Leadership and Impact on Organizational Performance Essay Sample

Leadership and Impact on Organizational Performance Assignment

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Introduction Of Leadership and Impact on Organizational Performance

This essay discusses three issues relating to organizational leadership. The first item evaluates a corporate leader's contribution to enhancing organizational performance. An example of the effects of visionary leadership, tactical planning and implementation, innovation and chaos, financial control, and personnel management on the success of a company is Reliance Jio, which is one of the most rapidly developing telecom companies in India (Reliance, 2019).

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Another topic critically examines how leadership authority and influence are used. The essay addresses the various forms of power that leaders can wield as well as the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. The essay also discusses moral issues that decision-makers should think about before using their influence and power.

The essential components and prerequisites of developing leadership for competitive advantage are rigorously examined in the third topic. The essay emphasizesthe value of identifying and cultivating leadership potential, supporting a learning culture, encouraging innovation, and implementing an organizedleadership development program (Gupta, 2019). For organizations to stay competitive and adjust to the rapidly changing business environment, the essay concludes that they must prioritize leadership development.

The role of the business leader in driving organizational performance

The performance of Reliance Jio was significantly influenced by its business chief. One of the quickest-growing telecoms firms in India is Reliance Jio, and the company's achievement can be partly credited to the management of its company leader.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership is one of the defining qualities of Reliance Jio's business leaders. The company's vision is crystal clear and engaging, which has inspired innovation and inspired workers to work hard (George, 2019). Reliance Jio's mission is to revolutionize the Indian telecommunications sector by offering users all over the nation services that are both inexpensive and of the highest caliber. The strategy and choices made by the company have been influenced by this vision.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Strategic planning and implementation have also been greatly aided by the company's leader at Reliance Jio. The company's management has created a complete plan that has three main goals: increasing the consumer base, fostering innovation, and creating a solid digital infrastructure. The company's quick expansion and increase in market share serve as proof that the leader has been effective in putting this strategy into action.

Innovation and Disruption

Reliance Jio's success has been largely attributed to innovation and disruption, and the company's executive has been instrumental in developing an innovative culture there. The CEO has pushed team members to think differently and has made significant R&D investments (Singh, et.al, 2021). As a result, Reliance Jio was able to create novel goods and services that upended the Indian telecoms market and helped set it apart from rivals.

Financial Management

The success of the company has been largely dependent on the business leader at Reliance Jio's proficiency in financial management. A sustainable business plan that puts a premium on long-term growth and profitability has been the emphasis of the leader. To achieve this, the company had to manage costs efficiently, make smart investments in its digital infrastructure, and use alliances and partnerships to increase its customers.

Building and Managing Talent

At Reliance Jio, the business leader has been instrumental in developing and managing talent. In addition to fostering a culture of cooperation and teamwork, the leader has concentrated on luring and keeping outstanding personnel (Herlina, 2021). This has contributed to the development of a creative and innovative workplace, which has been essential to the success of the business.

In summary, the business leader of Reliance Jio has been instrumental in boosting the organization's performance. The leader has proven to be a visionary leader with strategic planning and implementation skills, a dedication to growing and managing talent, a concentration on innovation and difficulties, and efficient financial management. These elements have helped Reliance Jio develop quickly and win market share, positioning the business for long-term success.

Critically explore the exercise of leadership power and influence

The process of using one's leadership authority and influence is intricate and diverse, and it can have a big impact on stakeholders and organizations (Haslam, 2020). Power and influence are crucial elements of leadership, yet they may also be overused or mishandled, which has detrimental effects on both people and organizations.

Sources of Power

Leaders can use a variety of sources of power to influence others, involving:

  • A power that is legitimate and derived from a leader's official position or position of authority inside an organization.
  • Reward power, which results from a leader's aptitude for giving others incentives or rewards.
  • The leader's power to punish or force negative effects on others gives them coercive power (Xuetong, 2019).
  • Expertise-based power derives from a leader's skills, aptitude, and experience.
  • Referent influence comes through a leader's traits like charm, dependability, and likeability.

Both positive and bad consequences on people and organizations can result from the exercise of power and influence. Effective leaders inspire and motivate others around them, promote cooperation and teamwork, and contribute to organizational success. However, leaders who abuse or misuse their authority risk harming both people and organizations by fostering toxic work environments, undermining morale, and destroying trust.

Ethical Considerations

Important ethical questions are raised by the use of leadership authority and influence (Wehner, 2021). Leaders have to exercise their authority and influence in a way that upholds moral principles and organizational objectives.

Leaders should put their stakeholders' interests and well-being first and be open and accountable in how they use their influence and power. They should try to foster a community of respect, trust, and fairness inside their organizations and refrain from exploiting their positions of authority to further their purposes or agendas.

