Coursework 2: Individual Research Sample

Investigating Digital Marketing Strategies and E-commerce Impact on NMA

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Coursework 2: Individual Research Assignment

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Outline the research aims and objectives


The Research study aims to create awareness of NMA among potential visitors from the UK and to convert awareness to sales via an e-Commerce site. Despite these, this research study will focus to encourage brand advocacy and provide a positive sentiment for influencing other visitors.


  • To identify awareness created by NMA for potential visitors
  • To evaluate sites used for providing awareness and sales rate
  • To identify steps the researcher to encourage visitors to the e-commerce site will follow that.
  • To analyze the strengths and weaknesses point the use of the e-commerce site.

Evaluate alternative research approaches and designs that could be taken, including assessment of their appropriateness and individual strengths/weaknesses

The Research study will be conducted with the help of the primary qualitative method. The methodology is the main factor of the research study and it helps to design the research pattern. The primary method will fulfil the research aims and objectives (Panduru and Scarlat, 2022). It is a logical plan and provides various types of information. Digital platforms are the fastest-growing industry at the current time. Therefore, the researcher will get multiple types of information from many online platforms. The primary qualitative method will conduct an Interview section that provides 5 questions for knowing more information. Therefore, for the interview section, the researcher will take four people in a group and tries to know actual information about digital marketing and digital activity and the importance of e-commerce sites in the current situation. These four people will provide many authentic data and information that will help the researcher for improving the research proposal. Every successful work will need numerical data and practical data that will be more authentic for improving the research study. Every Research study will develop if an individual provides a piece of authentic information. The researcher gets various types of numerical data from four different individuals that help to improve the research study.

In this research, deductive approach will be taken as that helps to test the theory of the research study. This is one kind of "Top-down" approach, that helps to analyse the numerical and practical data (Gigauri, 2020). The approach allows a person to use logic for analyzing proper decisions in the workplace. For example- in every workplace, the deductive approach is valuable for getting information from employers. In the same way, the researcher will take a deductive approach to understand the value of digital platforms. The researcher that provides many types of information will get various types of strengths and weak points.Every research method has strengths and weaknesses as the primary qualitative method has various strengths parts but has some negative impacts.

Strengths of Primary Qualitative Method of Data Collection

The researcher will take the primary qualitative method that will help the researcher to get authentic and practical information. Every method has a specialization that helps to improve the research study. Primary qualitative can provide in-depth knowledge of digital activity and its future growth (Maulida et al,. 2022). The researcher always wants to discuss the depth of knowledge that will develop this research study. The alternative research method will not only based on primary data but also it will based on the main fact of the research. The alternative research design's strengths will to comment easier on effect, cause, and tighter control of variables. Different four people will provide different answers about digital activity and the importance of e-commerce sites. Therefore, it is said that this study will develop with the help of researcher information.

Weakness of Primary Qualitative Method of Data Collection

The primary qualitative method has a weak point that is a big limitation of the research study. The researcher will take the primary method so cannot use online data or websites or Google scholar. It is said that the second method will be appropriate because all information on digital activities will get from online websites. Various types of data and information will get with the help of this method.The weaknesses of the research design will low realism and the awareness of the participants changing their behavior. This method of data collection is also time-consuming and requires more financial involvement. As the researcher is conducting the interviews in person so there is a need to visit from place to place, this is often tiresome, and time-consuming. In addition, this method needs an extensive analysis that often required the researcher to solve complex statistical equations.

  • Justify the chosen research method and instrument in respect of the aims and objectives.
  • Research data collection method

It is often seen that every research study is situated with the need for data collection to further improve the study. As researchers want their study to be, unique so it becomes obvious for the researcher to go for primary data collection. An interview is conducted to get this raw un altered primary data which would preserve the uniqueness of this research paper by providing various information required for developing the study (Ugur, 2020). Here, four people will participate in this interview session and they will share their practical knowledge and experiences. An interview section will provide depth knowledge and experiences of Individuals. In the current situation, many e-commerce sites are growing rapidly and these sites are improving business. The primary data collection method will be appropriate because directly this method helps the research study. This data analytics section will provide various types of information. The data collection method plays a vital role in improving the study topic. In this research study, the data will be collected from four questions in the Interview section.

A personal interview is an essential tool for improving primary research. In a face-to-face interview, it is possible to get authentic and practical data from individuals (Elverina and Furinto, 2021). It is very much important because in this method, directly people communicate with other people and it is very effective for getting the best quality data related to digital activities. It has a verbal expression that is very authentic for improving the related topic of this study. It is said that the data collection method will be provided many pieces of knowledge and experiences (Salmieri, 2019). The researcher will provide the actual sales rate of the NMA after using digital tools and techniques.

The various kind of surveys and interview methods will use to identify the awareness of potential visitors and evaluate the sites for providing awareness and sales rates. The research study aims for the NMA will provide awareness for potential visitors and will focuses on the actual sales rate of this sector after using digital tools and techniques. Participants will provide practical information about digital information and their body language, facial expressions and natural uses of words will be known from this research study.

