Individual Venture Development Proposal Assignment Sample

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Individual Venture Development Proposal Assignment

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1. Introduction

In the era of the modern generation, all businesses intend to gain the uniqueness of the market. Regarding this matter, innovation in services or products can hold the captivation of customers in the business market. In that case, the start-up business has to scrutinize the current market valuation and, based on this fact, they have to organize the execution of their start-up products (Somi, 2021). In this aspect, LOW LOW takeaway” is tending to start a business program for its customers that would attract its stakeholders effectively. LOW LOW Takeaway not only offers delectable low-carb and slimming world-friendly meals, but also healthy meals sent to clients on a daily basis. In Nottingham city, this start project with a lean strategy would get profit to a large extent because it has been seen that consumer behaviour has shifted recently, and low-carbohydrate and reduced world diets are the most prevalent in the United Kingdom (Lakkhongkha, 2021).

From the market survey, it has been concluded that, in the local areas of Nottingham city, there are just three restaurants in the area that provide healthy, low-calorie or low-carb dishes. Nevertheless, none of them cater to members of the Slimming World programme. That is why this venture is considered unique to the customers. All food items are cooked with natural ingredients and assisted by local farmers to make sure they provide the top quality raw materials. Alongside, in the context of this small venture, they always try to satisfy the customers as per their needs.

2. Business Objectives and social objectives

In this small business the management have some objectives that they would tend to serve for their targeted customers in the targeted city. Therefore, the business venture is typically set some prospects as their business objectives are listed in below (Donner and de Vries, H 2021):

  • The main business objective of this venture is to provide the innovative product that will captivate the customers in the city easily.
  • Alongside, they tend to serve the low calorie foods for their targeted customers.
  • This particular venture is also initiate the E-commerce system for the delivery system of the products to their consumers.
  • Another uniqueness of this venture is prepare the food with hygienic and provide the fresh food and avoid the left over foods from previous days.
  • Another major aim of this venture is that give importance to the clients who are associated with this work (Donner and de Vries, 2021).

Profit, sales revenue and profit margin

Regarding this socio-health friendly venture this company would get the wide profit and the company easily will not face any aperture in their business. For the upcoming the three years this small food venture would expect a good volume of revenue.


Estimated Cost

Estimated Revenue

Estimated Profit

1st Year

£ 100,000



2nd Year

£ 150,000



3rd Year

£ 200,000



From the expected analysis on the financial desk of this venture, it would be expected that this food venture will go through the profit phase. Over the years, the estimated investment of the company has gone too high as well as the profit level.

3. Value Creation: Customer Value Proposition Canvas (Diagram) Minimum Viable Product

In the context of a business venture the value proposition is an essential aspect that can improvise the performance of the business. The value proposition is involve the different segments of a business proposal. The implementation of the value proposition is clearly linked in the aspects of the customer satisfaction (Ali and Anwar, 2021).

Value Proposition

  1. Value Proposition

1.1 Products and Services

The food products of this business are based on organic ingredients and oil free that will health-care food for the customers. Slimming World takeaways and diet-friendly meals are available to customers.

1.2 Gain creators

Through this food venture this small food venture will gain some aspects that would extend the business profitability of the business that are listed in below (Osborne, Nasi and Powell, 2021):

  • Diet world friendly meals
  • Low carb-added food
  • Availability of proper meals plan
  • Varieties of healthy foods
  • Fresh food
  • On time delivery system
  • Adaptation of E-Commerce

This food venture will tend create such kind of services for their customers that will help this venture to fulfil the requirements of them.

1.3 Pain relievers

  • Specifically designed for consumers following a Slimming World or low carbohydrate diet
  • All meals provide nutritional information.
  • Plans for Variable Meals
  • Served across Nottingham and the rest of the region
  • Ingredients of superior grade

These overall plans of the proposition are related to the expected demand of the customers (So, Wei and Martin, 2021). In order to meet the customer expectations from the business a business venture is construct the business program. Regarding the overall proposition of the business the expected and rationalistic customer profile is created that is described in the below:

  1. Customer Profile

2.1 Gains

Due to this program the customers are able to get the gluten free and non-spicy foods that is healthy for them. It can balance easily their regular diet and make them healthier. Alongside, it has been seen that, this business venture tend to provide the meals in a regular way if someone want to order in that way (Kullak, Baker and Woratschek, 2021). Therefore, the customers will get the fresh and healthy foods in time. Therefore, this overall process of this venture would be complied the customers in such kind of healthy lifestyle.

