Marketing And Markets In A Digital Age Case Study

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Introduction Of Marketing And Markets In A Digital Age Case Study

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Part 1: A case study


Walkers snacks foods LTD is a leading manufacturer of potato crisps in the United Kingdom. Each and every day, more than 11 million people bite into one of the products of the company. The snacking company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD operates its snacks business at 15 sites around the United Kingdom (Kwok et al., 2020). The company was established in the year of 1948 by Henry Walker. Nevertheless, besides the potato crisps, they are trying to produce healthy and tasty snacks for their consumers, which is one of the effective and efficient ways to develop their business rapidly in the Snacks market of the United Kingdom(David et al., 2019).

For the promotion of their new healthy snacks and foods, they are targeting the people of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Nevertheless, mostly target the young people of Generation Z around the age of 18-21 because these days they are the most health-conscious generation than any other Generation. More than 54% of people from Gen Z are focusing on healthy foods and going towards healthy food consuming and leading a healthy lifestyle. Their pReferences for healthy eating influenced the snacking company to improve their healthy snack productivity. They prefer baked, low fat-saturated, and low-calorie snacks to maintain their health. For that reason, Walker Snacks Foods LTD targets those young people for the promotion of these healthy products.

Marketing orientation

Walker’s crisps are a brand of the United Kingdom and have a share of 47% of the British crisps market. The main purpose of the snack company is to provide the ultimate healthy, and tasty snacks experience to their customers. They use the penetration strategy to develop their market production. However, they need to improve their business strategy to increase their sales and profit in the future.

Instead of making the normal potato crisps, they need to be more focused on the needs, demands, and preferences of their consumers and increase the productivity of healthy snacks. Because since the time of covid 19, consumers have been becoming more health-conscious, and they want some major changes in their food products (Sheth et al., 2021). Though they are producing healthy snacks, the process and the product's price are quite high. That is why they need to improve their pricing strategy and sell the products at an affordable price that everyone can afford. For that reason, they need to understand first the purchasing power of their targeted customers of the people Gen Z. For the promotion of their healthy snacks within Gen Z, and they need to improve their digital and social media marketing strategy because most of the people from Gen Z are addicted to social media (Flanner et al., 2020). Moreover, social media is quite an effective and efficient way to promote their newly launched healthy snacks. Just because they are already a known brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, that is why they need to start the promotion of their new products to the people of those countries. It helps them a lot in their growth and development. Moreover, the people of Gen Z avoid physical evidence and prefer online Shopping, so developing a website can also help in their business strategy management.

Evaluate to what extent the Walkers demonstrate a ‘market orientation

The market orientation is a business approach that can identify various types of consumer needs and desires and produce products and services that meet them. The Walkers focus and its marketing focus on five critical categories grouped into the following orientation groups:

  1. Production Orientation
  2. Product Orientation
  3. Sales Orientation
  4. Community Orientation
  5. Market Orientation

Walkers are consistent. The company is changing the virtual marketplace and adding the ability to deal with it. One such feature is the rating system introduced by online retailers to increase reliability. The company launched various types of new technology to solve the shipping problem (Ipek et al., 2020). In addition, Walker Locker has been created. This is a self-service collection service for consumers who may not be at the delivery address specified at delivery time. Walker is conducting extensive research to develop new flavors and a variety of chips for consumers. The company has launched calorie-free diet chips and air fry chips for users worried about oil levels and acquired several "healthy" brands such as air fryer chips.

The 4.0 and MarTech technologies to improve the company's growth

4.0 Technology:

By 4.0, Walkers describes the growth of technology and process automation and the data exchange process in the manufacturing industry. This includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and intelligent manufacturing. It will revolutionize how Walker manufactures, improves, and distribute their chips products (Schonbeck et al., 2020). Manufacturers integrate new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, AI, and machine learning throughout their manufacturing facilities and operations.

Benefits of Industry 4.0

  1. Increased production efficiency.
  2. Increases the innovation potential.
  3. Prompt response to customer requests.
  4. Reduce costs and improve profitability.
  5. Quality management.
  6. Fluid collaboration.

MarTech Technology: "MarTech" is a term of the company Walker coined from marketing and technology. This uses MarTech tools and various types of technologies that marketers use to notify, plan, and execute campaigns. The term Martech refers to the software or tools marketers use to plan and execute different digital and offline marketing activities (Soares et al., 2021). MarTech tools are used to automate or streamline the marketing process, collect and analyze data, and provide various tools to reach and engage with the company's target audience. The set of tools Walker uses in their marketing process is called MarTech Stack.

