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Introduction of Exploration Of The Rise Of Influencers Assignment

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In this modern age, every organization perceives influencers as the “opinion leaders”, mediating in the distribution of facilitation and information regarding new business strategies and marketing ideas. The marketers or professionals of the organization follow various influencers to generate new business ideas that can enhance their profitability and productivity. Social media or digital influencers play important role in boosting the performance of the employees, building up their value and reputation in their organization, and making them expertise in specific business topics and management skills.

Exploration of rising of influencers: Review

Influencers play various major roles in order to enhance the quality performance of employees in the organization. They also influence the organizational business strategies and improve them gradually to increase business value, profitability mad productivity. This current study highlights some key objectives of the influencers to establish credibility in a specific industry, via various social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook posts (Guerreiro et al. 2019). Influencers are mainly get influenced by the major factors within the competitive market. Various social and economical factors also generally encourages and motivates expertise, similarity, religious norms, interest rates, customers and market demands, and so on. Influencers also enhance the brand's trustworthiness and attractiveness to improve the business operations of the organization across the world.

Social media or digital influencers generally have large access and can even persuade others in order to act on the basis of recommendations, market demands, and customer preferences. Hence, it can be stated that influencer marketing is one of the fast-evolving processes that can gradually become a major tool in the organization's arsenal if utilized properly. There are various effective leadership styles used by digital influencers to promote their ideas and creative thoughts via social media platforms. As opined by Wielki, (2020), various influencer marketing campaigns are also organized in order to influence start-up businesses. Influencer campaigns can influence the business by 57% as per the record for the year, 2019 and the year 2020.

Apart from these, influencers can also help the organizations in this modern era to build up brand awareness, and strengthen customer base and brand image. The marketers and professionals of the organization can easily enhance interactions and social engagements by using various digital and social media platforms. They can get to know about several modern marketing techniques and the use of data analysis tools in their business practices. The ability to gain popularity via UGC can enhance the chances of becoming an influencer in this modern age. This current trend has also influenced a large group of consumers and organizations' cultures and behaviors in their target market segments to have a business operation expansion of 70% in the US (Singh et al. 2021). Social media or digital influencers have a certain power in shaping the opinions of the target audience as they have relatable qualities. There are many digital influencers who also start their accounts with an intention of large amounts of flowers on social media and to receive interest from leading bands for collaboration and sponsorships. Influencers often get motivated by benefiting other professionals or marketers with new strategies and information regarding the share market. They like to help their followers and encourage them to grow more in the upcoming days.

Questions development

What are the leadership styles and the challenges faced by the influencer used by Influencers in the current digitalized era?

Data collection

In order to collect relevant data and information regarding the exploration of the rising of influencers, a qualitative data collection method has been chosen. The information has been gathered from various secondary sources like relevant articles, governmental websites, relevant books, scholarly journals, and so on. The qualitative data collection method has helped to gather information about what position the influencers hold in the success of the organizational business at both national and international levels. As opined by Cummings et al. (2020), there are various internal factors on which the success, profitability, and productivity of the organizations depend. Those internal factors include the effectiveness of the project team, efficiency of project management, effective pricing strategies, budgeting, customer satisfaction, effective collaboration and communication channels among the employees and the administrative departments of the organization.

From the collected information it has been understood that influencers play a vital role in the success of the organizational business and the productivity of their employees. They help the marketers and the professional of the organization to understand the current trend and market demand to satisfy their customers’ needs (Xiao et al. 2018). This will also gradually enhance the image and the value of the business operation of the organization and promote its brand across the world. The qualitative data also depicts that influencers are also determined as the face of a company’s brand and allow professionals to collaborate with other leading organizations and gain knowledge and ideas about new business strategies. Incorporating new creative strategies into the business practice can enhance the value and performance of the organizational business operations. 

Data analysis

In order to evaluate the information or data about how the leadership styles of the influencers get affected by social media, it can be stated that social media or other digital platforms are making the process of reaching out to more professionals and marketers easier. As opined by Molenaar et al. (2020), influencers via digital or social media platforms are used to help the professionals of SMEs to keep their employees engaged in more time and dynamic ways as it can enhance the productivity and profitability of the organization in this modern era. The influencers reach a vast group of professionals via social media platforms and amplify them with new advanced business strategies.

Influencers also provide the organization with the idea of incorporating new advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual or augmented reality which help s the HRM department of the organization to identify and recruit new talents. They also influence the administration of the organizations to remain engaged with the project team directly to derive better outcomes in the present and also in the upcoming days (Ahn, 2021). The organization can incorporate effective communication and collaboration channels within its structure to enhance employees’ engagement, productivity, and business profitability. Influencers also help in the content production of the organization. Influencers with the help of various social media or digital platforms, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on, generally boosts the advertising performance and enhance the entire conversion of the professional or marketers.

Result interpretations

Globalization along with technological evolution has resulted in increased competition in the current competitive business ambience. In the current digitized era, social media plays a significant impact in stimulating organizational productivity. Social media in the current digitized era acts as one of the significant platforms for conducting business operational activities. Furthermore, organizational leaders use social media for promoting their products and services which further contributes to increased acceptance of the product by the consumers. As opined by Kavanagh, (2020), promotional strategy is one of the vital components of the marketing strategy that plays a crucial role in stimulating organizational progression. An increased influencer in their current digitized era highlights the strategies that are implemented by the organizational leaders towards accelerating the corporate growth of the company. However, several dilemmas affect the influencer on a massive scale (Sanders, 2020). The provision of authentic data to retain corporate products further raises questions about the validity of the available information. However, it is of significant importance that the corporate sectors and business leaders who want to contribute to organizational progression are required to rely upon innovative strategies for corporate growth.


Digital or social media influencers have huge followers on the social media they use to state their ideas and thoughts on various creative business strategies to influence marketers and professionals across the globe. The influencers mainly target social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. To become a successful influencer the individual must follow certain guidelines as stated below.

  • Targeting a large group virtual audience: in order to reach a large group audience, the influencers should deliver creative and classy speeches to motivate and encourage the professionals and marketers of the organization (Ray Chaudhury et al. 2021). They must optimize all rights of digital and social media channels to reach a larger community and increase their followers on social media. They must show efficiency in teaching new business strategies that can actively build a large group of audiences on digital platforms.
  • Creating marketable content: It is very much important for the influencer to create marketable content to attract a high number of followers on social media. Unique influencing and leadership styles can help the influencers to grow and keep variation from other influencers in the market.
  • Offering distinctive content: The influencer must offer distinctive contents to influence their target audience ad to enhance tier values on social media (Kleintjes, 2017). They should tell appealing stories of their past experience that can motivate, influence, and encourage new businessmen, marketers, or professionals.


The social media or digital influencers have various ethics and morals. They have the power to motivate, encourage and influence professionals and new entrepreneurs to grow in their professional careers. They have the responsibility to boost the performance of the employees in the organization by incorporating effective marketing skills ideas and business management strategies. Influencers post regularly about various business experiences and strategies on social media that they use. This creates a large following of enthusiastic people and engages them to pay close attention to those posts.



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