Employment Law Analysis and Legal Risk Assessment Sample

This academic document provides strategic recommendations for addressing legal risks, maintaining employee relations, and ensuring compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations in the UK.

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Introduction of Legal Risks and Employment Law Assignment

The discussion has been provided with a brief explanation of the topic regarding "Employment Law" of the respective Marketing business related to ABC Ltd that has been located in London. The objective of this discussion is to determine the legal risk that has been faced by the respective organisational sectors. It has been also advised of the strategic recommendations for the development of the infrastructure rates around the UK. In addition, the taking response to legal actions and developments of anticipation rates and accurate ranges of decision-making planning strictures has also been effectively discussed. After analysing the key findings, the overall summary has also been briefly discussed.

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Identify the legal risks ABC Ltd

Based on the case study, ABC Ltd. has been considered a marketing-based industry that has been located in the UK and created a wider range of contracts around the various kinds of industries. The business has been directed at nearly 200 workers and is opening in the Midlands. It can be taken about the total headcount of around 300 workers effectively. The respective organisations' sectors have provided supportive environments for all workers and developed the cultures of a trade union. It has created a positive effect on the operational infrastructure of ABC Lt (Uk.linkedin.com, 2022).

The organisations have been provided with bespoke and personal marketing solutions for the customers effectively. It has also increased the rates of responsibilities infrastructures modules by making creative development programmers. The four regulations of redundancy have increased the ultimate rate of an effective manner and the chances of management hierarchy module can be effectively disrupted. In this regard, the team managing ability has also been considered as another issue that has decreased the rates of team efficiency and increased the rates of disruptions and reduced the chances of operational infrastructures module and efficiency rates effectively (Vizuete, 2019). The rate of disciplinary actions and improvements in decision-making approaches have also created a negative impact on the HRM sectors as well as the selection process that has not been considered as an effective side for the improvements of economic stability rates.

As opined by Tassinari and Maccarrone (2020), the small proportion of workers who have been considered a member of the trade union created a wider range of effects in improving the operational progress of ABC Ltd. It has also achieved a wider range of impacts by the absenteeism of commitment rates of the "Senior Director, Joe Tuckman". Joe has also developed the culture of business operations through the beginning as well as has some concerns about the developments of rapidly growing strictures. In this regard, Lydia Skinner has been joined for five years as well as he has also been from the executive team and tried to balance the responsibility of the creative improvements of the organisations (Uk.linkedin.com, 2022). Recently Lydia and Joe have not been working in the same organisational sectors, thus Joe has been believed the opening in the Midlands has not been treated as a good side of moving the other sectors, as he has been concerned about the appetite amongst businesses for spending the money and recent mood of economical conditions.

The senior management team has created a direction as well as Lydia and Joe have both expressed their insights about the working progress of the business industry related to ABC Ltd. From the respective job, designations of Customer relations and sales there have also been two members there are John Vroom and Midlands (Uk.linkedin.com, 2022). In that case, Joe has been outraged that they created longer ranges of protests, created an existing staff for diverting the attention and efforts, and improved the cultures of relationship strictures by opening the Midlands Office. Ted Maslow, the Director of Human Resources has been tasked with the redundancies that need to be created as he has been left to balance. These changes addressed the accurate selection criteria, after conducting the longer ranges of discussion the particular area has been created for the business that can be balanced and effectively grown up (Lansbury and Bamber, 2020).

The total range of 22 redundancies can also be identified as well as the majority of the administrative functions across ABC Ltd. and a few senior posts through the creative team. Four kinds of functions have been also effectively identified for having a risk of redundancy that has caused Ted some concerns and increased the issues among the executive team effectively. Analysing the case study it can also be easily interpreted that Lydia Skinner is the first worker notified of the issues rewarding redundancy and have been created a responsibility for pushing the attention rates of the core workers away from the existing responsibilities and clients for n notified the opening of the Midlands office. Thus, the starting at Midlands has been put on hold for ensured the business suffered thus there have not been overviewed any financial losses that have been commenced. In addition, the current staffing infrastructures have decided on the total amount of 22 redundancies that can be needed for creating the cultures (Uk.linkedin.com, 2022). Bob has been learning about the retirement process have also been wanted to express an interest in working in the organisation beyond conducting the retirement progress, thus there has also been needed to reach the business organisations to the next level up and increased the rates of productivity.

The executive team has also been instructed on the dependency by forwarding the redundancies and creating effective decision-making approaches for the comparison in pay. In that case, Lydia has wanted to say that she will not be working on the larger clients, especially those who have sealed the project related abroad. Pam Truman has also faced issues regarding meeting the deadline problems and needed the staff in an effective manner by using a new IT package. Diane Golding has been a freelance writer around the creative team as she has been felted the effects of change immediately (Uk.linkedin.com, 2022). The managers of ABC Ltd have also increased the rates of demand structures by working through the key projects. Thus, she wanted to propose "ABC Ltd's bonus scheme" for generating the aides and dismissed the contract of employment activities accordingly.

