Fy026- Preparing For Success: Knowledge & Creativity Assignment Sample

This document provides a comprehensive sample assignment on preparing for success through knowledge and creativity

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Fy026- Preparing For Success: Knowledge & Creativity Assignment Sample

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ARTEFACT 1:New Features of MS WORD (RM Unify version)

Dictate Function

As found from support.microsoft.com (2022), Dictate Function is a feature provided in Microsoft Word 365. This feature helps in speech-to-text factors and serves some ease in file completion. This feature can be taken as a voice operating system provided by MS WORD that helps to make files easily. This has been seen that the feature allows the writer to include punctuations, special characters and navigations. This feature is also available in different languages.

Immersive Reader

This feature allows ease to the file formation providing options to customise the workbook. This serves a greater handling of the whole outcome and reduces time for formatting. As seen from support.microsoft.com (2022) that this feature provides ease to the writer with reading the file loud. This also helps providing modification of line spacing, colour and other features.

50-words reflection

I found the features, Dictate Function and Immersive Reader very helpful in my educational approaches and these will also help me in my future professional factors. One of the most important advantages that these features provide is a lesser time consumption in making a file in MS WORD. This will help me to me to handle my entire job and provide me ease in time management.


support.microsoft.com. (2022). Dictate your documents in Word. [online] Available at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dictate-your-documents-in-word-3876e05f-3fcc-418f-b8ab-db7ce0d11d3c.

ARTEFACT 2: My Personal SWOT Analysis(as a student of BNU)

STRENGTHS (strong points)

WEAKNESSES (weak points)


I have good communication skills.


I am poor in time management.


I have good leadership skill.


I lack in decision-making.


I am a quick learner.


I have less knowledge in technology.

OPPORTUNITIES (potential gains)

THREATS (potential losses)


Good communication skill will help me to make public relations in my profession.


Less time management skill will cause me to face difficulties with deadlines.


I can overcome my challenges easily with my quick learning skill.


Lack of knowledge in technological factors will make me to face difficulties with the technological aspects in my profession at the beginning.

50-words reflection

The personal SWOT analysis done above will help me to make a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses I have and how this will help and hamper my plans respectively in future. I can understand my areas of improvement with it and can improve myself using my strengths carefully.

ARTEFACT 3: My Personal Development Plan (to become an employable graduate after 2024)






Time Management

I can take some steps to improve my skills.

· I can break all my jobs and complete all these within certain time.

· I can practice time management following expert’s opinions.

· A to-do list.

· Planners and books for personal development.

2 to 3 months

1st February, 2023


The steps that will help me in this are as follows-

· I need to set proper goals and make decisions regarding this.

· I need to set proper perspectives regarding my goals which will help me to make positive decisions.

· Relevent tools for data collection.

· Books to learn about decisio-making.

2 to 3 months

30th January, 2023

Technological Knowledge

Some steps that will help me to develop this are-

· I can practice different technological tools to understand the features of it.

· I can take lessons from exparts regarding this.

Useful digital tools like AI-based equipments.

1 to 2 months

1st January, 2023

50-words reflection

The PDP plan discussed above will help me to develop the skills that I am lacking and this will help me to make a greater approach in my professional career. This will help me to make a growth in my career and to achieve my desired success. One of the most important factors is that my strengths will help me to develop my skills further.

ARTEFACT 4: Paraphrasing Log 1


The Value of Formative Feedback



The London School of Science and Technology follows the process of formative feedback which is an important factor for educational growth. As suggested by Menendaze et al. (2019), this helps in inclusion and growth to the student in school educations. “Formative feedback” is defined as the process to review the assignments done by the students. Some of the benefits of this are like development of knowledge, monitoring improvements, identification of strengths and weaknesses, achievements of stronger grades and building confidence. Formative feedbacks can be provided through email, audio-visual aids or verbally. This can be said that this is a very helpful process that helps in teaching-learning approaches.


