Toyota's Digital Marketing & Communication Strategy Assignment Sample

Explore Toyota's focus on customer segmentation, digital advertising, pricing, distribution, and more, as it aims to accelerate mobility and exceed expectations.

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Introduction of Toyota's Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to reach its sales growth goals in the USA during the upcoming 12 months, Toyota will need to develop a digital marketing strategy. As the new manager of digital marketing, the duty is to develop a digital marketing strategy for Toyota that will support the company's growth goal and put a particular emphasis on digital factors that will aid the organization in decision-making. Along with being dependable, Toyota cars are renowned for having a high resale value. Toyota brand is rated as one of the best resale values by Kelley Blue Book. Another important aspect to think about when buying a car is safe, and Toyota places a high focus on it. controls all Toyota Motor Corporation operations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Operating subsidiary. activities started in 2014, with a Plano, Texas, headquarters. Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Jidosha KK, and Toyota Motor America, Inc. are the various names for the Toyota Group's main business in Japan.

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Toyota is a subsidiary part of Toyota corporation of the USA which is based on marketing,  selling as well as distributing the brands among the company. The first car that was introduced in the United States by the Toyota company was the Corolla and it was the most successful car among every car at that time. In 2002 the company launched a campaign based on the sales of the company that is used for the previous years for deciding the company's policy.  In the 20th century, an Autotech company was able to produce more than 5 million units in the entire year and make itself the most successful and one of the largest manufacturers of cars in the world. The car that was created at first was named as Corolla and it was very small as well as it is dependent on several features and it also has negative features as it was the first model of the company.  Then they decided to change the model of the car by increasing the efficiency and also check the establishing features that are recommended by the reviews of the customer and it also helps in generating a reputation of quality among the company.

Aim -  Increase the Mobility of the Toyota

The aim of this report is to increase the mobility of the Toyota that would be used for Android chewing the lies among the world that would create the safest as well as most responsible methods for moving people from one place to another. It also helps in creating a digital marketing plan that would be helpful for the company for investing in a particular product that is in high demand by the customers (Alkhaliq, Sastrawinata, and Aksani, 2019). It also helps in giving a commitment to the quality of the product as well as less innovation of the property depending on the respect for the planet that could be successfully strived for exceeding the expectations as well as it could be awarded a great smile by the company itself.

The durability of the product is very good as the vehicles of Toyota are in high demand and it also has impressive resale value for each product. The company is ranked highest for the resale value of the product as the products that are used for creating the models are very expensive and durable so so after resetting the value doesn't decrease much so it also strikes the mind of the customer that if they want to sell their car after some time then they would get a good resale value for the old car also. Safety is one of the most important factors for developing the product and in this company the safety factor is very good as it is considered the most critical factor by the company (Andryanto, 2018).  So, this company becomes number one for purchasing the vehicle and also comes under the top priority list of the customer in terms of buying cars.

Project Objectives

  • The most important objective of this project is that Toyota makes different types of strategies that are different from other companies and by seeing these strategies the customer could identify the differentiation among the objects.
  • The company also produces different products from its competitors.
  • To create different marketing strategies that would help in gaining a share of the market by applying the specified marketing technologies in each market.
  • Toyota helps in increasing the awareness of the product among the customers.
  • It also helps in acquiring various customers around the world.
  • The company also helps in creating as well as improving the digital platform that is created by the company itself for the customer.
  • It also helps in increasing the conversion rate which would also help in reducing the overhead cost of the product depending on the requirements of the users.

Segmentation/Target Markets/Positioning

The company decided to segment the market based on the segmentation process as well as the target audience. The customer also checks the process depending on various perspectives and that are geographical conditions, behavior, demographic as well as psychographic segmentation processes.  It also helps in exploring one of the segmentation processes depending on the marketing strategies that could intersect with the process for positioning the brand properly (Alfian, 2021).  The audience also helps in creating a demographic based on the age of the consumer that could include males as well as females and it also helps in creating a target market for the particular company depending on the models that are created by the company itself. The Camry is a product that is used for middle sized passenger vehicles which are used for a nuclear family and it is very much popular among the upper classes as well as the urban areas and it also helps and creates a better target for influencing the customer easily.

Is very important for the company to create a geographical segmentation process that could help in checking the presence of the brand globally depending on the marketing strategies. It also helps in creating a wide range of markets so that it could easily be available to the market for creating the segmentation process and also for making the market targeted by the customer properly (Anita, 2020). In North America, the number of marketing size is depending on the revenue collected by the company and it also helps in generating the revenue depending on the factor that helps in generating the requirements for the target users. The customer also keeps the vehicle for a long time by checking the quality as well as reliability of the product depending on the brand as well as the own terms and conditions of the product itself. 