Advice ABC Ltd on the legal risks that may emerge redundancies of ABC ltd

Taking the necessary action plan the chances of disruptions can also be effectively reduced and that can be created a positive effect to develop the cultures of the organisational infrastructure and economic stability. As opined by Brooks et al. (2019), the different kinds of risk factors related to "Unfair dismissal, discrimination and collective redundancies" have also reduced the rate of economic infrastructure rates, affected the compensation rates by developing cultures of potentiality, and helped to maintain the time management activities rates. Checking the proposed redundancies for making, it genuine and making a warning process for the workers of the problems of consult and redundancy in the cases of necessary things there can also be needed Collective Consultation that has allowed the timing for prepared statutory information and elected the representative for improved the cultures of working place. However, Edwards (2021) has stated that the presence of selection procedures and provided the Redundancy Payment systems have created statutory cultures for increased rates of business expenditures and providing the best services among the consumer as well as employees. For instance, the fair process, as well as the making effective planning strictures for the improvements of succession rate, can also be treated as the other procedures that can be much more beneficial aspects for the improvements of decision-making approaches. It can be recommended that by freezing the recruitment process and stopping voluntary overtime by creating a package system related to voluntary redundancy the chances of efficiency and rate of capacity can also be sustainably increased (Sánchez-Monedero et al. 2020).

It can also be suggested that breaking the carrier and reviewing the worker's benefit by laying out the staff in the shorter ranges of timing at the timing of working in the organisations and avoiding the redundancies the issues can also be effectively ignored by developed the cultures of economic stability of the organisations. Following the legal action related to the "Employment Rights Acts, of 1996" the issues regarding the dismissal of unfair, redundancy and parental leave can also be effectively reduced (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022). In this context, the rate of health and security rates can also be notified by collecting reliable opinions among the workers related to an improved culture of decision-making approaches sustainably. "Contract of Employment" acts have also created a segmentation of the three kinds of segments related to "Full time, casual and Part-time opportunities" (Employersolutions.co.uk, 2022).

Thus, it can also be suggested that the above-depicted rules have been treated as a written legal agreement between the employees and employer that has been provided with valuable details regarding the job, working hours and payment opportunities effectively. Maintained the regulation related to "Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations" have created a beneficial outcome that has also developed the cultures of multiple ranges of attributes related to industrial relations, conditions of employment activities, teams and conditions of the workplace, workers' representations, leave rights and maternity, business sales, and discriminations effectively (Iclg.com, 2022).

It can also be advised that the above-depicted acts can also be focusing on the attributes regarding "Employee Privacy and Data Protection", "Court Practice and Procedure", "Termination of Employment activities", "Business Sales" and "Returning of the workplaces after Covid-19" effectively. The chances of practising cultures and developments of multiple ranges of legal acts related to "European Law, Common Law and Statute" cultures have also created an effective decision-making culture. In this regard, the European Directive can also be provided with an appropriate justice system and developed the cultures of employment stability by notifying the issues. Thus, the developments of the "Code of Wages, Social Security Codes, Health and Working Conditions and Industrial Relation Codes" have also increased the rates of health and security reward systems (Britannica.com, 2022). The ultimate rate of protection and development of safety concerns by collecting the information has also been effectively conducted by improving the cultures of performance management ratios. The "European Union (EU)" treaties have also been notified on the four kinds of strategic aspects related to "Regulations, Recommendations, Decisions and Opinions" accordingly.

In this context, adapting the above-depicted rules and regulations can also be helped to remove the issues. The issues regarding redundancies have not created a positive framework for improving the cultures of HRM infrastructures and the selection process. The rates of satisfaction, capacity, efficiency and performance management appraisals have also created a positive effect to develop the cultures of the developments of IT progress. The chances of the staff recognition process as well as the rates of ultimate developments attracted a wider range of targeted consumers the consumer's preferences rates have been also getting developed (Fagan and Rubery, 2018).

Thus, created a wider range of improvements in time management and efficiency by analysing commitment rate the rate of performance appraisals can also be developed. It can also be making positive frameworks by developing the cultures of employment stability rates in the UK. The constant development rates of multiple ranges of activity structures related to "Transferring, Reduction, Avoidance, Retention, Sharing and Loss Prevention" rates can also be created an effective side by achieving the ultimate ranges of ultimate objectives effectively. (Webb et al. 2020). It has also created an empowered activity by addressing the ultimate ranges of potential risks and the chances of collecting the accurate ranges of feedback opportunities rates can also be sustainably developed by making an effective range of planning infrastructure modules. The selection of effective frameworks, obtaining the organisational commitment, identifying, evaluating, analysing the risks and making an improvement of the communications and services the chances of legal risk factors rates can also be sustainably developed.

