Hotel Standards Reputation Management, Building & Retaining Customer Loyalty Sample

Strategies for Building and Retaining Customer Loyalty through Effective Reputation Management

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Introduction Of The Hotel Standards, Reputation Management, Building And Retaining Customer Loyalty Assignment

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Today, the hotel sector is known as a significant sector, with makers and clients located all over the world. The management of hotel operations and handling the staff members is a major part of hotel business management. It is helpful for the expansion and progress of the hotel business in the UK. Further, the report is based on Best Western GB which is Hotel and Resorts brand which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The study covers brand consistency standards, the grading system, and corporate culture in the hotel sector. In addition to this, it also includes a discussion about the management of reputation and the efforts of hotels in maintaining reputation (Langham, 2018). Furthermore, it addresses the preservation of loyalty through the suitable execution of the plan requisite inside the hotel industry. The research will aid in understanding the varying viewpoints of the hospitality business and their scenario of increased management practices.

Brand uniformity values

The brand conformance criteria of hotels such as Best Western GB pertain to the standard threshold of products and services perceptions for the individuals. Brand loyalty continues to stand are crucial for establishing the company’s identity with its capital and significantly contributing to Best Western GB's business. For a hotel to stay afloat in this crowded market, brand loyalty is essential. However, in terms of service quality and assembled way of doing business, the management and brand standards of Best Western GB are highly professional (Amperwati, Astuti, and Triatmanto, 2020).

Brand standards are a set of rules and guidelines that protect a company's look, beliefs, and factuality. All of the hospitality industry did not meet the very same norms, and their effectiveness varied. All customers expect consistent service for the customers; individuals really would like to feel more comfortable and be able to accurately predict unforeseen situations. When groups understand quality requirements and pass out verifications of them, they can better execute their work successfully. Staff members cannot do their job efficiently unless suitable support is provided, which increases efficiency and operating plan while positively affecting the bottom line (Anagnostopoulou, and, 2019).

As a service-oriented segment, Best Western GB prefers to prioritize folks over plans and practices in an attempt to optimize the uniformity of its business culture. The firm's mission and principles are essential for fostering the desired accommodation civilization. The second important element is to get individuals acquainted with the quality service and all these precepts. The organizational culture directly illustrates the hotel's visual link and the individuals who are employed to further its survival and improvement.

Reputation Management

The reputation of a business is considered to be impacted by the long-term capability of the levels of hotels such as Best Western GB. To increase the company's revenue, generally speaking, it really is important to control the hotel's prestige. If implemented right, the training could increase a hotel's brand image, generate greater attendees, and raise profits. Public image management aims to follow and influence the accommodation for the better. It primarily entails monitoring locations Best Western BG, social media posting on a constant schedule, but instead optimizing web pages for hunting (Zhang, and, 2020). The hotel's brand presence is critical to its business operations, and retaining it in great condition has a significant impact on how the house accomplishes in the consumer market. The following are just a few ways that a hotel like Best Western GB effectively manages its public image.

  • Utilization of social media: A social media platform is also a great tool for building relationships with potential guests and planners. Display hotel profiles and follow all health and safety regulations so that guests are safe on your property. Through consistency across all social media channels, Best Western GB can build and maintain its community of organizers and board viewers.
  • Using real-time engagement: Social media is regarded as a channel for constructing great relations, and genuine communication contributes to Best Western GB brand loyalty. It is critical to focus on creating networking skills with attendees to handle prestige. As a result, it will make a substantial difference in the hotel's public image (Potgieter, and Doubell, 2018).
  • A website's optimization: It's an additional method of influencer marketing in which Best Western GB can optimize its search engine optimization and maintain its prestige. A perfectly rational location and site design that is simple to navigate is required for browsers to comprehend the information. Protected chapters and a phone webpage would then help increase the blog's viewers and enhance consumer performance (Lam, and Law, 2019).
  • Markets digitally: The Best Western GB should remain relevant to be happy in the internet world. As even the monetary sector continues to deteriorate, concentrate on where we're conducting whatever we can to guarantee the safety of our partners and customers, as well as any concrete policies we own for when stuff enhances (Thakur, 2019).

Building and retaining faithfulness

Market trends recommendations for hotels

According to the market trend of the UK hospitality business, the firm's addressable market is increasing as individuals wish to spend their time out front. Furthermore, as the company grows, some such suggestions for hotels are being made in light of market dynamics:

  • Hotels in the United Kingdom must prioritize their staff members because they are a major supplier of brand commitment in the industry.
  • It is recommended that hotel operators prioritize technological advances to provide prompt service to their visitors and optimize staff advancement and productivity (Xu, and, 2020).
  • Toto provides the best services to their customers, hotels must create a better environment as well as some fun memories by providing new services. Focus on coaching employees so they can look just after attendees.

Hotel obstacles and how they can overcome them

In this, there are some of the challenges faced by hotels like Best Western GB and they need to overcome them:

  • Hoteliers face the challenge of retaining staff as they train new employees daily as a way to compensate.
  • For hoteliers, the quick variations in promotion tendencies generate concerns, so digital marketing strategies can be implemented with social media engagement and social media management, so they can get the results they are after (Ba?ík, and, 2019).
  • In the hotel industry, the industry faces increases in the cost of daily consumables, such as food. Making a reduction in wastage and checking the stock can solve this problem.

Enactment process and assistance

  • To improve the retention rate, begin by prioritizing the old guests and then approach the new ones in the same manner. This is used to qualify a new lead and improve the preservation amount.
  • Additionally, knowing customer engagement regarding historical knowledge as old links is more useful in establishing prospective consumers. It will take a bit of time, but this will help you retain existing users without wanting to invest a lot of time (Khan, Khan, and Bodla, 2021).
  • Brands that create trade travel quite pleasurably, uninteresting, formulaic, or tense are more likely to gain brand loyalty from business travelers. To succeed, brands must create situations that substitute household, but once they do, they will gain big rewards.
  • A loyalty program that provides significance to replicate attendees could perhaps incentivize them to return to the hotel. Establishing lifetime regular clients and spokespeople is as enjoyable as improving the product's loyalty program. Every communication with a Best Western GB hotel guest should be perfectly smooth and pleasurable. Check-in and check-out must be as simple and easy, consumers ought to be amazed throughout their stay, and also the interaction should be customized to each customer's specific requirements (Bacik, and, 2019).

Furthermore, some of the advantages related to the process of implementation which helps to understand the process are as follows:

  • If the hotel management staff of Best Western GB can retain the old customers which help to enhance the high level of profit.
  • It is quite expensive to pitch new clients to manage the customer relationship, as they are the most important part of the hotel industry. Guest dedication results in positive advice, a constant group of consumers, and a gleaming public image for a performance space.
  • It will be beneficial for the development of the company in a positive aspect and maximize the reputation of the business of Best Western GB (Nafi, and Ahmed, 2019).


This study concludes that Best Western GB's brand consistency standards are continuously incremental for making some changes in qualities and programs to provide better public services. Spur customer perception also speeds up the process of producing goods and services better in less time and is beneficial in managing the hotel's public image. The study assists in determining the advantages of new techniques for repetition business and creating positive changes. Furthermore, the various methods of public image success in the hospitality sector provide a comprehensive picture of the various techniques primarily used by hotel management to improve brand image.


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