MCN Report Template for Analyzing a Hotel Service Encounter

Customer Experience Challenges through Strategic Marketing and Operational Innovations at IBM

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Introduction of MCN Report Template 

The journal will be used to produce the Individual Report (2000 words) and will be submitted as an appendix to it.

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Students will Choose ONE of the Service Encounters from the reflective journal and provide solutions from a marketing and operations perspective to the problematic issues they have observed within this report.

Students should use their knowledge of what has been taught in the module in their analysis, and provide workable recommendations supported by concepts from the module that will enhance the ability of the system or subsystem to meet customer needs.

Higher marks are awarded for:

  • If your choice of course concepts/theory is the best suited to the issues you raise from the encounter.
  • Data collected which links to the course concepts; for example, if you are using capacity analysis you will need to observe demand and staff/resources employed. If you are using 7P/4Ps, then data could be marketing materials from the business, websites, trade magazines, etc.
  • Recommendations which use theory provided by the module
  • Critical evaluation of the theory and application. For example, what other potentially negative outcomes could come from your recommendation?

This contains a short description of the business and short description of the service encounter. The introduction sets the scene for the main body of the report. It should be written in an explanatory style.

It should be cited and referenced.

This section should be 100 words.

IBM is a high-tech electronics industry that has been continuously thriving on bringing innovative measures and upgradation in their business units as a part of the necessary changes to attract customers. Moreover, the company is engaged in providing solutions AI tools and techniques, and cloud computing technologies that offer multiple facilities to its user for collecting and gathering information and data (, 2022). The service encounter process held me with a plethora of knowledge that is relevant for the counting of the encounter process. There are urgent requirements for changes within the organization. The Company is expertise in producing electronic goods and services that are widely accepted and famous for its high technology is driven module and earning a good amount of customer retention and attraction.

Discussion regarding Module Concepts Chosen

Critically review the module concepts we have covered and outline why you chose the frameworks you did for this report.

This section should be roughly 300 words

This section should be cited and referenced.

The transformational model is an imperative marketing model that has a direct impact on the efficiency, innovations, and use of data-driven technology that enhances the profit level of the Company. Apart from that, the transformational model is apparent for much higher and technology-based organizations that are quite preferred by the customers and have a huge customer base. The experience of the encounter was a mixture of both positive and negative feelings that left me with major life-changing experiences and probabilities. As per the reference of Jiang and Lu (2018), the communication process during the encounter process matters a lot. Thus the use of the transformational model will help in creating a new and innovative approach for the Company to deal with the service encounter process adequately and not create any sort of misunderstanding.

The transformational model is useful in connecting the customers with the brand in a positive manner that helps in growing the reputational value of the organization widespread. In addition to that, the model is apparent in influencing the feelings of the buyers and their interpretation regarding the products they are purchasing. Based on the research work of Qin et al. (2019), the transformational model is a helpful model that alters the concept of technology and innovation and integrates with the organization.

The adoption of the transformational models is a relevant strategy that is meant for big changes in the organization. Moreover, this has this is laid down for ensuring long-term success in the organization with the help of products and services. Moreover, the overall business model and the processes and equipment are used in the organization. The transformation is a dramatic change that is initiated by the organization for for enhancing the service encounter process within the established organization. Though they are performing indefinitely higher in terms of technological performance and equipment and are running successfully. Based on the research work of Hackett et al. (2018), the transformation model has been applied for the purpose of creating proficiency in the organization with its various elements. The use of marketing theories and concepts is imperative for the establishment of a better ambience and for introducing an adequate amount of transparency.

The changes in the way the organization is currently performing are of utmost importance and relevance since the time of interaction with the members. However, according to my evaluation, it is seen that the Company is good at achieving profitability but is not performing well in case of managing internal affairs and issues.


In this section you should explain what data you collected and when it was collected as well as any issues you encountered.

This section should be roughly 200 words

The data that was collected for the process of service encounter has been a journey of the experience that has been gathered from the service encounter process. The food and service that was provided there were not of the quality which lead to the completion of the service encounter process successfully. The organizational structure is required to be evaluated properly which can be responsible for making imperative and necessary changes within the established organizations. As per the evaluation of the service encounter process, there was a prolonged waiting by me which is actually not at all a good thing to come across with such a high-profile organization.

