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Emerging Themes Assignment Samples


Emerging with explanatory ideas are crucial to determine information at initial stage of evaluation. This issues is more complex by realisation that some genomic condition indicate high uncertain and complexity. This report is provides more specific information about BMW Ads which is banned because of making misleading environment claims. Every impacts that are associated with the BMW business operations are discuss under this report very clearly (Abrahart and et. al., 2012).

"Article 6: BMW Ad Banned for Making 'Misleading' Environmental Claims"

1: Critical evaluation about key emerging themes

Shisler and Broderick, (2012) says that advertisements have direct influence on the demand of customer and therefore it is required that they are presented with maximum care. BMW has been expelled for doing false presentation about their cars by calming them clean which was not true on the real grounds. In the add the company was clamming that its i3 cars does no harm to the surroundings as they do not do any emission. Keeping this as focus the cars were declared as green which was misrepresentation of the reality. Buttimer and Seamon,(2015) further add to the issue and says that by representing the truth in a different manner company has miss leaded the customers which is against their right to be informed.

According to Ford, (2014) the total sales of BMW were raised as customer believed that by going for this option they are contributing to the environment which again was against business ethics. Therefore when the real story was made in front of the public the sales of BMW get very much effected and also the goodwill of the same. Maringe and Foskett, (2012) it became difficult for the management to give justification for the organisation conduct and hence increase pressure on them. It increased further more problems to the same enterprise like it was now difficult for the firm to regain the trust of its customers and improve its brand image.

This way the sales of the refereed organisation get effected in the long run and more attention was given to every time a new product was launched by the organisation in the market. This way the work of marketing team also get increased as they now have to do more planning for the different adverts and has to ensure that no information is misleading and fair presentation of all the quality information is done (BMW ad banned, 2018). This particular statement did not imply that manufacturing of i3 or the development of electricity requirement of charges the i3's battery could cause zero emissions. They have considered that the claim helps to deliver back to the environment that would be determine by customers to mean that owning the car had a net advantages over the environment. It has been noticed that BMW is considered these statements a perfect aspects to compare among buying an electric car and purchasing a petrol car rather than not not to buy anything. Likewise, it does not considered that this was sufficiently more specific in the ad and it was concludes that the assertion was misleading.

According to Gawronski and Strack, (2012) the advertising was published in the form of social media that is used to testimonial form real customers to extol the virtues of the BMW i3. This model is unusual between electric vehicle in addition to their electric drive. Likewise, Hybrid cars which have a petrol driven engines that can taken over from electric system to increase the capability of the cars. As per the complainants recommended that the availability of a petrol engine means that this particular statements was not so appropriate. Knowing this fact, it has made huge impacts on the profitability of their organisational structure as well as their structures.

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2: Critical discuss those themes that affects various sectors over the next coming time

In the opinion of Stewart, Gorter and Freeman, (2013) it has been told that BMW is need to ensure that in coming time they can make clear perception about certain environment claims. It is related with all electric vehicle that do not make huge impacts on their products unless they hold sufficient substantiation. The society of motor production and traders needs to said that they did not make any comment on individual basis. An ads for BMW has been banned for truly claiming that its i3 is free from zero-emission.

According to Khan and Wood, (2015) they are doing commendable job in resolving various issues those are affecting the profitability of their businesses. It does not seems any impacts in next coming five years. Globalisation helps in diversify their markets for vehicle production where various regions such as Japan, western Europe that are established as huge manufactures with over 18 vehicle across within domestic and international level. The investors are hopping to increase production capacities so as to develop their intended market bid always in respect to generate economic return. In doing so multiply the over capacities issues on wide scale. There are certain risks which are associated with them.

In the view point of Lenin and Babu, (2017)as the company has banned from getting promotion of there BMW ads has made huge downfall in the production as well as their market share. Some specific aspects as a competitions from other vehicles production is related with the company planning with 69% of market controlled by six companies. Because of slow growth rate in auto mobile sectors can intensifies particular competitions. By the increase in global warming a huge concern in modern era is environmental activities for pushing for manufacturing ozone-friendly products. Some specific implications that a company is said to i3 electric car had no emission at the time of driving and it would have been able to make advertise it as green. Few customers said that the claim that a car assists to revert back better output to the environments over its entire life cycle.

Jolly, (2011) says that ads must not appear again in its present form, including BMW to make ensure that in coming time they made perfect environment claims associated to all electric vehicles only. It was unable to complete manufacturing of thousands of luxury cars because of this misleading issues. It is one of a series of vehicles with a basic supply chain in order to make improvement in their strategies to ads in order to determine proper allocation of their facts about BMW. The point of facts is the same as the cleanest electric cars can only have a small implication over the environment. As the electricity grid from which it is powered to make production of their products.

According to ASA(Advertising standard authority) took some other views indicating that petrol engine had some issues regarding emissions value which could be quantified and they decided to release order to withdrawn advertisements banned. They think that every cars should developed as per customers demands unless they kept sufficient views points about customer reactions. It is necessary for BMW to make clear all those aspects those are affecting the productivity at wide scale.


From the above project report, it has been seen that because of misleading situation about BMW ads that their cars are affecting environment in critically analysed. There are various aspects related with current time impacts and their outcomes which are affecting profitability up to an extent. Various implications those are associated with the company is discuss more clearly. This project provide crucial solution to their issues by analysing vital facts. The perception of customers as well as organisation are taken into consideration in more deeply to determine crucial facts. Assignment Help provided by New Assignment Help


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