Importance Of Quality Service, Hospitality, & Guest Service Assignment Sample

The Significance of Quality Service, Hospitality, and Guest Satisfaction

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Introduction Of The Role And Importance Of Quality Service

The Role And Importance Of Quality Service, Hospitality, And Guest Service Within The Hotel Industry

  • The hotel industry is mostly known for a wide range of professions that depend on the best quality guest service along with hospitality.
  • The principal aim of this study is to evaluate the service nature, role as well as scope of "Hotel Café Royal" in guest service.

The study will shed light upon the principal customers of the hotel along with the nature of guest services. Apart from that, this study will focus on the role and function of the hotel in customer service. This study also focuses on whether the hotel maintains all the regulations of the hospitality industry.

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Identification of the main consumers of the hotel

  • “Hotel Café Royal” is one of the prestigious hotels in the UK that mainly serves premium guests (Teng, 2019).
  • It is a luxurious hotel that provides the best quality guest services to executive-class people who like to spend their vacation in a luxury.
  • This hotel serves the best quality food service prepared by the most renowned chefs in the world (Naumov, 2019).

“Hotel Café Royal” is the perfect example of the blending transition with advanced technology that provides the guest with ultimate comfort. This organisation brought a wide range of offers to the customers for a perfect selection of hotel rooms, food along with other facilities. This hotel has been serving global customers for more than 150 years after setting up in 1865 (Castro-Casal et al. 2019). It is located on “Regent Street” which is a famous point in London.

This hotel is in a perfect position as it is located by the finest street for shopping which attracts tourists the most. This hotel is the ideal position for several business meetings of business executives of renowned global business organizations. Many famous businesses, sports and entertainment personalities prefer this hotel because of the luxurious suits which are spacious as well (Johnson et al. 2018). All the modern facilities are available in this hotel and the majestic environment provides great satisfaction to the guests. The architecture of this hotel soothes the vision and gives one artistic pleasure.

Analysis of the nature of guest service

  • The nature of this hotel is good in guest service as this hotel provides all the facilities to the customers in terms of booking services as a friendly service facility.
  • The food and beverage quality of this hotel is good that satisfy the tastebuds of the guest (Redži?, 2018).
  • The friendly staff and on-site services of this hotel provide premium quality hotel services.

The attractive feature of this hotel is the inner atmosphere and it tries to make the vacation of guests memorable with its hotel services. This hotel provides a masterclass in terms of culinary decadence that satisfy the guests greatly (Zhu et al. 2019). Elegant settings that are imbued with a perfect refined balance for intimacy, as well as extravagance, makes one satisfied. The culinary experience of this hotel is great and the delicate taste of food and the champagne to fine dining are not forgettable (Redži?, 2018). To be a part of history one must visit this hotel as the ancient architectural masterpiece mesmerised one's artistic vision.

Analysis of the role of guest service

  • The role of this hotel in the hospitality industry is good and it provides great amenities within the institution.
  • This hotel provides quick solutions to the problems of the customer in any kind of service and assists in different contracts (Ali et al. 2021).
  • The booking process for this hotel is very simple and the elegance of this place makes one feel to be a part of history.

More than 159 spacious rooms for guest service are available in this hotel which includes 54 individual suites. 7 signature suites are available in this hotel where guests can lead an intimate time. The grandeur and originality of this organisation attract the guest the most (Keshavarz and Jamshidi, 2018). The hotel rooms are decorated with luxurious private rooms mostly enhanced by the great artist and architecture Piero Lissoni.

Evaluate the scope of guest services

  • Beautiful bathrooms with the finest quality marble advanced bathrooms feelings are available in the guest rooms of this hotel which enhance the luxury feel of the guests.
  • This hotel celebrates its legacy of excellent hospitality and dining services.
  • “Hotel Café Royal” provides an opportunity for customers to select premium quality restaurant and bar services for enjoyment (Keshavarz and Jamshidi, 2018).

The delicate dishes from the world's best chefs enhance the luxurious hotel time.

Evaluation of the role and function of guest service in the hotel

  • The role of "Hotel Café Royal" in guest services is good as it provides personalized greeting services with premium quality guest services.
  • Most of the services of this hotel are performed through a different digital platform that a guest can access from anywhere anytime (Yu et al. 2021).
  • Pick-and-drop facilities are available in this hotel from the nearest airport and the rail station.

This hotel provides ultimate quality event management facilities for formal neet-ups so several business meetings and other prestigious conferences have been done in this hotel. Comfort and privacy is the main value of this hotel and the cheerful hotel staff provides on-time services for guest satisfaction. All the guests of this hotel are provided custom-made soaps as well as other toiletries for better services (Naumov, 2019). Another great concern of this hotel is to focus on the health and hygiene of all the guests.

