Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty: Qatar Airways Study

Understanding Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Factors for Qatar Airways

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Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty Towards Qatar Airways: An Exploratory Study

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One of the top airlines is Qatar Airways in the Middle East, helping more than 160 destinations globally. As the airline business becomes more and more competitive, Qatar Airways need to recognize the factors which commit to customer fulfillment and trustworthiness (Hamad MA Fetais, et.al, 2021). This study will explore the factors that influence business recovery after the covid-19 towards Qatar Airways and will offer awareness for increasing the airline's services and holding its customers. The occurrence of covid-19 pandemic in Qatar Airways has had a significant effect on the workplace in the company. The external environment is an important impact on the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

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This research proposal aims to conduct factors influencing customer satisfaction and reliability towards Qatar Airways and explore the business recovery after the pandemic. The research will concentrate on understanding the challenges and opportunities linked with customer fulfillment in such actions (Sinaga, 2022). Additionally, the study will explore the several factors that impact methodologies and techniques that could be utilized to manage Qatar Airways successfully.

Research Question

  • What are the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty towards Qatar Airways?
  • Is there a relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty toward Qatar Airways?
  • How do demographic variables such as age, income, and gender affect customer satisfaction with Qatar Airways?
  • What recommendations can be made to increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction with Qatar Airways?

Research Objectives

  • To recognize the factors that commit to customer fulfillment and reliability towards Qatar Airways (Omarli, 2019).
  • To inspect the connection between customer pleasure and reliability towards Qatar Airways.
  • To examine the effect of statistics variables like age, income, and gender on customer satisfaction towards Qatar Airways.
  • To offer recommendations for increasing customer loyalty and recommendations to Qatar Airways.

The project formation will follow an ordinary research format. The research proposal will start with a background that offers an overview of the title and the targets and objectives of the research. The literature review will explore the existing literature on Qatar Airways and factors influencing customer satisfaction, with a specific concentrate on methodologies (Kucsera, 2021). The methodology part will illustrate the research method and data collection approaches that will be utilized for the study of the literature review. This research objective is to explore business recovery after the covid-19 pandemic in Qatar. This industry will adjust to the recent environment and explore approaches to improve their losses and try to gain encouragement in the dynamic business globe. The Gantt chart will offer a detailed plan of the research procedure, as the methods with target dates for monitoring and updating activities to ensure the deadline for the final written report (Tunali, 2019).


The research will utilize a primary research design, utilizing a survey feedback form to collect information from Qatar Airways consumers. It is done by conducting primary research through a Google Form questionnaire for an explanatory study of Qatar Airways through its customers.

Research design

The research design selected for this learning is a tentative study design. The study will explore the risks associated with dealing with unexpected situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic, in an organizational framework. The research design will involve a quantitative analysis of the data collected through primary research methods (Petcu, 2021).

Research Philosophy

The research philosophy adopted for this study is the analytic research philosophy. The analytic research philosophy is based on the thought that the human race is too complex to be studied through a purely objective lens. Instead, the analytic research philosophy highlights the importance of subjective interpretation and understanding.


The approach for this study is a mixed-method will be utilized. This approach merges both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to offer a complete understanding of the research issue.

Data collection

The data for this study will be assembled through primary andsecondary research methods. The secondary research methods that will be used for this study include:

Literature review

An inclusive review of the important literature on covid-19 pandemic's impact on the Qatar Airways business will be conducted (Hasoh, et.al, 2021). The literature review will include a methodical analysis of academic journals, reports, and research papers.

Saunders onion ring approach

This approach is a research methodology framework that includes 5 layers that will be implemented:

  • Philosophy- The analytic research philosophy will be adopted for this study.
  • Approach- The inductive approach will be used for this study (Sulistya, 2020).
  • Strategy- The research strategy for this study is an exploratory research design.
  • Method- The primary and secondary research methods, specifically literature review and case studies will be used for data collection.
  • Technique- The data collected through the literature review and case studies will be analyzed using thematic analysis (Abdennadher, 2022).