The marketing strategy is very important as the audience is very intelligent in the arms of knowledge about the product as they use the potential wire for creating the attribute based on the decision of the Purchase and also in creating the event marketing planning for the product that would also impact the decision of the buyers (Gunawan, 2020). It also helps in creating a big market in terms of SUVs as it also has the highest-selling product in the category of SUVs and it creates 50% of the sales worldwide by this category. In order to evaluate the brand's global presence in light of its marketing strategies, the company must design a geographic segmentation approach. In order to facilitate segmentation and effectively target the market for the client, it also helps in the development of a varied range of markets by making them easily available to the market.

The primary feature of this research is to demonstrate how Toyota uses several sorts of tactics that set it apart from competing businesses. By observing these techniques, customers will be able to distinguish between various objects. Additionally, the business produces things that set it apart from its rival to develop various marketing plans that would aid in obtaining market share by implementing the appropriate marketing technology in each market (Ito, 2019). Additionally, it aids in the development of a digital marketing strategy that the business may use to fund investments in a product with strong customer demand.

The marketing strategy is crucial because it uses the potential wire to develop attributes based on purchasing behavior and to arrange events for the product that could have an impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. The audience is quite knowledgeable about the product. Additionally, it aids in demonstrating a commitment to product quality and minimal property innovation based on respect for the environment, both of which can be successfully pursued and rewarded by the firm itself with a big smile (Nabila, 2019). Given the tremendous demand for Toyota automobiles and the impressive resale value of each product, the product has excellent durability.

Figure 1: Slice Diagram

(Source: Gunawan, 2020)

The client also assesses the technique in light of a range of elements, such as segmentation based on area situation, behavior, demographics, and psychographics. The investigation of a segmentation technique based on marketing strategies that might interact with the technique for correctly positioning the brand is also made easier by this. The audience also helps create a target market for the particular business based on the models created by the firm itself and a demographic based on the consumer's age, which may include both males and females. The Camry is a well-liked middle-sized family vehicle that is especially popular with upper-class individuals and residents of urban regions (Nikbin et al., 2021). Additionally, it aids and creates a better target for clients who are readily persuaded.

Toyota assists in raising consumer awareness of the brand and its products. Additionally, it aids in gaining a variety of international clients. The business also contributes to the development of the new medium that it produces for its clients. Additionally, it aids in raising user expectations for conversion rates. Another of the most crucial criteria in product development is safety, and this company has a very high rating for this component since the company views it as the most vital (Nusran et al., 2018). As a result, when it comes to buying automobiles, this organization is ranked first for both vehicle purchases and client priorities.

Digital Marketing Mix

In 2008, it surpassed General Motors to become the world's largest automobile manufacturer for the first time. Many of its around 1,000 subsidiary businesses and affiliates are engaged in the manufacture of commercial and industrial vehicles, autos, and auto parts. Toyota City, an economic hub east of Nagoya, Japan, is home to the headquarters. In several nations, Toyota has distributors and assembly lines. Its companies also produce steel, polyesters, automatic looms, rubber, cork, cotton, and woolen products in addition to automobiles (Prabowo, and Wuryaningsih, 2019). Others deal with raw material imports and exports, real estate, and prefabricated dwelling units.

Based on the segmentation method and target audience, the organization made the decision to segment the market. The client also evaluates the procedure based on a variety of factors, including regional situation, behavior, demographic, and psychographic segmentation. It also aids in investigating a segmentation method based on marketing tactics that might interact with the method for correctly placing the brand (Prasetyo, and Wariati, 2020). The audience also aids in developing a demographic based on the consumer's age, which may include both males and females, as well as a target market for the specific business based on the models developed by the firm itself. The Camry is a popular middle-sized passenger car for nuclear families that is particularly well-liked by the higher classes and people living in urban areas (Priastuti, Wiska, and Purwanto, 2021). It also helps and generates a better target for easily persuading customers.

It is crucial that the business develop a geographic segmentation method that will enable it to assess the brand's global presence in light of its marketing tactics. It also aids in the development of a diverse range of markets, making them readily accessible to the market in order to facilitate segmentation and to correctly target the market for the client (Putra, 2019). The use of the potential wire for creating the attribute based on the purchase decision and also in creating the event marketing planning for the product that would also influence the decision of the buyers makes the marketing strategy extremely important. The audience is very intelligent in their knowledge of the product.

