Developing Individuals, Teams And Organizations Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Developing Individuals, Teams And Organizations Assignment

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Assignment Brief 1

Introduction about organization

Tesco PLC is the largest company in the UK. It is a retail company. This company has been selected for this job. Sir John Edward Cohen is the founder of this company and this company was founded in 1919. Headquarter of this company is Welwyn Garden City, England and Tesco Plc is spread in many countries like the United Kingdom , Ireland , Slovakia , Republic etc. Revenue of this company is £57.887 billion as per report 2021 and net income of this company as per report 2021 is £6.147 billion. Hence this is understood from this report; the manpower is very well and strong in this company.

Role as a junior HR

As a junior HR manager, plays 5 main duties which are discussed in below

Talent Management

Junior HR managers find talents from various areas and recruit them in their company and check their skills then they provide training and on boarding processes. This is the main requirement of any organization (Haugen et al. 2019). Compensation is another vital role of a junior HR manager. Compensation sector deals with the payment method and other benefits of an employee.

Employment benefits

Employment benefits is a branch of human resources which deals with the benefits of an employee of their company like provident fund, medical insurance for ,accident or death , retirement plans, fringe benefits, vacation time etc.

Training and Development

Training and development is one of the most important roles of the HR manager. Training and development increase the skill power of an employee. It indicates a technical knowledge about the company.


Compliance is another important role of human resources. An officer of compliances assured all regulations of an organization. Compliance department protects the company from other risks.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is a vital role which ensures the company's safety. Management team of human resources assured employees safety and their health Suprianto et al. . . . They should encourage employees' performances. And ensure that employees can do the work in a safe environment.

 Thus a junior HR manager plays these roles which are very effective for an organization.

Analyzing and evaluating the knowledge in Audit

Audit knowledge is an evaluation, which is used for multipurpose. And this is the way which can help to grow theorganization.It helps the company and identifies the knowledge of a company (Mamahit and Urumsah, 2018). Accounting activities of an organization is being profited with registration of financial activities, then accounting of revenue and sales. Through, accounting activity it helps to maintain transparency in organizational activities. Based on the audit activity in organization evaluate financial condition of the company that helps to identify profitability or loss of the organization.

Identification of your skills

Skill regarding medication talent is the primary activity of HR department, where HR poor\vide effective work forces to organizations. Although, Skill of ageing for different task is imprint for this job role (Tsalis et al. 2020). According to activities of HR is operation has improvised organizational activates by certification of effective members for operational activities.

Helping the organization to achieve its business goals

The business can achieve the targeted profit and can also set clear and focused goals to motivate their employees as well as achieve the targeted profits. As stated, mentioned and refereed by Aquilina (2021), the direction is given by the business and it intends the need of the organization. This is how the business achieve the targeted profit.

Skills that you need as a HR junior that are linked to the skills and knowledge

Communication skill

This is an important role of the HR that is needed by them and they are responsible for collecting the information about the interested candidate that have applied for the post (Borowiecki et al, 2021). The communication skill is so important and effective as this can create the need for the TESCO plc and also design the policy of the handbook related to all the promotion and hiring.

Decision-making skill

This is the second important role of the HR, that includes the decision-making power for all the individual and also it is also effective for the organization. In the process of the recruitment the HR checks and decides whether the candidate is suitable for the job in the TESCO plc for the required post or not. The role of the HR here is to check the talent acquisition of the candidate for the better result in future.

Empathic skill

All the complaints related to the salary and also the conflicts that took place among the employees have to be taken care of by the HR. Sometimes, the employees feel like sharing all the conflicts and the matters with the HR person without getting judged. This is important for the HR of TESCO plc to listen to the matter of the employees and solve it.

The HR have to be very responsible for handling the problems and also to handle all other responsibilities with their extra talent. The

Analyzing the Individual learning, training and development of TESCO plc that differs from another organization

Individual learning by Tesco that is different from other organization

The experience and the knowledge that is gathered on a daily basis focuses on the learning of the TESCO plc. Individual learning is important as it focuses on learning the things and also focusing on increasing the capabilities of all the employees (Chamtitigul and Li, 2021). Individual learning is the environmental response that is derived by the company and it also occurs in organizational learning.

Training given by Tesco that is different from other organization

The training given by Tesco plc that is different from other organizations includes the improvement in the performance that is basically to achieve the targeted goals of the company. It is important and important to measure the strength and weakness of the organization.

The training that is provided by Tesco plcbasically focuses on customer satisfaction. The company gives the customers the utmost satisfaction by producing the goods according to their demands and desires.

