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Introduction of Changing Business Patterns Preparation Assignment 

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The changing business patterns of the world are one of the most effective trends in the business of the global market. This can make the business rise and fall and can serve the best idea about the strategies of a business. The world business bodies are making a good business within the global market and they are handling the economy of the world business. However, the changes in business patterns are affecting the global economy and serving different business policies in the global market. The important business institutions are making it possible to promote a good business to the market and serve the business bodies a perfect platform to make a global business. They are also helping the business bodies assure the fact that all the important sectors can have a good business and can make good business success. The following discussion helps to understand the business patterns of the global market and serves as a perfect idea about the important business institutions that support the global business.

· Discussion

By the definition, “trading” is explained as “walking in a specific way”. This can be taken as the process to run in a flow while dealing with various challenges and difficulties. This can be compared with the moderately recent time “trading’ which makes an idea about the process of selling and buying.

 Looking at the history of trade, this process is running from ancient times. People from prehistoric times adapted the concept to exchange goods and services. People from those times used to make “trades” with their remaining and mostly within their community and enjoyed a conjugal society. This can be said that this concept has evolved to modern-day trading which has no boundary and community to deal with. According to Sulistiono (2021), this concept of trading is running from the time of more or less 1,50,000 years ago.

Looking at the modern history of trading in the UK, this can be said that the country has gone through some tough times in the factors of trade. From the reports of Warlouzet (2018), this is found that the country faced a challenge in balancing the graph of imports and export. The UK market found a surplus in trading as there is a raise in exporting with less importing. This situation affected the business of the UK 18 times, from 1948 to 2019 (Borio, 2019). The history of trading in the UK says that the longest surplus was continued for up to nine long years which made the trading sequence in the country change. The next other nine periods of the surplus fell three different times from 1956 to 1997. In modern times, the UK trading system is again showing some surplus. This has been observed that the country is facing a deficit of 30.5 billion pounds which makes the GDP fall by 1.4% (Singer, 2019).

From the history of the export in the UK, this can be said that the global exporting trend of the UK is facing a decline in the global market which is causing a problem for the trading system of the country. However, this decline is rising from 11% to 3% from 1948 to 2019 which can be good for the country in the future (Lea, 2020). In short, this can be said that the commercial history of the UK has gone through some changes which affected the trade balance of the country.

Looking at the history of the UK commerce, this can be said that the global trading system follows some patterns and becoming less predictable day by day. Some trends and traits of different business are there that causes the changes and uprising the comparison between the trading patterns of different sections. In short, the changing pattern of UK trading is quite similar to the patterns of global business. This can be concluding here that the patterns of commerce in the world are balanced and this cannot be handled individually. The UK trading patterns make sure that the changing patterns are connected worldwide and this can change the global economy. Some of the factors are there that can be taken as the reason for the changes. These factors affect the whole trading system of the world and control the changes within.

Deindustrialization can be taken as one of the most important causes of change in the global trading pattern. This affects the economic structure of the world with less economic growth. This can make the trading system slow down as this causes a scarcity of raw materials for import and export (Dawney, 2020). Deindustrialization in the whole world is causing a challenge for international trading and this changes the trading patterns of the best trading hubs of the world. The deindustrialization of the UK came to effect in the ‘70s which affected the trading pattern of the country.

Another very important cause that can be taken in the case of changing trading patterns is the globalization of the industries. This caused to input global economy and this makes changes in the business patterns of the best business hubs of the world (Flew, 2018). Internationalization of the companies in different countries caused changes in the business strategies of the companies which made the whole global economy make changes. As a result, changes occur in the trading patterns which caused the countries to compete in the global economic sector.

One more factor that is important to make changes to global trading is the influence of the government of different countries (Alabi et al., 2019). Different laws and regulations in the world cause diversity in business trends and traits. This affects the economic versatility in the global business sectors and affects the global business patterns. Different government policies are causing changes in the global market and the bigger trading bodies of the world are changing their business strategies which causing changes in the trading pattern. For example, the BREXIT rule made the UK traders lose connection with the EU and this affected their business pattern of them.

