Social Marketing For Hospital Case Study

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Introduction Of Social Marketing For Hospital Case Study

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Freeman Hospital is an 800-bed referral centre working in Newcastle united. The hospital is managed by the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS foundation Trust; it is also a teaching hospital for the Newcastle University.

Social marketing is one of the concepts of implementation, control, design of problem with seeking of increase acceptability of different social ideas and practices of a group of target (Stead, and Hastings, 2018).. The social marketing problem in UK is that the aged people are not able to understand technologies and are not getting the information of the covid vaccines and make them educate to stay safe in the pandemic. The report will explain about the issues of social marketing issues and problem in UK. The social marketing problem is explained in the report in context to the current covids-19 pandemic and chosen hospital. It will also explain the situational analysis and the market segment and targeting of issues.


 (1) PEST and Competitive analysis

Political: Policies by the government to develop better working in UK so that they can help the elderly people to get educated and fast vaccination to control their death rate as covid is affecting more to elderly people.

Social: Current situation of pandemic is making people scared and the social marketing issue of providing information to old age people about vaccination.To educate the elderly as they are not into technologies and most of UK population is old people (Thakur, 2021).

Economic: Brexit effect and the covid are affecting the economy of UK but still they are very strong and this help in developing faster vaccination. Brexit is on of the major factor which is facing issues in the economic but still the economy of UK is strong.

Technological: Technologies need to be installed buy the Freeman hospital to control and make it better for the customer facilities to understand more about the covid-19 vaccination.

Competition analysis: Competitive analysis refers to the analytical tool to understand the market competition for the business. The market competition is a threat for the business and they need to develop new infrastructure or acquire new building to provide facilities to patient in their pandemic situation (Dalton and, 2020).

(2) Strength and Weakness

The strength of the country is strong economy and great technologies which made the first vaccines of covid worldwide. This is a major factor which helped UK in getting majority of population to get vaccinated.

The weakness of the country is that their majority of population of UK is elderly people who are a threat because covid impact elder people faster which have low immunity in them.

Market segmentation and targeting

  • Identification of target market

The segmentation of the market is done on the basis of the patient criticality as the cases of covid-19 is increasing and it is very crucial for Freeman Hospital to target the Newcastle market and the nearby cities to help in pandemic. There are people of all the age which are getting the infection from virus and it is important for the hospital to focus on the entire community and not focus on single age group (Jean-Baptiste, O'MALLEY and Shah, 2017). As the social marketing problem of country is that the non-utilization of technologies in elderly people are facing shortage of information and news about the covid vaccines and sanitization. Freeman are providing the facilities of rapid testing and also working on the safety hazards for example sanitization, free session for social distancing process and importance of mask.

  • Upstream organization

The Freeman Hospital can do partnership with the insurance companies or with private organization working on oxygen and machinery in the pandemic to get a support in emergency and vaccination. It is crucial for them to develop a working in hospitality industrywhich can develop a better process of working in the services for the people and patient who are getting sick need to be cured by the Freeman hospital. The organization can work in making elderly people get aware about the information of vaccination and also government is focusing in fast vaccination to the country to control death rate (Looney and,2017).

Marketing objective

Marketing objectives of the Freeman hospital in the crises are to provide the healthcare facilities to the people who are in need, also to make the elderly people educate about the vaccination importance and try to convince them to check automatically so that they can control the infection.The second objective is that they are people who cannot afford the medical care such as such as mask, sanitizers, mask, covid-19 kit etc.These are provided to people of old age in the country so that they can protect themselves.

Market Mix

Product: Product of Freeman Hospital are providing facilities of the healthcare system and services including the ambulances, safety measures, first aid, beds, ventilators, trollies, emergency wards, x-ray etc. the hospital is providing all the necessary facilities of product and services to its patients with high quality measure to control the business (Setiawan, Hasyim and Mutiara, 2020).Products including the technologies and the ambulance to provide the vaccination to elderly people at their home so that they does not need to go out and get vaccinated at the same time.

Price: Pricing strategies of the healthcare sector are set high but due to Covid-19 situations in order to help every citizen of country, company is reducing so that people can afford hospital facilities in pandemic. This is very vital for them to increase the services and the pricing as people is not able to get services quick.The country works on the NHS guidelines and provide the facilities of health care to each person to control the issues in the country. It is crucial for the people to get educate and make self-checking which can help the country in controlling the pandemic. This is very crucial for people to go in isolation after the test so that their health can be cured as the healthcare is free for people.

Place: Place refer to the location where the company is providing their facilities and Freeman hospitals are providing the facilities of hospital services in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Internet messages are also being passed on by the doctors so that the people are going to be aware and this is going to be good for the patients to get the right help as well. Providing the facilities to the nearby cities in the time of pandemic to help people and elderly people is necessary (Lim, 2020).

Promotion: Promotion on the print media and social media platform is useful to make people aware about the necessity of vaccination. Print media is one of the best ways to tell elderly people who are not much on technologies. Government is putting in the special offers in the hospital line in order to make sure that the population of the countries are getting the right help which is required for being able to have a healthier life.

Physical evidence: Physical evidence is the infrastructure of the company and the designing of the hospital makes the comfort zone of the patients be higher. It is because of the physical evidence which must match the lifestyle of the clients so that they would find it easier to approach on time. The machinery of the hospital infrastructure of the buildings of hospital, technologies is to help the elderly people with vaccination at home. Those who are not able to get the vaccines the hospital is providing the ambulance for vaccination.

Process: Process refers to the progression of working that is present by Freeman hospital in the business market of UK in Covid-19 situation has raised through technologies. UK is one of the leading countries in technologies and it helped in the process of vaccination faster (Bradford and Boyd, 2020).

People: Staff and doctors who are working hard in the pandemic situation as they are the backbone who are making sure that people and patient are safe. They are those who are helping the patient to live longer and controlling the Covid-19 situation with their knowledge.

There is a requirement for being able to get in the right funds for being able achieves the target of providing free food and safety kits. Working in providing the information about the vaccination to the old people in the target market is important so that they can work on safety of their people. The UK government are making policies of giving first does to old age people to make them safe as the pandemic is affecting them in first wave. There are a lot of safety kits equipment’s like masks, sanitizers, PP kits, etc which can be provided to the people. Taking the help of the government is another very essential factor which has to be present so that there are right standards which are being set. If not funds then voluntaries must be found which are providing food and safety and promotions must be done by Freeman hospital to support this move.


Working on the pandemic it is important for the Freeman hospital to respect the availability of resources so that they can get the best use of the resource and it is very vital for them as the oxygen is so important and they need to make sure they are using to it in critical cases. It is crucial for the UK government to focus on the education of the people and elderly people so that they understand the vaccination. It will also help in increase of faster vaccination. Freeman is providing the safety hazards to the people in Newcastle and nearby cities.


Implementation which the healthcare facilities are trying to provide the people with must be done on time and services must be equal to all the patients. The issue with this problem is that the on call doctors must see patients and do overtime. Working on the development of the technologies and also promoting seminar to the elderly people to get the information about vaccines. It is crucial for government and hospital to develop a process to increase awareness about vaccines. The Freeman hospital is also providing the healthcare services to the people living nearby to Newcastle united. The use of the resources needs to be developed in emergency so that the people can get the best of the resources in pandemic. Government and the healthcare sector are having limitations which are not good for the people in emergency situations which are casing the storage for the implementation plan which is proposed.


From the above report it can be concluded that the resources in the Covid-19 situation gets shortage and it is important for the government as well as the hospital to utilise the resources in the best way possible. Developing facilities of promotion through non technologies is feasible so that old people get the information through print media.


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