Main types of marketing technology-

  1. Advertisement- Advertising technology provides an opportunity to reach an audience that cannot be reached otherwise.
  2. Analysis- Analysis should be the basis of the marketing technology stack.
  3. Content Management.
  4. Social


It can be concluded that the Walkers Company, which is a chip manufacturing company, wants to improve its internal business productivity. The company adopted various types of new technology like Martech technology and 4.0 Technology to increase productivity. The company also developed the ability to compete with their competitor. So, the company decided to produce healthy products because nowadays, every person wants healthy products.

Part 2: Individual business report

Executive summary

Walker is a British snack food manufacturer which mainly runs its business within the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are famous for their potato crisps, and now they are mostly known for their healthy baked food products, which are basically low fat-saturated and large in taste. The company was founded in the year of 1948 in England by Henry Walker. From the early time of their development to till now, they are making huge innovations in their snacks products. This report is all about their new healthy snacks products and the business development strategies of the company in the food market of the United Kingdom.


Walkers are a British snack food manufacturer which mainly operates its business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is best known for manufacturing potato crisps and non-potato-based other snack foods. The walkers' company was established in the year of 1948 by Henry Walker. They are an early well-established snack brand in the United Kingdom (Sangwa et al., 2021). However, they are trying to expand their business in various countries. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and because of the health crisis, consumers are becoming health-conscious; that is why they are shifting to the making of baked crisps range which is healthy. In this report, the preferences of Generation Z towards health-conscious products are briefly discussed, along with a healthy product that Walkers are offering to their target customers (Sridhar et al., 2021).

Market trend analysis

Rather than sitting down for lunch or dinner, Generation Z prefers to eat short course meals or snacks in their daily life. They are focusing on more healthy food habits and leading a healthy lifestyle. More than 54% of people in Generation Z say that they prefer healthy snacks, and eating healthy is the current trend (Spruance et al., 2020). That is why it is a great opportunity for Walkers Snacks Foods LTD to develop their baked crisps range in the United Kingdom. The current business situation, market share, and market opportunities indicate the growth of Walkers, and by developing their new healthy range, the path of opportunities shall increase rapidly.

To develop a new healthy snacks range for Generation Z, the snacks manufacturer company Walker needs to create an intimate understanding with the people of Generation Z and examine their demands and give priority to their preferences. They are much more adventurous in their food tastes than any other generation. It is a vital point to look into the taste quality while making snacks for this generation. Moreover, they are demanding a healthier diet that includes more organic foods, which are healthy for them, and besides this, the snacks shall be tasty too. These factors are considered important points in developing healthy snack items.

The market trend to make healthy snacks has majorly influenced the snacks market of the United Kingdom. The covid 19 pandemic also hit the market and created a bad impact on the foods and beverage sector. After this pandemic situation and changes in the preferences of the consumers of Generation Z, the snacks company was influenced to change their productivity. For that reason, major snack companies invented healthy and tasty snacks just because snacks are versatile products. It creates a huge competition for the snacks company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD to develop their new healthy snacks items in the market of the United Kingdom (Magalhaes et al., 2019). However, the new product shall offer competitive advantages to Walkers.

The demand for variations in foods and snack products is growing so fast due to changes in social and economic patterns. The United Kingdom is one of the largest food and beverage markets in the world. Healthy snacking is becoming extremely popular among working people, teenage children, and especially among adults who are mostly from Generation Z in the United Kingdom. For that reason, the snack company Walkers introduced their healthy snack item, which is "Baked corn Walkers" (Chana et al., 2021). It is a health chip. Here the recommended products are corn chips because the key trend to eat healthily is increasing day by day in the United Kingdom.

STP marketing

STP marketing is a framework of marketing that is used to analyze the products and services in a particular company. Here the STP marketing of Walker Snacks Foods LTD is briefly discussed below.


Walkers crisps are a snacking brand in the United Kingdom with a large share of 47% of the British crisps market (Abedi et al., 2019). The company mostly manufactured frying snacks. Palm oil is used in this frying process. Nevertheless, after the change in the consumer's preferences, they introduced a healthier baked version of its crisps which is called baked walkers, especially for the Generation Z segment. In this situation, compared to palm oil, they use sunflower seed oil which is far healthier. They invested 12 million pounds in improving their healthy snacks business.

Target audience

They targeted mostly the people of Generation Z who are conscious about their health and want to lead a healthy lifestyle because they are developing healthy snacks. Though it is a process of healthy snacks, making it quite expensive and costly than the normal snacking method. Purchasing authentic and healthy products is quite difficult for everyone (Tanjung et al., 2021). That is why the snack company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD targeted a group of middle-income people for their new healthy snacks.


Walker Snacks Foods LTD has a good snacking market in the country United Kingdom and provides its customers with good crispy products. They also have a good market strategy, potential growth, and opportunities to develop their healthy snacking business in the market of the United Kingdom. The main purpose of the snacking brand is to provide the ultimate healthy snacks experience to the consumers of the company. Though the price and the process of making the products are too high, that is why they focus on their financial strategies to reduce the price of the products which everyone can afford. They shall position the product to the middle-income group customers in the UK and promote the product via both offline and online channels.

