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Introduction of ‘Creamy Choco’ Manufacturing Chocolate Business Plan

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The study will provide detailed information about the business plan related to the new business plan for manufacturing chocolate in the new brand name “Creamy Choco”. It would also enhance knowledge about the major components of the chocolate business and the way it interrelates. It will depict a demonstration of effective small business planning and performance with justification and evidence for assisting the viability of a chocolate business plan (Al Fallah, 2019). On the other hand, it would also enhance deep evaluation of probable issues which might affect the success of the business enterprise “Creamy Choco”. Finally, it would enhance a suitable conclusion about overall lessons that had been learned from this study.

  • Critical analysis of components of a business and how they interrelate

The major components of the chocolate business are:

Business strategy

The business strategy that should be taken for manufacturing and promoting the new “Creamy Choco” is the adoption of best marketing techniques such as the uses of television, radio and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. On the other hand, a proper arrangement should be made for an acquisition of a plot of land for creating the manufacturing site where the chocolate is to be produced, packaged and made into a finished product (Gallo et al., 2018). Moreover, the standard and taste of the chocolate are required to be of good quality by adding innovative flavor, health advantages, better accessibility, and others. Moreover, there must be hiring of the best chefs who are experts in making chocolates and have clarity in the business goal that is to be achieved.

Legal status

The legal status refers to the procurement of all legal formalities and documents, which will help in making this new business plan lawful in the eyes of the country’s government and international bodies. On the other hand, it is also necessary to acquire a direct identification number that is being signed, printed and sent to the Ministry of Corporate of the UK (Al Fallah, 2019). Moreover, they are also required to file permission requests and registration to the owner of the particular region or place that has been selected as a manufacturing site and taken on lease. 


The operations that are being undertaken for selling chocolates are the production activities and manufacturing process. This activity consists of baking the moulds, forming, depositing and so forth. The collection technique may be completed routinely. It is present for depositing every form of chocolate, which includes double shade stuffed-internal, nuts and so forth chocolate. Due to the fact that the products are simple in addition to nuts being introduced, this device is suitable. This device could manufacture one hundred-three hundred kg of chocolate per hour. It could produce chocolates in extraordinary shapes (Almarimmi, 2022). It is able to assist in lessening the expenditure on chocolate mould. With the aid of generating chocolates in distinct shapes, it would be possible to appeal to every part of the marketplace. Chocolate manufacturing is a highly decent laptop managed method with an awful lot of brand new expert equipment. Machines such as enrobing devices, tunnels for chocolate cooling, moulding machines, and coating machines. On the other hand, the processing of chocolate includes roasting, cleaning of seeds, cocoa pressing, grinding, conching, refining and mixing, cooling, and moulding and tempering.


The marketing strategy of this new business of “Creamy Choco” would be very modern and realistic so that it can create a good impression in the prevailing UK marketplace. For this purpose, the prevailing market condition of the confectionery and chocolate industry is to be analyzed properly, along with understanding the changes in tastes and preferences of customers (Lupton et al., 2018). On the other hand, the target customer for this business of chocolate for “Creamy Choco “would be the children and young adults as they are the group who has the highest craze for eating chocolates. 


The finance of this entirely new business plan would be financed by the owner itself along with taking a certain amount of loan from the Bank of England. On the other hand, the additional saved money would also be invested along with making business deals with renowned stakeholders who would further give funds for the future expansion of this business (Goud, 2020). However, it has been identified that the start-up expense for this new business would be very high, and for tackling its machinery will be procured on lease for an initial certain business period.

All of these above major components of the chocolate business are interrelated in the sense that if the business strategy is not planned, developed and articulated properly, then it would be impossible for the owner to make practical registration and permission for legal status. Moreover, in the absence of a logical business strategy, it would not be possible for the owner to make functioning and running of the operations related to making the chocolate on the production site. It has also been recognized that the marketing of the business plan is very much connected with operational activities. This is in the sense that if the chocolate as a finished product is not established, then the marketing of this cannot be done by the owner with the help of market analysts (Lupton et al., 2018). On the other hand, it is the authentic marketing and its analysis that helps the company in understanding the new flavours of chocolate that are liked by the youngsters on the basis of those flavours and tastes will be added during operations related to chocolate making. However, marketing and finance are interrelated in the sense that executing detailed market analysis helps the managers and accountants of the company to evaluate the overall costs that had to be incurred for entire business operations from legalization to promotional activities.

Demonstration of effective small business planning and performance

A cash flow forecast




2024 (£)

Cash Inflows


Cash Sales




Credit Sales




Total Cash Inflows




Cash Outflows














Machines and equipment




Bank Interest




Total Cash Outflow




Net Cash Flow




Capital investments

The overall capital investment that is needed for the start-up of the chocolate manufacturing business in the UK for “Creamy Choco” is £30000.