Expected Outcomes:

This research is estimated to offer awareness into the aspects which influence consumer fulfillment towards Qatar Airways. The findings will help Qatar Airways to improve its services and preserve its customers after the pandemic (Wang, 2021). The research results will interact with the stakeholders during a research report that will involve recommendations for increasing the customers of Qatar Airways. The report should also be offered to the management group of Qatar Airways, who may utilize the findings to create strategic decisions.


Finally, this research proposal targets to analyze the research approaches that will utilize to explore the most valuable business recovery tactics of Qatar Airways. The project will start with a mixed-method approach, followed by a case study of a business that has dealt with the covid-19 pandemic. The research findings will utilize the Saunders onion ring approach and communicate to stakeholders during a research report, permitting Qatar Airways to create informed decisions and execute effective organization recovery tactics. The findings of the research will be obtainable with the help of both primary and secondary research. In the end, the research also Demonstrates critical reflection and engagement in primary research.


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Wang, Z., 2021. Understanding the strategy used by leading airlines: a case study of Qatar Airways.

Literature Review

The objective of this Literature review is to carry out the factors that influence customer satisfaction at Qatar Airways and survey the business improvement after the covid-19 pandemic. This research will focus on accepting the threat and opportunities relate to customer fulfillment in such business plans. Additionally, the study will survey the many factors which affect methodologies and approaches that could be used to handle Qatar Airways effectively (Amankwah-Amoah, 2021). The literature review utilizes a variety of databases, involving Google Scholar and other academic search engines to locate the relevant and current publications on the subject. The objective of the literature review is to make clear validation for the research concern. The crisis emphasizes require more strategies that consider tail threats in the Airways business. The business recovers after the Covid-19 pandemic occurs in Qatar.

The factors that commit to customer fulfillment and reliability towards Qatar Airways

Some factors which contribute to customer satisfaction are discussed below:

Service quality- Qatar Airways is identified for offering outstanding customer service equally on the land and in the air. From the moment customers enter the airport to while they debark; the Airways staff members are recognized for their expertness, attentiveness, and enthusiasm to go the more miles to make sure customer satisfaction (Bruns, 2020).

Flight punctuality- this airway has a name for operating flights on time. This is essential for customers because it reduces the stress and disruption which appears with flight stoppage and cancellations.

In-flight comfort- the airway provides a variety of easy seating choices, involving lie-flat beds, and offers high-quality eatables and enjoyment options to make sure an easy and pleasurable flight experience.

Security and safety- these airways set a high main concern on security or safety, which is comforting to customers. This airline has a well-built safety record and follows all global safety or security values.

Loyalty initiative- Qatar Airways' regular flyer plan, Privilege Club, provides a collection of benefits and prizes to its associates, involving free flights, improvement, and entry to personal lounges (Belov, 2020). This supports encouraging customers to carry on flying by airline.

The connection between customer pleasure and reliability towards Qatar Airways

Customer fulfillment is directly linked as it comes to Qatar Airlines since they are with every airline or business (Liu, 2020). Whereas customers are satisfied with their practice with Qatar Airlines, they are extra liable to become replicate consumers and suggest the airway to others which in turn makes loyalty.

Consumer satisfaction is assessing how fine the airway has collected or overtakes the expectations of consumers. Qatar Airlines aims to offer outstanding service, regularity, comfort, security and safety, and reliability rewards to make sure that its consumers have an optimistic experience through the airway. When these potentials are exceeded, consumers are additionally expected to feel fulfilled with their practice.

Customer reliability refers to a consumer’s commitment to carry on doing business with the airline gradually. This promise is generally influenced by aspects such as service quality, dependability, and global value that the airline offers (Pandey, 2021). When consumers are fulfilled with their experience with the airline, they are extra expected to become trustworthy consumers, which in turn could induce them to replicate business and optimistic word-of-mouth suggestions.

