Marketing Report - End Term Summative Assessment Case Study

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Introduction of Marketing Report – End Term Summative Assessment Case Study

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The term marketing management can be defined as the technique of corporal guidelines that provide a focal point over the practical usage of advertising foundation, process as well as system within the company as well as over the administration of a company’s marketing asses as well as works (Mehek 2020). Thus one of the main aims of conducting this study is to highlight the marketing-related activities conducted by Primark. The study will focus on both micros as well as macro environments along with will also shed light on integrated marketing communication and integration of both online in addition to offline media.

Company Profile

Key facts and relevant points about the company

Primark is a Dublin-based global fast-fashion retailer. It is a division of Associated British Foods with sites throughout Europe and the United States. Primark shifted to Arthur Ryan House, previously Chapel House, in Dublin in 2015. Primark's flagship model store in Birmingham, England, was inaugurated in 2019 in the former Pavilions Shopping Centre. Spanning 160,000 sq ft with a beauty parlor, Disney-themed café, and barbershop stretched across five decks, it is the world's largest Primark store.

What sector does the company operate within?

Primark sells a broad array of products, including newborn and children's clothing, women's as well as men's clothing, furnishings, collectibles, shoes, cosmetics, and even candy. The cost of the apparel has been reduced from what was previously charged. In 2014, Primark began selling cosmetics. Primark has already been selling vegetarian snacks since January 2018. Laura O'Sullivan, the co-founder of Primark, stated her support for the new snacks. Primark's Wellness range, which includes 80 eco-friendly items, debuted in 2020. Organic, sustainable, or recycled materials are used to make each item. This is in line with a retailer's desire to be more environmentally conscientious. Primark is now one of the greatest fashion companies in the United States, competing with major retailers such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.

What do you think is the company’s stage in the capability pyramid and implementation of big data analytics?

When it comes to the capability pyramid of Primark, the brand makes sure to stand out in terms of price. Providing affordable fashion to customers, Primark builds its presence in fast-moving fashion. Here, they provide some of the most trending pieces in every sector without burning a hole in the customer’s pocket. However, being a huge brand, Primark has to take care of the analytics part. When it comes to managing big data, the company uses software and got some of the best analysts to help with the same.

Marketing Environment Analysis

What is the Marketing Environment?

All internal and external variables that fuel as well as impact a company's marketing activities are known as the marketing environment. To maintain success as well as tackle any dangers or advantages which may affect their work, marketers must be aware of the market structure. Marketing is vast and varied, with both controllable and uncontrollable variables.



Primark is a well-known brand name in European markets. According to statistics, the corporation manages approximately 392 locations across Europe, including the US, the UK, and Slovenia.

Primark does not spend considerable resources on marketing and promotion. In reality, the fashion industry handles its employees and consumers far better than does its word-of-mouth advertising. It helps the corporation cut costs and offer lower-cost products to customers.

Primark offers a wide array of goods and services to its clients. Included are housewares, hosiery, accessories, shoes, undergarments, and clothes. The firm's wide range of products helps it to appeal to a broad variety of customers.


Primark has to deal with a slew of crises over the years. Around 260 retail operators under the brand, for example, have already been paying their employees underneath the current minimum wage.

Primark subcontracts its manufacturing to Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshi, and Chinese, among other countries. These nations have a plethora of low-cost labor. Numerous customers, on the other hand, claim that the brands have been subjected to excessive outsourcing.

Although Primark sells attractive clothing at a low cost, the firm's quality has degraded significantly.


Workout wear is one of the world's fastest-growing developing sectors, thanks to clear healthy eating and activity trends. Primark has managed to establish itself as a clothing business. The company must now expand its athletic audience, allowing the clothing brand to keep up with current health trends.

Primark, since we all know it, operates in approximately 12 European countries. The fashion retail brand's market should be expanded to include more European countries. Primark should conduct extensive market research in Latin American and Asian nations such as Argentina, Pakistan, India, China, the UAE, South Africa, Brazil, and many others. The results of the study will help the corporation pinpoint its growing customer market.


Natural catastrophes and trade issues put Primark's supply chain and product line in danger. It's for this reason that the clothes retailer sourced its merchandise from Asian countries. Many things can go wrong inside the production facility and then when the finished product is delivered. Walmart, Gucci, Amazon, Sports Direct, and Tesco are just a few examples that are Primark's major competitors in different categories which also include Zara, JD Sports, Tesco, and Next.


The microenvironment of Primark will be done by using Porter’s Five Forces evaluation. This part will mainly focus on two important elements of Porter’s five which are discussed in detail below.

