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Action Plan for DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside

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Individual Written Report With Action Plan

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1. Introduction of Action Plan DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside

DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside is a hospitality business that provides effective support to the consumer with proper support and care. DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside is a hotel that is located in Canada water in London, which has huge facilities and provides luxury comfort to its consumers. The facilities provided by the hotel are room service, an onsite restaurant, a fitness centre, digital keys and meeting rooms. It consists of 378-bedroom hotel. It also has some restrictions, which include non-smoking rooms, and pets are not allowed cancellation processes are also provided for emergency purposes. DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside is facing challenges regarding staff or employees and consumers are not satisfied with the current situation. The employees are unsatisfied and the consumers are facing major issues regarding comfort levels. This has led to a decrease in the reputation of the hotel and reduced the revenue of the organisation.


DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside has conducted a huge branding and has gained huge revenue by generating awareness in London. “The former 17th-century Wharf Building is situated on the Thames with views across to Canary Wharf and is sited within London’s last dry dock for shipbuilding” ( , 2022). This has boosted the private pier which has encouraged consumers to buy some time to spend in the hotel as it is the only hotel located in London with this facility. Refurbishment has been done in recent years for providing effective comfort to consumers. The cost of refurbishment was known as the multimillion projects, which were handled by Fileturn. The design drew with the help of ICA, which is the centre of attraction as it is s mix of heritage and modern comfort. This is an inspiration to many of the designers as it is one of the unique pieces and provides a look at historical maritime connection. It has a huge number of rooms with a facility of bar, restaurants, meeting room, terrace and reception. These provide an effective service to the consumers with proper support and care.


In the current situation, staff members or employees and consumers face various issues. The issues faced by the consumers are air conditioners not working properly which needs proper maintenance and it provides unwanted service to the consumer. The air condition is either cooling the room to the highest extern or heating it, which is an unfavourable condition for a consumer to survive in this temperature. This is a regular complaint by the consumers also including toilet facilities that are facing issues with proper plumbing and hot water supply on the upper floors. The conduction of hot water is not been supplied on top floors. The staff members are also facing issues regarding their salary and long hours of work. The employees are paid very low and provide unsatisfactory food quality to the employees. Employees or staff members are facing issues that have a huge loss in the image of the hospitality business.

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

A literature review is concerned to develop a verbal understanding based on previous research and outcomes collected from journals and articles. Reviewing literature based on corporate strategy and its developments helps to create theoretical perspectives and conceptual frameworks to analyse ethical findings.

2.2 Theoretical perspective

"Ansoff’s Matrix" is associated with market planning with business determination and growth for market size and customers based through developing corporate strategy (, 2017). "Ansoff's Matrix" is concerned with four stages of the marketing process for improving organisational capability and minimising customer-related issues that contribute to increasing revenue and market position.

Figure 2.1: "Ansoff’s Matrix"

(Source:, 2017)

In these aspects, market penetration, product developments, diversification and market developments are required for minimising customer-related risks and increasing productivity as well as profitability. "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel is facing issues regarding a low customer base and less preference of customers to reach customers' expectations and requirements that can be improved through utilising "Ansoff’s Matrix" to penetrate the market and removing customers-related consequences actively.

On the other hand, "Human capital theory" suggests that human resources are a key element for conducting n operational process and encouraging employee involvement in the working process to reach productivity (, 2017). This allows to d providing appropriate ways to select and recruiting employees and marinating talent based on organisational that contribute to minimised employee-related issues effectively.

Human capital theory

Figure 2.2: Human capital theory

(Source:, 2017)

In the aspects of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel, applications of "Human capital theory" for hiring an employee and managing them helps to eliminate employee-related issues that contribute to increasing hotel service with managing risks effectively concerning recognisable reputation.

2.3 Conceptual framework

Operational process of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside” hotel

"DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel is a well-known hotel in London as well as the hospitality industry concerning its effective customer service and operational process. The operational process of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel can be segmented into three main phases such as ownership, management and franchise and timeshare. Contemporary segments of the operational process lead to the development of a strong brand reputation. Management and franchise segments are associated with managing hospitality services and different branches and implementation based on customers' expectations and customer demand. Franchisee segments play a significant role in generating revenue and accelerating cash flow by providing remarkable service for customers as per customers' expectations (Lukanova and Ilieva, 2019). Management segments are responsible for managing employee-based and customer bases through developing different plans and strategies concerning trends in the corporate world in the hospitality industry. On the other hand, timeshare consisted of booking, marketing and taking membership of loyal customers in the club that is associated with financing customers through providing discounts and gift vouchers. Ownership consisted of capital investments and creating a strategy as the current condition of the business based on observation. However, this well-organised operational process and structure have been hindered after the COVID-19 pandemic situation due to huge financial losses that contribute to affecting growth and development of this organisation.