The effects of statistical variables like age, income, and gender on customer satisfaction with Qatar Airways

Statistics alterable such as income, gender, and age can keep an effect on consumer fulfillment towards Qatar Airlines, while they can change consumers' likelihood and background with the airway. There are some possible effects:

Age- diverse age groups might have diverse expectations and choices when it turns up to air travel. For instance, younger consumers can prioritize in-flight enjoyment and connectivity, whereas older consumers can prioritize amenities and satisfaction (Sileyew, 2019). Qatar Airways might require adapting its amenities and services to meet the requirements and tastes of diverse age groups to increase customer fulfillment.

Income- Consumers with superior incomes might have top expectations as it appears to comfort, service quality, and facilities. They can also be additionally eager to pay for top services and advance. Qatar Airways might want to provide a variety of service choices and cost points to request to consumers across diverse income measures.

Gender- as gender itself can not directly affect consumer fulfillment, gender-associated aspects like seating options and in-flight facilities can play a major role. For instance, female passengers can prefer extra security and privacy factor in their seat arrangements. This airway can require considering these aspects as crafty its seating arrangement and amenities options.

Its value considers that these alterable are only a few of several aspects that may influence consumer fulfillment towards Qatar Airlines (Patel, 2019). Other aspects like travel motive, earlier travel experience, and also cultural background can play an important role. Through assembling and analyzing consumer data and feedback, Qatar Airlines may well understand the requirements and tastes of its consumers across diverse demographics, and adapt its facilities and services thus to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Recommendations for increasing customer loyalty and recommendations to Qatar Airways

Here are some suggestions for Qatar Airways to increase consumer loyalties which are discussed below:

  • Develop the booking process- make sure that the booking procedure is easy to use and accessible to find the way, with clear valuation and schedule information (Lury, 2020). Provide a scope of payment choice and offer 24/7 customer service to help consumers with any concerns.
  • Increase in-flight experience- Endure spending on the newest technology and services to offer an easy and pleasurable in-flight experience. This can involve improving the entertainment structures, providing more easy seating choices, and bettering the meals' quality and snacks.
  • Personalize consumer experience- assemble and utilize consumer information to personalize the experience of travel for every individual. This may involve providing modified upgrades or discounts, adjusting in-flight facilities to individual tastes, and offering personalized suggestions for upcoming travel.
  • Develop loyalty programs- provide a broader range of benefits and rewards to associates of the Privilege Club reliability program, for instance, access to complete lounges, upgrades, and main concern boarding. Offer daily interaction to members to stay them busy and briefed them about its benefits (Zajac, 2021).
  • Address consumer concerns- Have a healthy consumer service structure in a position to address every concern that consumers could have. Make sure that consumer service agents are well-trained and also ready to manage any problems that could occur, and offer timely and suitable resolutions to every issue.

By concentrating on these areas, the airline may enhance consumer reliability and fulfillment, and finally drive optimistic word-of-mouth suggestions and replicate business.

Methodology used for literature review

  1. Research Design and Approach: The research design used in this study is quantitative. One of the designs involved in the research is a survey design that utilizes the questionnaire method. The research approach was a quantitative approach where the research involved surveys, experiments, documents, and observations from the literature review on business recovery after the pandemic in Qatar.
  2. Research Philosophy: For this study, the research philosophy acquired for analytic research. This philosophy was chosen because it emphasized to utilize logic, critical analysis, and reason in the procedure of research. The researchers acknowledge that the subjective clarifications of the candidates may influence the findings of the study (Akbar, 2020). This research philosophy usually includes breaking down multipart phenomena into minor, additional manageable sections to enhance recognition and also analyze them. It also includes utilizing quantitative methods like experimentation, to analyze hypotheses and collect data.
  3. Data collection: For this study, the data was collected through primary and secondary research methods. According to the primary research the data was assembled through a questionnaire survey and the secondary research is done through books, journals, and Google Scholar. These sources were utilized by the company to recover business after the pandemic.