In addition to that, there are multiple things such as the food that was offered at the time of the encounter was not good. There was a soft treatment that was offered by the existing members of the organizations that I did not like personally. However, the employees welcomed me in a nice way and introduced me comfortably. Thus the changes if enabled within the organization can be of great help for bringing the cultural aspect changes. Apart from that, at the day of the encounter ir was experienced by me.

The initial thing began when the service encounter princess happened in the showroom where it was called an hour ago and requested to wait inside the guest room. Furthermore, there were lr members that were positively standing for the encounter process but only one of them came before and joined the encounter process (Berberoglu, 2018). This was quite a length and boring as it was of fewer members and as a consequence of which each step that could have been completed in a short period took a longer time span. The food that was served to me at the time of communication was not at all good and it was not supposed to be the thing that is offered to any guest or member at the time of the meeting or intervention programmes.

Analysis using Services Marketing & Operations Theory

Explain the issues you experienced within the service and prove them using the observational data you have collected. Then apply Services Marketing & Operations Theory to them in order to amplify our understanding.

This section should be roughly 700 words.

This section should be cited and referenced.

The implication of theories to improve the level of understandability and cooperation of the people engaged in the particular process has been improved. The professionalism in interaction and cooperation among people has been created by implication of “communication theory”. Communication theory has created betterment in the sharing of knowledge and ideas among people to create professionalism in the workplace (Van Ruler, 2018). The adoption of communication theory has created professionalism in the decision-making and financial planning of an entity. This has avoided dissatisfaction among the people with the service in the company. The facilities for “coordination and cooperation” among people have avoided misunderstandings in the workplace. The smoothness in “working capital management” has been created after the implication or alignment communication theory in the betterment of misunderstanding in a workplace.

The inclusion of “agenda-setting theory” has focused on building strong communication channels among the workforce by building new agendas to create new stories among the people. This has increased the engagement of the audience this has created a sense of priority among the people to focus on the “understandability and cooperation” of the people in the market. However, the inclusion of “Aristotle's communication model” has focused on generating confidence among the people to speak with a clear concept and provide effective knowledge to the listener. As per the opinion of Yang et al. (2018), the adoption of this “Aristotle's communication model” has focused on measuring the effect of speech on the audience and society. This has raised the engagement of the audience by providing importance to the audience for the expansion and growth of an entity.

The adoption of “dependency theory” has created a direct link between the audience or customers with the management. This has reduced the sense of dissatisfaction or unsatisfied among the people by receiving services from an entity. The inclusion of dependency theory has provided importance to every party for the accomplishment of the pre-determined goal of an entity. This has reduced the turnover of the employee and customers from the company to other companies. The inclusion of this communication theory has created a better understanding and influenced the stability in society to engage with the service of an entity. The specialisation in acquiring the consent of the customers has been created in a workplace to avoid misunderstanding and create involvement of a new audience.

The inclusion of “mood management theory” has created specialization in the assertion of mass communication and sharing messages and information with people to satisfy their queries. The demand of the customers and audience has been created after analysing the “mood and priority” of the audience in the market. It has been identified that the company's inclusion of media richness theory has generated awareness among the audience and legal authority about the drawbacks of a firm. The response of the rich media to attract wealthy customers is required to focus on “equivocality and certainty” in attracting the response of customers. The frequency of the response provided by customers related to service and quality of a product has improved after the inclusion of the “media richness theory”. The facilities for “cooperation and coordination” among people have avoided misunderstandings in the workplace.

Apart from this theory inclusion of the transformational model has created a diversified environment and improvisation in the workplace. As per the reference of Asbari et al. (2020), the inclusion of the transformational model has promoted or generated moral support by providing better communication among the “external and internal users” of a firm. However, this model has been identified as risky and created disruption among the people. The inclusion of this model has created specialisation in improving leadership skills among the leader. The improvement in this model has created motivational skills among the people in the workplace (Sihite et al. 2020). The adoption of this theory has reduced the turnover cost of a firm. This has provided a probability of higher margins and better “advertisement and sales promotional techniques” in the workplace. The effective inclusion of “transformational leadership” has seemed to reduce employee turnover and promote the engagement of employees in a firm.

