Leadership And Management For Service Industries Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Leadership And Management For Service Industries Assignment

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The service sector organizations have survived the major discrepancies during the times of the pandemic rather than the product-based organization. It has been observed that the supply chain of most product-based organizations has been the most affecting issue the organizations. The organization taken for the report is Deloitte U.K. It is a service-based organization that focuses on the aspects of auditing, consulting, advisory, and tax deductions. It provides financial services, advisory services as well as tax services. The organizational structure of the company is based on a global model of management. It is based on a widespread hierarchical structure.

Evaluation of management and leadership (SWOT)





Technology Initiatives

Prolific Rivalry

Experience in finances

Government Policies

Versatility in Services


Small Acquisition

Strong Competitors

Global Business


Decline in growth rate

Center for knowledge


Litigation of actions

Competitive advantage

Foreign Exchange

It has been observed that the management and management at Deloitte are based on the Leadership Capability Framework (LCF) of the organization. The identification of specific capabilities within individuals helps them in attaining a management position at Deloitte. The leadership model is based on the behavioral traits of management rather than the technical skills of getting work done. It has been observed that due to this specific trait in the management of the organization it has withstood the impacts of the supply chain disruption of the organization during the pandemic conditions (Chillakuri, 2018). The six leadership qualities include the aspects of decisiveness, integrity, relation-building, problem-solving, dependability, and the ability to teach.

In order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization based on the management theory, it can be said that the organization has focused on better and distributed services, Globalization of the organization, a customer-focused approach, and the recognition and appraisal of work. These aspects of strengths of the organization have been achieved as a measure of implementation of proper technology and management theories. The weaknesses of Deloitte can be objectified as the competition of the organization with other service-based organizations. It is obvious that the organization has always delivered the best quality of services to its clients. It is with the upside of most organization forms during this time that the competition of the firm is increasing with time (Dixon et al. 2019). Since Deloitte holds a popular position among the organization it has to face maximized controversies and appeals against the organization. It is observed that the organization has recently moved to the digital platform and this has promoted hackers to accept security breaches within the organization's data and files.

Impact of organizational culture and structures

It can be ideated that the aspects of management helped the organization in the process of framing new policies, ideologies, and the implementation of technology in order to save their business in the times of the pandemic. It has been observed that the organization has moved towards the formation of a specific digital disruption process that helped transform the business into an online platform. The effective management delved into the maintenance of security of the improvisation of the needs of the clients over the online platforms. This helped in winning the trust of the employees in order to develop the brand value of the organization with digital disruption.

It has been observed that the effect of the management and the leadership styles used to change the framework of the organization have reacted positively to the attributes of the organization. According to a survey the organization has had to cut down the workforce by 7% of the original value. It is with the implementation of the leadership and the management techniques that the laid-off employees have been pulled in by the organization within some time (Tien et al. 2019). Apart from that, Deloitte stands as one of the favorite places to work in the present year. This clearly shows that Deloitte takes proper care of its employees and has maintained a developed work culture.

In order to support the culture at Deloitte, it can be said that the organization has performed extravagantly with the new methodologies and styles in order to make it a 23.16 billion dollar organization. It has maintained to be a part of the big four consulting firms of the wolf with a regional employee count of about more than 11 million. Their decisions and the management of work have led to an increase in revenue of about 5.5% which stands at $50.2 billion (Delloite, 2022).

Analysis of internal and external management styles (PESTLE)


· Impact of Brexit

· Implication of Trump Administration Policy


· Change in Global GDP

· Foreign Exchange Fluctuations


· Preference of Millenials

· Change in Policies


· Digital; Disruption

· Payment and security technology


· Diversification by marketing

· Espionage Practices


· Involvement of sustainability

· Maintenance of ecology

The internal and the external aspects of the management styles stand on the basis of the factors of the pestle analysis of the organization in the global platform. In order to determine the political aspects of the organization, it can be said that the organization had suffered a major loss with the implementation of the Brexit rules. It is within this case that the organization has lost major employees to the governmental cross-border agenda. Most employees who had to come to the U.K for work at Deloitte now needed a permit and visa for working at Deloitte U.K. Hence the organization had to expend more in order to retrieve their employees and also helped in the recruitment process to develop the needs of the organization's resources (Ganesan and Veena, 2018). The political aspect also involved the Trump administration policy of the U.K. This acted towards the tax drifts and tariff cuts of major organizations.

Apart from the political issues, it has also been engrossed in the fact that the organization has been facing major fluctuation in the global GDP of the organization. It is also affected by the foreign exchange as the monetary value in the global business keeps fluctuating with the foreign currency values during the pandemic (Suyanti and Absah, 2019). In terms of social issues, it can be said that the organization has changed its preference from old ideologies to the new ideas of business. It has been essential for the organization to do so in order to maintain its progressive aspects. Lastly, sustainability has been the prime aspect that has been implemented throughout the framework of the business. This has led to the internal and external development of the organization. Attaining the CSR of the organization delved into the external side and the progressive knowledge-sharing aspects impacted the internal side of the organization.