Current issues in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside” hotel

"DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel is dealing with several issues in their operational process such as lack of employee involvement and customer dissatisfaction that comes from the poor economic condition. The epidemic situation during COVID-19 is responsible for affecting the global economy as well as different international businesses namely the tourism, travel and hospitality industry effectively. Financial repercussions in the travel and tourism and hospitality industry lead to creating a financial crisis that is associated with issues with payments and conducting operational processes. Before the pandemic situation, respite spending by travel and tourism concerning developments of the globe amounted is nearly$5 trillion has declined to $ 2.33 trillion in 2020 (, 2022). This pandemic situation and declination of the global economy involved significant losses of employment in the global hospitality, travel and tourism sector in 2020 approximately 62 million people. By 2021, the hospitality and tourism sector emphasises recouping financial losses by generating revenue and contributing to a slight increase in global "gross domestic product". Apart from that, it can be stated that COVID-19 pandemic situation is responsible for huge financial losses in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel leading to the loss of employees and insufficient maintenance process.

On the other hand, increasing COVID-related expenditure in the hospitality industry is responsible for the increasing cost of travel packages for customers, which leads to creating fewer customer engagements and sales rates. Employment losses during the pandemic situation impacts on workforce and talent store of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel affected work performance and service quality effectively. However, they try to enlarge their workforce through recruiting and selecting candidates but issues regarding payments are responsible for influencing poor employee engagement in this hotel. As per the statement of Hamadamin and Atan, (2019), financial losses lead to creating low and improper maintenance in different elements in hotels such as AC, food, travel, and accommodation, which leads to creating huge customer complaints considering customers dissatisfaction (). Increasing customer dissatisfaction due to poor maintenance and employee involvement to provide frequent service in hotel involve with reduction of sales rate as well as affects brand reputation in the hospitality industry. Therefore, it can be stated that issues regarding the financial crisis, poor employee engagement and customer dissatisfaction are affecting growth developments with low sales rate in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel.

Impacts of arising issues

In 2018 its revenue was $8.91 billion and increased to $9.45 billion in 2019 which signifies the remarkable development of its operational process. According to a statistical report regarding the revenue of Hilton hotel helps to analysed that, the revenue stream is declining regularly in 2020 due from 2019 that's is $9.45 billion to $ 4.31 billion (, 2022). Apart from that, it can be identified that the COVID-19 pandemic situation is responsible for affecting overall; performance and revenue growth due to a lack of customer engagement as well as customers involvements. Therefore, employee involvement-related issues and customer involvement-related issues commence generating a loss in 2020 that is responsible for making changes in implementing operational processes, and paying proper remuneration for employee and maintenance activities in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside". As opined by Tong-On et al. (2021), issues regarding maintenance in hospitality service play a significant role in affecting customer satisfaction which contributes to increasing customer dissatisfaction and losing potential customers.

Financial crisis contributes to the increasing job-switching behaviour of existing employees that leads to makes the situation poorer comparing the current situation in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" hotel. Poor maintenance and huge customer complaints affect the sales rate and revenue return of this company, which will make the situation worst comparing the current situation. Throughout this analysis, it can be suggested that this company have to adopt a strategy to increase employee engagement and a maintenance system for delivering exponential hospitality service to customers.

