Digital Marketing Portfolio For Dark Woods Coffee Assignment Sample (Dwc)

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Digital Marketing Portfolio For Dark Woods Coffee Assignment (Dwc)

Slide 1: Introduction

To contact business clients, digital marketers use portable devices, search engines, the web, social networking sites, and other platforms. It refers to advertising that is distributed through digital platforms. Consumers rely on digital tools to investigate their products; as per Digital advertising insight, over 48 percent of individuals conduct searches through search engines, 33 percent conduct searches through brand websites, and about 26 percent conduct searches through mobile applications. This is a marketing strategy that primarily relies on the internet to reach target consumers via online media channels and platforms. Mobile marketing, search engine marketing, analytic, e - mail marketing, and a variety of other platforms are used to construct sophisticated strategies to reach out to customers and prospects. Dark Woods Coffee is a coffee roaster that distributes specialty coffee to eateries, coffee houses, cafés, and hotels on a commercial basis. They were named among the top 50 items in the UK in 2016 and 2017.

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Slide 2: About Dark Woods Coffee

Dark woods coffee provides their customers with high-quality coffees that have fresher, more distinct flavors and are less expensive than commercial coffees. The company wants to make sure that customers have a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to their taste senses. 

The company carefully roasts coffee in order to provide a diverse range of flavors as well as an enticing range of styles and tastes (Dark woods coffee, 2020). Arboretum Espresso, Good Morning Sunshine (containing nutty and toasted flavors), Crow Tree, Lamplight Decaf (breaded sweet that mimics fruity pie), Snow Stone (depth of flavor of preserved cherries and chestnuts sweet), and many other options are available from Dark Woods Coffee.

Slide 3: Objectives

“Digital marketing” is a wide term that relates to the application of online platforms to devise innovative client-reaching and communication. Small businesses and conventional firms with limited resources can now engage in a more cost-effective marketing platform that meets the requirement for the first time. There seems to be a distinction between survival and growth, and as entrepreneurs, they would really want to set DWC apart from what the rest of their market will do. Throughout the last 3 decades, the widespread application of the internet into regular activities has been the single most significant phenomenon in branding. DWC's aim is to make the best quality coffee pleasurable and affordable to all by providing a diverse selection of grinds and flavors that represent what customers love to drink.

Slide 4: Advantages of “digital marketing”

“Digital marketing” in comparison to conventional marketing in that it focuses solely on Digital forms of communication. That is to say, the benefits and drawbacks of digital advertising are inextricably associated with the nature of digital media (Damnjanovi?, et al. 2020.). Features that make digital media so handy will almost certainly become greatest strengths in online marketing as well.

  • Digital advertising becomes less costly than traditional marketing; it can reach a wider audience.
  • Free to access for all time, there is no time bound
  • Customers are free to shop at any time and from any location.
  • There are no territorial limitations because it is accessible on the Web from one nation to another.
  • It's possible to use it to increase its brand commitment.
  • Campaign that is interactive.
  • It will save time.

Slide 5: Disadvantages of Digital marketing

  • Customers have a lot more options available on the internet, and unless people can't seem to find whatever they want, people could click through a number of References.
  • Customers are unable to contact, taste, or smell a key contribution to completing an online order.
  • Due to the enormous number of frauds, there is a lack of trust.
  • Bad publicity can quickly harm a professional image.
  • Slow internet connectivity can be a source of frustration.

Slide 6: Digital marketing Framework

Making assertions about company prospective customers is challenging, specifically in a field as busy and fast-paced as this. The firm must conduct investigations on its intended audience as well as comparable resources and services and those it offers in terms of reaching and engaging with them (Domazet, et al. 2018). Direct and indirect market analysis is the most common elements of marketing research. When entering a new market and establishing potential clients, qualitative sources, such as online surveys, are beneficial. Secondary research is highly valuable in evaluating their competition since you may take inferences from statistical reports, business information, and other official records.

As recommended by (Eze, et al. 2020).DWC collected data about its own user behavior and corporate branding frameworks using methods for monitoring for both offline and online interactions

  • Customer’s requirements and market segmentation are identified through segmentation.
  • By assessing the economic value and potential of respective sectors, they can set goals.
  • Identifying client views and placing commodities in the minds of the customer is what placement is all about.

Some elements should be regulated to make the organization comprehend its goods and services, as well as to impact the user's choice to invest items or utilize services (Herhausen, et al. 2020). These elements are referred to as the 4P's:

  • The offering is the consumer's fundamental value, whether it's real items or intangible attributes
  • Price - choosing the exact amount is crucial because prices on the website are clear and a firm has to be competitive.
  • Promotion refers to most of the techniques and tactics utilized to get the message out.
  • Place - Selling a product readily available by registering the company with a search engine like Google.

DWC will get the engagement it needs in the targeted market by combining these strategic marketing techniques (Jadhoon, et al. 2020). DWC should establish the techniques they will employ to accomplish their target because they are concerned about promoting their products and services.

