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Comprehensive Guide to Project Management: Objectives, Methodologies, Skills, and Progress

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Introduction Of The Project Management

The project plan

Statement of work

This project focuses on the opening of a new campus by the GBS education centre in the city of Liverpool. GBS referred to as a high-growing education centre in the country of the UK and it provides higher education in four cities (Dhir et al. 2019). There are eight campuses related to this centre and its population leads the education centre to open a new campus in Liverpool city. Therefore, there is a need for a project manager in this education centre.

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Project objective with the use of SMART goals

The objectives of this project presented below:

Objective 1: To provide better education facilities to the students

Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
This objective is specific because it focuses on the development of an education system for providing students with better education with the implementation of different extra-curricular activities. These activities will help the students to attract to their studies and develop their educational skills. Yes, this objective is a measurable process because when the education centre takes examinations of the students, they can measure the development or growth of the students. This objective can be achieved with the implementation of attractive strategies like drawing competitions and it will grow the attention of the students towards study therefore this objective can be achieved. Improving the education process for the better education of the students is a relevant or realistic objective because it not only focuses on the growth of the students but also it gives importance to the growth of the nation. The fulfilment of this objective needed a time of 5-6 months.

Objective 2: To focus on education efficiency as well as cost reduction with the improvement of technology

Specific (S) Measurable (M) Achievable (A) Relevant (R) Time-bound (T)
This is a specific objective because education efficiency is most important for the skill development of the students. It has seen that recently education procedure becomes a cost worthy process and therefore improving the technology the education cost will have to reduce. Technology improvement is an important aspect of the educational sector, the implementation of these technologies in this sector can reduce the cost, and it is a measurable process. This objective can be achieved by encouraging the students for developing their skills in the technological sectors. The educational sectors can encourage students in developing their skills in computers and thus this objective can be measured. Nowadays technology is most important in any kind of field and therefore use for its educational purposes and for the present objective is relevant. It takes a time of 4-5 months.

Objective 3: To make the educational process attractive for the skill development of the students

Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
The present objective is specific because it gives importance to making the educational procedure attractive. It is most important to attract students towards education and for this making, this process attractive is necessary. For example, having extracurricular activities can make the system more attractive. This is a measurable objective and the educational sectors can notice development in student concentration by measuring their growth. The attendance sheet can prove whether the students are attending classes or not. This objective can be achieved by making different strategies to create the process attractively and it can lead to the skill development of the students. Yes, it is a realistic or relevant objective because it deals with making the educational process attractive. It needs 6-7 months.

Project management methodology

The recent project makes its path easy with the use of “Agile methodology”. This methodology can help this project for its ultimate success. This method has proved very impactful method for the educational sectors and it focuses on the ultimate development of this process (agilealliance.org, 2022). The methodology has made a good impression on the development of educational sectors and there lies its importance of it. It goes with some key principles and they are the collaborative work strategy, quick as well as simple process, and the openness of this strategy for any data-driven change (Pace, 2019). This methodology is effective as it involves short phases of work and there is frequent testing reassessment, as well as adaptation within the processes.

In this method, all the work that has to be done is added to the backlog. It describes that a team can work through every specific cycle or phase. They can work collaboratively with the project managers by giving priority to the backlog. The reason behind this matter is so that the team can know about the fact of what to be focused on first (Beerbaum, 2021). In the present project of opening a campus in the new city of Liverpool, this methodology will be helpful because it covers all the areas needed for opening a new campus. The focus has been given to the creation of a campus and this methodology is helpful here because it gives focuses on collaborative work.

This methodology is a quick process and it is easy to apply. The most important aspect related to this model is that it is open to data-driven change therefore this project can change according to the need and there lies its importance (Dhir et al. 2019). This methodology is important because it can apply to any kind of big or small project. It focuses on the goal as well as a clear vision of the project. Importance has been given to the construction of the project and therefore it can help in the further growth of it. This methodology helps in the guidance of workflow and it leads to the success of the project. It assists in the adaptation processes and it is called a smooth, easy, as well as a fast process (Pace, 2019). This methodology is gone in a “hand-to-hand” process and it focuses on collaborative work. Therefore, it is called that the use of this process can be helpful for this project as its success.