Strategies for minimizing issues

Concerning current issues in "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" and its impacts, the strategic implementation process focuses on developing financial capability and employee engagement that helps to improve an operational process, customer service and enlarging customer base significantly. In this aspect, a financial strategy is associated with increasing sales rates and influencing cost leadership in an organisation. As stated by Le and Phi (2021), a strategy for revenue-increasing facilities involves offering customers facilities in "early Check-In and late Checkout", promoting food and beverage options with quality service and offering upgraded rooms and benefits in pre-arrival for customers. Penetrating the market through advertising and providing different promotional manage for customers helps to increase customer involvement that can be recognised as a systemic way for acquiring new customers as well as retaining and building relationships with existing customers (Sharifovich, 2021). Utilising those factors in the marketing process contributes to encouraging customer satisfaction and preference through eliminating the rate of compliance effectively, which is important for increasing revenue with an identical financial capability to developing maintenance and gradation of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside". A partnership is recognised as a significant source of financing to improve accommodation and hospitality services through the development of operational processes and maintenance capability. "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" has to build a business relationship with a local organisation helps to encourage a strategic implementation process. Developing financial conditions is beneficial for “DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" to minimise employee involvement-related issues by providing them with timely salaries, other employee benefits and growth opportunities. In aspects of increasing employee engagement and marinating knowledge-based, companies have to increase job security, work flexibility and other employee benefits with the maintenance of a contract (Anguera-Torrell et al. 2021). Recruiting and selecting employees based on knowledge and skill-based and providing those with proper training and development can be segmented in the implementation of employment strategy. Developing contracts during requirements help to reduce jobs switching tendency of employees which is important for overcoming these issues.

Improvements in HRM sectors and staff recognition programmes in the hotel industry

As stated by He et al. (2019), developments in the company's well-being and improvements in task performance have created a positive effect to maintain the ultimate ranges of responsibility in the maintenance of workforce ability. The development of the supervisor's responsibility and the creation of effective ranges of planning structures have influenced the leadership ability and made positive effects to improve the cultures of potential effects and sustainability that have been based on the organisational potential outcomes sustainably. Thus, taking the help of the Primary analysis interpreted a Survey based on 243 persons creating a hypothesis the chances of multiple linear regressions have been effectively analysed (He et al., 2019). Thus, the constant development rates of quality of life have also created a positive effect to increase the rate of investment facilities and task performance modules by making a wider range of effectiveness in the task performances of the hospitality sectors.

The above figure has depicted that the adaptations of effective ranges "Human Resources Management (HRM)" have been briefly divided into multiple ranges of attributes related to workers well being, task performances and development of responsible leadership sustainably. Thus, the chances of efficiency, capacity as well as improvements in performance management rates have been sustainably developed by creating an interlinked between organisations and workers by fulfilling all desired wants. In contradiction, Hussain and Khan (2020) have argued that the key factors of "Total Quality Management (TQM)" have been implemented in the hospitality sector. It has also created a positive side to the development of optimal results and creating an effective range of beneficial outcomes for the UK. In this regard, taking the help of the "Systematic Literature Review" and collecting reliable knowledge about the previous researchers the rates of integrity have been effectively increased by thoroughly reviewing the peer articles. Following the Human Capital Theory”, the chances of data integrity have been sustainably increased by generalising the ultimate ranges of performance appraisals and that has created a productive capacity through the constant development of the cultures of training and skills among the workers. Thus, the rates of technological knowledge gaps rates have also been sustainably diminished which have not been treated as an effective side for the development of human capital rates and generalised the ultimate ranges of customer satisfaction rates. As a result, the "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" has been getting successful to increase the rates of performance modules by making a stronger range of welfare and developing the cultures of future perspectives.

2.4 Literature Gap

Mishra et al. (2019) have not created and interlinked the theoretical perspectives by analysing the developments of HRM sectors and improvements of staff recognition plans in the hotel industry in their research. However, Hussain and Khan (2022) have also not created a precise concept about the issues enhanced in the "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" by analysing the issues of the hotel industry of providing reliable information in their articles. In contradiction, Mishra et al. (2019) have not stated the significance of effective strategies for the development of resolving issues in the hospitality sector in their journal. Thus, this research has been improved to breach the existing literature gaps in the particular area.

2.5 Summary

A preview of the literature review helps to identify significant issues and their impacts on the business process of "DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside" for creating a strategy for further improvements and minding issues. Theoretical perspectives are based on "Ansoff's Matrix" and "Human capital theory" which contribute to developing a conceptual framework relevant to the aims and objectives of this research.

3. Methodology

3.1 Introduction

The methodology is an important aspect of the conduction of research in the field of hospitality business. It provides a well-developed outcome that provides a preferred suitable situation for analysing the drawbacks and improving certain conditions. It provides specific data for the research purpose as well as provides the best analysis process. It helps in gaining effective knowledge about the hospitality business. It provides an effective way to process the data collection process and how conduct the research process.