Advice given to the senior management team

As opined by Sani et al. (2022), focusing on the multiple ranges of attributes the chances of development activities structures rates have also been sustainably developed. In this regard, by collecting valuable opinions, seeking commitment rates, creating a decision-making approach and inspiring greatness by aligning with the passion of creating a specific purpose the chances of development activities rates can also be effectively enhanced. Therefore, it can be suggested that the improvements in the celebrated success and inspired gratefulness in the chances of workers' behaviour rates can also be effectively developed by the leading authorities (Henley, 2021). In this context, encouraged meaningful delegations and developed the cultures of specifications the rate of interaction has also been sustainably developed. Created a helped by understanding the effects as well as promoting the two ways of communication among a wider range of developments in the customer behaviour models can also be easily getting accessed (Marcinko and Taylor, 2021).

Created an establishment of building up the management and leadership skills as well as conducted a 360-degree review of the senior leadership activities so the chances of empowerment rates can also be sustainably developed. The empowerment of generating ideas as well as creating an accurate explanation about the leadership activities by reaching the right questions the chances of investment ability and improvements of navigation rates can also be sustainably developed. However, Shalchi (2021), has stated that the created an effective range of planning structures and setting out specific objectives the ultimate ranges of determinations have also been effectively developed. The involvement of comfortable office spaces and conducting team building activities rates have created positive effects create a segmentation of the working diversification cultures by collecting reliable information on the ultimate ranges of working flexibilities cultures can also be created (Nightingale, 2021).

Therefore, the wider range of development activities related to communication, strategic delegation, growth mindset, employee appreciation, achieving and selling goals and motivational strategies have also created a positive effect by providing reward and incentive facilities. It can be recommended that by making an accurate understanding of the responsibilities and organisational and team goals by checking the supervisors and managers effectively the rate of team building ability can be sustainably improved. In this context, the constant development rate of the communication modelling and making a precise vision by enhancing the team collaboration rates and delegated care by giving out recognition and constructive feedback the rate of challenges can also be sustainably diminished. In this context, cultivated self-awareness and strengthened the decision-making cultures by establishing the trusting rates the chances of stress opportunities rates can also be sustainably developed (Muoka et al. 2020).

Thus, the developments of energy rates and constant increased the rate of productivity by making wider ranges of engagement opportunities the chances of trusting opportunities rates can also be sustainably developed. Based on the case study, it can also be clarified that this created a wider range of changing cultures in the organisational sectors the rate of transition rates can also be effectively developed by collecting the accurate ranges of feedback among the workers. It can also be played a significant role in the constant development rates of the management skills infrastructures rates related to Communication, Time management and others (Digennaro, 2020). Analysing the case study it can also be interpreted that the understanding of workplace violence activities and improvements in responses and prevention cultures can be effectively improved by collecting the appropriate ranges of necessary feedback opportunities there can also be making a beneficial side to reducing harassment and discrimination rates.

Thus, by generating the ideas module and making interactions the rate of engagement opportunities can also be sustainably increased in the organisational sectors related to ABC Ltd. In this context, the "Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992" have also defined as well as governing the appropriate ranges of trade unions and included collective bargaining for industrial actions effectively (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022). It has also been making negotiations of generating the paying opportunities and developing the cultures of security rates as well as giving the training facility there can also be a wider range of skills have been also effectively generated. According to Section 188, the above-depicted acts have been conducted to redundant workers of a description in respect of which an individual trade union have also been recognised as the consult representative of the unions through the dismissal effectively. The proportion "Health and Safety at Work Act 1974" has been making safeguard activities of promoting the multiple ranges of activities structures related to safety, health and workers' welfare infrastructures (Info grid.io, 2022).

Along with that, the workers have also been getting equity by constantly reducing the chances of mental disability and social discrimination that have created a negative effect of proposing the cultures of security rates of making a significant role in the improvements of decision-making systems (Digennaro, 2020). The chances of accommodation and development of worker safety cultures have also created a positive effect to make in the establishment of trusting opportunities. In the situation of Covid-19 as well as Brexit the rate of unemployment, rates can be effectively increased that have not been considered as a beneficial side for the development of economic stability and improved the culture of flexibility rates among the employees and employers respectively. For instance, provided the appropriate ranges of Employment Rights the chances of unlawful decisions through the wages and statutory decision-making cultures of improved culture regarding legislation act, minimum wages, and incentive rates can be sustainably developed (Prideaux et al. 2020). As a result, the workers can also be being benefitted through the constant development of the cultures of the improvements of economic stability.


Throughout the above analysis, it can be stated that the entire discussion has been providing a brief explanation of the topic regarding "Employment laws" of the UK. In this regard, based on the case study and addressed the ultimate ranges of legal issues by providing the accurate ranges of recommendations have also been sustainably discussed in this entire discussion. Thus, the constant development rate of the economic stability and organisational infrastructures module can be played a vital role in increasing the rates of performance appraisals of the organizations by improving the rate of ABC Ltd.'s welfare.



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