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The Integrated Business Assignment

Introduction Of The Integrated Business Assignment Sample

Every organisation or company has witnessed a significant setback after the Pandemic Covid-19 situation. Every sector of society has been badly affected, such as the economy has slowed down, no growth in sales and revenue, no job opportunities, no development, and many more. It has badly affected the internal and external division of business structure. The internal division faced a workforce shortage because of extensive lockdown and ineffective management. The external division met a low sales rate low demand for supplying the product. In order to improve the business structure and quality, digital marketing has emerged as a blessing for every sector. In this report, different positive traits and optimisation of Digital Marketing have been discussed to find the solution to the grim situation of business after Covid-19.

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Main Body

The organisation that follows Digital Marketing has seen an increased rate in sales as it has been visible and accessible to millions of consumers. Therefore the company may take the digital marketing approach, whose steps are mentioned here.

  • Compile a comprehensive inventory of all the social media accounts related to the business and use it to their advantage. Keep in mind today’s social media hotspots and those from the distant past like the company’s Facebook Page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Each account should be examined to ensure it is in the desired state. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of social media hacking. Users can either tidy up the profile or delete it if that’s the case. Dormant accounts allow the business to retain ownership of the domain. Still, the company must ensure that all information on the site is accurate and that it directs visitors to the resources they want them to utilise to get in touch with the business (Miklosik et al. 2019).
  • All company social media profiles should have consistent visual branding that reflects the company’s current messaging. Make sure the photos and brand logos on company profiles are up-to-date. It will be able to accomplish the communication objectives this way.
  • Internal social media policies can be reminded through a Digital Marketing Inventory. Instruct users to provide their email addresses on social media profiles. Examining any previous employees’ social media sites to verify their job status with the company is accurate if there has been some turnover.
  • The email marketing lists should be cleaned at least once a year. Contacts’ non-performing addresses can be pruned and analysed so that marketing messages reach the right people. The people on the email marketing list may be able to tell the company if and how you may improve their customer interactions.
  • The in-house contact information should be used to verify any unsubscribes. It is possible that the company is not getting the information to someone who still needs it, such as a valued contact who has changed jobs. (Lestari, Pradani, and Digdowiseiso., 2022) Take a look at these possibilities. Re-establishing touch with an old customer and requesting their updated contact information can lead to more business in the future.
  • One of the most critical technologies that every company should implement into their marketing strategies is marketing analytics and analysis (MAA). For example, if the company wants to track the website’s performance, Google Analytics is an inexpensive and easily accessible option. With social media management solutions such as eClincher, the company may determine which social media marketing methods bring in the most interaction (Pandey et al. 2020). Knowing what products are being searched for will allow the company to strengthen its marketing presence in the areas where those products are doing well and famous. Therefore, the company will implement digital marketing through social media campaigns to increase consumer reach and integrate better communication engagement.

The marketing technique, promotion, and advertisement in the digital platform are known as Digital Marketing. It has created a revolution in marketing and sales and has influenced multiple business structures replacing the traditional marketing technique. It is a marketing effort that can be done with the help of the internet. It is associated with modern scientific and technological advancement. The digital channels are essential such as search engines, emails, websites, social media handles, etc. It has improved business optimisation, and the impact of Digital Marketing has shaped the new modern business structure. The results are as follow:

Increasing reach

Increasing the Global and local reach has been developed immensely by Digital marketing. Traditional marketing is designed for a few consumers at a time and is limited within geographical barriers. Modern marketing techniques like digital marketing have broken down geographical location barriers and can connect every global citizen through a digital platform. It has helped reach multiple consumers and increase the business’s target audience. It has provided a ground for small enterprise owner to increase their sales by selling their product and services on an international platform. The traditional marketing technique would never reach millions of consumers because of the expensive budget (Pandey et al. 2020). It has provided a form of business and sold the product on the digital platform. It has improved local visibility and reachability for local companies that rely on local consumers. Small and large companies hire a marketing team who are efficient and well acquainted with digital marketing techniques. The companies use websites, local SEO, targeted advertisement to promote their product and services in social networking channels and other digital channels. After the Covid-19, every citizen is dependent on digital marketing and purchasing their required products and services on the digital platforms. Sainsbury is a U.K.-based supermarket that has regained its position after the pandemic with the help of strategic implementation of digital marketing. This has influenced the company’s management team to adopt digital marketing seriously.