Customer persona

The snacking brand Walker Snacks Foods LTD mostly targeted the people of Generation Z, who are more health-conscious and they belong to the age group of 18-22. They also target middle-income range customers. The example of a customer persona chart is pictured below.


Will Smith


Want to be more modern

Struggling with being so fit and health-conscious


Completed undergraduate degree from Cornell University


Exercise and run daily

Creating a balance in the diet on a daily basis



Age 21

Lives in an urban city area

Monthly income- 15,000

Use of technology

Using the internet for research and buying healthy products

Has many apps on the cellphone to maintain fitness

Active user of social media

Table 1: Customer persona

Source: (Developed by the learner)


Marketing mix


(Marketing mix)


(How does this meets Gen Z customer needs)

Explain and identify the academic marketing theory supporting the recommendation


Walker crisps use more than 350,000 tonnes of potatoes a year, which is equivalent to 17,000 truckloads (Arija et al., 2021). They maintained hygiene with the expertly trained staff. It also has a team to check the standards of its products. Except for all of these, they are developing new healthy snacks, which make their productivity double. They are developing these products to create concern about healthy Lifestyles among the citizens of the country, the United Kingdom, and most of the people of Generation Z.

The Snacks company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD developed their new healthy products for the people of Generation Z because they are more health-conscious than the other generation and going forward to the health-conscious products. That is why developing healthy baked chips instead of frying can fulfill the demand of young people in the United Kingdom.

This recommendation supports Maslow's Hierarchy theory of needs. The theory explains that it is important to understand the demands and needs of consumers to achieve a sense of security. It also said that the needs of people could be different on the same platform. The platform has to decide which condition applies to its target audience on each particular platform.


The snacking company uses the Penetration Policy to attract more customers towards them. This means they charge a very low price at the start of the development of a particular product. However, after it becomes established in the market, they increase the product's price. Nevertheless, in the making of healthy products, the procedure is more costly than the normal snack making. For that reason, they charge a high price for healthy baked chips.

The people of Generation Z mostly belong to the age group 18-21, who are basically students or working people with the minimum earning criteria(Amanda et al., 2022). However, on the other side, they are the most health-conscious consumers of the snacking company. However, the snack company made these healthy snacks for them. The companies also try to improve their pricing strategy for the Gen Z people who can easily afford those products.

This recommendation is under the price developing theory of Marshall. The theory is all about customer satisfaction. It says if the price of the products is too high, customers may avoid the products' services. Nevertheless, on the other hand, if the price is too low, the demand for the products may create the reason for their unavailability.

So creating a sustainable range is an effective idea.


The snacks company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD ran a sustainable social media campaign for the promotion of their newly launched healthy baked corn chips(M et al., 2022). They use the social media marketing strategy to determine their products and their brands which includes the social and opinion research regarding campaigns, systematic gathering of information, and various methods and techniques to help in the decision making

The social media campaign is an effective and efficient idea to fulfill the demand of the people of Gen Z. Because they are highly technology attached and use social media platforms more than any other generation in their daily life. That is why social media is a good way to serve the advertisement of the new healthy product of the snacking company towards the people.

This process is under the social media marketing theory. Because the theory attempts to understand societal and psychological factors clearly, it successfully manipulates the effectiveness of social media information campaigns. It creates awareness among the audience and helps to target the right audience.


The snacking company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD mostly spread their business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Because people of these areas are great consumers Of their products and it is easy to develop new healthy products for their company between these countries and the people of Generation Z.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the snacking company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD is already a well-established and well-known brand for the people. Furthermore, it is an easier process to develop the new products in those countries, which is a great advantage and opportunity for them (Ramkumar et al., 2021). Furthermore, the opportunity makes a great impact on their growth and development.

This recommendation is based upon the theory of analysis of any business from the part of strength and opportunities. The company has its own potato products, has a good brand image, good quality health products, and many more strengths which help to grow its business of healthy products in the targeted country.


The company provides their product sales to their customers through the retail stores with the help of a middle man who is addressed as an agent. From this supply chain method, they sell their products mainly. Nevertheless, from the time of the covid 19 pandemic situation, they improved their e-commerce marketing strategy to sell their products (Kisno et al., 2020).

Though most of the people of Generation Z are tech-savvy and have social media around, they always prefer to Shop online through websites more than through physical presentation. So it is an effective and efficient idea for the company to sell their new products online. Because selling through websites is now the new fastest-growing sales method worldwide.