Development of Tesco that is different from other organization

The development skills of Tesco Plc is different from other organizations as it includes selling the products that are different from other organizations by focusing on the customers and giving goods and comfortable life to them.

One theory on learning cycles

Gibbs Learning Cycle


My role as an HR, was to focus on the group and to help them out in every possible way. We had to meet the deadline and also had to reschedule the time to sit with the candidates who were facing problems in the TESCO. Based on the audit activity in organization evaluate financial condition of the company that helps to identify profitability or loss of the organization.


We were assigned to a lot of work and I was quite happy to work in my dream company. The role of an HR was not easy and sometimes I got frustrated but had to deal with it calmly. I am happy that I am able to complete the work on time.


The experience of being an HR was quite good for the first time. The day was spent well and I was focusing on both the negative as well as the positive aspect. The day I had to struggle a lot of things and many things demotivated me. This is the reason why I got frustrated but the group also failed to cooperate but then I was able to manage completely.


The best part of the work was that each person was assigned to each work and had to say a few words only. Few were capable of doing the assigned work and the others were facing a lot of difficulties. The HR have to be very responsible for handling the problems and also to handle all other responsibilities with their extra talent. The


The section includes the overall conclusion that happened for summarizing the learning and capability of the employees. Here the actions are taken to improve the employees by highlighting their mistakes.

Skills that are needed to achieve your individual objectives of the organization

Time management

Time management is the crucial stage that needs to be managed and organized properly. As cited by Kinget al, 2021, this management includes not making enough time on a particular project and also says to conserve the energy for other projects.


This is another vital skill that is needed for achieving the objectives of the organization. The communication (Maet al, 2021). The information gathered by the members is effective in the workplace and prioritizes the efficiency of the company. 

The main object of the tesco is regard to their customer service standards and values.tesco has a reputation within a local community.

Understanding people - the core purpose of the tesco is understanding the customer , colleagues and also communities. It is always listening and talking with the customers and communities .

Tesco creates good jobs and also provides the job among the communities. Trust and respect are the two things behind the success of tesco

Tesco serves a different range of various customers like retail customers and wholesale customers.

Assignment Brief 2:

High-performance working (HPW) with examples

The concept of the high performance culture and high performance working is both essential for the employees and the organization. HPW play a key role in maximum productivity. Its aim is to improme of trust and communication between employees and employers ( 2022). High performance work depended on the human capital or resources. Petrol which is the first selled by tesco in 1972. Tesco sells 95, 97 , abd 99 RON 

Human resources development 

 Performance appraisals: human performance working depends on the performance quality of the employees. 

Talent management:talent management in the HR department is one of the sources of human development. The function of the talent management team is the hiring , recruiting and developing and training the employees.

Training and development : every organization wants to check their employees skill so they trained the employees and provided the tools and organized the training orientation , leadership training programme.

Compensation and benefits :compensation and benefits is another source of the human resources. The compensation includes assessing the pay practices . in the benefit, companies provide various types of benefits to the employees like medical allowances.

Work restructure to improve efficiency: work restructure to improve efficiency is a significant part of the human development capital.

Cross departmental survey in tesco : HR manager plays another role of cross developmental survey in tesco. Tesco has the strongest team of the management. As per the view of Moussa (2018), it controls the overall management procedure. Some of the values are considered as the cross departmental survey like job satisfaction, motivation , profitability , success and continual improvement , commitment etc. 

Analyzing HPW that helps the organization to enhance employee commitment and engagement

High performance working helps to grow an organization to employee commitment . and encourage employees of their company. If the organizational commitment is determined then it helps to predict employees tendency , employees satisfaction , job security , job satisfaction . There are three components of employee commitment .

 Affective commitment :affective commitment is the emotional coalition of the employees and organization. Affective commitment means workers are not happy still they are involved in the organizational activities such as participating in any discussion , any activities or meetings. 

Normative commitment :normative commitment means where the employees the feels forced to stay in the organization. 

Continuance commitment :

 Continuance commitment means where the employees think that living from the organization is very costly. As all the employees invested into the organization their energy level , their precious time for the longer time , they want to stay in the organization. And they are also attached with the organization mentally and emotionally.they would not leave from the organization because employees are emotionally invested in the organization. 