Reducing cost

Digital marketing has helped reduce the cost of promotion and effectively influence business development. It depends on the goal and nature of the business that determines the cost-effectiveness of marketing. Whether a small or large company, the organisation can promote its product or service with a low-cost budget through this marketing technique. It encourages the smaller companies to compete with the larger organisation by adopting targeted strategies such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and many more. According to the journal by Melovi? et al. (2020), Digital marketing strategies can be different, and the organisation can adopt them depending on their goals and nature of business objectives. It can connect with supply chains help the organisation to develop a potential logistic network. Oreo is a U.K.-based company that has adopted digital marketing and reached 86% approx growth in revenue generation according to the financial year of 2020-2021. The company has created a position globally with the help of Digital Marketing. The cost of a traditional form of marketing is reduced with the use of internet marketing or digital marketing. The cost of transportation and the promotional event cost are saved with the help of digital marketing (Liu et al. 2019). The technique is easy to adapt and learn, and this form of technological advancement influences people. It made the lives of ordinary people easy and comfortable.

Managing target audience

The marketing technique helps the company identify the target audience by extracting data and optimising the promotional campaign. The campaigns are influenced by the sustainability theory for establishing the company’s position in the future. The Stakeholder Theory Corporate Sustainability Theory affects the organisation’s internal structure, and it is implemented in the digital marketing technique to identify the targeting of global consumers. It helps adopt different targeting strategies like search engine optimisation (SEO) and demographic information from social networking channels like Facebook and Instagram. Omar and Atteya’s (2020) view is connecting the wide range to targetted consumers through Whatsapp group and email marketing. It enables them to connect to the consumers on a personal level and helps gain the consumers’ trust. It is the primary duty to execute the targeting campaigns to reach the right consumers to increase the sales structure of the business. For example, Addidas is a European company that only targets young athletes and sports lovers as their primary target audience. The company follows digital marketing, and the shoes are endorsed by famous Sports personalities in their social media handles.


The digital marketing technique can be highly engaging as the consumers are involved with social media handles. According to the journal by Phiri (2020), the consumers constantly like photos, share videos, write and react to the post that exhibits the consumer’s involvement. The company must be active in the social networking channels to increase consumers’ engagement with creative posts, photos, informational and entertaining videos. It will help improve the attention of the new consumers and increase the company’s sales rate.)

Any organisation can develop and expand its business through proper marketing planning. A few years ago, organisations followed traditional marketing strategies, but nowadays, organisations are pursuing digital marketing planning to develop their business quickly. During the Covid-19 situation and in the post-Covid era, digital marketing can expand and grow the business industry so fast. In this pandemic situation, many business organisations cannot reach their objectives, and the business turnover is also getting low (Chaffey et al. 2019). The profit level of that organisation is also bringing down day by day due to this pandemic situation. If those organisations implement digital marketing strategies, they can quickly develop their business conditions. Based on the advantages of digital marketing, a business organisation should follow some techniques and strategies to expand their business.

Multiple strategies

As per Gunawan and Sulaeman (2020), an organisation can develop its business by implementing different digital marketing strategies. There are around 7.7 billion people in the world, and 4.4 billion people are using the internet nowadays. About 30% of people communicate with their preferable brand by social media. So, the social media marketing strategy can be used to develop any business in the post-Covid era. Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman proposed this theory. The basic thoughts behind this theory are proper planning, designing, implanting, and evaluating the products or services through social media campaigns.

Through this strategy, an organisation can sometimes change the customer’s behaviors, and they can grab the customers’ attention towards the organisational products or services by some attractive posts or pictures. Such as, in social media the UK based organisations have a considerable number of followers.


Follower in Facebook


2 million

2. Sainsbury’s

1.7 million

3. Morrisons




5. Aldi

2.1 million

Table 1- Five retail companies in the UK’s number of followers in social media

As an example of social media marketing, ASDA recently has posted on their social media account this following post on 19th March 2022.

With the help of this picture, they want to promote that they deliver the cheapest and best quality cooking ingredients in the UK market. It can grab the attention of the customers. With the help of these types of posts, the company can develop its business.

When my competitor reduced their pricing strategy around 20%, I really faced difficulties to retain my regular basis customer. Cost, pricing is one of the main factors to manage business growth in this digital era. The “cost-plus pricing strategy” is one of the most straightforward approaches to calculating a product's price. A predetermined profit margin is applied to the entire cost of the goods under this method, which can become the market value (Mitreva., Arsova, and Jovanov., 2022). This e-commerce costing technique is not always the ideal way to decide the proper price for the business because it's generally based on a little amount of research and ignores consumer demand and competition pricing strategies.