3.2 method outline

Key elements Attributes chosen
Research Philosophy Positivism
Research approach Deductive
Research design Descriptive
Data source Primary and secondary
Data collection techniques Survey and thematic analysis
Population and sampling
  • Probability sampling approach
  • Total number of participants 50
  • Data set 6
  • A sample will produce among employees and customers
  • MS EXEL.
Data analysis plan Qualitative and quantitative

3.3 Research philosophy

Research philosophy is one of the major parts of methodology and gives a philosophy of the method used for research. According to Kumar (2019), three philosophies that are used for the methodology purpose include realism, positivism and interpretivism. These have their philosophy for the research process. This research process has been conducted using positivism. This process has been used to rely on the assumptions, which provide proper data evidence for the research process. It also helps in comparing various ideas and concludes with a different a most suitable knowledge.

3.4 Research approach

The research approach is used to develop a hypothesis by generating an idea through data or information collected using a primary as well as a secondary approach. It provides a data analysis process that fulfilled a specific aim and objective regarding the research process (De Costa et al. 2019). The research approach used in this process is the deductive research approach. It is supported with proper theories to provide effective support to the research process. It is based on the pre-tested process and supports evidence-based information for the methods of data collection. It provides a better approach to analysing the issues faced by employees and customers.

3.5 Research design

It is a design of the research, which helps in conducting the research successfully and systematically. It is the most important aspect of the research process as it meets the aims and objectives of the research process (Walliman, 2017)). This research process has followed a descriptive research design as it provides an effective description of the research topic with proper evidence. It also helps in the proper analysis of the topic with the theories and other previous researcher outcomes and various methods used by researchers.

3.6 Research Strategy

According to Litosseliti (2018), research strategy is the way of conducting research with the collection of data in different ways which include experiments, questioners and transcript methods. It provides different thematic analyses and primary quantitative analyses of this research process a primary quantitative survey and secondary thematic analysis have been conducted in this research process. The survey has been conducted by taking 50 participants, which include customers and employees of hotels. The survey question provides an overall concept of employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction.

3.7 Data sources and data types

The researcher's process for meeting the objective and aim of the research process uses data sources and data types. The researchers collect data according to the different processes. In this research process, the data collection process includes a primary quantitative method, which includes a survey and a secondary qualitative thematic analysis. The primary data source quantitative survey helps in better analysis of the management process and thematic analysis provides an effective analysis with collected data. This process provides an effective data collection process for effective analysis of the employee's issues and consumer complaints. The data collection helps in improving the management policies as well as building different aspects of management from the researchers.

3.8 Population and sampling

Population sampling is the major aspect of the research process that helps in gathering effective data. A group of members is selected for a survey of issues or problems that help in the proper analysis of the very small aspects of the business. The population of the candidates has been selected who are facing issues regarding various aspects. In this research process, a small group of people includes 50 candidates and employees and customers are included. The employees are facing issues regarding salary and customers are facing issues regarding service so they are involved as sampling candidates.

3.9 Data collection process

The data collection process is one of the most difficult parts of the research process. It is used to link with the sampling technique and provides a proper alining to the sampling process. In this research process, a survey was organised and the survey includes two demographic questions and four infographic questionnaires. It has also conducted 3 thematic analyses. The thematic analysis and survey questions provide effective support to the research process. This process of data collection provides a better impact and effective analysis process that provide an effective suggestion for the improvement of the hospitality business.

3.10 Data analysis plan

The data analysis process helps in analysing the results after the conduction of the research or the collection of data. The data collected by the researchers need to be analysed with the help of MS EXEL. It helps in meeting the objective and aim of the research with the help of a survey and thematic analysis (Gray, 2019). MS EXEL technology is used for representing the graphical method.

3.11 Ethical consideration

The research conducted was collected from authentic journals and confidentiality was maintained where the copyright was followed with proper ethics and rules. Data was not manipulated data was placed with correct accuracy so that authenticity maintains throughout the research process.

3.12 Summary

The methodology section is the most crucial part of the research process that includes research philosophy where positivism is followed. It contains a research approach where the deductive approach has been used for this research process the research design that is implemented in this research process is descriptive. The data collected was primary as well as secondary and the techniques used for the data collection are survey and thematic analysis where both the qualitative and quantitative process is used. The technology used for statistical representation or analysis is MS EXEL.