All the hotel rooms and the hotel premises are under CCTV coverage and numerous security are appointed in this hotel to increase the safety of the organisation. In terms of data security services, this hotel applied some high-security applications that are not at all sharable. After the pandemic situation caused by the sudden outbreak of coronaviruses, this hotel emphasizes the cleanliness as well as hygiene of the guests (Faraj et al. 2021). The rooms of this hotel are always cleared and sanitized. The food and other services are performed through a hygienic process that secures the health of the guests of this hotel.

Importance of hospitality in the hotel industry

  • Hospitality is the core component of the hotel industry as all the guest of this hotel requires the best quality hospitality services from a hotel.
  • The hospitality services of a hotel provide a better relationship with the guest that provides homely feelings (Faraj et al. 2021).
  • The hospitality services of this hotel guide to improving all the perspectives of the guests that provides the best quality services.

The hospitality services of this hotel guide to improving the offerings of a hotel and build up a strong network of support to the guest that ensures their safety and security within the hotel premises. In this hotel, the guests will get the all modern facilities from a traditional approach. The comfort level of the guests in this hotel is very high as it is made of personalized pieces of equipment (Mohamed et al. 2020). Another important hospitality service of this hotel guides to provide homely feelings that increase the satisfaction level of the guests on the hotel premises.

For that purpose, this hotel has a medical team to deal with sudden medical emergencies within the hotel premises.The intuitive customer-friendly interface is the principal function of “Hotel Café Royal” which provides greater guest satisfaction (Yu et al. 2021). Higher efficiency of the hotel staff provides an interface of streamlined operations within hotel premises. The front-desk operations of this hotel are satisfactory and provide greater room booking services, payment processing and other hotel activities (Naumov, 2019). The privacy criteria of this hotel are very high as the authority of the hotel arranges a luxurious weekend escape for the guest's preference with the best quality of champagne, delicate foods as well as access to the spa zone. A magical festive occasion will also be arranged in the heart of London city arranged by the hotel as per the guest's requirements.

Discussion of the successful meet of all regulations by the hotel

  • This hotel provides lots of facilities to the guests to improve their physical and psychological health as a separate gym, jogging and sports area in the hotel promises (Mohamed et al. 2020).
  • The guests of this hotel allow making conferences as well as other events and for that purpose, this hotel provides a separate area.
  • This hotel provides refined conference rooms and an A-grade-listed ballroom facility for making the special day of guests memorable (H'ng et al. 2018).

During Christmas and new-year eve, this hotel arranges luxurious stays with great interior decoration that mesmerises the guest and makes a memory. The illustrious space of this hotel guides to improve the satisfaction level during the luxurious spender. In order to make dreams true one must visit this place. A five-star luxurious feeling is provided in this hotel. Elegant settings of the guest extravagance as well as a perfect balance of intimacy will be provided in this hotel.

The best quality pastry chefs are offered to the guests and the guest allows selecting from the widest range of food or beverage. Apart from that, the finest dining facility in this hotel provides a great opportunity (hotelcaferoyal, 2022). Besides this, the location of this hotel is in the royal position that allows a customer a great facility of visiting sight scenes. The transformation facility of this hotel is very satisfactory as the guests can feel the royal atmosphere within the hotel's promises. The executive front desk management of this hotel focuses on several activities like event management, spa or gym management as well as HR management. This hotel also provides the best quality inventory management and individualized tax system. The security management of this hotel is very high as this intuition arranges several premium-quality business meetings with business executives. The guest security along with the data security is very good.


  • “Hotel Café Royal” maintains all the regulations of the hospitality perspective perfectly the guests enjoy these service facilities.
  • This hotel provides a fast and safe booking process that satisfies the customers greatly and the guests are allowed in free-cancellation facilities (hotelcaferoyal, 2022).
  • All types of continental cuisine and other delicacies improve the taste buds of the guests and the finest quality beverages are also served in this hotel.

This hotel provides the facility of a complimentary club for kids that offers an array of different activities that the children enjoy during the holidays. “Akasha Holistic Wellbeing” refers to an urban retreat for guests that are more than 13,000 sqft with a deeply hidden sanctuary underneath the location of this hotel (addressbook.tatler, 2022). The large lap or Watsu pool services along with the individual steam room services are provided in this hotel to improve the delicacy of the hotel. Internet facilities are provided to the guests in these hotel rooms and the guests are allowed some entertainment by arranging concerts in different cultural aspects (perrygroup, 2022). Apart from that, the hotel rooms are decorated with great architectural masterpieces and the equipment of the hotel rooms satisfies the guests. The culture of this hotel is very high and some historical glimpses also are seen in this hotel.


  • “Hotel Café Royal” is one of the finest and most delicate hotels in the UK that provide great guest service and mesmerizes with architectural services.
  • This hotel provides all the modern facilities to the guests in terms of hotel services as well as maintains a good brand value to the global customers.
  • The Health and hygiene of the customers are the most important aspect that is focused on by the hotel authority.

In order to be a part of history, one must visit this place where one can see the perfect blends of traditional specifications along with modern technology. All the rooms of this hotel are decorated individually and provided to the guests as per their requirements.



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