Online strategies are most effective and useful aspects to increase competitive market. Demand pricing is a pricing technique in which prices are set in accordance to demand in order to maximise sales during periods of strong demand. Prices grow in tandem with demand throughout peak period such as the festive period and vacations, and vice versa. With the retail sector becoming increasingly competitive, cost leadership is quickly becoming the most highly after price tactics. Customers' buying process is a crucial factor to consider when developing a cost leadership strategy. When a business is part of a stable industry with a large number of replacements and competitors, the price actions of the competition can be a significant profit driver.

In order to track customers’ complaints, it is important to implement advanced strategy to mitigate customer’s complaints. Thus, the organization implemented ChatBot technology to understand customer’s complaints. Through this, customers can communicate with marketers to clarify their dobuts and further questions through online conversation. Moreover, this technology has a benefit to use 24*7 hours communication availability. This facilities may help organization to manage customer growth in future.

According to Olson et al. (2021), another approach by digital media is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). With the help of this strategy, customers can place their orders through the company’s website or on their applications. During the pandemic situation, people did not want to visit the marketplace at that time. This strategy helps the customers to consume their required products at their doorstep. This strategy can develop and expand the business of the business organisation. An example proves below where the PPC strategy can work for the customers (Pandey et al. 2020).

According to this mentioned picture, customers can add the products to their wise list, and then they can place the order by providing their address with one click and paying the amount on that application.

Multiple content types

Content type’s digital marketing can improve the customer’s engagement with the organisation. To provide the answers to customers’ queries through the digital medium is types of content marketing. This strategy helps improve the quality of products and revises the organisation. Based on the journal of Pandiangan and Martini (2021), this content marketing can serve the services to their customers in various ways. Such as, through social media or email, customers can ask their questions, and the organisation has to give them a proper answer. Along with that, with the help of some video or pictures, organisations can dissolve their customers’ queries.

Value creation

These types of processes help to manage the business broadly. With the help of digital transformation, this value creation theory can use properly. Jorn Lengfeld introduced this concept in the global business market. This concept helps the organisation use the digital medium for communication with the help of some technologies to improve any organisation’s business. It can develop an organisation’s production Also, it satisfies the customers according to their needs. This value creation can be measured by customer satisfaction. Before the pandemic, customers came to the stores and gave their feedback according to the service or product. Still, due to Covid-19, they could not come physically so that, with the help of the digital platform, customer can deliver their feedback or review. Based on that review organisation can understand the level of customer satisfaction.


Every organisation requires proper marketing planning to increase their business. Before the Covid-19 situation, traditional and digital marketing has helped originations equally. After the post-Covid situation, the organisation should use the digital platform for their marketing purpose. Based on this logic, our organisation also needs to implement a digital platform to increase the selling level through digital marketing strategies. In the pandemic situation, we also face many problems in our organisation. The revenue level was falling at that time. So we ran our business loss. We could not make a profit from the business at that time. So with the help of digital marketing strategies, we will develop our business like before the pandemic situation. We will increase the rate of our product’s reach globally through digital media. As we know, most people are using the internet nowadays, so that through the internet, we will reach our existing and new customers. The marketing team of our organisation will control the social media and make active those social media account regularly with the help of some new and innovative posts and offer on our product. That can develop the customs engagement with our organisation.

Action plan

In the near future, another team will be implemented, which will put innovative concepts into action that our clients may access through digital means. In addition to that, we may raise our sales rate by improving their organizational condition and growing their product interactions. In addition, we will use various digital marketing techniques to grow our firm. We will do all we can to ensure that our company is as successful as it has been in the past.


The company can use the Digital Marketing technique to fulfil the organisation’s demands, which has setbacks after the resignation of the Finance Director and the harsh effect of Covid-19. The company has focused on the Digital Marketing techniques such as increasing the global and local reach, low costing marketing strategy, multiple strategies like sustainability theory, corporate governance, value creation theory are discussed in the report, which is influenced by digital marketing techniques. The importance of content in digital marketing, effective targeting, and increasing engagement process are addressed with the help of examples in the report. All these factors help generate sales revenue and improve the company’s business structure to sustain future competition. The company has taken advantage of Digital Marketing to reshape the business structure eradicating the problems and trying to find out the solution after the harsh effect of Covid-19.


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