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Introduction Of Global Business In Context

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Global business involves international trading and allows companies to access customers all over the world. There will be improved prospects and plans that the company will be able to make for it in the market. The addition of experience and knowledge will be gained by internationalism that would be present for the firm to be able to perform and function properly. Vectair Systems has 30 years of invention and product development experience in the field of aircare and hygiene with around 100 employees. Vectair word means pure invention that monitored for quality and testing methods that are prevalent in everyday environments (Vectair Systems, 2021). The company wishes to grow into mainland Europe, such as Croatia. The report will be conducting macro environment so that better planning for the organisation can be done. In the end the report would also discuss if the organization should be internationalising themselves in order to find more opportunities which is going to be good for the sustainability or not.

4 immediate macro business environment factors that influence decision-making

Global business refers to the process of developing the overall product and service of the company in the global market. Working in the international trade exchange and providing the service to international audience. Globalisation is one of the methods that allow companies all over the world to work in a worldwide market and expand their total services in order to make more money and get better outcomes. The working in new market helps the business to develop them with better opportunity to offer to new audience and increase business (Mourão, 2020). Working in the global business can be done by different methods which the small and medium industry can opt in global market.

Global business is being one of the factors of development which the organization chooses to increase their profit margin and develop business. The expansion of business needs to be done on the basis of profit making so that they can enhance better result with their new market growth and increase overall result in performance. The main stream research of the global business includes the development of better understanding of the market analysis (Shatskaya, Komaristaya and Kafian, 2017). The business considers exporting, FDI, franchising, licensing, and other options in order to compete in the global market. To develop better business for the Vectair Holding, they need to improve the market research when looking to expand the business in the Croatia. The company needs to understand the way of working in the EU nation and they also need to analyse the cultural working of the country they are expanding their business in.

When finding the research about the country and developing the market analysis, the company gets better understanding of their working and the changes they need to make in their strategy to impact the market. The market needs to be analysed and the risk analysis is to be done in the wide coverage to understand the pReferences of the audience in the market. The trend changes and the preferences for the hygienic product are increasing due to covid-19 situation. People are more aware and looking to get the right product and the hygienic product to buy in the market so that they can work and develop better living (Lampadarios, 2017). The risk analysis will help the company Vectair Holding in understanding the factor which can be risk for them while working in the market.

The market competitor needs to be analysed to develop better result in the performance of profit margin. The market competition analysis aids the organisation in gaining a better grasp of the market and building a working method that will result in increased profit and marginal growth. The pandemic increases the awareness about the hygienic product and the case company is offering product which can boom the market with its quality services and increase of safety for people. This occurs through offering the product in Croatia and creating better results through risk analysis, which might have an impact on the company's overall business plan (Capobianco and, 2021). The strategies will help them in getting better market research to make profit in market to grow in business. Because of the heightened knowledge of the market linked to cleanliness, the company's products and services can give better results following the pandemic, which can improve sales.

The company is working on hygiene products and they are working on air care. As the pandemic affected on the awareness of improved hygiene, developing the overall process of working post-COVID can produce better results for the organisation, and this can be a crucial aspect to increase their business. The economy has an impact on the total business; therefore it's critical for companies to manage their strategy and investment processes as they expand into new European markets.

It is necessary to do a strategic study of the current external environment in order to ensure proper operation. There are numerous opportunities and risks that a business can face, all of which must be successfully and efficiently monitored in order to achieve larger profit margins (Baporikar, 2021). Vectair Systems needs to be certain of their actions in order to be able to find the right place and working in the market. The report would discuss 4 major macro environment factors which affect the working of the organization.


Vectair Systems, which is growing from the United Kingdom to Croatia in Europe, will need a thorough awareness of the external elements that must be considered in order to improve client base, profit margins, and other aspects. Different laws and regulations, free and fair trade is fundamental is present in United Kingdom laws though there are taxes which are implemented in European countries. This factor must be known by the company in order to ensure that the operations that are taking place are efficient. Materials that the corporation uses must be invested in, but this requires transporting which requires laws and regulations to be well understood for being able to get in their raw material and other factors for productivity (Lazoriková, 2021). To be able to have more production, the company must ensure that they are expanding not only their products but also its factory assets to ensure that it is operating efficiently. Governmental laws and regulations will be nearly identical but European countries want to make the economic factor be sustained therefore they are putting in a lot of regulations currently. The economic and have an impact on the overall business, and it is critical for the company to manage their strategies and investment process while expanding into new European countries.