Total Cost (£)

Raw Materials


Cocoa butter




Milk powder


Overall costs


Projected sales

The projected sales of the chocolate business are likely to be around £2 million within the next four to five years. This has been anticipated on the basis of the overall growth and market size of the global chocolate industry. It has been identified that the worldwide market size of chocolate is currently valued at $130.56 billion, which is expected to be growing at a compound yearly rate of 4.6% (Goud, 2020). On the other hand, it has been recognized that this rise would be because of increasing awareness and demand for dark chocolate, which is thought to be much healthier as it includes antioxidants that protect skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays. The overall global revenue forecast of the chocolate industry would be $187.08 billion in 2027, and the UK, too, would see a huge increment in the business growth of the chocolate business (Cadby, 2021).

Thus, the new business of chocolate, “Creamy Choco”, will easily acquire huge growth in terms of revenue and sales, thereby becoming a big company in the SME category. On the other hand, intake of chocolate additionally suppresses the discharge of cortisol, a pressure hormone. It is most suitable for the customers to encompass factors in ordinary food plans that alleviate fitness concerns rather than relying upon medicinal drugs. As chocolate facilitates thoughts and induces happiness, it is far anticipated that the income of chocolate will maintain to witness a lift at some point in the approaching years.

Chocolates are additionally associated with a token of appreciation, love, and happiness that might be given as presents at some stage in the festival time, thereby generating the goods’ desires. The grocery store and hypermarket section accounted for the most important proportion of greater than 65% in 2019. Excessive goods presence at grocery stores and hypermarkets is a prime element contributing to the section boom. Furthermore, producers are commencing shops at department stores as a result of developing a call for chocolate amongst purchasers, thereby riding the income of chocolate via hypermarkets and supermarkets in future periods. As an example, as of might also 2018, Walmart had 21 shops and plans to open around 50 extra shops with the aid by the end of 2023 in the UK (Allen, 2019).

Moreover, shops which include branch shops and area of expertise shops, are putting top-class chocolates, together with Godiva, across the factor of sale for a better-priced impulse buying. Small-sized compound chocolate producers include their manners and claiming their interest to endure global-famed chocolate makers. As an instance, NATRA gives natural and no-introduced-sugar versions of white, darkish, and milk compound chocolate other than fillings and cocoa powder within the nation. Additionally, meticulous attempts are placed with the aid of the players to get the maximum out of cacao beans as higher-high-quality elements. Additionally, common launches of new merchandise to shape the client options with the aid of those components have increased their emblem advertising (Rohrbeck and Kum, 2018).

Conventional chocolate constitutes the most important proportion of 99.4% in 2019. This may be due to the huge penetration, reputation, and smooth presence of cocoa in comparison to carob, that is the raw fabric for synthetic chocolate. Milk chocolate is a huge variation within numerous conventional chocolates because it experiences the primary benefit within the marketplace. Synthetic chocolate is anticipated to showcase the quickest CAGR of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027 (León-Bravo and Jaramillo-Villacrés, 2021). The speedy boom is due to the caffeine-free belongings of carob confectionery that generate it appropriate for caffeine-illiberal consumers. Furthermore, the calcium content material within the carob is nearly three times the quantity discovered in cocoa. This makes it especially famous within girls and people affected by less proportion of calcium.

Profits over a 3-year period


2022 (£)

2023 (£)

2024 (£)

Revenue from operations




Cost of goods sold




Profits before tax








Profits after tax or Net Profit




Critical evaluation of potential issues that may impact on the success of the business enterprise

For making an evaluation of the potential issues which might affect the success of the business, it is necessary to enhance the internal factors such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths that are associated with this start-up business are the new flavour and taste that would be provided by this chocolate brand “Creamy Choco” to the common children and young population. Moreover, it’s another strength would be the investment potential in the big cities of the UK which would assist them in expanding their business in future and increasing their domestic revenue. The weakness of this new business plan is the lack of existing brand reputation and stable position in the market, which will make it very tough for them to instantly gain sufficient numbers of customers and sales too.

The opportunity of this company is the presence of a large chunk of the youth and children population who have the highest craze for eating chocolates (Del Prete and Samoggia, 2020). Moreover, they could be easily lured through attractive packages, advertisements and new flavours at affordable prices. On the other hand, the future expansion in the international market after two to three years can also be considered as an opportunity that would help them in earning huge overseas revenue. However, the biggest threat for the “Creamy Choco” brand would be the huge tough competition that they have to face from the big and renowned rival chocolate companies of the UK such as Cadbury, Bournville, KitKat, Nestle UK, Kinder and others.

For analysing probable issues which might hugely impact the success of this new business of “Creamy Choco”, a deep evaluation of the external factors should be done with the help of Pestle.