Reflection on the skills

Any organisation needs a proper project management team to deliver quality products within a specific time. An organisation such as GBS, which provides higher education in the UK, needs a suitable project manager that has specific kind of skills to maintain the technical part and has strong management skills to run a project smoothly (villanovau.com, 2022). There are a few skills that are essential for a project manager to have to complete the whole project on time.

  • Communication: The main key quality of a project manager is effective communication skills. From starting a project to handling the people related to the project, everything is dependent on communication skills (wrike.com, 2022). Leading a team from the front is all about having a strong voice so the whole team can work accordingly. Only a good communicator can provide clear guidance and instruction, therefore it can increase the speed of work and efficiency. Choosing proper words, tones and effective body language can work great in that case. It eventually holds the team as one to increase productivity.
  • Time management: The capability of managing time and the skill of identifying the priority in work are essential qualities for any project manager. Planning according to the total time needed for the plan is a crucial step in every project and a project manager who can manage the time can deliver the job on time. It also works for personal growth such as the skill of managing time can bring more productivity to an individual (Tian, 2020). This required skill also needs to avoid any kind of pressure of managing too much work at a specific time. Having time means one can anticipate any kind of roadblocks before it's too late and can take essential actions to deliver a successful project.
  • Leadership and Negotiation skills: Leadership of a team is a primary criterion that one project manager is required to complete a project without any kind of hazards. A strong leadership quality can help to take control of the project and manage the workers at the same time. It is important to motivate the team members to deliver a positive outcome and only a project manager with strong leadership skills can manage the work environment for this kind of productivity (teamwork.com, 2022). Sometimes, the power of negotiations also required leadership skills to complete the job. Team conflict, managing resources and engaging with the suppliers need a constant process of negotiation to run the project positively.
  • Risk management and problem-solving skills: As a project manager leads the whole project from the front, it is important to assess the risks related to the project. Identifying the risks and planning accordingly helps the project to be more accurate (Alvarenga et al. 2019). Risks are uncertain events that cannot be assumed or will not occur as imagined, however, having a clear idea about the impact of it and solving the problem accordingly can help the project to run smoothly and as a project manager, it helps to hold the control over the whole project.

Risk assessment strategies

Risk Description Likelihood of the risk occurring Impact if the risk occurs Severity Mitigating Action
Time management is a risk in the scheduled project High High High Schedule meetings with the team to understand the plan and to reduce the chances of time management-related hazards
Costing and funding are not clearly defined Medium High High Create an outline of the areas where the cost may increase
Finding an appropriate location for the construction site Medium Medium Medium Proper research about the location and the advantages and disadvantages of the place, therefore it can be compared.

A proper assessment of the risks is the only way to make one project hazardless. In this project there are a few major risks that need to be taken care of, therefore the impact of the risk can be identified and a plan can be made accordingly to solve it. Time management is one of the major risks in the way of completing the project. There are lots of things that need proper planning before starting the project (Warheit, 2018). The process of making the constriction is time-consuming on the other hand; the process of recruitment also needs a specific amount of time. However, in both cases, the impact will be high. For avoiding any issue related to time management it is important to make a proper plan with the whole team is mandatory. Before starting the project, an outline of the total cost and funding needs to be understood by everyone, therefore those sectors can be identified where the cost can be increased. It will help to plan accordingly by managing the whole cost. In educational sectors, not finding a proper location can be a major issue, which needs to be solved in the first place. Inappropriate locations can be a major drawback for educational construction (Selleck and Cattani, 2019). In this case, finding all the appropriate locations suitable for the construction site needs to be gathered as soon as possible, therefore all the locations can be compared. It helps to choose an accurate location with all the required facilities for the construction of the campus. It has a medium impact on the whole project, however, it needs to be resolved.

GANTT chart

The project will start with finding the accurate location for the campus and then the blueprint needs to be ready accordingly. Assessment of required resources and presentation of the planning to the authority needs to be done within the first 60 days of the project. Allocation of the resources as per the need of the plan is essential and after that proper recruitment process in the construction and other allocations of the human resources should be completed within the next 38 days. The building development part will take the major time in the whole project, which is nearly about 200days. Then the interior designing part of the campus will be started which can take almost 65 days approximately. After that, the teacher and non-teaching recruitment part will take place and other after the risk assessment and the final checking of the whole campus will be handed over to the authority.