The adoption of the transformational model has created integrity in the workplace of a firm. As per the reference of Alqatawenah (2018), the transition and integrity in the workplace have been created after the inclusion of a “transformational leadership model”. Loyalty among the employees and customers has been promoted by introducing better communication channels among the people this has reduced miscommunication among the people. The inclusion of this model has provided transferability in highlighting the mission, vision and goal of an entity. It has been identified that professional development has been encouraged in a firm after the adoption of the transformational model. The inclusion of this model has increased burnout among employees. The transformational model has required continuous navigation and communication with the employees.


In this section you should provide clear suggestions on We recommend a short term (up to 1 year), medium term (3 to 5 years) and long term (5+ years) recommendation. Then discuss how you will monitor your progress. You may like to consider changes to the Marketing Mix (7Ps) here.

This section should be roughly 700 words.

This section should be cited and referenced.

Based on the current situation it can be seen that the organization is performing well in terms of profitability and spring high with all the aspects being fulfilled from their end. However, there are a few things and strategies that ate required to be followed by the Company to make itself stand at a better score. However, the lack of basic amenities such as the food and services that were offered created the main implication for the visitors that were a part of the encounter process (Pandey and Pal, 2020). The transformational model will allow the Company to embrace new and innovative changes in the organizational culture. The Company needs to plan short-term goals that will be helpful in serving them with long-term organizational goals.

The next thing the organization can try to find alternative useful solutions for rectifying the probable issues identified and bring the changes that are kind of expected from their various stakeholders and members (March, 2020). Evaluating the options can be of importance and it will lead to the enhancement of the changes and exaggerate the performance of the Company appropriately. The further step includes the election of the adequate option or options that the organization thinks it will be going better with the visitors of the Company and will help in transforming the health and hygiene concepts appropriately.

In addition to that, there are necessary changes that can be anticipated by the management and put their emphasis on that side. Apart from that, there is a requirement necessary and often communication in which the ideas, values, opinions, and feedback can be exchanged well and create a value proposition to the business. Based on the reference of de Oliveira Araújo et al. (2020), the creation of the problem statement can be useful in mitigating the various challenges of the business and dealing with them fairly. Most importantly the collection of information regarding the various issues and challenges can be resolved owing to the changes brought down by the information that has been collected from the various organizational members.

Furthermore, after the selection of the best solution, the Company can try to implement the changes with the help of integration of the solutions as verified. After this, the Company can track the changes measured within the organization and bring effective changes (Buheji et al. 2020).. Moreover, it is not possible to bring transformation in the entire hierarchy just by making changes in any one of the things. As per the reference of Wang et al. (2019), it requires a lot of effort and strategies that are delivered by both the team members and the managers end for bring positive changes within the organizational structure and performance as expected from its various stakeholders and customers.

The involvement of the members in each and every step of the organizational matters and aspects are very much imperative to be followed (Blank et al. 2019). The involvement of the team members will allow bringing in change within the entire problem-solving sessions and bring transparency in the organizational matters and procedures that are relevant for changing the perception and attitude of the visitors towards them. Based on the research work of de Oliveira Araújo et al.(2021), coaching and providing training to the employees is an imperative part that can be helpful in delivering a high-value business performance and target as an important goal to be achieved.

The renovation of the organizational structure is of help that will help in transforming the present organizational behaviour. Apart from that the adoption of useful communication theories and models can be of great usefulnessss that can change the customer base of the Company (Brunsson and Olsen, 2018). In addition to that, the members that are prtesnet in the organisation needs tro actively participate in each and every organisational task that will increase efficiency and productively collaboratively (Aleksanin, 2018). This can be of utter tarnsgormational and learning process enables to eastalish the company in positive way and great scope for better reviews and feedback respectively. The achievement of the linguistic goals and targets will be importance that embraces major changes without any issue and complexities (Kondalkar, 2020). Effectiveness in communication is the key to boring the changes in the overall performance (Krizanova et al. 2019). Apart from that, the achievement of the long terms goals have a prospect for bringing forth changes in the future generation and scope of the organistiona; firm.


You should include a reference list in UWE Harvard format that has citations in the main body of your work. If you do not then you will fail the Assessment.

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Student Number: 12589

Journal Entry Number: 1

Name of Firm: IBM

Type of Service: Electronic Company

Date of Encounter: 1.12.2022

Time of Encounter: 12.03 pm

Describe the business

IBM is a provider of electronic gadgets that works on technology or electronic technology.