Primary Research

Based on the questionnaire survey the answers activated for the primary research on aspects affecting customer fulfillment towards Qatar Airlines, the following result may be observed:

  • The regularity of travel through Qatar Airways differs from one time in a year to every 2 to 3 months, to the greater number of responders traveling with Qatar Airlines once a year.
  • The probability of advising Qatar Airlines to a colleague or friend is typically likely or neutral, with very few respondents being extremely likely or unlikely.
  • The fulfillment stage through the check-in procedure of Qatar Airlines is generally neutral or satisfied, with few respondents being highly satisfied or dissatisfied (Al-Tashi, al, 2020).
  • The satisfaction point through in-flight enjoyment choices offered by Qatar Airlines divides, with a few respondents being satisfied, a few being neutral, and some being highly dissatisfied.
  • The fulfillment stage through the quality of eatables items provided by Qatar is generally highly satisfied or fulfilled, with extremely some respondents being dissatisfied.
  • The fulfillment level by all ease of Qatar Airlines flights is highly satisfied, with extremely some respondents being highly dissatisfied or unfulfilled.
  • The level of satisfaction with the baggage managing procedure of Qatar Airlines differs, with a few answerers being satisfied, a few being neutral, along with a few being dissatisfied.
  • The stage of satisfaction through the point of customer service offered by Qatar Airlines is frequently satisfied or extremely satisfied, with not many respondents being dissatisfied.
  • The level of fulfillment through the total worth for currency of Qatar Airlines flights differs, with a few answerers being satisfied, a few being neutral, with several being dissatisfied (Orr, al, 2022).
  • The probability of selecting Qatar Airlines used for the next air travel is typically likely or extremely likely, with the extremely little answer being unlikely.
  • The significance of ecological sustainability when selecting an airline is generally vital.
  • The possibility of selecting Qatar Airways above its entrants for its ecological sustainability programs is generally neutral or extremely likely, with extremely small answerer being unlikely.
  • The stage of fulfillment through the hygiene and sanitation etiquette on Qatar Airlines flights is generally satisfied or extremely satisfied, with hugely few answerers being dissatisfied.
  • The level of fulfillment through the momentum and effectiveness of the boarding procedure of Qatar Airlines varies, with a few answerers being satisfied, a few being neutral, and also a few being dissatisfied.
  • The significance of the availableness of open Wi-Fi on Qatar Airlines flights differs, with a few respondents seeing it as vital, and a few respondents seeing it as unimportant.


The cost of operating an exploratory study on factors alluring customer fulfillment and faithfulness towards Qatar Airlines can differ depending on many aspects. These aspects may involve the sample size, research tools needed, and the time of research assignment (Ball-Damerow, et.al, 2019). The prices can be covered by the organization; research or funding can be required from outer sources. The price of conducting a complete survey or concentrate team discussion can be superior to conducting a lesser range study with a bounded data assembles method.


Access to applicants in Qatar Airlines might also present a threat. This may be because of the geographic place of applicants, the bounded time accessible for involvement, or the environment of the research theme. A researcher will want to identify a variety of method which is suitable for the research assignment, taking into report the target spectators and the research program. The size of the sample should be sufficient to make sure the validity and dependability of the study.

Ethical Issues-

The moral issues which occur from researching aspects impacting customer fulfillment towards Qatar Airlines might involve privacy and familiar matters. The researcher should take action to keep protect the privacy of the applicants by securing that data information is assembled and saved in a protected manner. Informed assent should be acquired from the applicants, and the researcher should be aware of every social or cultural issue that can occur from conducting the study in the Qatar Airlines context. The research should be managed in an ethical and liable manner, by following the moral strategy offered by the related authorities.