Menendaze et al. (2019)


Menéndez, I.Y.C., Napa, M.A.C., Moreira, M.L.M. and Zambrano, G.G.V., 2019. The importance of formative assessment in the learning teaching process. International journal of social sciences and humanities, 3(2), pp.238-249.

50-words reflection

The process of paraphrasing will be very helpful to me to make a greater approach to my future professional development process. I can apply this knowledge to understand different notes and readings in my own words and this will help me to make a greater handling of my personal growth.

ARTEFACT 5: Paraphrasing Log 2


When the LSST student becomes the lecturer



Mr. Levy Kiazayila Ndongala was one of the former students of London School of Science & Technology and he joined as a graduate trainee lecturer to it. He graduated from LSST in 2015 and planned to join the university as a lecturer since then. He mentors his students with academic knowledge and personal experiences in the institution and this is serving a proper teaching-learning outcome. He usually motivates students with stories from his experience in here and, according to him; this is helpful to the students to cope with these situations. As stated by him, he joined the institution as a graduate trainee lecturer to relive his days as a student and to pay the college back with his knowledge in BBA. He is currently pursuing his PhD program. He always motivate students to be connected with the educational factors, believing in personal strengths, continuous learning and apply knowledge in different sectors.



ARTEFACT6: Resources for Job Hunting(Linkedin.com)



LinkdIN is one of the social networking sites which are designed specifically for business communities (LinkdIn, 2022). Opening profile in this site helps the job seekers to find their suitable and desired jobs. This makes an easier approach to connect with business bodies and get employed in chosen company.



This site helps to find easy jobs.

The site is very professional.

This is a safer platform for job application.

This takes too much time to get connected with the employers.

This makes easy communication between employers and candidates.

This gets costly to have premium subscription.

Conclusion (Will I use it?/ How will I use it effectively?)

Despite of the disadvantages of this site, I found LinkdIn a very helpful site to connect with the employers. I can use this site to find jobs to make a greater approach with my career. I understand this will take time and I need to start early to achieve this.


LinkedIn, O., 2022. About LinkedIn. LinkedIn Corporation.

50-words reflection

I have found that a LinkdIN profile is helpful to make a greater career and I can take help from this site to be employed. I can learn about the factors and features of it while using it which will help me to make a bright career with my dream job in a suitable company.

ARTEFACT 7: My Favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes

Bucks Graduate Attribute

Importance of the attribute

50-words reflection

ARTEFACT 8 : Academic Resources

Name of the Academic resource

A short description of the resource



1. Module Handbook

A module handbook is helpful to make an overview of the learning courses and this is provided by the university.

A module handbook helps to manage academics with proper guidance and time table.

This serves the students to copy from others without any hard work.

2. Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes

PowerPoint slides and speaker’s notes provide specific and key information about a topic with a detailed analysis of the factors.

A collaborative solution can be achieved from PowerPoint even remotely.

Many of the topics can be remaining unexplored while presenting it with PowerPoint.

3. University E-Library

As found from the reports, university e-library is a set of documents provided digitally by the universities.

This helps to make a greater handling of the modules with better availability of the files.

This tool can make it difficult to make a greater education with copyright issues.

4. Coursework

A coursework is the job that is given to the student of a university for a particular topic.

This serves the students a greater opportunity to learn for a student.

One of the disadvantages of this is that it can change the focus of the students.

5. Coursework Guide and video guides

A coursework guide can be taken as the modules that are provided to the students as reading materials. A coursework guide in video format is a video guide.

One major importance of this tool is that it helps the students to complete their studies and assignment.

This is a disadvantage of this is that the students can copy from the guide instead of following.

6. Coursework Template

A course template is a worksheet that helps to configure, store and reuse components.

This helps to complete an assignment with proper idea and word count.

It lowers the capacity that a student can discuss over a topic.

7. Samples of previous submissions

A submission sample is a copy of assignment that a student has uploaded before.

This helps the students to have a proper idea about their recent assignment and they can follow it for recent studies.

