency in the moral standards of sense, works, and rates which would not be contradictory. It mainly examines the lives of some turnover which are inconsistencies and also modifies them in higher standards.

People practice

Workplaces which are involved in Scandals which give risk and also workers of poor treatment who have mainly been highlighted as whatever will happen at the time ethics are not integral to the business operate path.


Evidence analyzing

Evidence which does not tell or speak for itself. Emotions which play a large role in decision making are rational.


Metrics which are measures at an assessment quantitative which are similarly used for tracking goods or performance.

Financial performance

Understanding performance of financials- In a company there are many stakeholders who are added creditors of trade, investors and employees etc.

Recording performance of financial- There are documents of key who is reporting as a performance of financial corporation (Dwyer, 2018).

Non- financial performance

This non- financial performance only supports the measures of the financial. There are many measures of finances which are indicators of lagging.

Add values

HR- They mostly give motivation to the workers so that they can perform at a modern level. Hr runs its own department and manages a benefit link to a successful company.

Employees - They mostly become familiar with the purpose of the business, statements of value and mission. They also work hard for the business to run well.

Stakeholder - The stakeholder mainly researches complex, using common approach and also research segmenting. They did all this to run a business (Pionke, 2019).

Impact measure

Hr- As hr is the founder and head of the business. But traditionally there is always a emphasis which is very vast on decreasing cost within HR.

Employees- There is a graphical scale which uses numbers sequential like 1to 5, to value the performance of employees which are relative in particular areas.

Stakeholder- A stakeholder comprehensive whose strategy of engagement should aim to increase and also develop at time over.


Relevance to stakeholder

The main work of the stakeholders is to give practical business to the owner and also the support of the financial. They are the people who are interested in any business of the company which is suitable to them.


The stakeholder is also a manager of the business who manages the company. They get projects into shape, resources winning and so on (Redington et al. 2022).


  • There should be a purpose of stakeholder desire and engagement report or can say outcomes.
  • Gives a presentation of the program like effective health care or effective etc.
  • Scope of communication, goals, and products desired.

Calculation of the turnover


Administration total in department

Drivers total in department

Production total in department

Cost of recruitment




















? 3012





? 3012

Table 1: Turnover costing

(Source: Self-Created)


There are a large number of employees who left the company due to dissatisfaction with salary in the production. Few are left for making their career and many more issues can be seen in the above chart. In payroll many employees have left due to dissatisfaction with the target (Williams et al. 2022). Not only that, the above chart showed many more issues.


These all points were recommended because employees should engage in their work instead of searching for any new company to join (Lowe et al. 2019). It may also lead to attrition of plans that mainly affects the firms and its reputation.


  • Hire the equitable resources - This should not be a moment of spur decision. It mainly needs meticulous planning.
  • Allocate the equitable resources to the right job - It is related to the resources so if there are under qualification of resources then employees can feel frustration and can decide to leave the job.
  • Time should be minimized - If once they get over the project and also resources are not set for another project then employees will or try to spend as a bench- time till they may be allocated to any other job or new job.


There are many issues for the turnover of the company as many employers are getting bored while doing the same work, few are transferring to another place, some have traveling problems, few are unsatisfied with the salary. So, all these are the main issues or problems for the turnover of the company. But being unhappy in a job is not only the main reason employees leave for another country. Skills are also required to develop so many have changed their company.




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