Figure 2: Marketing Mix Diagram

(Source: Putra, 2019)

There are different types of strategies that are created by the company for making the strategies successful based on a line on the appealing visualization power so that the campaign could help in achieving the goals directly among the subjective nature.  There are different types of brands that are used in the same company for improving the marketing Technologies that would also help in navigating the evaluation in terms of product as well as market based on new technologies as well as culture depending on the requirements of the models (Shige, Hariyanti, and Tiningrum, 2020).  The marketing technologies are created based on a long history so that the automatic industry would make a great deal with the Investor by creating an Inception among the agency based on the Digital Marketing System that would help in reaching the company a secure milestone. 

It also helps in increasing the leaves as well as the conversation also satisfied the customer properly.  Toyota also launches different baseline automatic software that would be helpful for the website that helps in clearing the automatic Technologies properly.  It also helps in creating a digital advertising system based on the certification process so that the products that are ready can be advertised on the social media as well as in online platforms so that they could not reach to the customer properly (Worku, 2022). The origin of the company Toyota is from Japan and it is a manufacturer of bulk automobiles and the name of the company Toyota is suggested from the name of the owner to "Toyoda". It is one of the highest manufacturers in the automobile industry and it produces a lot of facilities Around The World depending on the principle of the product. 

The company has created 600 forms that would help in operating different types of manufacturing processes in the automobile industry and also spare parts related to heavy as well as light vehicles.  Toyota is always a Renault company that helps in creating a sustainability process that could be beneficial for the environment also and it also helps in improving the environment and also protect the Earth from different features that could affect the environment.  The company also produces several stock market exchanges that could be delivered to two other automobile industries for creating competition based on the luxurious products like BMW,  Jaguar as well as Mercedes.  It also has different types of products and also contains a variety of products that could help in increasing its reputation around the world in terms of the manufacturing process. 

There are several brand kinds that are utilized inside the same organization to enhance marketing technologies that would also assist in navigating the evaluation of products and markets based on new technologies as well as culture in accordance with model criteria. The development of marketing technologies is based on a long history in order for the automatic sector to strike a lucrative agreement with the investor by establishing an agency based on a digital marketing system that would assist in bringing the company to a certain milestone.


The company also deals with the automobile manufacturing industry and also with the spare parts depending on the real state features and it also helps in importing as well as exporting the raw materials around the globe. The budget of the company is fixed on several categories like ok which also contains friendly cars and also luxurious cars (Nusran et al., 2018).  The company follows a strategy for deciding the pricing of the car depending on the requirements of the user and for that it uses several strategies that could help in pricing the car by implementing profit and loss value of the car.  The pricing is done based on the satisfaction of the customer and also by following the taxes as well as the duties that are determined by the policies depending on the manufacturing process.


The distribution process is also very important as the customer would not be satisfied if the product is not delivered in time and not in the particular place so the company sets several Strategies for delivering the products on time in the proper place without any delay so that the customer could not face any difficulty. It also helps in reducing the supply chain cost as well as the productivity cost depending on the quality of the product.  It also helps in assembling the plant based on the supplier and also with the product development so that it would be helpful for the supplier to have the work depending on the individual product and also helps the staff for creating a strategy for the distribution process (Nikbin et al., 2021). It also helps in creating a dealership not only for the retail stores but also with the trained staff so that they could provide door to door service facility for the collaboration process based on the promotion of the product.


Toyota is a division of the American Toyota Corporation, which focuses on promoting, selling, and distributing its various brands. The Corolla was the first automobile the Toyota Corporation brought to the United States, and it quickly became the most popular automobile available. The corporation started a campaign in 2002 based on its sales, which were utilized in prior years to determine the company's policy. Atotech, a corporation, became the most prosperous and among the biggest car manufacturers in the world in the 19th and 20th centuries by producing upwards of 5 million vehicles in a single year.

The first automobile made was called the Corolla, and it was relatively small, dependent on a number of characteristics, and had drawbacks due to the fact that it was the company's first model. They then made the decision to alter the car's model by making it more efficient and by checking the features that customers had mentioned in their reviews, which also helped the business develop a reputation for excellence. It lists the Toyota brand as having one of the finest resale values. Safety is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle, and Toyota lays a strong emphasis on it. oversees all operations at Toyota Motor Corporation.



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