2.2 Customers Jobs

  • They will choose the proper meal plans as per their choice
  • Order the food through online and make payment

2.3 Pains

There are some cases that expected for the business from the insights of the customers. For instance, time consuming process of some meal, uncertainty of food sources etc (Kullak, Baker and Woratschek, 2021).

4. Value Capture: ‘Lean’ Business Model Canvas

Key Factors Key Activities Value Propositions Consumer Segments Consumer Relationship
· Food Delivery Companies- In this business venture the food delivery companies are help to deliver the foods to the customers whom are ordered their foods from the online application process. · Raw materials suppliers of cooking ingredients- In the procedure of the cooking there have to needed various ingredients that are essential to gather for the cooking healthy and delicious foods. · Suppliers of the cooking utensils- In the process of cooking there have to be needed various bowls, containers and utensils that are gathering from the several suppliers. · Suppliers for important cooking tools- In this small venture the various important cooking tools are get from some important suppliers (Peres and Antão, 2021). · Produce a proper menu and planning for meals- Processing of proper chart of healthy foods and planning is essential for this small business. · Produce the proper ordering and delivery. The proper way of delivery of foods · Appropriate process of marketing and promotion- use of appropriate promotional strategy and marketing process is help this venture to generate the appropriate business aspects (Ali and Anwar, 2021). · Proper process of taking online orders and appropriate meal preparation process- Adaptation of E-commerce system is help the business to provide the proper online delivery system. · Fresh dishes that are Slimming World and Keto friendly Ingredients of the highest grade Numerous services through app and website Proposition for a health promotion loss. The appropriate proposition the valuation of different aspects is help the business to enhance the capacity and satisfied the expectations of the customers (Kurznack, Schoenmaker and Schramade, 2021). · Young generation- Mostly this food venture is focus on the young generations. In this era, the young people are mostly tending to fit and healthy. Therefore, this business is mainly focus on the young generation in London. · Other customer- Alongside, this food venture is also focus on the other category to provide their healthy food services in the location of London. Discounts for meals plan- The captivating discounts on the food services system will enhance the attractiveness of the business among the consumers. The low price foods with healthy quality will enhance the image of this food venture. Friendly service system- The friendly service system of this food venture is easily captures the emotional mind of their consumers. Loyalty rewards- The loyalty reward system will enhance the trust and support among the food service management and the consumers.
Key Resources Channels
. · Employees for the workplace · Appropriate equipments for cooking · Necessary ingredients for cooking of fresh foods · Mobile application and websites for E-commerce system and generate the brand value · Innovative food ingredients for fresh food receipts
Cost Structure Revenue Stream
· Rent and business charges, as well as utility costs · Equipment and instruments · Salaries and educational opportunities · Components and packaging Marketing · The cost of the website and mobile application · Food that is both fresh and of superior quality · Sugar-free beverages · Collaboration with Slimming World clubs Advertising to certain demographics

5. Detailed Development Plan

Marketing Plan

Customers aged 16 and older than, as well as families following a low carb or Slimming World diet, who live in Nottinghamshire, are targeted. By using the social networking sites that are already in use, you may present your concept and get comments. The survey's objective is to get 30% response (Chernev, 2020). They are now developing trademark meals that will be distributed as samples. LOW LOW anticipates receiving at least 60% of reviews and a minimum of 30% purchasing meal plans.

Operational Plan with plan to target customers SOSTAC


Figure 1: SOSTAC Model

(Source: Chernev, 2020)


As part of this monitoring process, the business will use web analytics, key performance indicators, site visitor profiles, user research, customer feedback, reporting frequency, and who communicates with whom and what occurs with that input.

Situational Analysis

In that case, the company will focus on customer analysis that will help them to understand the expectations of the customers. In that case, the product analysis will help to generate the accuracy of the products (FUENTES, 2021). Competitors analysis will help understand the market competition in the food industry. Alongside, they will also involve the SWOT Analysis tools for grasping and understanding the different aspects.


In that regard, this enterprise must decide whether or not it requires the assistance and assistance of any external organisations or advisors. It is beneficial to determine if the enterprise has the necessary systems and processes in place and to work on organising them if they do not (Iarusov and Nasir, 2018).


The company will use innovative ways to grasp the customers.