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? (Scale of 1-7 where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 7 is extremely satisfied


Apply relevant marketing and operations concepts/theories from the lectures to your service encounter: (briefly describe the concept and its purpose as it applies to your service encounter)

While indulging in this encounter the application of the transformation model is applicable. The transformational model is a pursuit of achieving organizational changes and efficiency. Applying the model will be beneficial for bringing changes in the Company's profitability level and bringing maximum customers to the brand. In addition to that, with the use of the transformational model, the Company can bring new and necessary changes within the organization for the necessary components which will lead to the analytical process of improvement. Apparently, only a few organizations are aware of the appropriate strategies that are randomly taken into consideration for bringing changes in marketing methods.

The model is based on driving positive feedback from the customer ends toward the brand by connecting them with a high level of product influence. The transformative business model helps in preparing three or more features within the application such as personalization, collaborative ecosystem, agile, and adaptive management system. These systems or innovations are highly required for bringing the mandatory changes within the organization and keeping it sorted at a high level. At present, the impact of AI drive tools and techniques has been prevalent in the market that requires high-level integration of tools and techniques that are required to be integrated into the Company.

Transformation model

Figure 1: Transformation model

Using bullet points list three main issues that made you satisfied OR dissatisfied with this service encounter

  • A confusing marketing process that extended the encounter process long.
  • Poor services and materials that were not of better quality
  • The environment was friendly and welcoming which involved me

Present evidence or data collected from the business that applies to the concept/theory:

IBM is a high-tech service that is infusing the utilization of technical tools and devices for the production of many innovative products. Moreover, the encounter process provided me with the notion that people are the transformed resource input. Whereas the experience is the output where I had experiences such as encountering processes.

Eventually, one member was required for greeting me and start the process after I went through the encounter process. The transforming experience helped me in understanding a lot of things and feelings developing a positive outlook for the organization. I was welcomed with bad and tasteless food that ruined my approach to the experience.

What does your analysis, using the marketing and operations course concepts/theories, tell you about the company?

With the application of the transformational model, I was able to evaluate the Company and that many changes were brought down within the founded organization. The implementation of the 7ps will be beneficial too for the approach. The integration of the models will allow to the management of the areas of concern within the business.

Student Number: 43636

Journal Entry Number: 2

Name of Firm: IBM Ltd. Company

Type of Service: Electronic Company

Date of Encounter: September,2021

Time of Encounter: 3.30

Very briefly, describe the business:

IBM is a Electronic consumer goods company that produced household products.

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? (Scale of 1-7 where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 7 is extremely satisfied)


Apply relevant marketing and operations concepts/theories from the lectures to your service encounter: (briefly describe the concept and its purpose as it applies your service encounter)

I will use the STP model for the service encounter of the company from the marketing models. The STP model is a top-down approach where the model's primary purpose is to target the consumer's interaction with the company. The complete form of the STP model is "Segmentation", "Targeting" and "Positioning" as there are 4 step procedures to help provide the reliant and customised messages to the potential consumers. This can help in the identification of the various steps and the segregation of the amount of service provided during the particular accounting year.

This is one of the most effective modern marketing concepts which can help in the efficiency and streamlining of the communication application. I think that the application of this model with the service encounter can help me understand the interaction and relationship with the potential consumers as this is a consumer-based company. This model has the information from the market segments and customer experience requirements from the segmentation where the detection of the consumer, and requirements as well as the segment market are considered. The information is derived from the market research and data analysis of the data whereas in the next step the target marketing is denoted with the help of the demand analysis. Furthermore, the detection of where the analysis of the competitor and the internal elements are considered for the identification of the proposal in each of the segments.

STP Model for marketing concept

Figure 2: STP Model for marketing concept

This concept is chosen to help me understand the main issues with the service encounter with IBM and the origin is derived with the help of the STP model.

Using bullet points list three main issues that made you satisfied OR dissatisfied with this service encounter

  • The prices of the products are pocket friendly and the range of the products is wide.
  • I did not like the whole process of contacting consumer service which was a lot of hassle.
  • The website takes time to load and there is a huge queue at the checkout counter which I did not appreciate.