  • Sampling and data collection

The primary qualitative data collection mode has been opted which involves taking interviews of the target people, a sampling of the collected data would further follow this as this process helps with analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the e-commerce site. The researcher has opted for this method as this is situated with various types of advantages that are mentioned below:

  • The research makes one type and its size will manage.
  • It helps to solve the costs of the research
  • It provides various types of opportunities for improving research findings.

The sampling has various processes and various types of stages that will be discussed in this section:

Identifying the target population:

The target population could be defined as the selected group of individuals the interviewer thought would ask questions and conduct the interview. It is done in order to facilitate the study of the interviewer and help him/her with the proper conclusion (Roller, 2019). Therefore, to proceed with the study related to the digital activity of NMA, four people were made the target audience and their interview is recorded.

Choose a sampling frame:

A sampling frame refers to the actual collection of data or the total number of units. From a sampling frame, the sample is taken and then the interview is conducted (Ames et al., 2019). Over here for this study of NAM, the list-sampling frame is taken into consideration. This method of sampling frames comes in handy for the NMA case study as it provides the following advantages:

  • It is a cost-effective method. Not the entire population is needed to be interviewed.
  • Requires less time to be done with the process.
  • Provides more accurate data

Understanding sampling size:

Several individuals will participate in the primary data collection process. It is said that it includes the data collection process.

Two different types of sampling methods are mentioned below:

Probability sampling and Non-probability sampling

These two sampling methods will provide a systematic and simple process that helps to analyse the researcher and it is easy to discuss the actual aims.

  • Data analysis method

The data analysis method plays an essential role in the research study. The research will take the primary qualitative method for improving this research study. Data analysis is completely based on the collection of data and it is positivism-based (Pham, 2021). It helps to examine the actual information on the digital activities of the NMA. The primary qualitative data thus collected is then analyzed with the help of a thematic approach. This approach deals with analyzing qualitative data, which involves looking across the set of information to identify the pattern (Braun and Clarke, 2019). This will help to generate a theme of the research and thus the name of this approach. Over here as the people of NMA were interviewed directly then we can say it provided the researcher with qualitative sets of data. Then these data are analyzed to find a theme, which will help to generate a pattern regarding how their digital activity is performing. After a theme is generated then the data is followed by a discourse analysis. This method could be defined as a method of studying the language which reveals how the language used by people can influence reality. Discourse analysis is done as it lends itself to the aim of investigation that reveals the complexities of day-to-day practice in the organization. The phenomenon that results in innovation among employees is thoroughly investigated across various things by conducting a mapping study that uses critical discourse analysis (Bäckström and Bengtsson, 2019). Thus with the help of this method, NMA employees revealed many important things regarding the company’s digital activity.

  • Research proposal

A research proposal could be defined as a document that follows a strict structure to which the study’s topics are described. This method is aimed at explaining at how the researcher plans to investigate the inquiry to be done. The interview conducted for the research paper is asked directly and the researcher notes the answers down without any third party being involved.

  • Presentation of results/findings

The research study will discuss the primary qualitative methods. A big finding gets from this study and various types of information will be get from an interview section. Various types of authentic data will be analyzed in the interview section. The research study will provide awareness information and the sales rate of the NMA (Laudien and Pesch, 2019). This sector is increasing its business with the help of digital technologies and e-commerce sites. Despite these, NMA will get successful with the use of digital marketing strategies so it is expected that digital tools and technologies have been improved by every business sector. After the covid, digital tools and technologies have improved many business sectors (Nesterova, 2021). In the same way, all types of digital technologies will be improved the NMA sector.

The senior management team will help in getting various types of information, which could help with the interview process. As mentioned earlier an interview section was formed and four participants will be actively participating in this study.Various types of data will be collected but the researcher (Bueechl et al,. 2021) will face a limitation. The researcher will cover all relevant data on the research topic. Even, Stakeholders will be engaged in this research so practical data will be collected from this study.

Present draft research instrument e.g. questionnaire, interview/focus group questions, observation criteria



Question 1: What type of awareness is provided by the NMA for potential visitors?

Question 2: Which sites are providing information about the growth rate of NMA?

Question 3: Which steps will be encouraged visitors to the e-commerce sites?

Question 4: What are the strengths and weaknesses points of the e-commerce business?

Question 5: What is the impact of the usage of an e-commerce platform on the work culture of the company?

Outline ethical and regulatory factors that should be considered

Every research study is required to be performed while keeping a few things like ethical behavior such as accountability, responsibilities, and good communication in mind. These ethical practices are done in order to keep the interviewers’ integrity intact. The researcher takes ethical rules and regulations for improving this study (Julianto et al.,­ 2022). While proceeding with this interview process all four participants were communicated with properly and they were made aware of the aim of the research paper and what it wants to achieve. Consent letters were to be signed to keep the confidentiality of both parties (Husband, 2020). Data privacy was the first thing that was kept in mind. Both the interviewer and interviewee are obliged to keep the questions and answers confidential for the smooth functioning of the research. While proceeding with the interview process the data, which are to be collected, were strictly related to the topic. The things that the interviewers speak and had no relevancy with the topic are to be omitted. And the most important thing that was done while proceeding with the interview process was that the participants were not forced to give favorable answers which would smoothen the research work.



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