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Community Business Project Assignment 

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1. Introduction

In the era of the pandemic situation in the UK, the companies have faced a hustle that has slumped down the position in all aspects. In the UK, charity works from several sociological groups are also faced constraints regarding these facts. In the same way, the Age UK has faced similar obstacles that can sabotage the overall performance of the company (Drury, Abrams and Swift, 2017). Age UK is a licensed charity that was founded on 25 February 2009 and inaugurated on 1 April 2009. It was established by combining the activities of the formerly independent organisations Age Concern UK and Help the Aged to create the UK’s biggest charity for elderly adults.

In the pandemic situation, the age UK could not able to connect with the ageing people properly. They are not meet with them face to face that have arisen some critical issues in their operational process. As per the organizational report, it has been cleared that, most of the aged people are not connected with the internet services that is why they have faced an isolated situation in this pandemic situation of COVID-19 (Baloran, 2020).

2. Results or Discussion

Company Structure

Age UK has commercial subsidiaries that do business with the general public, including fully-owned subsidiaries Age UK Businesses Limited (‘Enterprises Ltd’) and Age UK Trading - a public benefit company (CIC). Including the organization, these entities form the Age UK Group (Drury, Abrams and Swift, 2017).

Company Culture

The company culture is open and supportive and open-minded. The company always serves the older people along with ultimate solutions to any type of issue.

Mission and Aim

The mission and aim of this charity organization are to support older people for any kind of hard situation that they are not able to cope with. The company provides the ultimate solutions to older people any kind of physical and psychological issues (Bratt et al., 2018).


Aged, The Stroke Association, Macmillan Cancer Support, Rethink Mental Illness, RNIB, HSE are the core competitors of this charity company in the United Kingdom.

Product or services

Age UK has provided home help, foot care, exercise classes, shopping, IT training and mental dementia support to the older people in the UK.


Age UK is around to offer older people guidance, support, and companionship (Bratt et al., 2018). However, as the population ages, many members of the elder generation are suffering more now than ever. The new approach is intended to assist us in focusing on the most vulnerable older adults.

2.2 A review of most popular digital mediums

For millennials, older people, and seniors, Facebook is undoubtedly the most influential social networking platform (Anderson and Jiang, 2018). The site is mostly used to stay connected to friends and family, to exchange images and videos, and to interact with like people worldwide.

2.3 The barriers that Age UK face in getting their clients to access digital services

In the pandemic situation, the age UK Company has faced a curl that maximises the issues of digitalization procedures. It has been seen that, in the operational process of Age UK, the aged people in the age of 65+ somehow adopted the technological services of digitalization. Nut after the age of 75+, the aged people are not accustomed to this kind of social media services of the company (Sutherland, Stickland and Wee, 2020). Several lockdowns and stagnant notions that older people are going through mental trauma that is very critical. Alongside, the mental and capital instability for the pandemic situation has created a hustle in the context of their services.

2.4 Discussion

2.4.1 the most suitable social media tools for the services of the company

It has been seen that the company has faced great obstacles due to the pandemic situation of the coronavirus. The company has already used the potential social media services that would help to enlarge their connection with the elder people in the local areas of the UK. Most of the social media strategies of the Company has been seen face to face that is why the best solution is simply on the online mode generated services of care for the elder peoples. There are some probable solutions are provided below:

Solution 1:

The company have to organize an online conference from home that will enable them to meet the individual’s every day for refreshing the mind of the older people (Kung et al., 2018). The used to services of the company like well-being services, weekly visits of the volunteers and sessions of IT all have to be organized through the online mode. But, in that case, the members of the organization at least help the older people to know how to do an online session from the gadgets. 

Solution 2:

From the service report of the company, it has been seen that they have provided telephonic and email ways to assist the probable encouragement (Kung et al., 2018). On the other hand, in the use of the social media platforms, the older people are not engaging themselves properly therefore, the members of the company have to provide a training session that would help the older members to use the social media tools to engage themselves with the members of this charity.

Solution 3:

On the other hand, for the online shopping, hospitality appointments and online prescriptions the members of this charity have to train the associated older people about how to use internet facilities on these things. In that way, the regularity or weekly physical treatment would be maintained that would help them to enhance the assurance of the services and it will help to build trust towards the charity from the older people. Because, in such kind of depressing situation building faith among their clients is the most crucial matter (Reina, Reina and Hudnut, 2017). Therefore, this kind of initiation may help them to mitigate the barriers they have face due to the use of social media strategies or digital platforms in the pandemic period.


3. Conclusion and Recommendation

3.1 Conclusion

In the above sections, it has been seen that the charity company named Age UK has faced several barriers in their services. Therefore, from the evaluation of the report, it can be said that there are some definite solutions as well as limitations. In the digital transformation strategies of the company this venture will get various benefits:

Improved efficiency

The significant increase in efficiency is one of the primary advantages of integrating a more advanced digitization system into company or service operations. The way staff communicates with one another, the continuous flow of data throughout the company, and the smooth transition from stage to phase throughout the customer’s lifecycle - all of these advantages contribute to a more effective business process that may save time, cost, and resources.

Cost Savings

Numerous companies invest significant resources and effort just maintaining outdated systems and products. Not only would a digital transformation save cash immediately front, but it will also save time and money after the business is operational, integrated of more streamlined operations and faster issue detection.

Better customer experience

The appropriate process of digital transformation would get a better experience for older people. Alongside, the training session for the elders to adopt the new processes of the digitalization arena would enhance the expectations of the clients regarding their services.

3.1.1 Limitations

Data Security

Digital transformation enables the collection and storage of massive quantities of data. This may be personal data about people or organisations. Keeping this data secure can be extremely challenging. A single breach may result in the theft of large quantities of sensitive information by criminals, militants, commercial competitors, potential terrorists, or other hostile organisations.


Anyone can no longer comprehend the inner workings of the gadgets and machines with which they interact regularly. Repairing a contemporary vehicle requires interaction with a computer; the process is no longer entirely mechanical. Utilizing a phone may include navigating a variety of complex settings. Minor faults in a laptop’s functioning may cost both time & expense.

Privacy Concerns

In the era of electronic transformation, confidentiality in the internet age is becoming considerably more difficult, and this is not just about the risks of personal data being taken or sold. Digital cameras are watching and recording public activities.

3.2 Recommendation

In the above section, it has been seen that there are some advantages as well as disadvantages. Regarding this matter, there are provided with some effective solutions that will help the Age UK charity company to resolve the expected issues and implement the overall process in a standard and secure path. To avoid data insecurity Installing and maintaining efficient firewalls and routers may assist protect the network via the use of suitable security measures. These methods protect the internal systems by tracking network traffic, and deciding who or what access to the environment is permitted (Newhouse et al., 2017). Firewalls are a key part of much surveillance equipment because they set safety standards for trust and reliance and traffic. Nevertheless, because firewalls can only prescribe traffic, they may be evaded by sophisticated hackers and weakened by bad cyber security policies and staff practices.

Alongside, reduce the complexity in the uses of the digital platform the members of the company have to train the older people that would get the services in daily basis through the digitalization process.

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