Business Skills For The International Hotel Industry Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Business Skills For The International Hotel Industry Assignment

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Business skills are considered essential in order to keep the organization running smoothly. These skills help the professionals for understanding both internal and external business environments that create such impacts on organizational success. In this assignment, the role of the hotel manager is provided in reference to the “The Royal National Hotel”.

Role of the hotel manager

The hotel or hospitality industry of the UK is observed as large enough and it is also important for the UK economy. "The Royal National Hotel" is the largest hotel in the UK by the number of rooms and it is a 3-star hotel (, 2022). Being one of the most popular hotels in the UK, the manager has the high responsibility to oversee all of the business operations as well as to maintain the day-to-day activities most smoothly.

 The Royal National Hotel

(Source:, 2022)

The hotel manager of this firm is responsible to take on a variety of duties such as managing everything from business development, sales, customer service along with accounting (Haver et al. 2019). “Fawad Saleem MIH” is the general manager of Royal National Hotel and he is committed to maintaining the quality business operations within the firm. The presence of the required leadership, as well as communication skills, help this individual to deliver multiple tasks along with objectives with the help of the proven track record of delivering the budgeted and the forecasted revenue targets. The skilled potential of this manager in the hotel is able to deliver exceptional customer care as well by keeping a strong focus on the entire service journey. The manager is a confident leader that helps him to conduct succession planning and people development effectively (Weber et al. 2020). Effective knowledge is also responsible behind the skilled managers to manage the entire business circumstance most easily.

In addition to the above, the manager is also responsible to recruit, train and supervise the hotel staff for maintaining their job responsibilities properly. Maintenance of budget, statistical as well as financial records are also under the responsibility of the manager through which it is possible to run the business smoothly without facing the issue of over budget or shortage of financial resources. The presence of interpersonal skills andoperational knowledge of the manager is beneficial enough to promote the business more suitably (Kukreti and Dani, 2020). Proper handling of the reputation management by providing quality services to customers and the ability to deliver the attractive guest experience help the manager of Royal National Hotel to make the organization as profitable as the reputed one. Thus, it can be stated that the manager of the hotel is capable of managing the business properly through his relevant skills and abilities. 


From the entire context, it can be concluded that managers in the hotel industry have essential roles and responsibilities, and these need to be maintained as well to generate profits in the competitive business market. The manager of Royal National Hotel is also able to maintain his roles properly, which makes the business successful enough. The presence of suitable skills is also relevant in this regard to handling the business consequences properly.

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