Management strategies to overcome pandemic

The company keeps the management system in progress by overcoming the situation of different growth. The organization depicts the situation of work as a convention of gathering the managing function and relation of independent work. The company develops after the pandemic through skilling and the benefit of growth construction. The situation of covid merges the quantity downfall with a progressive challenge in order to energize the current work (Ntobaki, et al. 2022). The variety of disorders that affected the downfall during the pandemic involved the direction of changing the relation of the pandemic. The constant feature of development depends on the management overcoming the strategic preview that commands the company to get an outlet for growth. The considering position that comes on the outside of letting the company grow has defamed several directions on the benefit (Queiroz, and Fosso Wamba, 2021). The main challenges give the direction of how to release the efficient works and foreign cultures.

The constant progress that directs the situation of the company conducts the work of managing the organizational preview. The position of work commences the collision of the company in order to surrender the environmental challenges. The growth quality depends on the training work depending on the pandemic situation (Yeoh, 2021). The framing of the management can be considered in the terms of building the power for growth and developing the situation of an organized group by the company specification. The commercial ways of development come on letting the beneficial condition and critical function of different strategies take forward the friction of growth (Zhang, et al. 2021). The company gets a high leadership function on the progress of the company specification to gather the visual effects of modified challenges taken to move forward. The company takes around significant work for situating the knowledge of growth.

Critical reflection of skills

As per the overview of Bruzzi, et al. (2021), it is critically evaluated the function of the work performance can be conducted with the presence of different experiences and growing knowledge. The leadership manages the direction to work in the ways of giving progress to grow the constant progress on the systematic change of the company. Whereas Mangla, (2021) conveyed the direction of the company to process the construction of a new leading process for including the constant working management. The system of growing inborn challenges in the company evaluates the involvement of opposing different experiences and gathered knowledge.

According Martins, et al. (2020) directed that any company can be differentiated on the known challenge of being developed and get constructed by growth positions and its work. The available leadership brings a systematic change in evaluating the direction of work connected with the connection of the focused management. On the other hand, Gupta, (2022) signifies that the company outlet can move forward with its changes. The thorough building and modification of its work management grow in order to protect the relevance of different challenges. The constant work of leaders gets the knowledge of enhancement towards the poor situation

Change Management Practices

The change that is gathered on the order of management change defines the direct work structure of the relatable growth on surrendering a different position of reliable function. The changing situation from the practical to the visual format develops the relevance of understanding challenges. The definite terms of evaluation on creating a new formation of stable profit (Ibeawuchi, et al. 2021). The leaders that create the management situation are comfortable with experiencing the capacity of holding the company. The affecting on a commercial situation has the deliberate focus of the country's work and definite purpose. The simultaneous process of growing through the business may be affecting the base of business (Liu, et al. 2020). The management practiced by the component of work can evaluate the direction of the changes required for emphasizing. The leading progress of company motivation defames the action of growth and frequent method of merging the variation in the work system (Takács, et al. 2021). The practices and differentiate the notification on improvement the internal practice and the management function can also differentiate.

The format of changing the situation in which leadership lies in systematic management conducts different experiences. The company focuses on the managing of different walls and invitation of growth to shift the mode of working more frequently. The connection of the management with the leadership connects the working circumstances and benefits of being experienced (Yawson, 2020). The structure of skill connects the benefit of work conducted in equal terms and situations. The basic need of acknowledging the differences in measuring work has to qualify the commencement of the work situation. The work that is been conducted to get the response of frequent reliability of a leader. The constant work situation advert the direction and role that leaders play (Hargitai, et al. 2021). The basic function of leading work depends on the action of working in a constant process. The ways of developing function to gather the working system to signify to know the challenges. The constant skill of proceeding in the management system depends on configuring the distinct challenges.


It can be concluded that the leadership performed by the company Deloitte with its different evaluation and circumstances. It analyzed the leadership that is performed currently and the management system which connects different theories to bring progress. The friction of this assignment relates to the organizational impacts which include the cultural and structural system of Leadership management. Its internal and external factors that influenced management styles and practices are analyzed to determine which of the factors involved has been the most impacted by the pandemic. Critical reflection on the skills that management and leadership need to develop, both "easy" and "difficult," in strategies to adapt to new proposals and move on with new strategies. It holds the strategies of Leadership management on the different implementations of working in the Covid situation. The constant work develops the section of changes that have been affected towards the variety of making the service of the industry more reliable.


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