4. A critical review of the results of the research

4.1 Primary Quantitative analysis

Question 1: What is your age?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
18-25 50 12 24.00
26-35 50 18 36.00
36-50 50 15 30.00
Above 50 50 05 10.00

Table 1: Age of participants

Figure 1:Age of participants

The above survey considers finding out participants' age and identified that diversity follows in the entire survey process as there are no age criteria followed for this event. The result shows that 24% were from the 18-25 age groups, 36% were 26-35, 30% were from 36-50 and 10% were from above 50 age group people.

Question 2: What is your gender?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
Male 50 30 60.00
Female 50 19 38.00
Others 50 01 2.00

Table 2: Gender of participants

Figure 2: Participants’ gender

This question was considered to find out the gender of employees and customers in this survey and collected results of 60% of males, 38% of females and 2% of others to complete the survey process. Therefore, this shows that equality was maintained in the entire data collection process in this research.

Question 3: Do you think the management of DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside engages actively in the recruitment and employee handling process?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
Agree 50 08 16.00
Strongly agree 50 06 12.00
Neutral 50 02 4.00
Disagree 50 20 40.00
Strongly disagree 50 14 28.00

Table 3: Management and recruitment review of DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside

Figure 3: Management and recruitment review

The above survey considered identified management activity and effectiveness in the recruitment and employment process. The result shows that a total of 28% of participants voted positive and a total of 68% of participants voted as dissatisfied with the management service of this organisation.

Question 4: Do you satisfied with the working environment and facilities of this organisation?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
Agree 50 12 24.00
Strongly agree 50 08 16.00
Neutral 50 05 10.00
Disagree 50 15 30.00
Strongly disagree 50 10 20.00

Table 4: Working environment and facility analysis of DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside

Figure 4: Working environment and facility analysis

This question delivered information regarding the satisfaction of employees and customers with the working environment and facilities of the organisation. A total of 40% of participants were satisfied, 10% were neutral and 50% participants were dissatisfied with the working process and facilities in the business process.

Question 5: Do you satisfied with the maintenance and accommodation service of this organisation?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
Agree 50 12 24.00
Strongly agree 50 04 8.00
Neutral 50 10 20.00
Disagree 50 14 28.00
Strongly disagree 50 10 20.00

Table 5: Maintenance and accommodation service review of this organisation

Figure 5: Maintenance and accommodation service review

This question was considered to identify the satisfaction of participants with maintenance and accommodation services in the organisation. The result shows that 32% agreed, 20% were neutral and 48% disagreed with the service.

Question 6: Do you agree that DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside engages effectively with customer service and feedback processes?

Options Total respondent Obtained responses Percentage
Agree 50 15 30.00
Strongly agree 50 10 20.00
Neutral 50 05 10.00
Disagree 50 12 24.00
Strongly disagree 50 08 16.00

Table 6: Effectiveness review of customer service and feedback processes of DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside

Figure 6: Effectiveness review of customer service and feedback processes

The survey considered analysing the effectiveness of the customer service and feedback process and the result of this survey shows that 50% of participants agreed, 10% were neutral and 40% disagreed with this service. Therefore, strategic and technological implementation requires in this process to develop employee and customer satisfaction and revenue of the organisation.

4.2 Secondary Qualitative Analysis

Theme 1: Human resource policies and employment support practices can continue the recruitment process in the organisation.

Human resource policies can deliver support in maintaining wide activities in the employment process. Every organisation needs to follow employment services such as casual employment, Employment Social Enterprise, full-time employment, long-term employment, part-time employment and transitional employment. Every service considers a different approach in business as casual employment considers following a schedule design that can provide effective support in identifying and developing employees' capabilities in the business process. This schedule can consider a time range of between a pair of hours a week to part-time. Employment social enterprises consider continuing training and capacity development activities, decreasing barriers between employees in the business process. This approach focus to deliver development in employee efficiency and increase of the pace of employment services in the organisation. Part-time and full-time employment considers working hours of 30 hours or more and 30 hours or less per week respectively and the organisation needs to be bound to this schedule period. This can deliver effective support in maintaining work-life balance and systematic processes in the organisation.