It lowers the thinking capacity of a student as they can copy the answers directly without further research.

8. Formative feedback

This is the lecture and tips given by the teachers for students to complete an assignment.

This helps the students to understand the factors of their assignments briefly.

This can confuse students.

9. Summative feedback

This is the process of assessment through which the teachers express the drawbacks and strengths of a student.

One of the most important factors of it that this helps students to understand their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

This has been seen that some of the students can be demoted and have peer pressure from it.

10. Turnitin

This is a plagiarism-detection service used by students applicable with internet facility.

It helps to identify the similarities of a file with the sources and lower academic misconduct.

This lacks available database which lead to unnecessary plagiarism detection.

11. Lectures

The oral presentation on various topics provided to the students is known as lecture.

This can provide students with knowledge directly from the teachers and help them to grow.

The students can lose intellectual connection with the teachers while a lecture.

12. Tutorials

The practical knowledge provided to the students by schools, college and universities.

This helps in group studies and serves problem-solving abilities.

A huge motivation needed to make a greater approach to study with tutorials.

13. Group work

Projects done by group of students for academic factors are known as group work.

This helps to develop collaboration and promote team job.

This can promote a less creativity and inequality.

14. Academic Support Team

The steps and programs that an educational institution takes to provide academic growth to the students.

This provides better opportunities to students for better learning.

This can be challenging to solve problems of every individual with the academic supports.


What resources will be most useful for me?

How will I use them effectively?

Looking at the discussion above, this can be said that all these resources and tools are useful to make a greater academic session. All these tools can be handled briefly which can help to make a proper outcome for academic factors.

50-words reflection

Learning about the tools that I can use in my academic session will be helpful to me to make a brighter future putting some ease to my educational approach. This will also help me to make a better career and to grow in my future profession. In short, I can make a greater career with these tools.

ARTEFACT 9 : Examples of Job Description and Personal Specification (screenshots)

The above job is for assistant manager in Heathrow Airport. This job required a proper leadership quality and customer handling capacity. Experience and recruitment is required for this job. Also, the company is looking for candidates who are good at team handling and training capacity.







50-words reflection

The job description discussed above serves me a proper idea about the practical scenario of employment in the market. I can check the qualities and skills required for a good employment and develop these skills to be employed in my dream job.

ARTEFACT 10 : Blog – How to Prepare for The Future Job Market?

How will new technologies change the future job market?

What would be the new job opportunities available in the future?

How can we prepare for those new opportunities?

(In-text citation and reference list)

This has been found from the research of Khaouja et al. (2021), that a technological outburst is developing and reshaping the daily life of people and this is changing their perspectives towards future job markets. This can be said that the innovative approaches taken by the companies to run their business within pandemic started a new era of digitally handled business. This is also changing the recruitment and employability scenario along with the habits of organisational cultures.

Newer Job Opportunities

With the growth of technological approaches in contemporary markets, several new opportunities are waiting for future job seekers. Technology is making it easier to develop jobs like data scientists, block chain analysts and AI experts. As the companies are developing their qualities, they are seeking candidates in these factors which is serving several job opportunities.

How To Be Prepared

As found from the opinion of Oesch and Piccitto (2019), educational approaches in technological factors are very popular in the UK nowadays. This has been seen that 29 different educational bodies are providing education on technology in the UK. Anyone can learn these factors and get a degree which can provide them a good employment.


Khaouja, I., Kassou, I. and Ghogho, M., 2021. A survey on skill identification from online job ads. IEEE Access, 9, pp.118134-118153.

Oesch, D. and Piccitto, G., 2019. The polarization myth: Occupational upgrading in Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the UK, 1992–2015. Work and Occupations, 46(4), pp.441-469.

50-words reflection

I can achieve a good idea about the contemporary markets while writing this blog. This made me to research on the future scopes in job with technologies and serves a proper idea about the factors of education and employment regarding this. In short, this study helps me to get ready for my future with a greater research and proper understanding.


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