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The mid-way progress report


In the Liverpool city area to open a new campus the initial required time that was calculated was 433 days, however, midway the estimated time exceeded the plan because of some basic changes. In that case, the initial objective and goals and timeline needs to be changed accordingly to the requirement.

Evaluation of the progress of the project

The first objective was to provide better educational facilities to the students which are still the main priority; therefore all the students can have access to higher education. The time measured to achieve this objective was 5 to 6 months (Annex, 2019). However, midway through the project, it can be assumed that it will take a few more months because it includes the location-finding process and proper planning of the plan, which took more time than estimated. The other objective of the project was to focus on cost reduction in the technological part which will take more time because the whole initial process gets delayed. The initial time estimated for it was 4 to 5 months which will exceed because it will start when the campus is ready to set up the technological help (Cebrián et al. 2019). The goal of making the educational process more attractive needs properly skilled faculty, which is the recruitment process. In this project, the recruitment part will come once the whole construction and interior designing part are completed. As it is one of the last few crucial steps, it needs to be done with more time, therefore, midway; it can be assumed that the process will take more than the estimated time, which can be 7 to 8 months.

In the modified timeline, the time in selecting the proper place and planning for the resources took more than estimated; however, the blueprint was ready within the time. The process of allocating the resources took more time than the initial time. The construction of the campus is still in progress and will take approximately 50 more days to complete. As a result of that, all the remaining processes will be affected; however, it can be managed by speeding up the rest of the project, such as the interior designing, and teacher and non-teacher recruitment process. The risk assessment needs more time than estimated and after checking the outcomes, the handover process can be done and the whole project can be completed within 500 days.


In the initial stage, the whole project was planned and scheduled according to the basic criteria. However, with progress in the project, the real-time for each step was increased, which affect the whole estimated timeline of the campus project. The new modified version of the timeline will provide a clear understanding of the required change and the final time that the project needs to be completed. However, it has been seen all the objectives selected at the initial time of the project, are midway being achieved.

The poster and accompanying commentary

GBS is a flexible study centre in the UK that provides quality study to students. This study centre provides opportunities to the students as it is referred to as a large community of learners that changes the lives of the students. The main aspect of this methodology is to focus on the flow of work and it is necessary for the execution of the present project plan.

The benefits of studying at GBS

It has vibrant campuses in the big cities in the UK. It allows them to the students to change their lives through education and to achieve their dreams. It has been seen that GBS or Global Banking School achieved a “91% satisfaction rating in the 2022 National Student Survey” (globalbanking.ac.uk, 2022). The students can get the possibilities of professional qualification in Financial Management as well as BSc accounting. It has spread its network across the four biggest cities in the UK consisting of Leeds, Birmingham, London, and Birmingham.

This company provides various facilities in West London as well as East London and it is called a “state-of-the-art campus” that gives various facilities to the students. This campus gives the facility to learn in styles and there are “state-of-the-art classrooms” as well as needed spaces for study (globalbanking.ac.uk, 2022). The most effective benefit related to this company is that it offers a huge range of foundation, vocational, postgraduate, as well as undergraduate courses. The courses are in the sectors of Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Business management, as well as Tourism. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the students to choose their desired courses and study according to this.

Project methodology for meeting the objective

The chosen methodology for this project plan is “Agile methodology” and this methodology has proved effective for this project plan. It speaks about collaborative work which is an important aspect of this project. A project needs collaborative work for its success and the present methodology speaks about this (Boaz et al. 2018). Therefore, it can be said that the methodology can meet all the objectives of the project plan and it has proved as an effective methodology for this present project plan.

The objective talks about providing better education facilities to the students and therefore it can be said that the methodology can be effective in the success of this objective. Another objective is to make the educational procedure attractive and this methodology can enhance this matter (Mavi and Standing, 2018). The reason behind this is that it has focused on a better education system and it is related to the objective.


GBS provides offers a range of courses in management, banking, as well as healthcare. The most important factor is that the courses are developed with the use of current industry practices. The courses are designed for improving the employability of the students as well as their career prospects. So, it can be presented that this methodology can meet all the objectives of the project plan.

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