The corporate bodies of the world are facing challenges in the changing trade patterns and they are looking for a perfect business strategy from the business regulatory institutions. The biggest and most authorized business institutions affect the business with a proper outcome and service. These bodies are important to make the business sectors stable and proper service patterns. In short, these institutions are the key influencers of the entrepreneurial internship and they handle the business growth of the world.

The presence of the “World Bank” can affect the business of the world. This is an international corporation that is funded by 184 countries in the world (Kraay, 2018). This international body provides grants and loans to the business bodies of different countries and helps them to make an entrepreneurial business. The bank helps the government of different countries so that the country can develop its business models and take part in trades. The bank helps in broad projects which ensure the growth of the economic factors of a country. This makes changes in the market patterns and influences business in every country.

Another important institution that can be taken as an important influencer for the global business is the “International Monitory Fund”, also known as IMF (Pastor, 2019). This body serves financial support to the countries in times of difficulties and helps these countries to make a perfect business economy. This institute serves the support temporarily and helps the countries in difficult situations. For example, the situations of the business surplus of the UK are one of the crucial situations for the IMF and this comes under the duty of this institution to help countries with these situations. However, this institution makes a contract with the lender that they can change the economic policy of the country and save the funding system.

The “World Trade Centre” is another institute that affects the business of the world. This body decides the rules and regulations of the global business and serves as a safe and regulatory system to make business in the international market. It handles the trade policies and barriers within the international market and serves as a perfect business opportunity for the countries (Beal, 2019). This also imposes trade barriers sometimes and makes the business bodies make a perfect business. However, there is a mixed review about this body that says the institution is causing some drastic situations in the world. According to the trading bodies of some countries, the rules and regulations imposed by WTO cause some difficulties for them.

Analysing the business institutions, this can be said that these business bodies have some great influences on the global business of various countries. These business institutions assure that the business bodies of the different sectors serve a perfect business in the global markets. The “World Bank” supports the business financially and serves the capital to make the global business to the countries. The “International Monitory Fund” helps the business bodies by providing temporary loans and the “World Trade Organisation” helps to make a perfect business by controlling the rules and regulations. This helps to serve the business to the international business without any problem and makes a perfect balance in the trade pattern of the world. In short, the business institutions serve a perfect understanding of the factors and help to make a proper business to the global economic sector. These bodies are involved in the global business and they make it possible to carry the best business pattern to make a perfect global business.

The global economic market is said to be a market with subjugation and this serves as a perfect business platform for all the important business bodies in the world. This ensures the perfect business for all kinds of business bodies and serves a proper market in a global context. This also ensures the growth of the countries that are involved in trade and serves an excellent business atmosphere. All the important business institutions are involved in this and they are assuring business policies, sustainability, and growth for the countries that are connected with them. This helps to make a perfect business environment in the world.

However, some challenges can be faced by the economic bodies of the world and they can have difficulties to make a perfect business. This can make the business bodies face consequences in the global markets and they can face challenges to run the business properly. These difficult situations can be mitigated by the business institutions and they can help to make a perfect business for the market. These bodies are operating together to make a perfect business scenario for all the traders in the world. They can support the business with subjugation and can handle the whole system together.

Announcing hegemony to the global market can make a negative effect on the business bodies and this can make some of them vulnerable. Hegemony supports the ruling system without any opinion of the members of the system and the rulers act like dictators of the system. This will be applied to the hegemony of the global business sectors which can make the business difficult for the small traders. The rules and regulations cannot always be in their favour and they can face a challenge to handle theirs in the hegemonic market. This can make the global business difficult and put some negative effects on the business patterns of different countries. This also can hamper the leading industries in the world and can break the balance of business in the world. In short, hegemony is not an acceptable concept for business and this can hamper the business bodies of the world.

· Conclusion

The world business sector runs with proper balance and in a conjugal business community. Applying hegemony in this sector can hamper the business function and can make the business week for some companies. This is important to follow the rules for the business bodies as these rules help them to make a perfect business. However, this cannot be possible to apply hegemony to the global market. This also must be followed by the business institutions not to make rules without any consent of the global business bodies.

· References

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