There are numerous environmental policies like clean air, chemicals, waste and recycling, etc that has evolved over time and the corporation must ensure that they adhere to this constraint in the long run. Vectair Systems must ensure that they are working on the correct invention, which has been pre-approved by the government, so that the right circumstances may be built. Marketing policies and laws will also differ, necessitating the use of new tactics by the company in order to effectively sell their products and services in the market and gain the necessary market share (Symeonides, Loizia and Zorpas, 2019). Experience, ensuring that is running in accordance with government regulations in order to improve productivity and sustainability in Croatia, which will result in better factors being present. Government policies have a significant role in Vectair Systems' ability to develop successfully in other nations and create a profitable niche for themselves.


Vectair Systems has a strong financial foundation that will allow them to afford the best possible working conditions in Croatia. Stability must be present for the steps that the company is planning to improve its performance. Operating in Croatia will ensure that the company is able to increase its profit margins and sales by having a better customer base as well (Lampadarios, 2017). In terms of transportation, the corporation will need to ensure that they are making the appropriate investments in order to be successful in the market. Interest rates are not expected to rise, which will help to lay stable foundations for the future. Corporations must ensure that their assets are present in Croatia in order to meet the demands and desires of their clientele and achieve a higher economic factor. Expansion actions must be planned and implemented in order to improve performance and enable the organisation to have the appropriate values by investing in the appropriate economic funding.

  • The impact of global economy on business:

The global economy it's very essential as there are many factors part of the business on which the business is being done. The global economy is an important factor that has a direct impact on businesses when they are looking to expand into new markets for their products and services that they provide to their customers. The global economy can be affected due to different size of population, technologies, different laws and legal regulations of the countries and their infrastructure (Borges, 2020). While working on the extension and entering the global market, it is critical for organisations to look for global economic conditions that are impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Vector holding needs to understand that while choosing different product and services in their expansion plan, they need to work on different factors to impact and two help the global economy get raised. The better the organization's performance, the better the returns on taxes for the country, which can help them improve their overall economic situation.

Customers' disposable income must be present in order for Vectair Systems to be confident in their ability to achieve the desired success. Taxes, asset investments, and other investments like for marketing and advertisements must be made in order for greater facilities to be available (Scarpitta, 2017). Issues of economic factor like having the right balance of investment according to the competition needs to be solved on time otherwise the company would face a lot of problems in the future as well while expanding and that can impact the value of the business in the new market. Despite finding less expensive ways to avoid investing heavily, the company should not compromise on quality, as this would have an impact on the overall operation of the organisation. As a result, the company will be unable to gain trust and value in the new market, limiting the economic factor for the future.


The cultural and religious views of the United Kingdom and Croatia will be similar, ensuring that the company will not undergo significant changes in its design and methods. The company must benefit from the internationalisation that they intend to undertake in order to improve their long-term viability and profit margin. Vectair Systems will not compromise on quality or products or services in order to get a competitive advantage in the market (Kordana and, 2019). Qualified personnel must be hired in the company so that better work can be done and the company can benefit from it because they have the necessary knowledge and experience. Modernization is required in the firm in order to improve processing and ensure the company's ability to work more efficiently. Conditions will be improved and operations will be more efficient so that they can reap the maximum benefit, and productivity will be considered.

Customers' attitudes and views vary, and the business must keep up with them in order to maintain the ideal working environment. Changes must be made in accordance with this in order for the company to have better sales and planning. Before expanding, a survey of clients should be conducted to ensure that they are doing the appropriate steps to ensure that the overall working is excellent (Agwu, 2018). The labour force of the company must be improved because internal working conditions for the company to have the appropriate physical appearance and for product marketing to be effective.