Attain an advantage over Tesco’s competitors

The advantages available for Tesco to proceed further than its competitors are as follows:-

  1. Differentiability- The basic advantage of Tesco is its power of differentiability from other companies like Tesla, Morrison, etc. Initially starting its journey as a grocery brand, Tesco planned to expand its business under its own name which enabled them to reach out to more customers (Ngwenya, 2021). Tesco products are purchasable by low-earning families while the first-class product is very costly which is purchasable by families earning high income (Tian et al. 2018). There are a variety of products sold by Tesco among which are organic products, home implements, etc.
  2. Supplying Capacity- The delivery process of Tesco is very much progressive which helps it to supply the item at an approachable cost and at the appropriate time to the destinable stores. The supplying ability of Tesco has increased easily by improving the indoor transaction processes and the arrangement systems (com 2022). Tesco prioritizes its customers early by starting the home delivery system at an affordable cost.
  3. Computerized Investment Strategy- Tesco has faced tough competition many times in its functioning by launching service-related products. The easy accessibility of a product and disposal facility has been confirmed by the huge expenditure on applications that are not manufactured by ERP software retailers (Hughes et al. 2020). With this initiative, a massive change has been noticed in the company’s economical prosperity.

Different ways that HR managers can instil a culture of high-performance working in organisations

The various ways adopted by HR managers of Tesco to maintain a high-performance working habit by employees in the organization through lower-level managers are described as follows:-

  1. Observing and Verifying the work standard- The supervising managers offer guidance and instruct employees about the job in detail. The main attempt is to become the idol of the employees. The managers are very well aware of the desires and rules of conduct as well as the job nature of the employees (com 2022). Encouragement of teamwork and allowing every worker to take participation in the team is done by the managers at Tesco.
  2. Maintaining Discipline among employees- Organizational discipline begins with lower-level managers sharing desires among the team members. On the basis of the laws and policies laid down by the lower-level managers, the HR managers are bound to execute those laws and policies. The attitude and achievement of the workers are dominated by the laws imposed by the lower-level managers (com 2022). Training of workers results in diligence and solemnity at Tesco.
  3. Encouraging Impartiality and Differentiation Of Employees- The lower-level managers interact with every worker to know personally about each worker for treating all workers equally. At Tesco, a comprehensive environment is generated so that all workers have the same access to every allotment (Lefebvre, 2022). The managers confirm that every worker has participated throughout the training period to improve total capability.
  4. Maintaining Worker’s Commitment- The lower-level managers observe the strength of the workers and encouragement is done for making the workers capable.

Identify which HPW approach would work best for Tesco

The company like tesco in a field of online grocery its very much important for them to approach a high performance workflow in their company , it will take them at higher level of their field some of the approach must be implied for their organization are first thing they need to approach and set up a new team highly skilled based team and they must have an experience to manage a company and full responsibility should be given to them to manage and have a eye on every activity of a employees , secondly they must orient motivational program for every employees in every couple of months and that will help their employes to keep motivated towards their work ,thirdly they must have a internal promotion that will keep them to be focused on their particular work , fourth incentive should be provided to the employees based on their particular work is managed and done on particular time and if they fullfill the needs of customer and gets good feedback they must get a incentive that will attract them to do their work with full passion and that will be one of the reason to love their work , ensuring employees security that keep their moral high that make them attached with their company an stay loyal and give their on their appointed job ,selective hiring should be emplied on the company job suitable person should be selected for their suitable job and that maintain the decorum of a company.

Short oral explanation of the briefing report to the Board of Directors

The brief report of the board committees and executive committee of tesco are

Audit committee

 Audit committees have 3 to 4 persons and usually presided by a person with skill as an external auditors ,cfo ,or ceo ,the audit committee accommodates 7to 10 times in calendar years. They interact with each other either face to face or by video conference ,and the meet lasts for 2 to 5 house Members of Tesco’s audit committee are Byron Grote (chair),Melissa Bethell and Karen Whitworth ( 2022).

Corporate responsibility committee

The corporate committee responsibility consists of three directors among them one has full freedom independent director is to manage a board and advise about their policy and strategies counter to the company's role as a socially responsible organization . However, member’s of Tesco plc are Lindsey Pownall (chair), John Allan,Bertrand bodson,stewart gilliland and Karen whiteworth ( 2022).

Nomination and governance committee

Nomination and governance committee are connected to the formation of the board and its committee to ensure support and challenges. Tesco corporate committee are John allan (chair) ,stewart Gilliland ,Byron Grote and Alison platt

Remuneration committee

Remuneration committee is fully responsible for targeting aq total remuneration for the ceo and give a review to it ,they have full freedom non executive director and sensor manger which falls within its transmit (Schinke et al. 2020). Tesco remuneration members are Alison platt (chair) ,John Alan ,Thierry garnier ,Byron Grote ,and Lindsey pownall.

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Website: (2022), home page, available at: [Assessed on from: 26 th august, 2022]

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