Analysis of a Business Organization Effects at Aston Martin Assignment Sample

Effective leadership rules & management is one of the important reasons behind the better performance of the organization.

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Introduction of Analysis Of Business Organization at Aston Martin Assignment

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This study critically analyses the business environment of Aston Martin, a British independent car manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1913 in the United Kingdom and the headquarter of the organization is in Gaydon, UK. The company has specialization in manufacturing grand tourers and luxury sports cars and the company has more than 140 branches across 53 countries. The company has become a global automobile brand and nearly 3000 employees are working under the organization. Dealers of the organizations are responsible for selling the manufactured cars of the organization and the organization has more than 160 car dealerships. Aston Martin followed a suitable structure for better performance of the organization at the top level there is the CEO and founder of the organization Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin. After the CEO there is the board of directors after that president of the organization. After the president there is the executive vice president and after the executive V.P is the policy committee of the organization.

The first part of this study discussed the leadership and management process of the organization. The second part of this study discussed the organization's culture and its impact on the organization. The third part of this study discussed the issues of the organization during the covid pandemic and its solution. The last part of this study includes a conclusion where the entire outcome of this study has been summarized.

Principal leadership and management of Aston Martin

Aston Martin the full name of the organization is Aston Martin Lagonda is a British private company specialized in manufacturing sports cars and grand tourers. The companies have more than 140 branches in the country and have more than 1300 employees. Aston Martin has strong leadership principal and management and it is the main reason behind the success of the organization. The organization makes its business since 1914 and made effective development in their business. The founders of the organization believe that sports car includes a strong distinctive character that reflects the high strands of the owner. Aston Martin mainly manufactures grand tourers and sports cars and some of the famous models are Aston Martin Rapide, Aston Martin DB, Aston Martin Vulcan, and many more. The organization has extended its operation to more than 14 countries and dealer networks of the organization provide excellent services to the customers. According to Fazendeiro (2020), the leadership management of the organization is good and customers are getting effective service from the company representatives and dealers of the organization. Aston Martin has distinct features for them each car and the organization has highly skilled engineers who can meet each requirement of the organization. Ethics and CSR reasonability is also followed by the organization effectively and it is one of the important parts of Aston Martin.

Leadership Management of Austin Martin

(Source: Fazendeiro 2020, p.563)

Apart from that, the organization has excellent quality and distinct practices regarding the latest technology to deliver their services and products to their target customer. The main target of the customer of Aston Martin is high-class people who can afford the price of premium cars. Besides leadership, the organization is also effective in its employee management. The organization provides a distinct type of employee benefits t their employees such as incentive, development and training, tour, and vacation (Ganon-Shilon et al. 2021). Aston Martin also provides gifts to their sales executives when they reach out to the target of the organization. According to Ventura (2021), an interview of Aston Martin described those employees of the organization are satisfied at their workplace and the reason behind this is the organization's effective Human Resource management. The HR executives of the organizations are very professional and effective and provide each support to the employees when required. More than 1300 employees are effectively managed by Aston martin by their effective management process and the reorganization has employees who work for the company for 25 years. This is evidence of the proper leadership and management capabilities of Aston Martin.

Organizations culture of Aston Martin and its internal-external influences

Organizational culture refers to values, assumptions, beliefs, and ways of interacting with the organization to the social and psychological environment. Organizational culture also includes the organization's philosophy, expectations, experiences, and values those help members of the organization to maintain proper behaviour in the organization. In this section of the study organizational culture of Aston Martin has been discussed. The organizational culture of Aston Martin is different from other companies and the culture of Aston martin helps an organization to put focus on external and internal matters. According to Chatterjee et al. (2018), the culture of Aston Martin is a set of belief and values that shapes the behaviour and norms of the organization as well as help organization to make proper decision making regarding their business. The culture of Aston martin put a large impact positive impact on an organization's internal and external matter. The culture of the organization helps Aston Martin to develop strategic thinking and innovation ideas that help the organization to make better leadership in the business market. Another side, the culture of Aston martin also protects the company from external safety issues.

Leaders of the organization are mainly responsible for maintaining the organizational culture of Aston martin. Along with this, employees of the organization are also cooperative which helps to maintain the culture. The behaviour of framework, proper leadership, job satisfaction al these factors are all directly connected with organizational culture. According to Bhaduri (2019), organizational culture put a positive impact on external and internal factors of the organization. An effective culture of the organization maintains the work environment of the organization properly such as effective performance of employees, good relationship between leader and employees, interest of employees in every matter of organization and co-operative and helpfulness. Another side, the organization of the culture protects the company from external issues such as product safety issues, issues of stakeholders, conflicts of business holders and prevents the company from any type of legal action. An effective culture of Aston Martin prevents the company from outside threats as well as maintains a good relationship among the stakeholder, business members. Along with this, another important culture of Aston martin is maintaining the quality and services of the organization that culture helps the organization from any type of production issues (Paais and Pattiruhu 2020). Preventing production issue ensure the safety and value of the organization that helps the organization in improving their business performance.

Problems of Aston Martin

Aston martin faced several problems during the covid 19 pandemic among them two important issues were Fewer vehicle sales and a disrupted supply chain. During the pandemic, Aston Martin faced several difficulties in their supply chain and results in a delay of raw materials by the suppliers. The organization also faced non-availability of resources during pandemic and supply chain network raw materials was disrupted. Tareq et al. (2021), stated that the automotive supply chain of Aston martin becomes disrupted and disorganization and prices of raw materials are also increased by the suppliers creating a problem for the company.

 Problems of Austin Martin

(Source: Tareq et al. 2021, p.326)

 Another important problem which was faced by Aston Martin was low sales of manufactured cars. The car stock of the company was increased during [the pandemic and the organization was able to sell only 20000 cars during the entire pandemic year making a high economic loss for the organization. Along with this, lockdown, covid rules and regulation and social distancing increase the cost of the organization and make the situation worst for the company. However, these problems can be solved by taking some necessary steps and the issues of supply chain and raw materials can be solved by making storing raw materials. Along with this, dealing with more suppliers will also help the organization to sort out this problem. Apart from that issue of sales was automatically improiv4d after the pandemic although sales can be increased by providing some offers and discounts to the customers (Paul et al. 2021). Along with this, proper advertisement and social media campaigning of products also help the organization to attract more customers towards the organizations that will increase the business of the organization.


This study successfully analyses the business environment of Aston Martin, a British car manufacturing company. The outcome of this study determined that an organization has effective leadership rules and management and it is one of the important reasons behind the better performance of the organization. The outcome of this study also described that the organization's culture put a large impact on the external and internal factors of the organization. The culture of Aston Martin helps them to maintain a healthy work environment and protect them from external safety issues. Analysing this study also determined that pandemic put a large negative impact on the economy of Aston Martin and develop some issues which are clearly described in the study. This study will help an individual to understand the management and business environment of Aston martin as well as help individuals to take necessary steps on the issues of the organization.


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