In the context of the strategy implementation, the company will assist the STP Analysis to represent the proper ethics of the business along with terms and conditions. The term STP refers to a Systematic Transfer Plan (Browning et al., 2005). STP is a method of automating the process of shifting money from one mutual fund to another. This strategy is used when an investor wants to invest a large sum but wishes to minimise the risk associated with marketing timing. The most straightforward and popular method of STP is to move money from a fund invested in an equity fund.


Sell-Grow the sales among the people and estimate the proper market share.

Serve- Serve the fresh and gluten-free foods to the customers, especially the younger generations in London (Fomina, 2020).

Sizzle-In that case, this food venture will provide innovative tastes for their customers to enhance productivity.

Speak – In this food service process, the food hostage will create a two-path communication process with customers (Iarusov and Nasir, 2018).

Save-Gains in efficiency are quantifiable.

Human Resources and Organisation Plan

Basic recruiting requirements are determined by the industrial sector, such as whether the company is a grocery shop or a food processing facility. In that case, this food shop may be able to recruit untrained staff and teach them on-the-job (Chopra et al., 2008). Regarding the organizational plan, the company will provide quality services and gain keen knowledge of the feedback from the customer orientation. This small business planning will have to generate the same notions among all the staff that will help to enhance the quality of the healthy food services among the consumers.

Financial Plan



Human resource management

£ 22,000

Online services and promotional activities

£ 45,000

Essential equipments

£ 65,000



Future Development

In the process of the food service system, this food venture will enhance its operating system in a more suitable way if they focus more on its cost. From the evaluation of the financial strategy, it has been seen that the cost of the products may rise in the future, which will stand as a negative factor for this fresh and fat-free food service system.

6. Critical evaluation of the plan and any possible future needs

During taking the initiative for launching a new start-up business in the market, Low Low Takeaway will provide the most eco-friendly and health-conscious products to the consumers during their future business operation. Through this, people, which persistently need healthy products to stay safe and fit, will encouragingly prefer their foods. In this way, the organization will be able to sustain its business (Chopra et al., 2008). However, during its future business operation, Low Low Takeway needs to fetch some reduction within the cost of its food products. With this, they can effectively gather a vaster range of consumer bases. On the other hand; whereas, the customers belong to a different culture; therefore, their needs can be different. In this aspect, during their doing organizational business in the market of the UK.

Fundamentally, within the market of the UK, there are numerous corporations that operate their business by considering the health and fitness of the people. In this aspect, in order to sufficiently compete and sustain the organizational business operation of Low Low Takeway, the organization needs to implement some effective and successive product development and pricing strategy to get an extensive amount of competitive advantage. Moreover, by utilizing and implementing these strategies, the organization moreover will be able to prominently meet the distinctive needs of the consumers in the market of the UK.

7. Summery

Throughout the discussion and evaluation of the business plan of Low Low Takeway, it becomes evident that the future business operation of this organization will be profitable and sustainable. Generally, the selling and provision of healthiest food products to the consumers also by maintaining the reasonable price potentially attract an extensive amount of consumer base with their organizational business operation. The provision of low-calories or low-carb dishes significantly helps the organization in order to get an extensive amount of competitive advantage. Moreover, the consistency of a low amount of profit helps Low Low Takeway dominatingly beat the competitors of this organization. In addition to this, the utilization of the lean model within the business start-up, the organizational executive team will be able to sufficiently reduce the cost of its product.

In this way, by seeing and predicting a bright future for the organization, the investors have become confident to invest a lot of financial support in the organization. Furthermore, the banks and the other financial institutions also become agreed to provide loans to this organization for its start-up business. However, it is generally fact that the market of the UK is little threatful for the new start-up businesses. Therefore, Low Low Takeway has prepared an effective and successful business plan to efficiently operate its business in the market.


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Appendix 1



Web analytics, key performance indicators, site visitor profiles, user research, customer feedback, reporting frequency

Situational Analysis

Customer analysis, Product Analysis, Competitors analysis, SWOT Analysis


Innovative and fast food delivery


Innovative foods service


STP Analysis


Sell- Grow the sales among the people and estimated the proper market share.

Serve- Serve the fresh and gluten free foods to the customer especially young generations in the London.

Sizzle- In that case, this food venture will provide the innovative tastes to their customers to enhance the productivity.

Speak – In this food service process the food hostage will create the two-path communication process with customers.

Save- Gains in efficiency quantifiable.

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