Data Analysis-

The researcher should choose suitable analytical devices to examine the collected data from the research study. These methodical devices can involve numerical software letters or further software devices. The researcher should make sure the accuracy and consistency of the collected data by holding to top practices in assembling data and also analysis. The outcomes of the analysis should be obtainable shortly and clearly which is simple to interpret and understand.Merits, Limitations, and Pitfalls-

The possible qualities of managing research about the factors impacting consumer satisfaction and reliability at Qatar Airlines involve the potential to recognize the main drivers of consumer satisfaction, and to offer suggestions for bettering consumer satisfaction and reliability (YARASHOV, 2023). But, the limitations of this research can involve the potential for unfairness or size mistakes and the pitfalls of more conclude outcomes or creating uncorroborated endings. The researcher should take action to decrease these pitfalls and limitations by cautiously forming the research assignment, choosing suitable data collection approaches, and examining the data exactly and purposefully.

Research Finding

The research design chosen for this report is a tentative study design, which will explore the risks connected and dealing with unexpected conditions, specifically business recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic in Qatar. The research philosophy acquired is analytic research and the approach chosen is the mixed-method approach. The data should be collected for this study through primary and secondary research methods, involving Google Scholar, and Questionnaire surveys (Ulsana, et.al, 2020). A comprehensive literature review should be conducted, and the Saunders Onion Ring approach should be implemented as a research methodology structure. The outcomes of this study will offer the recovery of business after Covid-19 in Qatar as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty towards Qatar Airways.

Findings of the Research

As per the research findings of this presentation, it could be inferred that the Covid-19 pandemic has an important impact on the business in Qatar and also the external environment. The quality of services offered by Qatar Airlines, involving customer service, in-flight services, etc. The flight schedule could be a critical aspect for passengers, and airline security and safety events will also influence client satisfaction and reliability. The characteristics of Qatar Airlines involve brand reputation, loyalty program, and cost of the airline. These are some factors that may influence customer fulfillment and loyalty toward Airways. These tactics need a practical approach and Qatar Airlines require to be prepared to adapt to changing situations.


  • The tentative research design and utilization of secondary data collection methods may limit the external validity of the learning findings.
  • Instead of a questionnaire survey, the research for this study may use interview sessions (Chong, 2023).
  • The study’s dependence on secondary statistics sources can bound the researchers’ ability to assemble primary data, that can be more appropriate and exact to the study questions.
  • The Qatar airline utilized quantitative and mixed-methods research, although an airline can use experimental and comparative research models to offer an extra comprehensive understanding of the aspects influencing customer fulfillment.

Critical analysis

Analyzing the advantage and disadvantages of the reviewed research is critical to developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic of customer satisfaction and loyalty towards Qatar Airlines. Here is some possible critical analysis of the research is discussed below:

To significantly analyze this title, it is vital to recognize the particular aspects which were analyzed in the research. Although, based on the questionnaire survey offered, the factors involved the check-in procedure, in-flight enjoyment choices, food quality, beverage quality, full ease of flights, luggage handling procedure, stage of consumer service, complete value for money, and also ecological sustainability programs. The research must offer a brief analysis of every aspect and its effect on consumer satisfaction against Qatar Airways. This is also important to acknowledge any other possible factors which were not involved in the questionnaire survey.

This topic of The correlation between consumer fulfillment and reliability towards Qatar Airways needs a statistical study to decide the relationship between consumer satisfaction and trustworthiness towards Qatar Airlines. However, it is vital to utilize suitable analytical devices and methods to create the power of the connection between these alterable. The research must also examine the aspects that negotiate or balanced this connection, for instance, the availability of other airlines, cost understanding, or the significance of other aspects like protection and security.

To critically examine the demographic alterable for instance income, gender, and age impact customer fulfillment against Qatar Airways research must analyze the division of answerers across diverse demographic alterable and review the effect of every variable on consumer fulfillment towards Qatar Airlines (Largan, 2019). This could be completed by conducting a failure test or other suitable statistical analysis to create the potency of the connection between every demographic alterable and consumer satisfaction. However, it is essential to identify every important difference in consumer fulfillment across diverse demographic teams and acknowledge the data for these contrasts.