Critically explore the main feature and requirements of leadership development for competitive advantage

Any organizationaiming to gain a competitive edge must prioritizeleadership development, and Reliance Jio is not an exception (Ali, 2021). For an organization to innovate, stay competitive, and adapt to the quickly changing business environment, it needs a strong leadership team. Some of the key components and specifications of leadership development for Reliance jio's competitive advantage critically evaluated that the Reliance Jio has to recognize and develop leadership potential among its workforce. Potential leaders can be found by the firm using a variety of techniques, including peer input, exams, and performance reviews. Once potential leaders have been discovered, they must be given the chance to further their careers through instruction, guidance, and work experience. The Company's leadership development program should encourage a culture of learning to remain competitive (Aldosari, 2021). This entails making training and development programsavailable to staff members, enticing them to enrollin classes and workshops, and establishing a culture that values lifelong learning. Reliance Jio must encourage an innovative culture where staff members are urged to come up with fresh concepts and take chances. The leadership development program should instruct leaders on how to foster a culture that values creativity and innovation as well as how to encourage and recognize staff members for their creative solutions. The development of cross-functional abilities must be a priority for Reliance Jio's development of aleadership program. This entails giving leaders the chance to operate in various divisions and capacities, cultivating a global viewpoint, and promoting cooperation among various teams.

Reliance Jio's leadership development program ought to emphasize diversity and inclusion. This entails building a workplace that is secure and inclusive and allows all employees to offer their viewpoints and ideas. It also includes giving opportunities for workers from different cultures and backgrounds to collaborate. The leadership development programat Reliance Jio needs to be in line with the organization's overall business strategy (Alrowwad, 2020). This implies that the knowledge and abilities gained via the program should apply to the long-term goals and outside environment of the organization.

The criteria for measuring for assessing the organization's strategic effectiveness

Reliance Jio's leadership team's ability to design and implement strategies that have aided the organization in achieving its objectives must be considered while evaluating the tactical effectiveness of the company from a leadership perspective. Some of the parameters that may be used in assessing Reliance Jio's tactical effectiveness include the following:

  • Clarity of vision: The degree that the leadership group has created a compelling and clear vision for the organizationis referred to as the clarity of vision. A clear vision acts as a road map for taking decisions and resource allocation, assisting the organizationin moving towards a unified objective.
  • Strategic alignment: When a company's plans are in line with its goal and vision, this is referred to as strategic alignment. The leadership group must make sure that the business's long-term objectives and external environment-aligned plans are both in line with one another.
  • Innovative thinking: Innovation is a crucial component of any strategy. The leadership team needs to foster an environment that values creativity and original thought (Meng, 2019). The business must always be on the lookout for fresh approaches to enhance its goods and services, lower expenses, and boost productivity.
  • Execution excellence: Achieving the objectives of the business depends on the strategies being used effectively. The organization's leadership team must make sure that a strong execution strategy is in place along with that it has the tools and resources needed to be successfully carried out.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: The leadership group needs to be nimble and flexible enough to adjust to alterations in the surrounding environment. This calls for the business to be receptive to fresh ideas, ready to pivot when required, and capable of acting rapidly in the face of shifting consumer demands or the nature of the competition.
  • Risk management: Any organization must have effective risk management to succeed. The team of leaders must have a thorough awareness of the risks involved with the business's tactics and have a strategy in place to properly manage those risks.
  • Performance measurement: A strong performance assessment system that offers frequent feedback on the business's advancement towardits strategic objectives is essential for the leadership team. Key performance indicators (KPIs) which are in line with the long-term goals of the organizationmust serve as the foundation of this system.
  • Talent management: A strong talent management system that aids in attracting, developing, and keeping top talent must be in place for the leadership team (Lee, 2021). When necessary, the business should have an organizedsuccession plan set up to ensure a seamless change of leadership.


The essay has concluded that many business leadership topics, such as how business leaders affect organizational performance, how they use their authority and influence, and how they grow their leadership for competitive advantage. These ideas have been demonstrated using the Reliance Jio instance. The conversation has made it clear that effective company leadership calls on a variety of abilities, involving visionary leadership, tactical execution and planning, innovation, and problems, financial management, and developing and managing talent. To avoid undesirable effects on both individuals and organizations, leaders must also use their influence and power ethically and responsibly.

Additionally, the essay has discussed about organizations looking to achieve a competitive edge must prioritize leadership development. This entails identifying and nurturing leadership potential, encouraging an innovative and learning-centered culture, and presenting chances for personal and professional development. Overall, the essay involved an organization's success is greatly determined by the caliber of its leadership. Organizations can achieve their objectives, drive performance, and remain competitive in a business climate that is changing quickly by cultivating successful leaders who can inspire and encourage their staff.


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