Porter's five forces of Primark

Bargaining power of the supplier/Contractor

For any firm with an intention to achieve the desired goals of succeeding in its function, it is ought to administer the bargaining power of the contractor in an appropriate manner. It can be noted that the maximum contractor's bargaining power is identified as harmful to the firm’s winning although inferior buying commands s identified to be as beneficial. Considering the company selected that is Primark, it has a broad contractor segment in both national as well as international locations. In addition to this Primark doesn’t call for additional from a sole contractor. This implies that there is no sole contractor or supplier who holds maximum command to instigate the unfinished product costs. It additionally shows that Primark is competent enough to gain unfinished products at inferior prices as a result they gain huge earnings (Roberts 2011). To exemplify the low suppliers command Primark at present giving extra stress on national contractors to decrease their costing for the unfinished items which remain maximum as contrasted to that of international contractors. At last, it can be said that the Primal confronts inferior expense switching to the new contractor. This additionally augments the firm’s buying power over its rivalries (SANIGOK 2012).

The intensity of the competition

Within the UK many renowned retailers are competing with each other. This shows that Primark function within a very cutthroat ambiance. In addition to this few of the major rivalries like Next and Gap, who have completely achieved the attire needs of the youthful generation, pose a great risk of getting the firm out of the business sector. The high rivalry power is additionally worked with by the way that within the UK, there are no boundaries of passage or exit in the garment business. This works as a motivating force for international retailers to layout their organizations in the nation, further strengthening the rivalry. In such a manner, the organization has been confronting significant difficulties like misfortune in business sector share (Nhuta 2016). Additionally, Primark confronts rivalry from inferior and maximum closures in the retailing garments sector. The two brands have grabbed away conventional clients of Primark. Plus, contenders like Gap, Top Man, Zara, and Oasis have planned most recent attire designs that have drawn in the more youthful age (Mohammed 2014).


The macro environmental study of Primark will mainly provide its focal point on the various external factors that affect its functioning within UK. Though there are various external factors that impact a company’s working but in case of Primark two major factors will be focussed on which are economic and technological factors. The main reason behind selecting these two as the describing factor because firstly as Primark is an international brand whose origin is not UK thus it will be important to what economic condition company has to see in order to compete with other competitors within UK (Gabriel 2020). Also the reason behind selecting the technological factor is due to the ever changing nature of the technology which will help in identifying how it is affecting the Primark and what sort of new technology they are following.

 SLEPT Analysis

Social Factors

The main communal aspect which impacts Primark is the present fashion style that the prospective clients are seeking, For the British-based shopping value garments are considered to be the core now. Two-fifths of the young generation are now accepting that they purchase their normal clothes at value stores. This is telling that garments-based clients ate now seeking for purchasing reasonable substitute dresses. Along these lines of the communal fashion style of the UK business sector, Primark has a huge benefit over the maximum-street fashion shoppers. Primark has perceived that to be seen profoundly in the community in current times, implies that the association should act morally. This is represented by their moral procedure on their online site (Al 2019).

Technological Factors

The foremost technological aspect being acknowledged is Penney’s gift card. Penneys is the business name of Primark within the Republic of Ireland. This gift card is just accessible in Ireland at this moment, although the company is looking forward to adding this within the UK also. The main idea behind using this technology is that a customer with this card can be able to see their money on Primark’s website. This will provide Primark with the important facts to look at which items are purchased most often by the customers. Primark's online site provides data on the organization's profile; comprising a foundation, its moral strategy, and its forthcoming stores. Overall it can be said that in order to compete with the other competitors Primark needs to include additional technology in order to create a mark in the UK (Reinartz 2018).

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication is identified to be as the technique deployed to amalgamate advertising interaction matters for example public associations, social media, customers’ analytics, business development standards as well promotional activity (Madhavaram 2013).

Integrated marketing communication

However, marketing communication mix can be defined as the bundle of promotional, personal selling, advertising and customer association which firms deploy to satisfy their advertising objectives (Todorova 2015). The integrated communication mix of the Primark will be explained by using the DRIP model in which three aspects will be selected which are advertising, sales promotion and direct and digital marketing.

DRIP Model

Differentiate: The brand Primark differentiates itself by showing its category in the fast-style, simple styles as well as most importantly with less expensive costing tags. Primark has got distinguishing offer inside the fashion business sector with a lot of options for its customer to like the brand. 

Inform: In spite of the fact that powerlessness to move deals on the web, Primark has preceded to associate as well as dish up to its clients by means of its online entertainment accounts. The brand has kept up with its standard degrees of posting and commitment and further developed brand opinion despite the fact that clients are plainly disheartened not to have the option to shop with them.