Suggestions to enhance customer reliability importantly analyze this title, the research must offer particular and actionable suggestions for Qatar Airlines to get better customer reliability and fulfillment. These suggestions must be based on the findings of the research and must address the particular aspects which contribute to consumer fulfillment and faithfulness toward the airline. The suggestions should also acquire into a report every limitation or moral considerations which were acknowledged throughout the research. So this is vital to prioritize the suggestions formed on their potential effect and likelihood of execution.


Firstly, I am happy to employ significant reflection on my topic factors influencing consumer satisfaction and reliability. Reflection on the research procedure I have conducted the research for this study which offers some general guidance on the research procedure, including:

  • I identify a research question or issue to investigate.
  • I conduct a literature review to collect existing research and knowledge on the topic.
  • I develop a research methodology that involves choosing a sample, assembling data, and also analyze the outcomes.
  • I interpret the outcomes and draw conclusions based on the research process.
  • I communicate the findings through a piece of research information or publication (Wickham, 2019).

The effectiveness of research methods I implemented for this study are quantitative research design, analytic research philosophy, mixed-method approach, and primary and secondary data research.

  • I use quantitative research to explore and quantify social circumstances utilizing statistical methods. Although, the research includes, numerical data such as questionnaire surveys.
  • I also utilize analytic research philosophy to understand the primary causes and tools that commute social situations; it involves utilizing numerical techniques to analyze data.
  • I use mixed-method which combines both quantitative and qualitative methods, offering an extra comprehensive perceptive of the research question.
  • I utilize both primary and secondary data for this research study.

The lessons I have learned from this research study, I have identified my writing skills throughout the research procedure. I recognized my skills and areas for growth, which will support me to attain my career objective and add to Qatar Airways' victory. During the survey I conducted for Qatar Airlines, I analyzed that most of the customers liked the airways services. I have also learned that the research offers valuable perceptions that influence consumer satisfaction. I have learned from the research results that Qatar Airlines improve its services and provides better strategies to meet consumer requirements and taste. I will evaluate my progress toward my personal development strategy and learning objectives through research to meet my goals.

I might adopt for future improvements to increase the quality and efficiency of upcoming research studies, so I may recommend some actions which are discussed below:

  • Build up a clear study question and aims- A clear-cut research question or aims are significant to conducting the study and also make sure that it stays concentrated on its goal.
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review- it helps to recognize space in the current knowledge and update the research plan. It is also crucial to perform a complete literature review to make sure that the research study is appropriate and up-to-date.
  • Select suitable research methods- The option of research methods must be in terms of the research question. It is vital to utilize approaches that are suitable for the statistics being assembled and the research circumstance.
  • Utilize a diverse model- To make sure that the results of the research are universalizing, it is essential to employ a diverse model that involves applicants from diverse environments and experiences.
  • Correct data quality- The data quality assembled is vital to the effectiveness of the research results. To make sure quality of data, to use dependable and valid data set devices, and to apply quality management actions during the collection of data procedure.
  • Analyze data carefully- The study of data must be accurate and systematic. It is significant to utilize suitable statistical approaches and to understand the outcomes accurately and considerately (Rolfe, 2020).
  • Converse findings successfully- The research results must be expressed effectively, although it can include providing research findings shortly and clearly and offering recommendations for the act in terms of the research results.
  • Study and reflect- It is necessary to reflect on the research outcomes and procedure, and also learn from the research issues. Although, this can assist to get better future research studies and make sure that they are extra effective and applicable.
  • Collude with further researchers- collegial with further researchers may support the development of the scale of the research study and deliver new thoughts and viewpoints.

For my future research applications I will use technology, where I will utilize tools for research in this area can explore innovative educational technologies and models, tailored learning, and the effect of skill on future research (Chang, 2019).


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