DWC's promotional strategy is based around three primary concerns as a manufacturer or wholesaler: Obtaining a potential wholesale client, More orders coming in, and Raising the number of sales and the size of orders.

Slide 7: Digital marketing strategies

The term "digital marketing strategy" refers to a set of actions that use online marketing platforms to achieve a variety of objectives. It is a strategy that assists a company in developing and deploying online plans in order to achieve success (Makris, et al. 2019). This will provide Dark Woods Coffee with a variety of options for achieving their objectives, such as increasing conversion rates or increasing lead generation. Dark Woods Coffee uses a variety of tactics to get accurate outcomes, which are listed below:

Slide 8: Online advertising

With the help of clear messaging, online advertising is regarded as one of its most efficient digital marketing tactics for reaching the intended demographic. There is a sufficient number of online advertising techniques to provide assistance to firms of all types, sizes, and financial restrictions in enhancing their advertising approach (Minculate, et al. 2018). Online marketing may play a critical part in enhancing “Dark Wood Coffee” market strategies. “Dark Wood Coffee” is one of most well-known coffee brands in the “UK”. However, the organization should employ a “digital marketing plan” in order to improve its marketing techniques. The internet is being used by the proportion of citizens in the “United Kingdom”. As a consequence, the company will be able to promote goods and services to the participants easily, thanks to customizable and accurate interactions.

Online advertising is the technique of using the internet as a platform for delivering marketing communications to targeted and recognized consumers. It will assist Dark Woods Coffee in drawing visitors to their website, hence increasing the visibility of their offerings to potential customers (Mohamed Adib, et al. 2020). This also encourages people to engage their clients in appropriate steps that allow them to make an online transaction. The following are the main arguments why that company should pursue this strategic plan:

People Awareness: Although Dark Woods Coffee is a famous and well-established company, it is vital for them to educate their customers about the products they sell. The reasoning behind all this is when a company launches new services and products in the marketplace; they would be capable of reaching out to its prospective clients in a timely manner (Mohd Tohir, et al. 2021). Companies can do this by launching an internet viral marketing campaign before the product is released.

Sponsored Searching: Also defined as pay - per - click (PPC) advertisement, paid search is an effective approach to advertise available on the internet. Dark Woods Coffee will be able to bid on unusual keywords and expressions, potentially leading to text-based marketing. Additionally, these advertisements will appear when clients visit any website (Nabieva, et al. 2021). As a result, Dark Woods Coffee will have a better possibility of having adverts published on many websites.

Paid Social: This one will aid Dark Woods Coffee in its future transformation Social media is an important channel for people all around the world, as well as advertisements. As a result, they are better equipped to design plans and capture the largest possible share of the market (Peter, et al. 2021). For digital marketing the company prefers social network sites like “Face book”, twitter and YouTube.

Paid search is similar to paid internet advertisement in some ways, but the main difference is that advertisers take initiative and anticipate the requirements of the consumers.

The advantages that the company will achieve are that intricacy may be provided by using paid social marketing, which will allow Dark Woods Coffee to focus their prospective customers. In this setting, they choose distinct parameters via which clients' societal inclinations and behaviors can be examined. These features or methods can be combined by a company to get higher returns on investments.

“Social media marketing”: One of the most crucial elements of DWC's approach is “social media marketing”, it contributes to the growth of faith and the growth of a long-term relationship with some of its viewers. “Face book” is a well known social media platform for keeping in touch with “friends”, “relatives”, and “strangers”, besides this it also the platform for the company to evaluate and grow their businesses. Although it began as a method to remain in touch with friends, “Face book” now enables customers to create individual profiles as well as business establishments (Pollák, et al. 2021). In comparison to certain other internet existence, the site became a concern for so many enterprises and organizations. It enables the entrepreneur to build his company's brand identification by offering goods and services, as well as provides a link, advertisements, and photos.

DWC became involved in Face book advertising by establishing a communication platform to engage clients and build business connections. DWC can outline its objectives by first establishing digital marketing goals. These will be specific to your goals, such as creating brand awareness, creating a network surrounding the company, and establishing credibility and industry experience.

Slide 9: Challenges associated with Online Advertising Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Users want private boundaries and personalization, but when websites impose adverts on them, they don't get the personalized experience or disregard them.
  • People are more likely to use ad blocking software, which enhances the value for companies to get the attention of potential purchasers. It means that the target audience is unlikely to see the advertisement.

Slide 10: Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) describes the process of obtaining visitors via spontaneous, authentic, complimentary, or journalistic search results on web pages. This is the word assigned to activities that undertake an attempt to strengthen the rating of their blogs (Rosario, et al. 2019). By implementing sound tactics, a company can improve the placement of its website, thereby increasing its online visibility on both the on-page and off-page levels. This will aid the company in obtaining higher clicks and conversions from visitors. Dark Woods Coffee can benefit from SEO digital marketing, which will cause them to change their practices for the better. The exact reasons for its application:

Rankings and accessibility: These are important characteristics that Dark Woods Coffee will provide by utilizing SEO to improve general accessibility (Saura, et al. 2021). This will make it much easier for customers to find what they've been looking for. It has something to do with grading. When a company ranks high on a search engine result page (SERP), it increases the likelihood that users will notice and follow the links on the webpage. The types of activities made in the area of SEO will assist them in achieving high accessibility.