  • PESTEL Analysis


The overall political situation of the UK is in a vulnerable position due to the current pandemic situation and the Brexit incident that has significantly degraded the financial position of the country. Boris Johnson’s government, too, is facing huge criticism from opposition parties due to his mismanagement of the Covid situation and poor economic recovery policy. Although, the entire local business was shut down and devastated due to the huge cases of coronavirus and its related deaths, which further forced this government to completely impose a strict lockdown (Çitilci and Akbal?k, 2020). However, recently they are allowing the local and international business to restart their operation after two years after a huge decline in Covid cases and deaths. This would be huge scope for the “Creamy Choco” brand to start their chocolate business in the UK, thereby gaining target customers and sufficient sales and income.


The overall economic condition of the UK is still not in a good position, with a significant recovery of its GDP loss after restarting its national and international business. This further helps them in transforming their GDP from a negative to a positive percentage. This is evident from the nominal GDP of the UK, which consists of 2.744 trillion US dollars, thereby making it the sixth-largest economy in the world. Moreover, the per capita of this nation is $41030 (Matovi?, 2020). Thus, it will provide a huge market size for this new business to flourish in this country while gaining a good reputation and proportion of sales. This will further assist the “Creamy Choco” in creating a huge market share and position.


The population of the United Kingdom is envisioned to attain seventy-four million human beings by the end of 2039. It is far due to the fact that presently, the start is exceeding the mortality price; as an end result, the labour marketplace and fitness care gadgets could be first in line. However, it might additionally create possibilities for the agencies to fulfil the desires of greater human beings as it was recognized that the United Kingdom is the arena’s largest client marketplace. The thrilling aspect of the United Kingdom’s training device is that it continues to update yearly with modern-day records (Musa and Suryono, 2022). Her schooling device consists of the contemporary mythologies of coaching and studying. Consequently, the levels of the British education structure are identified globally. Fall within the unemployment level and an inexpensive inflation level places the United Kingdom citizen inside the excessive-profit earners. Consequently, in line with the capital of the nation better, and it falls among most of the globe’s pinnacle 20 nations.


The nation has the arena’s main studies and improvement institutes, and they may be continually in a steady attempt of breaking the obstacles in nearly each subject. Her financial system affords first rate possibilities for marketers. Each invention and improvement contribute to the UK’s economic system. In recent times, she has been making greater development inside the tech field. Even British tech institutes are superior in comparison to Japanese, Indian, American and Korean institutes. On the other hand, the IT sector has also generated huge improvements in artificial intelligence, such as cloud computing, automation tools, robotics and blockchain technologies (Matovi?, 2020). The nation was also seeing huge development in the adoption of new machines and technologies in the chocolate manufacturing activities that will further help this new “Creamy Choco” brand. 


Each commercial advance faces extreme environmental troubles due to the fact that the financial system could not circulate ahead without industrialization. Pollutants and different environmental problems additionally come at the side of it. However, authorities, personal companies, and different charity corporations were taking steps and spreading data regarding recycling, much less plastic waste, and eco-friendly services and goods (Musa and Suryono, 2022). The nation additionally faces environmental troubles such as a terrible climate. However, the British summertime draws vacationers from all around the globe. It is consistent with a calculation that her tourism enterprise generates regarding extra than 127 billion pounds each 12 months.


The corporations which can be working in their organizations inside the United Kingdom need to comply with the Employment Act 1996. Whether or not it is unequal pay, minimal salary, vacation pay, paternity or maternity depart, this act protects their rights. Then again, the Equality act 2010 helps human beings from being facing any disparity in opposition because of their gender, race, religion, color or some other discrimination (Karsrud and Rugsveen, 2020). Thus, the new “Creamy Choco” brand is required to be completely registered, and they too need to take legal permission from the UK government.

  • Conclusion

From the above study, it has been analyzed that proper arrangements should be made for an acquisition of a plot of land for creating the manufacturing site where the chocolate is to be produced, packaged and made into a finished product. Moreover, the standard and taste of the chocolate are required to be of good quality by adding innovative flavour and others. On the other hand, it is also necessary to acquire a direct identification number that is being signed, printed and sent to the Ministry of Corporate of the UK. Moreover, they are also required to file permission requests and registration.

The above study had also supported knowing that this device could manufacture one hundred-three hundred kg of chocolate per hour. It could produce chocolates in extraordinary shapes. It is able to assist in lessening the expenditure on chocolate mould. With the aid of generating chocolates in distinct shapes, it would be possible to appeal to every part of the marketplace. It has been observed that the Chocolate manufacturing is a highly decent laptop managed method with an awful lot of the brand-new expert equipment. Machines such as enrobing devices, tunnels for chocolate cooling, moulding machines, coating machines and others in manufacturing tasks.


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