Happy Career Research Assignment Sample

Happy Career: Insights from Jonathan Saade's Research Journey

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Introduction Of The Happy Career Research

Section 1

A brief explanation of 35 WBPL hours of experience. Describe your role, tasks and organisation.
I, Jonathan Saade, a student at the university of Westminister London, had completed an on-the-job training of a total of 35 hours at Living Spirit Interior Design & furnishing. I experienced 35 WBPL hours from 1st September to 7th September in this organisation as an assistant director to analyse the business processes, employee involvement, productivity, marketing process and customer involvement and satisfaction. I also invested time to assist the executive director with effective rules and policies to develop the organisation. This organisation considers interior design, gypsum work fabrication, furniture, marble and granite and catering to heightened-end clientele.
Detailed skills identification (5 skills) Skills justification/example of how the skill was developed (refer to your part-time work, online internship, volunteering etc)
Learning verbal skills I learned verbal skills by continuing to communicate with managerial departments in the organisation as I started visiting the HR department at the initial time and after that one by one I continued visiting the marketing department and followed up the entire business process in this organisation. In addition, I faced difficulties in direct communication with the managerial department at the initial time as I was not habituated to the organisation process. Therefore, I required time to understand the formal processes and interaction types in the organisation, Director of this business guided me about the formal process of communication and submission and collection of the daily business reports to the specific hierarchy of the organisation. I considered representing myself as a proper listener and the analysed entire systematic process to deliver the required suggestion. In addition, meeting with various clients of this business also provided support in developing verbal skills. Feedback was provided by the human resource and marketing sector that I had effective communication with the managers and higher authorities.
Transformational leadership skills I developed this skill through learning various types of leadership activities that requires performing a well-level business process in the organisation. I analysed that transformational leadership activity can provide effective support in developing organisational quality and innovativeness of the business. I gathered information by communicating with HR and the executive director of this business and analysed that this organisation also wants to follow an innovative approach through implementing changes in business rules, policy and processes. Therefore, I engaged in this development process and collected implementation requirements to suggest executive director effective rules and policies in this business. I reserved effective feedback for every department where I have performed effective management in team handling and handling data.
HR professionals skills HR professional skills got developed through communicating with the HR department and observing their daily activities in terms of employment management and managing political conflict in the business process. Therefore, I reviewed various business policies and procedures and government policies to suggest effective policies for this business. I suggested executive director follow the copyright design and patent act, fire safety regulations, building regulations and planning rules for this business (Lawdonut.co.uk, 2022). This can develop brand value and safety in the business process. HR has provided effective feedback in managing employees and developing an effective workplace
Management decision-making skills I learned to experience this criterion through spending time with marketing management and analysing their working procedure and daily routines. I collected information regarding deals with various clients and the dispatching process of various items to various customers of this business. I experienced that this management engaged in conflict resolution to maintain business sales and relationships with customers. Therefore, some extension in sales is also controlled by this department and delivers decisions to deal with various customers in this business. Feedback was provided by the sales team that I have performed well in making decisions and this has increased the revenue of the organisation.
Time-management skills I learned this skill through observing activities of HR management and supply chain management in this business. I collected information about completing multiple tasks at a time and experienced the impact of supply chain management in this business. This management showed me the entire process of dealing with suppliers, the HR process, the financial process, the marketing process and the buyers of the organisation. Feedback was provided by different sectors such as marketing, sales, finance and supply chain they concluded that I managed time in an effective manner and this led to cost-effectiveness

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Section 2

Choice 1

Required responsibilities/expectations/skills in this career (choose 3) Explain clearly and passionately why you would enjoy having these responsibilities/expectations/skills in this career
Self-awareness and self-evaluation and creativity According to Clark and Sousa (2018), this research included nature recognition, diversity and complexity to develop skills. This also includes performance development skills and self-awareness skills that can deliver effective support to develop one's career. According to et al. (2022), consider self-awareness is a process of developing and transforming awareness to develop self and this is segmented into various components. These components consider the conceptualisation of self-awareness. I enjoyed this skill as this support me to understand the entire concept of different parameters of basic items. This can helps me to understand the critical concepts of various activities and provide awareness while completing or solving those activities. Self-evaluation also delivered an option to me to rectify myself and cover development in my career. I learned the influence of self-evaluation as this can support me to identify issues and possible solutions for any aspects. In addition, I feel happy to acquire creativity skills as this can provide support for me to carry innovation in my career in various aspects such as in projects, research, organisation and job roles.
Safety and healthy expectations and effective feedback and performance analysis process I considered having these expectations in an organisation as these all provide support to me to get assurance and development in my career. I analysed that safety and a healthy environment can be an effective expectations for any organisation as this can develop employee satisfaction and reliability to work in the business process. This expectation can also implement in living aspects. According to McMakin and Lundgren (2018), risk communication can provide effective support by involving people in every step of their life and this includes a part of risk assessment science and risk management process to benefit all. This research also included that risk management decisions can be applied in the organisation and this can provide support in mitigating issues and conflicts in the business process. I get satisfied through having effective feedback and performance analysis in the organisation. According to Gentrup et al. (2020), this included that feedback can impact performance and considered students to show its impact on them in the education process. This research also included categories of feedback such as performance feedback and behavioural feedback and these two can measure in both positive and negative scales. Performance impact can deliver support in the analysis of one's performance as per the position and can rectify issues to develop performance. In addition, behavioural feedback can be another effective performance measurement as this can develop a systematic process for any organisation. I like this as this can provide a smooth conflict-less process in the organisation and respect and value both can maintain through this.
Flexibility in schedule and diversification in opportunity I feel happy to get flexibility in my schedule as this can support me to carry out entire professional and personal activities in my career. Every person requires to complete vast activities every day and many needed activities require completing in people's careers. Therefore, having the opportunity to extend activities and getting the capability of doing something in the proper schedule process can deliver effective support to people to complete entire objectives to get development in their career.

Section 3

What? (One action that will help me in my future career)
Artificial intelligence is a source that builds an machinery special computer that can analyse human nature as well as simulates human inelegance. it is a process of machine learning algorithm this course requires a very less amount of programming language which includes python, R and Java. It is basically a process that deals with the information provided to the operating system and according to the data provided it operates and calculates. It analyses the data and forecasts accordingly by observing the pattern or flow chart of information provided
Why? (Why this action will help me)
The development of skills in artificial intelligence, data analytics and cyber security can provide effective support in my career. This development in skills can deliver growth opportunities in my career. It can provide support me to execute entire activities of developing software and automation process in an organisation to develop productivity and data security in the business process. According to Frank et al. (2019), rapid development in AI and automation processes can deliver potential development opportunities in labour market disruptions. This will help in developing effective human behaviour and analyse according to their requirement. This will help in my business development when starting my career as an entrepreneur. This will also develop a good understanding of human behaviour and can help to regulate the market according to the needs of consumers. This can also develop a good understanding of technology and helps in further education or in higher education.
How? (Explanation of how to achieve the action with timeline)
I will search for famous educational courses and internship courses on artificial intelligence, data analytics and cyber security in a reputed organisation to complete this skill development course and after this, I will continue an approx 6-12 month learning course through online and offline processes in that organisation. This action can be achieved by learning from different sources such as the internet, books and magazines. To have proper knowledge admission in renault institute and gain knowledge from the institute.


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