Transitional employment delivers another effective support in the organisation as this includes the social enterprises' approach by considering the short-term economy approach in the organisation. Data shows that social enterprises capture success in supportive employment processes as this service continuously follows in North America, Canada and the UK. Employees in the organisation can face a list of barriers such as transportation, social skills, health issues, unstable accommodation, self-confidence, social assistance regulations, basic hygiene services, anxiety, racism, depression and cultural and conflict barriers (, 2022). Therefore, common HR policies and employment practices can deliver effective support in maintaining the recruitment process and employment strength in the organisation. DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside faces a wide range of employment issues such as a lack of staff, management issues, recruitment gaps, lack of work-life balance and payment issues in the organisation. This organisation also faces issues in customer service and maintenance process as the AC of the hotel is not working efficiently and rise in complaints number due to issues in the hot water flow process in the entire hotel. Therefore, the employment process can be rectified by considering various HR activities such as recruitment, training, orientation, scheduling, accommodation, promotion and vacation. These all activities deliver different support in maintaining working satisfaction to the employees and developing employment strength in the business process. In addition, maintaining discipline, working hours, complaints and feedback process, supervision and performance analysis can deliver a quality experience to employees to have a great work-life balance and satisfaction.

Theme 2: Flexibility and accommodation process can deliver effectiveness and satisfaction in the overall activities of the organisation.

Flexibility and accommodation are the two factors that provide refreshment and satisfaction to the employees in the organisation. An organisation can consider activities to identify personal needs, engagement in casual working hours and part-time working hours, proper scheduling process, cooperation with employees, acceptability of leave and effective recruitment process in the organisation. For example, Coca-Cola includes a balanced lifestyle for its employees to deliver them flexibility and satisfaction in the organisation. This organisation considers facilities such as vacation, holiday, adoption and parental leave and rewards benefits for employees. This organisation includes three types of benefits such as health well-being benefits, financial well-being benefits and personal well-being benefits in the business process (, 2022). This also considers learning and development activities through continuous innovation in the business process. Leadership development also involves as a part to developing accuracy and efficiency of the employment process in the business and Coca-Cola involves in developing leadership activity to set a large bar at an effective height to get success in the business process. Accommodation services can deliver effective support in maintaining relationships and the satisfaction of employees in the business process.

Most MNCs consider accommodation services for their employees to deliver safety and relaxation in their daily life and this service needs to be maintained regularly to have a quality experience in it. For example, Amazon considers accommodation processes for its employees and especially for disabled and needy persons of its employment strength and includes an accommodation team and contact process on the official website to have fluency in accommodation services in the organisation. In addition, this organisation also considers on-the-job accommodation, work wellness coaching, PwD affinity group and vocational rehabilitation in the business process to deliver facilities to its employees as part of the organisation (, 2022). Therefore, DoubleTree by Hilton Docklands Riverside can consider effective employment service and rectification of issues in this service to develop work-life balance and satisfaction for its employees to develop the performance of the business process.

Theme 3: Structural topic model can play an effective role in identifying customer issues and feedback processes in the hospitality business.

Feedback and issue analysis can be an effective process that can develop customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction in the business process. Feedback analysis can deliver information about customers' and employees' issues and needs in the business process and organisations can include plans to rectify business issues and develop business processes. According to Hu et al. (2019), the structural topic model (STM) can deliver effective support in analysing hotel reviews. The reason behind this activity of this model is LDA limitation and the positive and negative heterogeneous nature of reviews in the business. STM considers engagement textual analysis in the stream of linguistics and political sciences. This model provides information regarding negative and hotel grades to deliver information regarding review extremity and hotel levels such as star class (Hu et al. 2019). Therefore, customer and employee issues and feedback can be identified through this and according to those issues, the management can easily find out needed strategies to mitigate those issues in the organisation. This model can deliver information regarding customer reviews and hotel reviews by considering textual comments of employees and customers of the organisation and the management can develop employee and customer satisfaction to develop the effectiveness and revenue of the organisation.

5. Recommendation and action plan

Taking the appropriate ranges of action plans the rates of development activities in the hotel sectors can be sustainably developed and the chances of integration and rates of the company's welfare can be sustainably developed.