Present evidence or data collected from the business that applies to the concept/theory:

The consumer goods that are produced by the company are both sold at the physical stores and on the website. This implies that there are people selling the products and the overall analysis of the procedure for the targeting and positioning of the goods on the basis of the potential consumers. This is where I had the experience on the service encounter and also got the chance to buy the product from both stores.

The products are available at various departmental stores and grocery stores as well as the website of the company. I was asked to go to the store and purchase different items from the stores and the departmental store, which had a good ambience with the light BGM, playing in the background. This made the shopping experience quite pleasant yet the products were split up differently so it was hard to detect hence this is where the STP model comes into play. I think the experience with the STP model was quite good and there were no further issues during the process.

What does your analysis, using the marketing and operations course concepts/theories, tell you about the company?

The implementation of the STP model can help me determine the success of targeting potential consumers with the data analysis on consumer feedback. However, this can be stated that the company was not able to help denote the resources which can justify the experience. The 7 Ps marketing model can also be implemented where the prices of the products are also considered. The items can be segregated on the basis of the purpose like detergent, food and beverages and cleaning utilities.

Student Number: 120369

Journal Entry Number: 3

Name of Firm: IBM

Type of Service: Electronic Company

Date of Encounter: 5th December 2022

Time of Encounter: 1.30 PM

Very briefly, describe the business:

IBM is the Uk based Electronic Company and is running successfully.

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? (Scale of 1-7 where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 7 is extremely satisfied)


Apply relevant marketing and operations concepts/theories from the lectures to your service encounter: (briefly describe the concept and its purpose as it applies your service encounter)

In the case of the respective service encounter, I will apply the communication theories are relevant theories and models that allow indulging in the effective mode of communication with the respective stakeholders and customers. These make use of effective tools and techniques like direct marketing, product packaging, distribution, and successful campaigns relevant to the Company and its progress. With the proper establishment of the model, there will be scopes for creating vital factors such as the desire, awareness, interest, and action that are imperative for the business to follow. Organizational and cultural changes tend to impact the behavior of the organization's performance on the service encounter.

Using bullet points list three main issues that made you satisfied OR dissatisfied with this service encounter

  • The service that was offered by the Company during the time of the encounter was poor.
  • The process made me wait for a longer period of time which was really exhausting.
  • The members of the organization approached me in a very friendly manner.

Present evidence or data collected from the business that applies to the concept/theory:

The entity basically produces an output that is counted to be an experience. Therefore this can be stated that the people are the input of the encounter process. While on the other hand, the output is the experience. During the intervention, one of the employees was supposed to involve in the encounter session which took him a longer period to do so. The quality of cleaning and maintenance that was identified to me made me experience a negative approach. Apart from that, the encounter went well only and there were no issues that were faced by me. In such a situation the product is successful that is the experience gathered me. on the contrary, the unsuccessful experience is associated with the environment that was present at the time of the encounter.

What does your analysis, using the marketing and operations course concepts/theories, tell you about the company?

The use of the 7Ps of the marketing model will be useful in creating better marketing operations for the Company. The service encounter might have gone well if the incorporation of the 7Ps of marketing theory was relevant to it. This will be made the organization focus on the vital sources that are the product i.e the organization. This might have been presentable to the outsiders and have clarified all the relevant issues of the encounter process successfully. In case the Company would have maintained a higher level of efficiency while taking necessary care of their hygiene issues.


Student Number: 67855

Journal Entry Number: 4

Name of Firm: IBM

Type of Service: Electronic Company

Date of Encounter: December 2022

Time of Encounter: 13:25

Description of the business

IBM provides various kinds of Electronic in the market

Ratings for the level of satisfaction with the encounter (1-10)


Apply relevant marketing and operations theories:

For this encounter, the transformation model has been taken as the base model for the identification of the actual sales and the purchase that the company makes to its customers. The transformation model refers to a model of identifying how the organisation works for the benefit of its customers.

In this model, the work has been divided into 3 parts: the transformation activity, outputs and inputs. With the help of the transformation of the activities, the inputs are been used for the creation of the outputs. There are two resources in which the inputs have been divided namely Transforming of resources and transformed resources, which identify the things that are changed and are required to be changed. A problem occurred in the encounter with IBM and this model has been chosen to identify the nature of the problem.

Three main issues that made for satisfaction or dissatisfaction with this service encounter

  • Good and Friendly behaviors of the staff
  • Lack of materials which I didn’t enjoy
  • It was a confusing process which took time for the encounter to take place.