Online visitors: Increased online traffic is a vital goal for SEO, and this connectivity will be boosted, resulting in increased exposure and comprehensive accessibility (Ribeiro-Soriano, et al. 2021). For example, on the webpage of Dark Woods Coffee, the very first ranking webpage, around 43 percent of hits are made, and with regard to the top five lists, approximately 75 percent of interactions are formed. If a company wants to attract more customers, SEO tactics must be used to search their webpage. This will help them rank in the top five slots when a specific phrase is searched.

Search engines are capable of making mistakes: There is a good chance that a web browser will fail if essential procedures aren't performed, and sites must also pay.

For example, when there is no appropriate linking design, search engines have no control over the site, and it is not listed in an improper manner. Furthermore, if any problems arise in the block, there is a great likelihood that SEO would be completely disabled, making it even more crucial for Dark Woods Coffee to improve their website. Furthermore, a company can use the SEO tools to help enhance e-commerce selling or online footprint (Palacios-Marqués, et al. 2021). They may get a lot of traffic to their website using this technology because it allows them to use both organic and paid search. Dark Woods Coffee would be successful in establishing brand reputation as a result of this, and they'll be able to do competitive analysis and implement tactics accordingly.

There are some justifications as well as benefits that may be obtained via the use of SEO (search engine optimization). Furthermore, the ranking of a website can be improved such that it appears in the top 5 search engine results for terms provided by the user.

Slide 11: Challenges associated with Online Advertising Digital Marketing Strategies

  • The quickness with which a site loads can be considered a significant factor, which might also bring visitors abandoning the site due to the length of time it takes to complete.
  • The webpage contents, along with keywords, resulted in a substantial effect on the Dark Woods Coffee webpage rating.

Slide 12: Analytics Digital Marketing

Analytics is a term that refers to methodical statistical analysis of the information or statistics. It's being used to find, engage with, and analyze useful trends in information, that will help Dark Woods Coffee integrate data into useful information that will bring clarity and the formulation of crucial choices (Jadhoon, et al. 2020). For instance, image processing methods such as charts and graphs can be used to acknowledge this element, allowing decisions to be made more quickly instead of sifting through data and then analyzing it to see what impact that will have on its efficiency. The following are some of the most consequences of various for data analysis:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a popular platform for gathering data. This offers a wider range of web hosting tools available, making it easier for both beginners and specialists to contact and recognize target populations. If the company bounce rate is too high, it means that your visitors have only looked at comparable content. This implies Dark Woods Coffee will be capable of recognizing the many ways in which people interact with the website of the company.

Conversions: They're useful information that describes the actions that organization want its customers to take when using their websites. In the case of Dark Woods Coffee, the company must guarantee that the material they create is relevant enough for their guests to be currently involved (Herhausen, et al. 2020). It will assist companies in establishing trust and competence, and also ability to identify challenges that they can solve. Furthermore, it will guide them to a possible option for coping with challenges.

Click through rate: For people using the internet who are unaware of the risks and are unsure whether or not the solution can be found. Furthermore, corporate image can be obtained by using paid advertising to convince customers based on specified criteria. The Dark Woods Coffee can use click-through advertisements to increase their relevance, and consumers will be enticed to learn more about their services (Domazet, et al. 2018). This is critical for them all to pay close attention to ads such as poor CTR, which functions as a method of leading people to target users who aren't appropriate and don't produce pertinent, as well as landing sites which don't satisfy their requirements as stated in the ads.

In addition, Dark Woods Coffee could use Google Analytics to achieve exact results. Alexa Ranking will assist them in verifying the functionality of a website in order to evaluate verifiable evidence connected to its worth.

Dark Woods Coffee can have accessibility to rankings by using free online advanced analytics. This should allow companies to gauge the site's attractiveness. When a company wants to improve its reputation, it's critical to have a good Alexa rating. This would also help them analyze and make it public the accesses that people have performed to the webpage.

Dark Woods Coffee will use Alexa to estimate the lot of persons that have accessed their website online. Then, for 3 months, computations will be made in relation to this (Damnjanovi?, et al. 2020.). Additionally, if nobody has visited their webpage, a ranking would not be generated. It is critical for Dark Woods Coffee to identify phrases that will lead to a higher visitation ratio on the company website. This will also help them improve the rankings of their webpage in an appropriate way.

Slide 12: Conclusion

Based on the above mentioned discussions, it can also be stated that all three digital marketing strategies, including online advertising, SEO, and web analytics, would play a critical part in strengthening “Dark Wood Coffee” promotional strategies. People would be constantly reminded of the company's products or services through digital advertising. On the other side, SEO will improve the web exposure of “Dark Wood Coffee's” website. Furthermore, Web Analytics will play a vital role in determining the behaviors of website users and taking required actions.

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