Descriptions Recommendations
Adaptations of Company-Wide Anti-Trafficking Policy The adaptations of "Company-wide AntiHuman trafficking" have recognised the symbols of trafficking and made specific reporting protocols and collaborated with anti-trafficking community leaders for occurred quickly. As opined by Dundon et al. (2022), the implementations of human trafficking have provided the essential ranges of training facilities among the workers for the development of potential impacts. Therefore, it can be suggested that the adaptations of ”The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000" have prosecuted the traffickers and protected the victims and taken the necessary actions by maintaining the economic stability of the UK (, 2022).
Provided the training facility among the workers As stated by Cruz-Morato et al. (2021), provided the training facility among the workers the chances of efficiency, capacity and rate of development activity rates have been getting changed. Thus, it can be recommended that by giving training facilities among the workers the chances of development activities rates can be effectively improved. In addition, by focusing on the worker's needs and providing the ultimate ranges of necessary items related to "Wages, Salary, Payments and Incentives" the chances of efficiency can also be sustainably developed.
Improvements in HRM sectors According to Zhao et al. (2021), with improvements in supply chain modules and developed cultures of HRM sectors, the chances of transparency modules and creation of effective ranges flexibility have been sustainably being changed in the hotel sectors. Therefore, it should be advised that with the constant development rates of enforcing activities modules the hotel sectors could be getting successfully to developers the cultures of recruitment and selection procedures by judging the capacity based on their performances. As a result, the right candidates can also be getting the right places and also be able to improve the cultural attributes related to the developments of working flexibility and relationship infrastructures by increasing the ultimate ranges of selling rates.
Setting up a Response Plan As stated by Al-Ababneh et al. (2018), the establishment of working relationships and delivery of local services have made a positive response to enforce the cultures regarding staff recognition. In addition, accompanies of law enforcement has created savings lives, alleviated suffering and decreased the ultimate ranges of economic losses chances effectively. Therefore, it can be recommended that the improvements in coordination and integration cultures have been treated as a much more effective side for the improvements of safety and security and generalised the customer's operations by reducing the threats of the hotel sectors.
Local Shelter Support and Hotel Points Donations According to He et al. (2019), making the availability of local shelters and ensuring the safety and security models of developed cultures regarding trafficking situations the chances of consulting opportunities have been sustainably developed. The improvements in customer engagement have provided the ultimate range of necessary things so the chances of efficiency can be sustainably developed. Therefore, it can be advised that the arrangements in case of emergency the chances of development activities can also be sustainably developed. Besides that, the developments of planning infrastructure rates can also be easily accessed.

Table 1: Strategic recommendations for removing the issues

(Source: Self-developed)

5.1Action Plan

Description Determination Issues resolved by Responsible person Time Management
Budget Allocation for providing the training facility among the workers Created allocations of the costs of the advertisements and made the availability of sponsored events (Zhao et al. 2021). Finance departments Project manager and financial manager 2 months
Conducting board meetings for improvements in HRM sectors Making a stronger range of discussions about the proposed plans and preparing the essential needs by creating an essential implementation of the HRM sectors (Al-Ababneh et al. 2018). The developments of recruitments and selection processes can be generated positive sides to recruiting the right kinds of candidates by hedging their capacity. Executive and Human Resources Department "Chief Executive Officers (CEO)", Departmental Heads, "Board of Directors (BoD)" 1 Month
Implementations of Strategic plans for improvements in workers' satisfaction Reviewed and ensured the planning structures and the chances of efficiency can also be sustainably developed (Dundon et al. 2022). Besides that, implementing strategic planning modules and adaptations of technological advancements has also increased the rates of performances appraisals modules. Executive Departments and Technical departments Events Managers and Technical Managers 3 Months
Collection of valuable feedback from the customers for resolving the issues related to plumbing issues, AC, lack of hot water and so on By addressing the issues through the organisational sectors and creating a framework for the development of economic infrastructure, the chances of integration rates have increased (Cruz-Morato et al. 2021). Thus, the enhancements of multiple ranges of problems related to removing issues regarding difficulties of "Air Conditioner (AC)", and plumbing issues related to lack of hot water around the higher floors have been considered one of them. Technical departments and "Information Technology (IT)" Head of IT Departments and Project Manager 6 Months

Table 2: Action Plan

(Source: Self-developed)


The above-depicted table has been considered that the constant development rates of project infrastructure modules can also be sustainably developed by increased by sustainably taking immediate action plans. Besides that, by identifying the ultimate ranges of problematic approaches the chances of development activities have also been effectively increased which can be treated as a much more effective side for constantly increasing the rates of economic stability based on the organisational perspectives by improvements of net income statement rates.



De Costa, P.I., Crowther, D. and Maloney, J. eds., 2019. Investigating world Englishes: Research methodology and practical applications. Routledge.

Gray, D. E. (2019). Doing research in the business world. California, United States: Sage Publications Limited.

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