This is also under the social media marketing theory. Because of social media, such websites gather a huge amount of audiences 24×7 without taking any breaks. Nevertheless, it is not possible in physical attendance. Furthermore, the other reason is that a web presence creates a distance which is very beneficial for companies. A website allows the company to expand its target audience and make deals with customers. Moreover, the whole world reaches out to the company.


The snacking company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD mostly targeted people of the age group 18-21 (Romodonny et al., 2020). Because they are the parameters of the snack company, and they are developing their healthy baked corn chips for the young people of the generation.

They are developing various products for the various age groups of the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, they focus on the people of Generation Z who are doing diets and consuming healthy products. There are many benefits to targeting those people because they are health-conscious, smart, and understand the value of developing healthy products and encourage other people to purchase those products.

This recommendation is under the theory of consumers' decision-making process. It said that the companies use this decision-making process to

understand how a buyer makes their decisions and their interest and awareness of their products.

Physical evidence

Since the time of covid 19 pandemic situation, people have avoided physical meet-ups and the evidence (Soegoto et al., 2020). So avoiding the physical evidence and developing products through a digital strategy is a good idea for the snack production company.

Though the people of Generation Z are highly technology attached, use digital and social platforms too much, and avoid the physical meet-up, that is why the company needs to improve its e-commerce and website strategy to enhance its sales of new healthy baked corn chips because most of the consumers prefer to Shop digitally rather than their physical appearance.

This recommendation is under the marketing theory of porter's five forces analysis on the part of buyers. Because buyers are the most influential part of any company, they select the process of purchasing products online or either from stores. It is totally dependent on the targeted audience.

Table 2: Showing recommendations

Source: (Developed by the learner)

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping, also known as user journey mapping, is a process of creating a customer journey map that is a visual reflection of a customer’s interaction with a particular company. This method helps to understand the perspective of the customers and their thoughts towards the business. It allows insight into common customers' problems and helps them to heal the problem. User journeys are created across various touchpoints for each and every customer's persona. The customer's experience at each and every touchpoint should be included in a customer journey map process. This also includes what action a particular customer needs to take to respond to the company brand's response to the needs, demands, and preferences of their customers.

Benefits of customer journey mapping

Using the customer's journey mapping allows the companies to change perspective and observe what the sales experience is like from the customer’s viewpoint rather than from a sales perspective. To understand the customers' viewpoints, make a clear vision about why they choose the same product from different companies. Using this data enhances and improves the consumers' experience in the future and adapts new innovative sales strategies and marketing methods in the future if they are needed for their development and sustainable growth.

Sometimes a particular company's department has different information about the consumer's experience. Because of this reason, a customer journey map provides all the important information to all departments about the customer's journey with the business of the company. This allows the sales marketing team of the company and the employees of other departments who take a major part in this sales process to get a clear view of the interaction a buyer has with their company (Ulaga et al., 2020). It also helps the consumers by providing the same information to set a common goal and produce more sales.

Customer journey maps also help to predict the consumers’ behavior as they move through the different stages of the sales funnel. Companies use this pattern and methods to predict the type of prospect and which prospect needs to convert more. Knowing the consumers of the company can help to decide the future changes along with development in the marketing process sales. Moreover, the customer’s journey map allows the company to understand whether their customers have a pleasant experience interacting with their business. The company can also determine the specific aspects of their current sales process and what process they can improve to enhance the experience of their customers. Learning this insight can help to modify their business strategy in a sustainable way.

Brief details about a customer journey map

A customer journey map is a complete experience feature of a customer that has a connection with a particular company. It includes each and every interaction and touchpoint within the customer's lifestyle, from awareness to advocacy. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the journey of the consumers. The snack production company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD follows some customers' journey map to create a sustainable relationship with their customers, which is beneficial for their development and future growth.


This is the most important phase within the customer’s journey that the snacking company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD used. By helping with these processes, the company sets a clear idea about the problems and solutions of their customers. Their customers need variations in their snacks products, and they are trying to do something new by developing new healthy and tasty snacks for the people of Gen Z.


Consideration is the second stage of the customer’s journey map, where customers put their needs, demands, and preferences as additional information to develop their products and services. The company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD also used this strategy and prioritized the demands of their customers, which will help them a lot to spread their healthy snacks business in the United Kingdom and Ireland (Mason et al., 2020).


This is one of the important steps, which are known as purchase and decisions. In this initial stage, companies need to look into the customer's perspective and purchasing power. Though the snack company produces healthy foods, the process and price of these products are really costly. However, they are focusing on their financial budgeting and price reduction process to make these healthy products affordable to the targeted health-conscious customers of Generation Z.


The above-mentioned report is about the company Walkers Snacks Foods LTD and their new production of healthy snacks. It describes their business strategy and development process, which they apply to their new snacks productivity.


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