Persuade: The greatest, as well as maybe the best limited-time technique of Primark, is informal. Fulfilled clients spread the name of the retailer around bringing about additional clients being attracted to it (Jamieson 2017).


Identified as differentiated from other fast fashion companies like TX Maxx that generally promotes it brands by means of using various norms of promotion beneath the huge promotional name “Big Labels, Small Prices”. Primark has neither promotes nor not paid any fund for celebrity promotions. Although Primark hold no end of cyclical promotion or huge advertisement for being out of inventory. In addition to this Primark is also shifting its focal point on using the three most used social media tools which are Facebook, Youtube ad twitter to attract more audience.

Sales Promotion

The sales promotion of the Primark assist in on introducing the facet for a person for attaining some discount coupons along with this it may also introduce some new range of fact fashion. Primark’s sales promotion tactics is reliant in on-going sales promotion; it deals with its brands as well as items by making use of both traditional and conventional sales tactics.

Direct and Digital Marketing

The direct marketing of Primark is mainly focussed on using direct emails. By collecting the client data base while they shop they use their emails to send various promotional offers via using emails. The digital marketing of Primark is mainly focussed in using few of the important search engines which mainly comprises of it online sites as well as mobile application through which client can get connected with the brand easily. In addition to this with the use of digital media Primark also able to promotes its products via website as well as via billboards and hoardings too. Also as a part of social media it mainly focuses on using social media marketing as a new online platform tool that will not only help to promote the brand but also helps in engaging more clients (Reinartz 2018).

Integration of Online and Offline Media

How the company integrates online and offline media using relevant examples

Primark is a brand that built its presence through its services in various sectors. And why not, the brand made sure to get the affordable price range in the market. Keeping the marketing trends in mind, Primark made sure to be specific when it came to using the media for the advertisement. Though the brand is well known in addition to does not require any advertisement, adding more community in the loop, is important.

Using online media, Primark builds its brand presence on different social media where they keep its customers updated about the latest launches, what is going around, the new store openings, as well as the amazing discounts going on. This is making their online presence shine. Now, when it comes to offline media, there are no such advertisements done as the company believes in the word of mouth. A lot of loyal customers are there to promote the brand as they got amazing services but to make a little of their offline presence, Primark is using magazines as an offline media source.

Analyse the marketing campaign decisions and influence of data analytics.

Primark has been known for its low pricing strategy as well as that is where the success of the company stayed. The data analysis made sure this low price policy is going to work as many brands are there in different sectors but their prices are high and not affordable by all. The marketing campaigns are designed in such a way that people can afford the products and can still be brand-oriented. The data analysis played a major role to decide the marketing campaigns to be followed and therefore achieved great results today.

Organizational integration is achieved when business goals are harmonized among external and internal influences. Internally, uniformity promotes collaboration and teamwork across all departments. Organizational integration is aided by external factors such as a company's purpose or marketing plan, input/output, economics, technology, geopolitical difficulties, social considerations, and customers. External factors that affect a company include economic conditions, governance, legislation, and sociocultural trends. An example of an external integration is an energy company that supplies energy to an area. According to activists, the energy provider could attract investigation for using environmentally dangerous energy sources.

How was integration achieved – impact and significance

Technology and data integration across departments of an organization enhances innovation that improves its value proposition. In addition to a direct communication channel available in the organization as well as for clients and stakeholders, systems integration technologies can provide access to critical information while optimizing relevant business processes. After a customer's product purchase, the connection will allow them to access an online platform to see what is or is not in stock, and the estimated delivery date. This transparency instills faith in the system and demonstrates that system integration is a vital component of producing value, even when it is not visible to the client.

What is the analysis telling the reader?

PRIMARK positioned itself on the glittery side of the market, and the brand made sure to demonstrate its success by achieving the appropriate standards and uniquely placing itself above its competitors. The company has well classified its targeted market and has been effective in satisfying its customers, resulting in high sales, and goodwill, and the organization has now raised the bar for its rivals. Being one of the best brands available today, Primark has set built a brand image that has no nearby competition for sure. A person who is brand conscious and cannot go for highly-priced materials. Primark makes it easy for them to maintain their brand standards. Once a customer enters their store, there are multiple items to impress the customer, and definitely, there would be a great sale. Along with this, Primark has amazing marketing techniques that make it different from the other brands present in the market.


So, from the overall study it can be concluded that Primark is more or less developing its online segments to cater the UK market however its offline store are very much in use by the clients in the UK. Also by analysing the Primark’s marketing environment using SWOT, Porters five analysis and SLEPT’s analysis it can be said that the integration of the integrated marketing communication mix plays a very important role in making Primark additionally visible in the UK market against its competitors.


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