Technologies are one of the major factors in today’s world as it gets in better lifestyle and balance of working as well which solves the mental pressure of the workforce. The company is expanding by developing technologies with artificial intelligence for data storage that employees can use for better communication and to have a positive impact on their product and services in the new market. Developing the overall technologies help the organizations in producing new way of goods and services as well as it will help them in distributing their product and services in new ways. The organization is providing innovative product and services to their audience by making hygienic products to increase better air and hygienic environment for the people (Shageeva and, 2017). The company is using various mazes to develop their products by utilising high technologies, which has helped them in making their products and services faster and can help in increasing production and supply of their goods in the market to gain the trust of clients in Europe. Technologies are all around us, and every organisation uses them to improve their overall performance as well as to provide faster production and billing so that the audience does not have to wait in line for their bill. Technology is also assisting the organisation in increasing their communications with various markets and countries so that they can rapidly expand their business through artificial intelligence and social media marketing.

The company is developing technologies and artificial intelligence while also manufacturing their products. Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's business may grow as they educate people about how important hygiene is in their daily lives. Technological factors can help the organization in making better marketing channels like social media and management in different ways of producing, distributing and communicating with the market so that they can impact and target their goals and objectives (Damarwulan and Farida, 2018). Working in various markets, it is critical for them to provide changes in their product design in order to expand their business. This may have an impact on their new market by increasing product and service sales as well as customer satisfaction through changes in design and technology utilisation.

Cross fertilization for internationalism

Cross fertilisation in business refers to the collection of ideas while importing and exporting products and services in order to find a market niche. Technicians will be able to ensure that the valuable operating and functional systems that will be present have a better chance of survival. The change environment will also have a capacity that Vectair Systems will be able to maintain, which must be present and well understood in order for Vectair Systems to benefit.

For the new marketing positioning, innovations like large space fragrance systems, sub-micron fragrance technology, etc, will be developed in order to ensure proper working and development. Cross-fertilization will only aid the business in ensuring that they are doing the appropriate activities for improvement and that the company's services are of the highest quality (Tallman, Luo and Buckley, 2018). The firm's identity must be elevated in order to achieve the best possible outcomes from its efforts and to ensure that the business's worth in the market is appropriately reflected.

Businesses must ensure that they understand the external environment of the market they are entering so that appropriate planning may be made. Businesses must be certain of the risk they are incurring in order to expand, which will be a significant influence. Businesses must plan for the long term, and the goals they set will assist them in doing so well.

Vectair Systems has gained valuable expertise in the United Kingdom, which the company can apply to other European cities in order to discover the best working and positioning opportunities. Businesses must ensure that they have the proper risk management in place so that they may achieve long-term viability (Hrechyshkina and Samakhavets, 2019). Cultural differences and competition would not be significant in the changes to be made, but the firm would only need to make minor changes in order to discover the best operations. Decisions on advertisements, physical appearance, and other aspects of the business must be made successfully. Internationalization would be a beneficial factor for the company to have in order to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction. Correct operations and working practises must be in place for the company to compete effectively in the market over time in order to gain the value and attention of the clients. Management and leaders must work within a time period in order to ensure that the actions are extremely useful to the entire operation (Passera, Kankaanranta and Louhiala-Salminen, 2017). Before entering any market, a company needs have a good understanding of the market so that they can make the best working and functioning decisions possible. The option of relocating the company for competitive working must be available, as must the option of working selection.


The preceding research has a number of conclusions, one of which is that the company needs to focus on its uniqueness and innovation in order to compete in the new market. Vectair Holdings, which is expanding in Croatia, must ensure that it is taking the appropriate steps to improve so that it can compete and meet customer expectations. Client demands and wants are increasing over time, and it is critical for the organisation to plan accordingly in order to meet them. Actions and analysis must then be carried out successfully, as outlined in the preceding report, in order to improve planning and limit the risks that the company must face in order to expand. Supplies and raw materials for production must be available and planned as per the chosen location where the firm is expanding to compete and meet the needs of its customers. Vectair System has good market connections, and they will be able to find the right placement and work in the future, allowing them to have a better working environment. The company must ensure that proper strategies are implemented and changes are made in a timely manner to benefit Vectair Systems in a competitive market.



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