Present evidence collected from the business which applies to the theory:

This company makes output and the people rather than the customers are the Transformed resource inputs for the process. The output here is an experience of the company.

For the delivery of the encounter, the company needs an employee to start the experience. I was been asked to sit in the guest room which was very big and various amenities were been present for the guests. Gentle music is been playing in the background which has helped me to make the experience more reliable. These are the transformed resources of the company to the people who have gathered for the collection of the experience. Moreover, the company offered beverages and food at the time of experience and the quality or rather the serving was not at all well mannered. It can be an example of transforming the resources of the company. The process of transformation was more or less has spent well and no other kinds of problems arose at the time of the encounter.

Analysis, using the marketing and operations course theories

With the help of the transformation model, it can be seen that the company has been able to provide various aspects of the encounters which they have been promised to provide. Although, the analysis shows that IBM has failed to provide sufficient transforming resources with the support of the total experience.

The issue that has been seen is that there is a lack of products that can be inadequate. The product here is been adequate for the experience and unsuccessful for the beverages. The company might be helpful if the products have been divided into two parts namely transformed resources and transformation of the resources, which can be helpful for the company to focus on various areas and make improvements in addition to supporting another transformation model that is been delivered successfully as the service concept


Student Number: 330052

Journal Entry Number: 5

Name of Firm: IBM

Type of Service: Electronic Company

Date of Encounter: April 2022

Time of Encounter: 12.30 pm

Very briefly, describe the business:

IBM is a Electronic Company based in the UK and there are several hotel and resort chains across the country and the world.

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? (Scale of 1-7 where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 7 is extremely satisfied)


Apply relevant marketing and operations concepts/theories from the lectures to your service encounter: (briefly describe the concept and its purpose as it applies your service encounter)

The marketing theory I have used for the service encounter is the AIDA marketing model where the model only focuses on the customers. As this is a hospitality-based company the entire attention should be only on the consumers as the experience and the feedback is the only things prioritized. This model is the tracking of the journey of the consumer with the help of "Awareness", "Interest", "Desire" and "Action" which can effectively deduce the marketing model of the hotel. This is used to help denote the strategic planning of marketing communication. The relaying of the information helps in understanding the various period of time in which the pandemic and inflation have been considered. This assistance helps in the nurturing of the consumers which helps in the decision-making procedure relevant and applicable.

This model has cognitive stages where the analysis on the basis of the purchasing and the experience of the consumers for service in this context is considered. This does not necessarily contemplate the relationship between the consumer and the company but the ultimate decision which has been made by the consumers in this journey. Furthermore, the combination of the social media used for the promotion and the marketing of the company helps in obtaining the various objectives through AIDA.

I have decided to choose the AIDA model for the service encounter with the InterContinental Hotel groups where the understanding of the origin of the issues is. The nature of the problem and the issues can be applied with the help of the AIDA model.

Using bullet points list three main issues that made you satisfied OR dissatisfied with this service encounter

  • I hotel staff was cooperative and friendly.
  • There was a complicated process while checking in at the hotel and making hotel reservations.
  • The bedding and the food were low quality and not as much as I had expected.

Present evidence or data collected from the business that applies to the concept/theory:

The company is related to the hospitality industry where the service and the experience of the consumers are considered under the AIDA model. Especially as I am a consumer and the outcome of the experience I had experience staying in the hotel. In order to help provide the ultimate outcome, the company sent a manager to take me around the hotel while I was waiting in the lobby.

The ambience of the hotel was good with good ventilation and an ample amount of lighting in the room. I think I had a good experience although the waiting time was long. The food and the bedding of the hotel were not as high quality as I have expected. The entire process was not complicated but the issues in the quality were encountered during the experience.

What does your analysis, using the marketing and operations course concepts/theories, tell you about the company?

The application of the AIDA model has helped me in the development of the process and the experience of the hotel stay. The evaluation has many issues, especially with the materials and the bedding used in the hotels, which are deemed lower than expected. The marketing iix isa the best tool, which can be used for the implementation of the food, drinks and other items, used in the hotel to make the stay and experience of the consumers as comfortable as possible. There are several places like maintaining the quality of the maintained and the bedding used in the rooms.

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